iPhone 3.0 Beta 2: 11 Home Pages, 180 Apps

TheLoopBlog has posted, MacRumors confirmed, and we've been able to verify as well that as of yesterday's iPhone 3.0 Beta 2, Apple has enabled 11 Home Screen pages for app storage, up from the previous 9. This raises the total number of apps available on the iPhone at once to 180 (up from 148).

So, is this an improvement in that we get more overall pages of apps for storage, or is this just more wear and tear on our already exhausted swiping fingers? Is more better, thanks Apple very much! Will Spotlight be the new swipe anyway? Or do they have to start considering different ways of letting us organize our apps as well?

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 2: 11 Home Pages, 180 Apps


I'm sorry but c'mon this is their idea of a solution?
It isn't. they need to enable categorization or folders still even if it's just a matter of maxing out with the same screen type 4x4 and having folders link to the other pages.
Won't encourage me to buy or try more apps than i have on my current 7 screens with all the swiping round i do... i've got them organized categorically but all that swiping i do already is enough.

I agree.
The current folder arrangement system was fine untill now - the nascent stages of the app store. But as the app store and the iPhone (32 Gigs ?) grow larger in space, we will be missing the grooves on our index fingers very soon.
A computer is as good as its file system ... and the iPhone is now in dire need of a new one.
I cant imagine, for eg, when i get push notifications in multiple screens !!! Do i have to reorg the apps on my iPhone to make it more convenient?
An advanced equipment like the iPhone is in danger of becoming as primitive as a 16th century scroll !!!

The iphone was made to be SIMPLE having to manage folders is not simple to the average ex razor owner. with spotlight you won't need to look for an app. And who really needs 11 pages of apps who uses 180 apps a days. I usually only have about 4 pages and the most used apps are on the first 2 pages.

11pages? Really? How about a lockscreen notification feature. Why is it that some scrub in his basement (no offense to the makers if intelliscreen) can do it but apples high paid scrubs havn't? That's a palm pre like feature. 11 screens? Who cares?

The argument can't be "who uses that many apps" because some might. There were earlier blog posts wanting more pages. Don't complain because if your argument is "who uses that many apps" then how would this new feature affect you? If you have four pages of apps then what does it matter?
This obviously means there will be 32g of storage on the new iPhone.
Oh and to Jeffdc5. If the apps already come in categories in the app store, then when customers download them onto their iPhones, they would automatically fall under the same categories. That's the easiest work around instead of managing 180 apps yourself. So if I download a game, it goes into the game category and if I download an ebook, it goes into the book category... Each icon would be it's own category.

@Blake 2 your points are valid. But apple is not targettjng technically inclined users. Give the average person a nokia e71 they woldnt know what to do with all those folders. You can't ask apple to get rid of their business model for the minority of users.it would be great to have everything nice and organized but anything that make the iPhone harder to manage probably won't be added.

"Oh and to Jeffdc5. If the apps already come in categories in the app store, then when customers download them onto their iPhones, they would automatically fall under the same categories. That’s the easiest work around instead of managing 180 apps yourself. So if I download a game, it goes into the game category and if I download an ebook, it goes into the book category… Each icon would be it’s own category."
I think that's an excellent idea. And maybe somewhere in the settings have an option to put the apps into folders, or leave them all on the home screen.

I think it would be very easy for them to do something where you hold down your finger in a black spot on the home screen, or even on the bottom of the home screen and numbers pop up so you can get to a certain page faster. Kinds how the letters on the iPod app let's you scroll through music a lot faster then swiping. Glad there's more room now.

FYI: you can also tap the space above the corners of the far left and right dock icons to switch pages. I haven't decided if it's easier than swiping yet, but that's been there since at least 2.0. Maybe earlier, but that's when I noticed it.

That would just add another thing to learn another gesture to remember again moving away from the "smartphone for the rest of us" concept

There are 20 categories in the app store. All of the original apps such as stocks, iTunes, and of course the app store will remain out of categories.
I don't see how this is technically challenging. This seems to be very simple especially the more and more apps that are going to be offered in the future. If you guys remember, the original app store didn't have categories and it took forever to scroll through apps. It was added as a necessity. By the way steve, I have 5 games. Haha

Does anyone really have that many apps? i've reached my full 16gb and I have like 3 pages worth of apps.

