iPhone 2.2.1 Rumors: Push Notifications and Notes Sync?

MacRumors has linked up RussianiPhone.ru which claims to have gotten a pre-release look at the upcoming first beta for 2.2.1, which is said to include both the long-delayed Push Notification Service and something Mike first discovered way back with Mac OS X Leopard's release: Notes sync.

Rightly, they point out how easy to fake something like this is, and we won't know anything for certain until a public beta is actually made available for 2.2.1 (or 2.3, Apple hasn't done minor point bumps for the 2.x architecture yet, so why now?)

But even if it's not real, just how desperate have we become for these long overdue, or mind-boggling-ly missing features that we'll fall all over even fake news about them?

Battered consumer syndrome much?

Rene Ritchie

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iAirmanshirk says:

hmmm, i say its 2.3, and will be released at macworld. and its gonna be big, ill buy my iphone after that (hopefully ill have enough money saved up!)

Glenn says:

I don't know about this As much as my heart wants to belive this screen shot I can't. However if this is true and push will be coming as early as 2.2.1 that's awesome!!!!!! And I am so excited

owine says:

The do minor point bumps. Remember 2.0.1? This is very plausible, but I would expect something like this to come in a 2.3 release, not a 2.2.1 unless it's the only thing added.

Greg Burch says:

I am not sure that is a good UI treatment for notes which makes me question if this is real. Why would it notify you of "new" notes? They are not new they are just sync'ed. Nothing else works that way.

Mike M says:

That's the same thing I was thinking. Those number badges are used for new notifications. What could possibly be new about a note? The only thing I can come up with is the ability to send them to each other, but that's called 'email' so I doubt it. I call shenanigans.

iAirmanshirk says:

i dont think the screenshot is real, however if a note is pushed to the phone, there WILL be a notification.. thats how the iphone rolls, so the shot cannon be ruled out by your logic

john says:

I still cannot believe the iPhone does not have MMS.

The Reptile says:

I agree with 2.3 @ MacWorld with push and more.

Jason Diaz says:

dang.. apple first offered push in macworld 08 would be available by the time iphone 3g debut in July. Then they "Push it" (no pun intended) to september? now they're saying macworld 09.
one year for push...when hackers can offer it in a 45 min lunch brake. That's ass sad

iAirmanshirk says:

@ john... buddy.. let it go...
Would you rather get charged for sending a pic or send it free over e-mail? dont worry dude, all phones will have e-mail in a year or so, apple is just starting the future and saving us from charges. sit back and enjoy the iphone making history

iAirmanshirk says:

@ korg_23
budd, unless you work for apple then shhhh. Do you think steve jobs holds back features on purpose? no, so therefor there is a reason. For all we know he looking for a way to do it without stressing out AT&T's network. We have NO idea. so stop whinning

Rene Ritchie says:

I think Push Notification was announced at the iPhone SDK event in March and stated deliverable for September after launch. Scott Forestall made the preview.

Jason Diaz says:

you still get the point though...macworld or SDK...it's almost a year!!!

iAirmanshirk says:

yeah im a little pissed too... but i know thjat steve jobs isnt holding out for no reason you know? this is his baby, hes gonna do it justice

Steve says:

MMS is out! Email is in!
The iPhone is the future, not the past.

Keil Miller says:

If you don't expect it, you won't be disapponted.

Mr. Hi-Definition says:

As much as I'd love to believe this, I doubt Apple will actually grace me with push notifications this early in the game. I will be very grateful if they do though.

iAirmanshirk says:

oh good.. i thought he was going to insult my bfff steve again. You did good mr high! (:

Rick says:

Like many others I would like to see Copy and Paste implemented after 18 months! I would also like to see Apple or a third party develop a universal search tool like the Palm platform had...something that searches, Notes, Calendar, and ALL fields in the Contacts list.

iAirmanshirk says:

i would love to see them make it more like the desktop osx... it would be amazing. they should do 3.0 like that :]

devonair says:

I sincerely hope this leak/rumor has some truth behind it. Sadly, though, I was playing around with an iPhone in an Apple store with an employee looking over my shoulder for about 20 minutes. He kept trying to tell me all the great features of the phone (all the while fielding questions from fellow-employees at the store, leading me to believe that he was either a manager/supervisor or at least one of the "head geeks" in the store who supposedly know more than the rest), and I kept tuning him out since most of what he said were things anyone could have found by reading online. When I asked him if there was ETA on the push notification service, though, he drew a complete blank. At first he thought I was talking about push email (which he almost began explaining until I cut him off). When I elaborated a bit, he thankfully admitted that he had no idea what I was talking about (rather than trying to BS me with something off the top of his head). Long story short, though, if the CSR's in the store don't even know what a feature is or does, I have a sinking feeling that its not coming soon... or else they would have been trained up on it by now. =(

iAirmanshirk says:

not really, macworld is 2 months away... imagine training thousands of employees early? The word would leak like mad. They usually train days before. I do hope you liked the iphone though, it is an amazing product

nicleT says:

Notes sync, push technology, cut n' paste... why not start with a stable Mobile Safari that doesn' t crash all the *?$% time ?

iAirmanshirk says:

@ niclet
your cool. why dont you shut up and appreciate what you have. I really appreciate safari after using other phones browsers

Iks says:

Sometimes I've seen the safari browser crash umpteen times in minutes. Yea it renders pages well, but what good is that if it crashes all the time!? Apple should perfect what they have before adding new features.

