iPhone 3.0: Still a Reason to Jailbreak?

The iPhone 3.0 software release day this summer may be a sad one for the little iPhone Pirate. Will we still need jailbreaking? As Rene has already pointed out, yes you will be able to jailbreak iPhone 3.0 but just how many of you will be abandoning this process all together? We've given you our Top 5 Jailbreak Apps and 5 More Jailbreak Apps. Now Apple has seemed to satisfy most, if not all of your iPhone needs with the 3.0 software, it may be bit premature to cast jailbreaking into the darkness just yet. Some of the reasons being:

  • No themes

  • Categories and folders

  • Tethering, still no sign of this coming anytime soon from AT&T.

  • Lack of options for things such as ringers and tones.

  • On screen notifications

  • Video recording

Yes, we all know that things may change from now and the time 3.0 is released but the above list has a bleak outlook in terms of Apple tossing them into the mix anytime soon. How many of you will still be jailbreaking when iPhone 3.0 drops?

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iPhone 3.0: Still a Reason to Jailbreak?


I haven't jailbreaked my iPhone and I don't think I ever will.
The only thing I would jailbreak for off that list is maybe themes. I'd like the keyboard / background to be the color of my choice
All I want now is a Finder.

You know, I'm thinking of jailbreaking right now just for some customization (backgrounds basically) and then I'll hide the icons using another applications.. and maybe I'll get backgrounder.. but once 3.0 drops, with stereo bluetooth, copy and paste, and push notifications, I can't see myself jailbreaking just for the dimmed leopard background behind my application icons. Even though it looks DAMNED good on my iPhone (OH and I love the 5-icon dock so I can fit all my updating apps and my iPod in there), its just not worth it to be almost the only thing I jailbreak for.

@Omari James:
Finder MAY be in the cards, there was a mention of some kind of app that will allow sending and receiving of files, and without access to the file system how would that happen right? It's unlikely that they'd give you access to the internal storage as if it were a WinMo phone or something, but it might have something kind of similar for file transfers :P
Keep your fingers crossed.

themes, a proper notification system (in the works) to get rid of all the annoying push stuff, today screen funcionality on the lockscreen, video recording, SBSSettings, 1000x faster sms app (quicksms), etc etc
i am a power user, and have been using smartphones for 4 years (real ones, symbian, not windwos mobile, RIM or palm crap you guys compare iphone with)therefore i will want to get all the potential the iphone has, and that still will be only possible via jailbreak
i do understand less demanding or less informed users will settle for 3.0 though, its a fine update considering what we got now

I have no need for jailbreaking. I don't try to use my phone as a laptop replacement and don't care enough to have a 3rd party OS just to customize some ring tones.
The one thing I did really want to see and didn't was an easier way to organize the apps on the different screens through iTunes. Who knows, this may be included in a future beta or final release...either way, not enough for me to bother with JB'n.
Oh, and with spotlight the need to organize is a lot less important anyway. So once I get used to use spotlight in the next week or so I might not even care about the organize through iTunes anymore.

Background processes. A functional push notification service will reduce the number of use cases that require background processes, but not elimiate them.

  • For those hypothetical secure "enterprise" users, app security auditing cannot take place without background processing. (Of course, no such enterprise is going to mass adopt jailbroken iPhones, either - they will just stay in the darkness of RIM.)
  • On a more realistic consumer level, if you want to listen to Pandora while using Safari, you would still need background processes, and therefore to jailbreak.

(Still excited for push, but I wish they had found some way to go a step further.)

It's the video recording for me. As long as that's only available through jailbreaking, I will be jailbreaking. :)

I would like more ring options for various things and ringer profiles, but I don't enough need of them to jailbreak my iPhone.
I'm wondering though, all the people who did and run background apps what is your battery life like? Apple said they decreased it by 80% on other phones, I was wondering why they didn't try it on the iPhone.

I am currently jailbroken, but I don't think I will need to do it for 3.0
Apple just took away every reason for me to JB :)

apple did a good job but i need to be jailbroken i need irealquicksms and all the other tweaks i use all the time

I probably won't... 3.0 has almost everything I wanted, except for FOLDERS AND THEMES!!!!! But once that comes along, I'll have the best portable device in the world.

Of course. I, like "antonioj" don't want to be limited to what apple approves. I like the extra control that stuff like SBSettings provides, not to mention tethering, themes, ability to do VoIP Fring calls over 3G, sshing to my phone, etc.
If Apple ever lets everyone have unrestricted access to everything... then there will be no need to jailbreak. Until then, there is.

