iPhone 2.1 Screenshot Gallery

Running 2.1 (5F136) now, and here's what we're noticing: WiFi works fine (tried on Apple and Linksys routers). New icons for connection type (3G/Edge) in the top bar. New blue filled and half-filled dots to describe state of video and podcasts (watched/listened to). Genius Playlists don't seem to work as well as iTunes 8, at least for me, with lots of songs coming back as "not related".

We'll update this post as we discover more (sadly, doesn't look like cut/copy/paste to turn-by-turn this go around!). What have you found so far? Any surprises?

Screen cap gallery after the break!


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iPhone 2.1 Screenshot Gallery


When WIFI was on - I had a problem making phone calls - maybe an isolated incident...dont know yet...

Duh, yeah I was not paying attention.. that's why. I have a few thousand and it works perfectly.

You need to get yourself hooked up with Simplify Media. A little buggy but when it works it works great. I love playing my whole collection remotely. Very cool.

After the update my phone stopped connecting to my Wifi at work, which uses WPA2, but removing the connection and setting it up again fixed the problem. Other than that, 2.1 has been a smooth ride and reception does seem better.

Do you have to be connected to Wi-Fi for the Genius to work? I'm at work with just my Edge connection and don't see any Genius functionality.

@Badmofo63, no you do not. Try syncing again. It should show up. Head over to the forums, there are a few threads that are hopping right now all about the 2.1 firmware.

A couple of other "undocumented" niceties...

  • Installing / updating apps on the phone is noticeably quicker and the updated app's icon replaces the old one (finally).
  • The issue many UK folk reported (myself included) where cell-tower triangulation (2G iPhones) stopped working once 2.0 came out, is finally fixed (excellent!)
  • Triple-clicking the headphones microphone button now goes to head of current song or goes to previous song!

Any others? Do tell!

anyone have trouble connecting to the WiFi through Settings menu, for some reason, Join button is not highlited after you enter password.

I had to change my wifi connection password from wep to wap after 2.1, without this change, it was unpossible to connect the iphone to the web in wifi.

...repeat alert up to two additional times for incoming text messages? what is this? how does it work?

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