iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: AT&T Data Network Problems and Potential Fixes

AT&T Mouth of Sauron Speaks!

Apple made mention that some developers, when updating to iPhone 3.0 Beta 5, might experience problems connecting to AT&T's data network. Apple asked any devs so affected to contact them, and one dev who had the problem called in and let us know what Apple told him:

Apple just called me back, had me turn the phone off then back on. Then turn the wifi off and try it and it seems to be back to working. Thaaaank you apple.

Thanks indeed! If you're experiencing similar problems, you might want to try the above. If that doesn't work for you, however, get on the phone with Apple asap.

(Thanks Josh for the tip!)

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iPhone 3.0 Beta 5: AT&T Data Network Problems and Potential Fixes


Last friday my phone and several friends woke up dead.
(That is, the phone was OFF when we picked it up to use is, and had to be rebooted. None of us ever turn the phone off.)
This was with the current release of software, not version 3.
I think ATT can send OTA data to the phone to cause this, because its not the first time this has happened. The last time was right about the 2.0.1 release when all the problems were happening.
I wonder if this is the case here as well, except that maybe 3.x does not yet honor this reboot transmission.

i have called apple 2 days ago when beta was released and still havent heard back from them. i am really frustrated having no data! ;/

just upgraded to beta 5...and im experiencing this data connectivity problem
when opening youtube or any other network accessing application...with wifi off...i get this error:
"could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service"
im using att in NC.
never had these problems before! damn! im now downgrading to beta 4 to see if that fixes the problem.

I'm not using a beta at all and once in a while I get the "could not activate cellular data network" message.

after trying the reset method described above...and also talking with apple and them telling me to try resetting the network settings...nothing worked.
i tried to downgrade to beta 4....not possible.
i also tried reinstalling beta 5..still no data.
as soon as I try to connect to youtube or anything without the wifi on...it tells me that I am not subscribed or something...
i found a .ipcc ATT carrier file which people are using to allow them to tether and use MMS with os 3.0 on their iphones...apparently features which were removed from beta 5. well, upon removing those features..they must have messed up the data connectivity for some of us (me).
i resynced the ipcc file to my iphone and everything works again!!

im not having the data problems with beta 5, but my phone likes to turn its self off about once a day and that really ticks me off its about the same time everyday. anyone else

did you edit the ipcc file or just use option-click check for updates and reload the ipcc file?

Please note your Case ID for future reference. You may need to mention this number when the Apple Expert calls.
Case ID: 125297557
14 May 2009 - joined the 3.0 beta program/ developer paid the $99 logged in, downloaded and installed the beta 5 version. Everything seemed fine.
16 May 2009 noticed that the "visual" voicemail was not configured prob due to the restore to the beta 5 of 3.0, called ATT and had it setup.
17 May 2009 noticed that when i leave my home, and transition to the 3g or E networks, Internet is "gone", i am told that i do not have a subscription to a data provider service, tried to call ATT but they are closed on Sunday.
18 May 7am - called ATT to resolve the error message regarding the "Subscription to a data service" - for internet connectivity, after 6 hours of on the phone escalations through everyone level of tech support at ATT - i finally was transferred to Apple
Apple support went through the same battery of questions previously covered by ATT and resolved that because i was on the 3.0 beta that no one in the apple support center could help me. I had to report and wait for the beta developers/support team to help. I called 800-633-2152 to report the problem, and that was it after an al day phone conversation with both att and apple.
May 21, 2009 - i have no internet connectivity with my Iphone 3G who is still under warranty, i have noted that it behaves in a bizzare manor now and when connected to my macbook pro- it will connect and disconnect at will, the temp on the back of the phone is warmer than normal, as well as the battery life seems to be less, indicating that something is not shutting down in the background even when phone is asleep.
So here i am - out here with my phone told that i am not able to use the genius bar, support or anything outside of the beta team, and they are not open yet, i use this phone for work, life, etc - and need it to function, at a minimum i expected NOT to loose the basic functionality of the the device by joining the beta program, at a minimum - 5 versions into the process, would have expected that those issues would have been resolved EARLY ON....I am not really sure where to turn so i am sending this in.
I am traveling next week, would have like to have had this resolved, and or been granted the ability SOME HOW to return tot he 2.2.1 version in the interim so that i am able to use my device.
as it sits right now, my Iphone 3g is useless to me in the current configuration.

I forgot a step... You have to install the new custom apn after choosing "create custom profile". The site will redirect to a page that looks similar to your settings page and all you have to do us click "install"
NOW you're all done!! Yay!

Same problem here no access to the Data network tried several things including most of what was listed above and restoring the Beta 5 but no luck. Anyone figure this out?

i recently updated to 3.0 beta 5 and my phone wont ring. all sounds are on and the phone will vibrate with incoming calls but no sound, Also my lock sounds and keyboard clicks are gone and all sounds are set to on...any suggestions?

would not switch to 2g network 02 could not fix the fault had no phone for 4 weeks,,, this sucks in the end they replaced the phone how log till this one goes petetong,,,,,