I can't wait for iPhone 3.0! BUT I wil be JailBreaking. I can't lose tethering (thats my internet) and Apple doesnt seem to want to deliver (or AT&T more than likely) and really nothing else.. besides SBSettings.

Well.. i'm a REALLY picky person.. and i've jailebreaked twice before but ended up going back. Why? one main reason
Sluggishness. Fact is.. jailbreaking makes the iPhone more sluggy. I didn't even have anything loaded on my jailbroken phone yet and it was sluggy... Texting.. browsing.. all accounts. things just FELT different.. they felt off..
yes it was cool to be able to mod my UI.. and do all that stuff.. i really enjoyed being able to do that.. but things slowed down more... AND my phone would LOCK UP or crash on average MORE then the non jailbroken build... so it's things like that that made me go back to Normal... =/

Like it was said, currently one only can run Pandora on background using backgrounder on a jailbreak phone. And that will remain like that with 3.0.
Other examples...any type of stuff that uses gps for location, or uses the accelerometer to count steps (sports apps), the fact they only work when the app is on foreground is LAME. Again, jailbreak alows to solve the problem, and use those kind of apps like in any other smartphone OS. Apple SHOULD have alowed at least limited/controled background processes from 3rd pary devs. Hell, at least for Google Latitude!!

iPhoneMilk...my iphone has been jailbreaked since day 1. And i don´t see it has sluggish. Plus, my current sms app (quicksms) loads INSTANTLY...can you say that???

@Adam - True. However , similar to how you can have a place to have your photos and music , the finder will opperate the same way. I know apple won't give access to the internal memory but I'm just not into keeping things in mail. The finder will just be a place for supported files in mail.

I wouldn't be able to go without SBSettings to toggle 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.,Categories to hold my 90+ apps into one page, and Winterboard for themes.. Those 3 apps are reason enough for me.

Not to mention QuickReply and Quicksend from iRealSMS to send texts and call from anywhere without closing apps.

The main thing about jailbreaking for me, which many people seemed have overlooked, is the ability to remove the sim lock so I can use it on a different network. That, for me, would be the sole reason for jailbreaking. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

maybe something is wrong with my iPhone then? b/c it runs 100% fine normal firmware but when i jailbreak it's sluggish.
How do you approach an Apple store employee with that issue..
Ummm yeah hi... umm yeah my iPhone is being sluggish when I jailbreak it.
Apple store Employee- WOT?!?

Until single touch email checking from the lockscreen, and upcoming calendar make it to the lockscreen, I will always jailbreak.
As you can see, I am an intelliscreen addict. :)

It'll take something of major usefulness to me to get me to jailbreak. I almost considered it for video, but realized I probably wouldn't use it much. If I ever see something I absolutely need for everyday use, that Apple refuses to include, then of course I will.

Kudos to APPLE for the major improvements! But I will still jailbreak ;)

  1. MCleaner- The reason I jailbroke and the best $12 I’ve ever spent. I had a bad experience with a crazy x bf. I still to this day believe this app saved my sanity.
  2. Cycorder- How can people live without this? I love taking clips when I’m out with friends and can’t bring a camera, e.g.: bars, clubs and events.
  3. Unless you are completely clueless and have no knowledge of basic troubleshooting, there is no risk involved in IMO....so why not? I really don’t feel like it slowed down my phone or is affecting it in any sort of fashion.
  4. I like having full control of something I paid for.
  5. Access to tweaks that make the iphone easy and more pleasant to navigate
  6. Access to Tons of AMAZING apps that were not approved by APPLE.
  7. Cydia has the best apps.
  8. My cute winterboard theme that I’ve had for so long ;)

My guess is that most people who are already jailbroken will probably stay jailbroken.

jailbreaking is still where it's at.
themes, video recorder, plus much much more.
3.0 is a small whimpy way of apple trying to win some of us back over.
i for one will remain jailbroken.

One thing I am considering jailbreaking for (and I don't know if this is actually possible yet) is to install apps I have written but don't want everyone to have. Either for proper testing (you can only do so much in the emulator) or for using day to day.

I jailbroke my iPhone since iPhone didn't support Farsi. Jailbrken iPhones handle Farsi, Dari, Arabic and such beautifully.

cycorder and tethering every once in a while are really features, so I might still jailbreak, plus all the new features in 3.0 will prob inspire some cool new apps in the jailbreak community

Jailbroken for a long time...it DOES make your phone notably slower, or is it just me that sees it.
Not annoyinly slow, but still slower than normal is still slower, and that is with just one and a half page of apps and no theme.

