iPhone 3.0: Predictive Text Enhanced?

Did iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 refresh the dictionary behind predictive text? Based on a few emails we've gotten it looks like Apple might just have altered -- hopefully expanded and improved -- the engine that tries to make multi-touch typing just automagically work.

Let us know if you've seen anything different in beta 4.

[Thanks Adam!]

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.0: Predictive Text Enhanced?


About time! It's my biggest problem with the current iphone: predictive text just doesn't work.
I want my t9 back.

They had better improve it. Seems the last 2 updates to the OS made it worse; doesn't seem to "learn" new words for me anymore and also doesn't always even predict a word lots of times. Just seem as good as it first was when I first got the iPhone in July 2007.

I wish they'd come up with the predictive text app I used to have on my Treo (I can't remember the name). If you typed something like "cont" a little box would pop up that would give you several choices like "contained, container, continue, continent". Was a great way to really speed up text input. I'm guessing there must be some patent issues involved in bringing this to the iPhone, since it would be a huge improvement over what we have now...

One improvement I think they could make is to make corrections even if you tap an extra letter or leave out a letter. As it is now, if you miss pressing a letter and type "improvemnt", it has no idea that you want "improvement", which seems obvious.
It also doesn't attempt to fix common misspellings. For example, the iPhone tries to replace "recieve" with "recurve." Recurve? Really? Is that even a word?
I have noticed some very slight improvements in the predictive text of 3.0 beta 4, but I think it could be vastly improved with some fairly simple new features.

You can add words to the dictionary, but not directly. Infact i'm pretty sure it was a posting I saw somewhere. But just make a false contact in your address book and for words you keep using add it to that contact information ie: if I use the word "snoogins" a lot and want iphone to remember it, it would bring that up as a word i'm trying to spell from the address book beause it'd be a name or an email address that it knows i have stored. Same thing for other words, names and so on.

For those wanting to 'train' iPhone. Go to Safari and type in word that you want included in the dictionary. This is the only place on the phone from my experience that 'learns' new words or abbreviations.

The newest BlackBerry OS has the same pop-up suggestion list. So somebody is licensing it, or it's one of those unpatentable "obvious" things.

I want to be able to teach the dictionary words using capital letters. For example, my girlfriends name is Jessamine and I wish it would auto-cap the J without me having to do it manually (like how iphone becomes iPhone).
Failing that, I want autocorrection to work when using capital letters at all.

They can start by fixing it so that amd gets changed to and and not AMD. Tired of seeing that 100x a day. Better yet, let me edit my own dictionary.

Wow. Your experiences are vastly different from mine. It seems to work like magic for me much of the time. In fact, my typing on a regular keyboard has actually gotten worse because I can't rely on the predictive text to correct my mistakes. ;)

I wish I could remove some words. 3.0 keeps failing accentuating some words in French. Insteat of suggesting être for etre, it replaces it with Etre. Come on !!

I want to know how to take a picture of what is on my phone. For example, to take a picture of a text message...

is there any chance you can get anormal keyboard on the iphone ie like on other phones? (not a quirkey keyboard)

This is a beneficial post, im glad I stubled onto it. Ill be back down the track to check out other posts that you have on your blog.