iPhone 2.2 Firmware Beta 1 Seeded to Select Developers

'Tis soon the season. No, not fall, but new firmware season as Apple has released the first beta for firmware 2.2. Following on the 8 betas for 2.0 (released July 11, which turned out a little on the undercooked side...), and 4 for 2.1 (released September 12, which changed from feature bump to stability patch), 2.2 will hopefully bring us a little Notification Server love, and who knows what else? (Not going to say cut and paste -- a blogger can only get their heart broken so often!). Says Macrumors:

The new version is labeled iPhone OS 2.2 beta 1 and is accompanied by a new beta of the iPhone SDK (build 9M2611). Beyond "compatibility testing", there are no other differences noted by Apple.

Doubtless, the one NDA to [redact] them all is in full effect, but hopefully some deep-delving coders will discover (and leak!) a few goodies for us anyway.

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iPhone 2.2 Firmware Beta 1 Seeded to Select Developers


Hope iPhone 2.2 support Forward text, Copy/Cut/Paste function.
MMS & Video recording addedd with be helpful.

adquirí mi iphone para ver mis camaras ip desde mi móvil pero mi cámara que son dlink 2102 me piden un plugin de java,pero safari no me deja bajar de java nada espero que incluyan este plugin en la nueva version de firmware 2.2 y también un activex para las cámaras dlink2120

push is good but also a waste of time, I have exchange server running on my iPhone, when I select the push function, the battery life is reduced to 4 hrs, I had my iPhone charging all night, took it off charge 9am, by 1pm (4hrs) the battery was totally dead, I rang apple support is Australia and they said that Push should not drain your battery so fast. So apple replaced my iPhone with a brand new one. When I received the new one, full nights charge and still only 4 hrs battery life with the push feature on with Exchange server. Rang apple and got my 3rd new iPhone and still very short batt life with Push on, the morale of the story is that Push Kills your battery life big time, mind you only maybe half an hour of calls where done in those 4 hrs. It's sad but I have to use my exchange email on iphone with the fetch feature so the battery lasts a full day. The last test I did was to have my iPhone fully charged at midnight, Push was on and the iPhone was in sleep mode ( screen off). The iphone was not turned on once, by 7am the iPhone was off with the battery totally flat. I tried this with all of the above 3 iPhones. Apple, the iPhone is an awsome phone with great features but battery life must be IMPROVED!