Well, let's face it... Apple /admits/ it got caught offguard on Notifications when developers came at them with all variety of use cases they hadn't anticipated. Of course not, because they're primary objective was to avoid backgrounding... not to do effective notifications.
No one entity, even Apple can anticipate every possibility. That's WHY there is a developer community, to help serve the various needs of customers. But with that in mind, why then turn around and PREVENT those developers from meeting needs that are completely technically achievable?
I say that as long as Apple decides there are things developers can't do then there will be a need for the jailbreak somewhere by someone. The best feature Apple can provide? Elimination of the need for jailbreak.

It would be hard to live without Status Notifier, SBsettings, Backgrounder, and Cycorder so I will probably remain jailbroken for the 3.0 release if Apple doesn't somehow nuke jailbreaking.
Status Notifier because I should have to use two steps to see if I have new email. I don't want to have to click the button, the slide to unlock just to see if I have new email. Being able to look at the menu bar without sliding to unlock is the only way to go. Not to mention being able to see about new emails while in another app.
SBsettings makes life so much easier... say I'm in an app and want to adjust the brightness without leaving that app. Or I want to toggle Autolock off so I can set my phone down and have it remain on for some reason. Or toggle airplane mode quickly.
While I'm really looking forward to push notifications for things like IM, it doesn't solve the problem of other apps like Pandora not being able to run in the background while checking email or browsing with Safari. In my opinion Backgrounder makes a lot of sense. Apps only run in the background when you specify that they do so. And combined with the process viewer of SBsettings it's awesome.
And someone explain to my why Apple doesn't have a video app of their own for the iPhone. Cycorder is mighty nice!
Jailbreaking in and of itself did not slow down my phone at all. But when I installed winterboard the phone become almost unusable. I could care less about the cute (and annoying) themes anyway.
Yes, 3.0 is going to go a long way, I won't need quickgold or the slightly annoying clippy for instance. But there's still plenty of reasons to jailbreak!

I didn't notice anyone mentioning UAFaker. This was the main reason for me to JB. I like Winterboard and wouldn't be without Processes in SBSettings. With hClipboard and emoji working I may be perfectly happy to NOT go to 3.0 (either way I definitely won't be one of the first to upgrade when 3.0 is released). I don't like the thought of in-app purchasing that much.
(cr)apple might as well come arrest me now because I love jailbreaking!

Apple doesn't have a video app of their own because the vudeo quality isn't good enough and people are gonna start to complain. And fast writing isn't good for the nand chip.
But if everyone keeps up like this they might just add it like they did with mms

SBSettings is a must have app! The ability to monitor your iphone's current memory usuage and running processes, a quick way to respring the board is the phone's running slow, and quick access to on/off switchers for WiFi and Bluetooth (which will be even more necessary with 3.0). I'll always jailbreak my iphone just for SBSettings alone. Apple will never give us what SBSetting already does.

I will definitely jailbreak. I cannot go without irealsms, being able to message friends or even reply to their SMS while in any app. Also the backgrounder is a must when I'm using beejive. push notifications would get extremely annoying using their IM.

Will def still JB for these reasons
-Intelliscreen - Im not the most organized person, so being able to see all my upcoming appts with unlocking my phone makes it so easy. Also the itelidial feature which allows me to dial any of my favorites right feom the lo l screenis super handy.
-sbsettings - don't think I could get used to not having of available
-5 icon dock - simply put I get an extra dock icon
-cycorder - this one I only use occasionally and could live without, but since i'm JBing... Don't need to
-themes - same reason as cycorder
As you can by my top 3 reasons for JBing, being able to have far more apps/settings available at my finger tips, instead of having to launch different apps or navigate through menus, is all the reason I need.
... I too have noticed that my JB phone is sluggish at times, compared to when it was not JBd but not enough to cause any real concern.

I'm quite happy with the iPhone the way it is. Although I would like some theme and ringtone customizations, I don't feel that jailbreaking is worth it.

When I'm in a room with other iPhone users, none of us can tell who has new e-mail when we hear the new e-mail sound. Only jailbreaking lets us customize our e-mail sound, which is a horridly simple oversight on Apple's part. This, plus the fear that AT&T will charge $30-$60/month for tethering is enough to make me jailbreak.

