iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware Released

Out of nowhere Apple has quietly released a new firmware update for iPhone and iPhone 3G. This latest release, 2.2.1, weighing in at 246.4 MB, is said to have have improved general stability of Safari and has addressed the issue where some images saved from Mail did not display correctly in the camera roll. It is unknown at this time if Apple has snuck in any other tweaks or features, to follow along and report any findings be sure to head into our forums to the newly started thread - iPhone software 2.2.1 released?

To update simply connect your iPhone/iPhone 3G to your computer and "check for update" via iTunes.

Note to Jailbreakers/Unlockers: Do not update your iPhone/iPhone 3G until the all clear is given by the iPhone Dev Team.

[Thanks to forum member sting7k for the tip!]

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iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware Released


And I'm out of town without my lap top. 
I have been hoping they would fix the issue with the photos. 

I've personally never had that happen while saving images from emails! But at least it is fixed for others. :)

From what I have seen, no it has not. Does not look like anything exciting happened in this release.

WHich SMS failure? The one where an SMS would hang for 20 minutes and I wouldnt know if it was sent or not so I try sending it 10 times and all go through?

I hope the photo app gets fixed. My albums got mismatched a week ago so I had to delete all of them from my phone.

Copy/paste. Ha! The mountains would move before that happens. Every update this same question gets asked and the answer is always "no:(". I gave up on that idea.

iPhone users dont need copy and paste because of their photographic memories ans superior typing speeds.
why waste system resources?

With such a tiny revision wouldn't expect much to change but the stability improvements are good to hear. Does the image bug refer to image Being pixelated in cam roll but looks ok when saving?

In the general settings, there's now a setting under safari called "databases". Not sure what it does. Any ideas?

The "databases" setting was already there on some people's phones before 2.2.1 although I now can't remember why... maybe it has something to do with syncing on PC?
I don't have it either.

2.2.1 is much much faster when flicking between apps. Contacts is much faster to move through (1000+). Screen rotation is more responsive.

stupid apple and there cheap updates i want push notification already for now ima just stay on 2.2 jailbroken

I doubt we'll see any significant updates for a while. This was just Apple kissing AT&T's A$$. It does go to show that they could come out with an update whenever they see fit though.
They'll probably charge $9.99 for the '3.0' update that adds everything people have been asking for. :)
I'll just keep loving life on the jailbreak side. Copy & Paste just keep improving over there.

I think that my iPhone is running faster after this update. Although am not sure if the new firmware actually work faster or it's coz all my jailbreak apps were removed.

The cynicism shown by some here is very, very easy and very, very silly. If Apple doesn't fix problems (and there will always be problems), they're condemned for it. But if those fixes don't also include huge new features, then Apple is condemned for it. It's a silly complaint, by people who just seem to enjoy hearing themselves complain. I'm not trying to start a fight here, truly, but really, what's so terrible here? You knew there was no cut-and-paste, and you bought the iPhone anyway. There are many other choices. To me, the trade-offs are slight and more than worth it. But if they're not to you, by all means, buy another phone.
And yes, of course Apple is going to make it difficult for jailbreakers. It is their deal with AT&T and the subsidies that come from that that pays for your iPhone. Why would they embrace jailbreakers? Would you?

Why would a jailbreaker care at this point? We already have mms, copy and paste and an amazing app store that just gets better and better !. Even if apple finally released the c&p features or mms I would still stay jailbroken because of the amazing apps we have access to.... not mention that most are free. Cydia and installer beat the iTunes store in creativity, price and well everything else point blank

Everyone be cautious.
I just went to upgrade my firmware, recieved an error stating it couldn't be place on my iPhone. Then my iphone wouldn't boot...only told me to connect it to itunes.
Which wouldn't detect the phone.
Rebooted my computer, and placed USB cord in different input. Then had to do a full restore on my phone. :(
Thats just crap...

The exact same thing happened to me. It was a pain but finally got phone restored. I'm never doing another iPhone update until day 2 of release.

Anyone else seeing decreased battery? 2.2 moved me from 1 day to 2 days on a charge but now I'm seeing that battery fly down quick again. Sigh... Give me 2.2 back

Thats probably a better idea.
Everyone that has an iphone was updating (well, everyone that knew about it) all at once.
At least Apple was smart enough to back your phone up everytime its plugged in. My phone is back to normal besides the apps being all out of order.

Mike @26:

You knew there was no cut-and-paste, and you bought the iPhone anyway.

Yeah, but we all thought cut & paste was going to be ADDED in some reasonable amount of time.

But if they’re not to you, by all means, buy another phone.

Sorry, too late - I'm already locked into a two year contract for this one. Look, no one is condemning Apple for releasing bug fixes - everyone appreciates that. What people are complaining about is failure to include basic functionality. And things like cut & paste, video recording, and yes, either multitasking or its poor relation (push notification) must surely be considered basic functionality. There is quite simply no excuse for including this stuff at this late date.

jailbroken 2.2... dont feel like updating even though i know my mail app doesnt save those pictures.... oh well. maybe if it were 2.3...

