iPhone 2.2: Google Street View, Auto-Correct Off, and Emoji

Developers are continuing to dig away at iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 1, and Macrumors brings word of a few more juicy finds:

First up is Google Street View for Maps, which Android wowed the crowds with at its recent unveiling. Just like location services, however, it looks like Apple and Google will be rolling it in for iPhone users soon enough.

Next is a Settings control to enable or disable the auto-correction feature of the keyboard. Many of our own readers have been asking for this, likely to get their SMS <3, 133t, can has lolcatz, or, you know... other languages on.

Lastly, Japanese Emoji icons seem to have finally found their place in the iPhone-verse.

Still no word, however, on the delayed Push Notification Server support or many of the other most griped about, still curiously omitted features like... oh, we don't know... cut and goram paste?!

So, are these enough new features to wet your 2.2. appetite? Want more? And how important is it to you that Apple balance the amount of new features with the risk of instability a la 2.0?

(Macrumors screenshots after the jump...)

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Reader comments

iPhone 2.2: Google Street View, Auto-Correct Off, and Emoji


thank good for auto correct off! Correction is like hell for german language at least when you are not interested in new word creations ... O_o

The best solution, of course, would be auto correction for each language that the iPhone supports. Too bad it seems like too far off in the future. Firmware 56.1.1, maybe? But the ability to turn off English auto correction when I compose in Hungarian is of course a welcome feature.

i think the biggest feature for me after recent discussion with my friends would be SMS Privacy.... it's almost ming boggling that this is not a current option for us...even if you go into your settings and use the SMS preview off option it's still not a true option for turning off notifications in general...
What if i am showing off my iPhone and i get a text from an angry X girlfriend or whatever? Why is this not in the current build?
after looking into this there's about 3-4 solid methods of SMS privacy for JAILBROKEN iPhones... but i want it for the normal iphone... =/
i think for me this is something that needs to get pushed out soon, honestly it should have been on the iPhone first generation.

What about a toggle between driving and walking directions in Maps. No one in New York City drives, and Maps keeps telling me to go miles out of my way due to one-way streets. Additionally, Google Transit has to be integrated.

w00t!! The goddamn autocorrection's off!!!! That's been HORRIBLE for English but it's been even worse for localz, particularly Russian. Thanks, Apple!

Hi. I'm a registerd iPhone developer (i paid 99$). Why didn't i receive the 2.2b1? I can still download the latest official 2.1!

Auto Hassel turned off?? ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! The world of txt has its own language, and not being able to "short hand" it is a royal pain in the rear. And as far as the "3 taps and it is gone"....yea right. After 3 MONTHS of taps, I still get the same "auto corrections". I KNOW WHAT I AM TYPING DAMMIT!!! AND, why can we NOT name a pic without the need of a computer?? That was one of the first things that caught my eye (ex Curve user) and why can we not save them to a photo album we already have WITHOUT having to dump all the pics on a computer JUST to put them BACK ON THE PHONE??? Stupid. AND, how a bout 2 apps running at the same time?? I know we can be on the phone and open a web page, but what about being able to txt and have a web page open?? It is a pain to have to keep going back and forth. A nice "switch application" option "al la BB" would be nice. It is amazing what this phone does, and even more amazing what it lacks. And one more thing......how about the option to use one of the home screens as a HOME SCREEN?? You know, one that you can put a pic of your kids, or cats, or whatever. Like OTHER phones can do. The "wallpaper" flashes for a second....big deal. If you can have 7 sereens full of apps, why not be able to have one for a pic, then you can flip to get to the rest......I mean COME ON!!!

I like the emoji, but I think my favorite part about this post is the goram Firefly reference... Brilliant.

seems like everyone has forgot the gps issues!
Surley they can fix the firmware so that the map is always in the right position when driving I hate the fact that whenever I turn I have to think about is left right or right left LOL just sought out so that the map and u are always facing up . I would gladly pay for tom tom or any other software it seems the only thing that let's my iPhone down at the mo. Can live without mms video but hate having to use seperate gps when my phone is capable.

MMS support---even the cheapest and basic phones have this ability...why can't the all powerful iPhone?
Copy and Paste. Enough said.

Please please please make this shitty autocorrect switchable: I hate the fact that it proposes garbage corrections to my correct words!
Not being able to have more than one app context at the same time is tedious: could combine it with the multiple open Safari pages maybe?
Lack of copy and paste is a really serious shortcoming: I am forced by my hitech gadget to use paper & pencil...
It would be nice if it wouldn't crash so often.
Having said all that, it's still as great gizmo!

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