iPhone 3.0 Beta 3: In-App Purchase Restriction Setting

Jeremy recently whipped up an iPhone 101 how to on using Restrictions to set some parental controls, and we've had a peek at what Apple already surfaced in previous iPhone 3.0 betas, but now it looks like Beta 3 gets a tad more granular with an extra option:

  • In App Purchase

Along with Installing Apps, you can selectively disable the ability for you, or someone you parentally control, from impulse buying those extra game levels or custom sound systems and super-weapons.

Likely a Good Thing.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.0 Beta 3: In-App Purchase Restriction Setting


Haha, I love that first comment. Also, what parent is buying their child an iPhone but not letting them use Safari, Camera, or App Store? Why do you have an iPhone if you are feeling that it is necessary to take that away? What about an ability to turn off the phone so your kid doesn't call someone you don't want them to!! I understand that some people are paranoid about the government, etc. and turn off location but really? Safari? Buy an old flip phone.

@al: perhaps the settings are also adjustable by enterprise IT people if your phone is managed by your employer, and this is simply the end-user interface to it? (I'm guessing)

There is a huge flaw in this. Kids know this stuff way more than their parental counter parts. Thinking you can turn things off and your kid will not figure out how to turn them back on you are kidding yourself. My 16 month old figured out how to unlock and use my 3G (that's with the passcode enabled) so if you think a teenager won't spend a weekend inputting four digit passcodes you are living in a dream world.
The only way to truly prevent these purchases would be to jailbreak and then use an app password app that uses real passwords, or using sbsettings to hide the icons completely and then password protecting that apps also. These methods are still obsolete when anyone can use google to learn how to place the device in DFU mode and then restore it, being as Apple felt it wasn't important for the passcode to be input before the device can be restored. That seems like a huge oversight to m, specially since it's published on the Internet that DFU mode will let one restore a passcode locked iPhone.

@iRoc: "My 16 month old figured out how to unlock and use my 3G (that’s with the passcode enabled)"