One change I've noticed so far is in safari. When you change orientations, there's no hesitation and is much faster to switch.

Guys :( I accidentally upgraded to 2.2.1 :( ... Does anybody know how to downgrade to 2.2? I miss my jailbroken iPhone... althought it is MUCH faster, I miss my apps!
Please help!

Updated to 2.2.1 on my stock phone. It's now periodically freezing when it had not before. I cleared cache and cookies; all apps are legit-not jailbroke; rebooted, etc. It hangs when trying to make a call periodically or sometimes in email. Browser works nice :(

Sometimes I don't receieve incoming calls despite having the silence button off, vibrate on and sound up high and locked.
I can be standing next to my iPhone while I call it via my land line and nothing happens. then a missed call will appear whitout the iPhone ringing.
Has anyone had this problem?

well i accidentally updated my phone and now it is stuck in recovery mode. it goes through then says it is verfiying iphone software. it has stayed there for 7 hours with no change!!!!
can anyone please help

Steve Jobs sucks a fucking dick!! Still no cut and paste, no sms forwarding and no mms. Fuck the update and Steve Jobs. I'll stick with jail breaking and fuck you mike. We are expressing our freedom of speech by bitching about our iPhones so theres really not a damn thing you can do about it!!!

Come on people lets be real here. If they give all the neat tricks ie. copy paste, mms, video recording and push, why will we suckers by the next iphone model. Just enjoy the little cool s#!t we have now and wait for them to screw us out of another 300 bucks. Just like the poor suckers who had to buy the 3g when they realized how slow their web browsing was. LOL Its just smart business. You know you will sit there and say "im not buying it" and be the first in line this christmas.

Yes, I've had problems with significantly diminished battery life since I upgraded to OS 2.2.1, which is why I checked out this forum. I've also missed some calls that have gone directly to voicemail without ringing. (The phone is not on mute and the ringer is turned up all the way).
If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

Hey! I'm still on 2.2 because of no major updates in 2.2.1, alltough I might update later this evening (it's 17 pm here in Norway, in case you wondered).
But to all of you complaining about the battery life - why don't you just charge at night? You sure have electricity in most common house stands, hotels and such in Amrrica too, right?

Sometimes I wish I wouldn't just say YES to everything...The update was well into hour 2 so I figured something was messed up. Now I am into hour 2 (again) but this time to RESTORE iPhone Software. Why??? Why??? Why?!?!? I should make someone at the Genius Bar fix this thing. Ahhhhh! I see I am not alone with the issue. Anyone have the same problem AND get it fixed? How long should I keep letting this thing go?

Not sure why everybody is sooo excited about an update from Apple when 99% of Iphone owners care about is keeping their unit unlocked...That update was quietly made available on Itunes for just one reason,to stop Yellowsn0w!

-----I should make someone at the Genius Bar fix this thing.----
Ya, I'm sure that will help you a lot! Make sure you make a friggin appointment before you go or they wont talk to you. I hope apple finally chokes, and Jobs shrivels up and dies!

My battery life is only lasting about 2 hours after this latest update . . . what shall I do? restore to factory settings? take the iphone back to the shop? I'm glad I'm not the only one to have this problem

I too am having battery problems with the 2.2.1 update. I can't get my phone to charge most of the time, either on my desktop via USB or from my outlet charger. When it does it only charges to about 25%, and it only last a couple of hours. It may coincide with something else, but performance is very consistent before and after the update.
I would seriously recommend NOT updating to 2.2.1.
Apple PLEASE fix this! I just bought my iPhone in September and have loved it, but this bug has rendered it basically useless.

Does Any one know if there's a way to suggest allowing us to send pictures via text an Not have to Email Everything. Apple must be the Only company that doesn't allow incomming/out going texed pictures

I cannot understand why they want to put up a firmware 2.2.1, its no use guys! i might stick with my 2.2 jailbroken for now...

Agree with Paul. All improvements in battery life made back with last update now destroyed with 2.2.1....I was getting through a full day with battery life to spare before 2.2.1 and now I can only get to mid afternoon before it is <10% battery life. Did Apple add some background services somewhere that I can disable?

I have had very marginal iPhone signal strength here in Palm Springs, CA area for 1-1/2 years. One bar or less. After installing update 2.2.1, the signal strength jumped 3 to 5 bar. Oh Joy! No ATT didn't simultaneously install a new cell tower nearby.
My daughter who lives on SF Peninsula noticed the same welcome signal increase.
The strange part is that 1-800MYIPHONE knows nothing about this. I don't know why Apple is keeping this big improvement such a secret.

I had not ready the above comments about decreased battery life before I wrote my comments.
Obviously, Apple has been able to increased the transmitted power and the receiver sensitvity to get these desired results. All that takes more juice and results in deceased battery life. For me, however, it is still very worthwhile, even if I have to trail a long dropcord.

