iPhone 2.2.1 Rumor Smashed!

That Russian website post about accessing a pre-pre-release of iPhone OS 2.2.1 and finding Push Notification Service and Notes Sync? Turns out not so much. BGR says:

The site that houses the forum has posted an update to the blog post that brought attention to the push notification claim, and has stated the original posting was indeed a fake.

So we can all go back to our regularly complaining about PNS being late again, b'okay?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 2.2.1 Rumor Smashed!


How rumors start... By Keil Miller
" Did you hear about the new jPhone? "
2 posts later...
" OMG there is a third gen iPhone comming out!!! Code named jPhone! "

I like the fakes. I remember all of the fake photos of the rumored iPhone that turned out not to be real. It's like watching those UFO videos. Keep 'em coming. :-)

Of course UFOs exist... they are simply objects which haven't been identified. You're not very bright, are you? :lol:

Not surprising that it's a fake, but I wonder if the push system is coming AT ALL, EVER?
From a technology perspective I don't think it's hard to add, there must be other forces at play.

I like vaginas.
Anyway... come on just want copy/paste... that is all that I really care about right now. Just give me that and I will stop bitching.

Versioning standard is major.minor.revision.
2.2 -> 2.2.1 means minor bug fixes only. It was never going to include Push notifications....

GPS, bluetooth, maps, email, yada yada yada... let's complain about all sorts of new apps on the iphone instead of what the iphone broke in the first place. And that's text messaging. Not only is it close to impossible to type with any reasonable speed because god-forbid we allow the sideways keyboard on ALL iphone apps, but fwd of text messages, oh that's a real tough software fix, we can't possibly work on that now. We have many other priorities. And let's not get into how adding multiple recipients (I often send 100) takes about 25 minutes, and you have to use pen & paper because of a bug in the groups select page. What a joke. iPhone brings me so many new capabilities in a phone, yet takes away things that should be given. And it's very clear that the developers and most testers don't text message. I often wish I was back on the sidekick. What a joke!

when are we going to have a phone that does not drop 10 calls or more a day. I love all the features on the Iphone except the phone.. which is the worst I ever had! Just embellish the phone part itself.. the rest of the handheld is fine!

Copy and paste, and send and receive pics via text! Why the fuck would they leave that off this phone that does everything but wipe your ass? Fucking retarded, when they find a way to make more money off it, it will come.

It like what I think too.. Apple said that they were going to do that push notification thingy... The fuck they do... Whatever... I ain't using AT&T no more ever in my life...
jAxTeR'z Community Networks - One World, One Place

For anyone who doesn't notice what the problem is, look at the second still, the one with 6:40 on the left, and look at the eyebrow and beard of the man pictured. They are a light gray color that stands out from the natural colors of the face in the background.