Dizash says:

Unified mailbox. Onebof the only things I miss about bberry.
Cut / Paste too. To not be able to forward info (eg a phone # from contacts, etc) is pretty weak. I love my iPhone and waited overnight 7/10-7/11 but I miss some basic features.
I figure they can do it but want to impliment the easiest method so as not to have to rework the method to cut/paste. Anyone know the procedure on the Bberry Storm?

devonair says:

Good point about not training them early... I'll concede that point. But it was a bit disheartening to see that the "head geek" on the sales floor wasn't even aware of this as a potential feature that was coming "someday." It broke my heart a little, as I had always hoped that Apple store employees were a little more knowledgeable than your stereotypical computer-store geek. Haha, and I say this as a former computer-store geek myself. =P

Tunnelrunner says:

Could we please refrain from shhh'shng people, being rude to them, or telling them to shut up? It makes this place a MUCH more pleasant place to be.
Everybody's entitled to their opinions, just like you are. Thanks for listening.
For the record, I do think the iPhone 3G is the best overall phone in the world...

Steve says:

But it would be even MORE pleasant if people would quit whining about so many obscure WM things they had on their other phones. When I was their age I had to use a f*ing PAY PHONE on the go. Guess that's why Im grateful for the iPhone and some will never be satisfiedt.
I agree that they should just shut up.

miked says:

3 words: copy, paste, MMS....when?????!!!!

nicleT says:

@iAirmanshirk : I do appreciate every parcel of my iPhone. But among all app, Safari is the more unstable. Its frequent crashes issue was there since the beginning and wasn't solve even after all those firmware updates. My point is: why not fine tune something that is already release before releasing something else. It's my opinion, you don't have to agreed it.
Ho! and for the rude way of replying me, maybe you should sometimes raise your eyes from your gadgets: there's a real world with real peoples around, so be kind.
Back to the topic, Notes sync will be very welcome, since it's already in the MobileMe syncing list but not implemented in a very useful way yet. Can't wait for this feature.

iairmanshirk says:

lol im not being rude, im being serious. Safari is years ahead of other browsers and still you complain. Do you think steve jobs just tells his workers "Dont fix safari, i want them to suffer a bit longer" ? I personally dont think so. So if a fix is possible then its coming, trust me ive gotten frustrated with the crashes too. But after visiting and playing with a blackberry storm, dam im happy i own the iphone, that browser disgusted me.

Tunnelrunner says:

I hear you and I agree with you, I'm just saying if you or Steve B don't like hearing other people's opinions, don't come here. Much more productive than listening to you whine about other people whining or listening to ME whine about whiners whine about other whiners.

Rick says:

Am I one of the only iPhone owners who doesn't have a problem with Safari?? I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have had problems with Safari since I got my iPhone in August. Universal search and copy and paste, please!!!

iairmanshirk says:

uhhh.. yeah, stop whinning about my opinions then? your being a hypocrite =/

ghop says:

The safari browser is the best mobile phone browser going. Push notification will come, it's just a matter of when. I have come to realize that Apple's priorities on adding features to the iPhone is based on revenue and 1st have. When the since the genius feature came out, I have spent a sh@$ load of money purchasing songs. There is no other product on the market that offers this feature, it's one of the many things that sets it apart from the other music players. Cut and paste is just not a priority. It's not going generate more sales and it does not set the iPhone apart from other phones. I also believe MMS/IM is dead and email is in. With that being said I hope they add the ability to forward messages and the ability to add more than one picture to a message. I could be waiting a while however. All of the features that have been added to the phone since the release of the phone have been features that would a) cause the phone not to sell, b) generate potential additional revenue to apple, or c) set the phone apart from it's competitors.

Steve says:

@Tunnelrunner: I come here because it's called the iPhoneBlog.... not the TreoPalmBlackBerry&OtherNonsenseBlog. You've never seemed to have had a problem with me over at MacWorld. Why? Because there's no constant Windows whiners over there.
@Rick: I haven't had many Safari problems either. Sometimes I think these people are throwing their phones against a wall.

Tunnelrunner says:

Steve & Iairmanshirk,
:waves the "went completely over your head" motion:
Nevermind, let's just drop it; no point In repeating myself again...
Here's hoping that the iPhone continues to get better!

Steve says:

iAirmanshirk: (in reference to your post #19) I don't recall ever being insulted by Mr. Hi-Definition. Where is it at? Or did I misunderstand?
Tunnelrunner: I got your point about not being rude. I was just re-stating my other point.

iairmanshirk says:

@steve haha no buddy it was kind of an inside joke because mr high said woz was cooler than steve jobs. Read here

iairmanshirk says:

hehe its okay, you can be my bff too ;]

ken man says:

Snow Leopard Server can have Public and Private note / calendars that others can change --- why not Notes?

iairmanshirk says:

Cant wait for snow leopard!

Paul says:

This thing needs mms. How has that not been implemented yet.

Upravdom says:

You can create custom badges with EricaUtilities:http://ericasadun.com/ftp/EricaUtilities/
badge MobileNotes AnyBadgeTextGoesHere - to set a badge for MobileNotes
badge MobileNotes - to remove a badge
So, I guess the real Push Notification is still far far far... far... away...

Steve says:

I had to Google "bff"... I thought it was an iPhone keypad slip-up. :lol:

Jimmy says:

I always thought that Push was really only needed for email and app updates...
Why is it so important to have it for notes?
I don't have a mac so I'm not too familiar with what it might be good for
Anyone care to explain?

Steve says:

Push wouldn't be for Notes... SYNC would be for Notes (so that notes entered on one device will sync to another). Push would notify one of things such as new instant messages, etc. which is lacking now.

Mike says:

When has Apple ever made a update that actually does anything to make it a better phone ?
Never , where is Copy paste.. The are only making it open for apps so they can make more money, where is the real updates ????