I jailbroke orignally for mms, but now I couldnt deal with out SBSettings, tethering, cycorder. How bout making Voip calls over 3g with fring and skype when your minutes are close to being up? Couldnt do that without cydia. I love my 5 icon dock. I work 60+ hours a week than I'm out the door again being able to post my youtube vids on the fly is a must. 3.0 options are the ones that shoulda been on the phone since 1.0 anyway!!

i dont see why people are saying its not worth "it". Its not worth what!??! i see no major downsides to jailbreaking - maybe it runs a bit slower but the return is easily worth it!!

Intriguing dilemma... to jailbreak or 3.0...
After looking over the added features of 3.0, I think I'll stick with being JBd. While doing an upgrade, I had a hard time JBing my phone again. Spendt the day with it "normal" and I did miss certain apps not in 3.0.
My favorites are:
-SB settings (too long without it when toggling BT and Wifi without it)
-QuickGold (though it doesn't search notes and cal)
-Searcher, if you need to search notes and cal too.
LockCalendar or Intelliscreen
Wide Sliders, the current button's slide is just too long for me.
Kudos to the developers of these apps who offer them free (except for Intelliscreen).

I'm going to be jailbreaking my iPhone when 3.0 comes out. I don't see why anyone wouldn't. My main things is themes. The original iPhone interface is very boring and has been the same for years. I also want video recording. You'll never know what might happen when you're out, and that one little low quality video could tell a lot.
So, for me, I'll probably just change the theme and install Cycorder. There's no need for Clippy/hClipboard anymore.
The only thing that I see that 3.0 added is copy and paste and MMS. None of the other stuffni could care for. It's just more stuff to drain the battery.

BossPref and Winterboard are reasons enough for me to want to Jailbreak!!!! I love the ability to hide the icons of apps I only use ever so often.

Apple does not provide enough tools for the basics like symbian nokias and others, that while I want to go for jbreaking. The only thing I like is the touch screen and 3rd party software.

you now have to pay for apps like swirly mms($8), intelliscreen($15 i think) and PDAnet($30). i think i'll go back to normal tonight.

Okay my iPhones jailbroke, but with the new iphone 3.0 realease it might stop me from having a jailbroke phone, the reason... If they bring video capture which I have a feeling they will surprise us with , or they might let someone release it to the app store due to new sdk features. and the fact u can have themes on iphone isn't amazing cuz it slows down the phone due to memorie resources.

I will jailbreak solely because I know apple doesn't want me to. The YouTube video downloader and themes help quite a bit too though :P

I have a jailbroken phone and do not have any noticeable lags compared to before. I find it helpful to use "kill process" toggle for SBSettings. This frees up memory which speeds up the phone (my phone at least) and my phone no longer crashes either.

hey i'm telling you apple I will still be jailbreaking so hahahahahahaha!!!
if you want us to stop the jailbreak stuff, you gotta open a service that lets us have control over our iphones like "unattended mode"!!!! yea dev team rocks still i love devs!!!

A better question is the whether the 3.0 upgrade is worth it for jailbreakers.
I already have tethering (free), turn-by-turn navigation, cut-and-paste, MMS, video recording and landscape email.
Additionally, I can download torrents and MP3s without iTunes, download and save YouTube videos, filter incoming calls and text messages (ignore, hand-up, send to voicemail, auto-reply, etc.) and my themes are fully customizable.

guys id like to know something... if i jailbreak my iphone 3g and then i want to have it back normal... can i do that, i mean is jailbreaking reverseable or not???

I cant speak for anyone else but the way I look at it is if there is a jailbreak for 3.0 why wouldnt I do it ? It will give me the best of both worlds.

Need a couple of questions answered guys! I really want to jailbreak my iphone but should I wait for 3.0 than jailbreak???
The reason I ask is because I REALLY want landscape SMS and also MMS capilbility. Or if I jailbreak now, will I be able to have those two functionalilitys without the need to upgrade to 3.0?? Thanks in advance.

Yes you can also restore your phone to factory settings thru itunes and it will be like the day you took it out the box.
I'm like what are ppl talking about "its not worth it" It costs nothing and besides putting more options on your phone if you decide not to take advantage of those options then the only difference u would notice is that you have 2 new icons on your screen. And it is impossible to "destroy" or "break" your phone jailbreaking it. If you mess up you can restore it to factory settings and try again.
I wouldn't have an iphone if I couldn't jailbreak/unlock it. I think if you pay for a device you should be able to take full advantage of it. I love that 3.0 is going to include MMS BUT Apple claims that feature will not be included on the 2g because of HARDWARE issues... lol ! LIES! I have a 2g and have been sending picture texts for months so that is BS. They just want ppl to believe its tiem to upgrade long before it times.

