iPhone 3.0: Paste Long Passwords into Wi-Fi Settings?

Back before the iPhone, I was using one of GRC.com's long, pseudo-random passwords for my WPA-protected Wi-Fi network. Typing it into iPhone 1.x, even iPhone 2.x was a non-starter, however, so I shrank it down considerably.

Similar security-conscious folks have lamented not only the lack of copy and paste on the iPhone, but especially the lack of "paste-into-password field" to support just those kinds of super-secure strings.

Well, it looks like we might be getting them -- along with the previously discussed copy and paste features, in iPhone 3.0.

Whether this makes it or not into the final release version is something only time will tell (because Apple, of course, isn't saying).

But we want it.

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 3.0: Paste Long Passwords into Wi-Fi Settings?

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It surely will. There's no reason not to have this. I only wish that the pasted text would get deleted from the clipboard after pasting to a secure field.