Well, I own all eight of the "good apps" on the App Store. ;)
I used to have a lot more web short cuts, but I got rid of them because all they did was make it more difficult to find the ones I used regularly. So, now I have three screens total (apps and web icons). I have many free apps saved on iTunes because I rarely use them but still want them... and those rarely-used web short cuts are now bookmarks in Safari — Neat & Clean!
All this "nine home screens filled up" reminds me of those messy people who have their entire desktops full of short cuts... they're no longer shortcuts if they have to sit there looking through them. Some people don't take that into consideration when organizing. They think they'll need all fifty games while their out grocery shopping. Oh well.

I also only have 3 pages. I've used a whole number of apps, but I've always tended to delete the ones I decided aren't really useful. Doing so made it easier to keep the number of home screens low.

We still have up and down available! Spotlight is the answer to these problems. Someone technical enough to have 11 pages of Apps, will surely be smart enough to be able to use Spotlight.

Wow. Okay. Seems like there is defenitely doing to be new hardware. I only have 3 pages of third party apps and I don't even know what people are doing with 9 pages anyway.
A filing system will only complicate things. I had a blackjack II and I was sick of the Start menus and so on.
I rarely swipe through the four pages I have in total. I just use the short cut.
So any news about the amount of pages in safari ?
One thing I hope they change In safari is the whole loading thing. After exiting safari the page becomes blank if you don't go back in a short amount of time. It basically saves the link and loads it back up.

Yeah, the tabs (if that's what they are) should behave like tabs on the desktop Safari and not refresh automatically. Especially if people are soon going to be able to copy text from one page to another page's text fields without constantly losing what's already been entered.

I'm one of the one's with 8 pages of apps, and no I'm not unorganized nor does my desktop have any icons on it. The first page is for the most frequently used stuff, second and third are the stuff I'd like to get to quick if the need arises. Then 2 pages of games because I don't like to play the same one over and over before moving to the next one, when I, or the girlfriend, have down time, I have a bunch of good ones to choose from. Then it's the app store and I have 2 pages designated for the downloaded apps I haven't had a chance to try yet but read about and got cheap (or free) while I could and was thinking about it. I rarely use the second page there but it's nice to have. Then the last page is the stuff that apple won't let me delete and duplicate apps like other sports, movie, and weather apps because sometimes I'll be looking for a specific feature that my favorites don't offer. And hey, you never know when an update will make one of those my new favorite. I admit, some of my apps are unit converter/level/dictionary type apps that rarely get used. But if you have to redownload over edge or sync to get it back when you need it then it's lost its conveinence factor. But then again, I work and I'm in college with a girlfriend and 5 roommates so this stuff comes in handy quite a bit. "check the iPhone" has become a popular phrase around here to settle disputes and check facts :)

My appologies for not breaking up paragraphs, I wrote that before and after a test. Guess I forgot how long it was. Cheers!

@OmariJames | @Steve
This is a pet peeve of mine as well -- I had not thought about how cut and paste will impact it, but it bites me often when using a site that depends on Ajax calls (e.g. Google Reader), where reloading the page effectively loses the information on that page. I would glady trade a reduction in the maximum number of tabs for tabs that behave more like desktop browser tabs.

I'm glad they've increased the number of pages, but Apple should really consider implementing folders. It just makes a lot more sense, especially as the number of useful Apps that people put on their iPhones is rapidly expanding.

Folders are just plain stupid I like the iPhone interface just the way it is. Simple and easy they do a good job in making prdocuts and putting smiles on our faces if u don't like the iPhone then go get a crackberry or a dumb cheAp nokia. Apple know what they're doing and if we had folders people would complain about not being able to get to their thing so that's why they have pages to oragnize things like one page could be games and the other could be utlities but anyways apple is the best that's why they sold 13.7 million iphones apperatly zomeones doing a good job.!

I organized my pages best I can and less than 20% of my apps are games... do I use all my apps? Some more often then others yes but if I truly find I won't use something... delete.
Folders aren't that hard and certainly not stupid. They could easily make it so people can choose to use them if they want or not. They could have it so you can organize very easily via iTunes or just continue with the sliding apps round into folders and in your settings you can turn on and off....
Nice and easy for those whom want that kinda thing and those who'd rather scoff and scorn people because they appear to be adverse to change.

Go into settings, tap "add folder", a pop up asks you for the name of the folder, drag some apps to the folder. Don't want the folder? Delete it the same as any other app and the apps that were in it show up on your desktop again. How hard is that? You don't have to have a folder if you don't want one.

I don't really care if we get folders or categories, but I would LOVE if in Itunes there was a screen showing the nine or 11 pages and you could just drag and drop icons to organize the apps. Its such a pain moving them around.