Dont't like update!!!!!! Now when I go online it either says not connected to the internert or cannot connect to the server. Also noticed right now when I type the letters e and d do not pop up when pressed!!!!! Freaking weird!!!!!

My battery life has gone to crap! I can't even go a couple hours without requiring a charge. The day after I did the update I used the phone all day and it never left full charge on the screen then in one phone call the phone shut down and showed less than 10% power. Ever since then it barely goes a few hours before completely draining! Boooooooo! Bad Apple!

Twice today I attempted to place a call and only saw "calling" on the screen. The call never went through, prompting me to hang up and re-dial. I have also missed a call that went straight through to my voicemail. When a buddy of mine tried calling me right next to me.. the call went directly to voicemail.. my phone never rang. Is this from the update?

I have also noticed greatly diminished battery life with 2.2.1. THe difference with me, however, is that I don't have a cellular plan with my phone (so my iPhone really works like an iTouch), and my radio is turned off completely (airplane mode, but with WiFi turned on). Therefore, I disagree with Jack Quinn's conclusion that battery life is worse because the transmit power and sensitivity for the 3G phone is better. In my case, it seems like it is WiFi that drains the battery. Whereas I could easily get more than 1 day on a charge in 2.2, I get less than half a day now, and that is using only WiFi! I will go back to 2.2 to see if it makes a difference...

Don't bother with this upgrade! Seriously.
Safari has crashed twice already in the first ten minutes.
Already spotted a new bug with the keyboard when switching between browser windows.
My battery is showing ~75% after 15mins... wtf?

Since I got the 2.2.1 update my phone has been slower then it has ever been. Not only that I get unstable service, apps crash all the time. Also the update kills the phone if you are jailbroken or so I have heard.

Yeah... I wish I could reverse the upgrade to 2.2.1.
Signal is weaker (I feel lost at least 1 bar), I have connection reliability problems, which require me to shut off the phone a few times and when dialing out the connection gets stuck in the Nirwana.

Since the switch to 2.2.1 i have also noticed a huge decrease in battery life - 2 days down to a few hours like my old blackberry. also, i don't live in a 3G area and have noticed that i can no longer check my mail from over the air. says "could not activate cellular data network" never had that problem before. so, i can now switch orientation in Safari faster but with decreased battery life and no email over the air. thanks for nothing.

I have also noticed a drastic decrease in battery life after the 2.2.1 update. Before the update my iPhone would last 2 days without a charge and now I get the 20% battery life notification after just 1hr 30min of usage..WTF!! And I have noticed the bug in which some the letters in safari's keyboard do not pop up since the 2.2 update! Also, safari freezes on me periodically after the recent update! What's up with all these bugs apple!!

I upgraded to 2.2.1 today. I have seen none of the downside issues (battery life, missed calls, etc.). I did notice that the rotation of the browser and pictures seems quicker. I'll keep my eye on the battery life now that it seems to be an issue with some. Sounds like we may see a 2.2.2 soon :)

Hey. Post 56 by LOL said WIFI wasn't working after the update. The same thing happened to me after the update :(
but after a few days now it is working again :) just in case anybody was wondering. What a relief!

I am also experiencing a significantly decreased battery life. anywhere from 1.5 - 2 hours. it pretty much defeats the purpose of having an iphone.
is there anyway to go back to 2.2?

one more thing - i remember something like this happening when i purchased a first-gen macbook 3 years ago - it turned out to be a bad battery. i JUST got my iphone last week. there can't be this many bad batteries out there??

heeeeeeeeeelp!!!! I already download 2.2.1 but when i try to update it it takes toooooooooo looooooong and never ends :( and i cant get new apps because "the application is not compatible with this iphone" i guess its because of the f***** update :( someone???? PLEEEAAASEEE!!!!!!

Just upgraded and it crashed my phone and had to restore to original settings. Currently restoring so hopefully I have not lost.

As per some of the above, I can't make or receive calls after the upgrade. iPhone says calling but no sound on iPhone (dial tone, ringing) and I can ring my iphone and it goes to voicemail. This is ridiculous, it's supposed to be a phone.

Since I updated to 2.2.1 : Safari has locked up so I had to reboot. The home button stopped working right, only going to contact favorites, not to home screen. Again I had to reboot but this time I had to press lock + home to get it to restart. This happened in less than 12 hours.

anyone have ne problems with 2.2.1 and the memory? i updated and it added over four gigs of "other" memory and now i barely have room for my music or videos??

Ever since updating to 2.2.1 my Iphone constantly drops calls, prompting me to call back. I can talk 30 sec or so and it drops the call again. Don't upgrade to this new software! Is there any way to reverse the software upgrade?

Hi Guys and Gals! if you are having problems with your iphone battery life you should turn off the 3g or wifi if not in use. turn off also the auto brightness that will help a lot. Chow!

I have both iPhones. The old 2G is used with the Wi-Fi and sending an e-mail takes only 1-2 seconds before you hear the whish sound confirming that it was sent.
With the 3G, it takes from 10 to 60 seconds or more
Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe the 3.0 upgrade on Tuesday will solve that?