I would say maybe go head and wait if thats the only 2 things u want.. You waited this long! lol
Or jailbreak now and enjoy those features and then when 3.0 drops just restore in iTunes and use Apples new 3.0 for those features and thats that.

I absolutely must have a shell. I use rsync to wirelessly back up my photos and podcasts over the wireless network. Other than that, the only JB function I really use is a "today" screen (Intelliscreen).
Any shell in 3.0?

I have the 3.0 beta 2 firmware (jailbroken). It's nice, but not as different from 2.2.1 as you are trying to make it seem. Also, for me, jailbreaking my ipod turned it from a device used to listen to music and videos to a very small laptop.

Since I feel like typing, I will post how to get 3.0b2 on a non-dev iphone. First, find the 3.0 firmware (look around imodzone). Next, TURN OFF THE INTERNET CONNECTION. This is required to activate your ipod after updating. iTunes will no longer be able to check if you are registered as an apple developer. Then select your ipod, hold shift and click on the restore button, select the firmware(.ipsw), and voila, 3.0b2 on your iphone. The just go to quickpwn.com and download quickpwn, jailbreak, etc. Just as a warning, a LOT of stuff doesn't work.
If you want every jailbroken app to function correctly, stick with 2.2.1.

Wow, apple has no chance of locking off jailbreakers. Apple released iphone OS 3.0b3. Two days later, quickpwn 3.0b3 comes out.

I'll still JB for the following reasons:
1) Backgrounder - can't live without this.
2) Siphon - to be able to VOIP over 3G, not just wifi
3) SBSetting - to efficiently toggles all the communication controls, hide icons, have numeric battery, putting date and memory on the top taskbar.
4) Springjump - Need to name each pages of the sprinboard, and to jump to anyone directly.
5) Winterboard and themes - to make the phone interesting all the time. Admittedly this can be dropped if the former four requirements could be incorporated into OS4.0.

I'm jailbreaking so I can pirate everyone's software. I just wish I could steal a iPod or iPhone so I wouldn't have to pay Apple either.

hey guys, so i jailbroke my iphone about a month ago with the 2.2.1, and i love the capabilities, my question is, i want to upgrade to 3.0 tomorrow but i am unsure if i am able to. What are the steps required to upgrade a jailbroken iphone to 3.0? thanks...

Is it still possible to jailbreak the new 3.0 software with the same results as last time for the ipod touch?

I will definitely jailbreak my iphone because still no video recording and tethering in 3.0 firmware. and i am not gonna pay $399 for iphone 3GS (I am still under contract and early upgrade will cost 399 for 16gb Iphone) so yea looking forward for 3.0 jailbreak.

Of course I will still jailbreak my iPhone. In fact I will wait until the Dev Team gets the jailbreak for iPhone OS 3.0 7A341 out before I upgrade. Hopefully they will have a Pawnage Tool for windows this time so I can create custom firmwares for it so I don't have to rejailbreak my iPhone every time I have to restore it. Either way I will still use their jailbreak software. iPhone Dev Team is amazing. Thank you guys for all your hard work helping everyone else get the most out of their hardware.

Slingplayer for iphone working on 3G was enough for me to jailbreak my iphone. Works great and I can watch fios tv anywhere.

I think as others have said, lock screen notification alone alone is worth jailbreaking for me. And intelliscreen is it. SB settings, especially to quickly turn off battery hogs. Categories, oh yeah, and a real wallpaper.

Jailbreaking isn't required nor is it in any way damaging to the iPhone. All it is is a way to get more out of the software with tweaks and back-end command code changes. If you don't like the jailbreak and/or the jailbreak procedures involved you can simply put it back in jail by restoring the iPhone to 3.0 or whatever OS you have on it.
I used a jailbroken 2.2 3G for a long time, but now am using 3.0 - Redsn0w broken!!! Beautifully perfect. The only gripe I have is that the keyboards through Cydia do not work yet. I'm sure one of those coders out there are cranking at this and will have a workaround soon.

I just jailbroke my new iphone, first iphone. Simply said, it is worth it. Backgrounder is beautiful when running a map application like Xgps, don't lose your route and progress when switching back to your music to change something. Love it. DO IT. Whats the worst that could happen, restore?