I have 8 pages of apps.
Didn't realize all of you used so little.
I guess I should say, didn't realize that having 8 pages was a lot.
Now every page isn't full. There are generally 1-3 blank spots on each page.
I keep it very organized by what they do. All games on two pages. I have all my internet radio apps paired togther...amazon, ebay, craiglist together...etc.
But, I do not need 11 pages. But theres not reason to complain that they gave us this option. Some people have every page filled, and have to delete just to download a new app.
As for the person that said to hold your finger down on a black spot of the home screen. That wouldn't work at all. Thats too close to how you rearrange and delete apps. People would start to get frustrated when they tried to delete an app, or select a new page, and the opposite happens.
Spotlight well work perfect for my needs.
Figuring out a way to pick a certain screen page just doesn't seem worth it.
I mean, do you really remember what the page number of each app is on...? Unless you forget the name, spotlight is a GREAT addition. Can't wait to use it.

Some of you people are killing me! Do you hear yourselves? People are complalining about having to swipe and fingerprints coming off and the need for more pages etc etc. Do you remember when our phones didn't do anything but make a phone call? We've come a long way, granted with feedback given by the consumer, but most of the complaints on here are from a spoiled generation of "need to have it nowers" For crying out loud just plug your Iphone into your computer and organize it on a weekly basis. Is it really that hard? You're apparently saving all this time with your handy phone but you apparently don't have time to sync your phone according to your needs for the day/week? Come on, quit the whining. For the record I do have an Iphone with 4 pages of apps. 4th page I rarely use and I have never worked for Apple.

I agree with those that think iTunes should have an option to organize apps. A screen with 11 virtual pages to drag and drop apps and sync to your iPhone. That used to be a necessity. Alot of people are downing searchlight because it's not an answer to page organization. But real I think it makes page organization obselete!
With searchlight why would you have to use folders and categories? Why would u have to worry about swiping or what page which apps are on? Who cares if games or your most used apps are on page 3 or 7; or if there are 11 or 20 pages to swipe through?
With searchlight pages are now just storage. If u have a ton of apps just press the home button once to get back to ur home page if your not on it, and press again or swipe right to search. Type in the name of the app u want and launch it from searchlight!
That simple. Type, search, launch.
With that it doesn't matter what page it's on because it's all on searchlight.

How about Apple including Exposé and Spaces like they do on Macs. Hover over a corner and voilà! You've got a screen that shows you all of your pages. Select and go!

If there was a 12 step group for excessive Iphone users, I'd probably never join it because the iPhone is more than just a phone, it's a mini desktop in my pocket. I have 148 apps(9 pages) plus apps I had to delete saved on my mac mini at home.
Page 1 & 2 Are mainly contact, business, and banking apps used together for global Trade.
Page 3 is all about gambling apps.
Page 4 & 5 are arcade. And 3D games.
Page 6 is all about photo, novels, fun tools mainly used, snappshoted, and sent to clients on the fly.
Page 7 is mainly automotive cause I'm basically a gear head(another 12 step opportunity)
Page 8 is all about health
Page 9 has sailing navigaton apps as well as safety apps for the open ocean(by the way Otterbox makes a great water resistant case)
So - yeah, I'm all for a folder idea but even better I like the category idea, because It just makes sense. I'm also all for a 32 gig(or more) so I can put more apps, more pictures, more movies etc...And if the phone gets trashed- so what! It's better to pay 300 for a new phone and backload it than fix an apple screen for $1300(that sucks Iv've done it twice)

just use "categories" from cydia and make as many folders as u want,, then add as many apps u want in a folder,, (I got 88 in one) using only 3 pages,,,
bloody simple,, stop your whining about the limited amount of pages.

I found this thread through google when I was searching to find a reason why my phone wouldn't make a 10th screen. After reading through all your posts I am most like Mike M.
I am an App whore but am extremely organized. I have my most used apps, social networking, tv and video apps, two pages of games, etc.
I have only had my 3g 16gig since February but i use it more and seem to know more about it then the 20-30 other local friends of mine that have it LOL
As far as space I have only used barely 2 gigs. Those of you maxing your memory try taking some crap off your ipod. I have some music there but mostly use pandora. I don't mind swiping to pages, i do know where everything is without the need for folders and can't wait for
11 pages. Those of you out there like me who max out 9 pages... U r not alone ;)

Its really scary when you add more than nine pages apps. They fall off the edge of the earth. Why not just bump it up to twenty? I can fill up two pages in about a day with a 50 dollar iTunes giftcard.

I think the eleven pages are great. If you don't have that many pages of apps, great. Stop complaining. Thanks

I have 11 full screams of apps anything I download now doesn't show up. And I even lost my mail icon trying to make another page with it. All I want is to get it back.

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