iPhone 3.0 Release Date: June 17

Apple VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, announced during the WWDC Keynote that iPhone 3.0 (see our massive walkthrough) will be available for one and all, next Tuesday, June 17.

Ladies and gentlemen, set iTunes for download!

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iPhone 3.0 Release Date: June 17



Words alone cannot describe my disappointment that the OS was not released today. Additionally, Wal-Mart and Best Buy have not updated their prices on-line for the current 3G model and don't even think about trying to order the 3G from the AT&T site or the Apple site. They both seem to be overwhelmed and do not complete screen to screen order procedures. Another Apple fiasco. Please forgive me, I'm just disappointed the OS was not released for this 1st gen iphone user.

I just can't believe that voice dialing was part of the new hardware but not OS 3.0! How can it by tied to hardware? It seems like such a simple task.

I now this is just wishful thinking, but on Apple's site for the iPhone 3.0 OS (Which Apple emphasizes is for those who have an iPhone and want new features) video capture is actually listed in the MMS section. It states the following:
"Even tap to snap a picture or shoot a video right inside Messages."
It sure would be neat if this was an indication of a feature available to 3G iPhones that Apple just didn't want to mention in the Keynote.

Looks like they are trying to push people into buying tye new phone to get most of the features, It would be a huge downgrade for me to get 3.0, I wonder how long until it's jailbroken? What do we get? A landscape keyboard (useless)? And copy and paste? That's it? No bluetooth? nothing else? I guess copy and past will come in handy for putting those stupid codes into pos ATT's viewmymessage nonsense...

I think one of the biggest issues with the iPhone that was not addressed was the unorganized settings menu. Why can't they just make it like SBSettings!!!!!!

I would like to say that it is about time AT&T released something decent for the Iphone, you pay a couple hundred dollars for "the most advanced phone" and all you get is basic software with a touch screen, I love the Iphone but come on and give us a little something more i.e. bluetooth, video, picture messageing, something that is worth the money besides the touch screen, come on.

Tuesday is the 16th the 17th is a Wedensday. Also i just bought the iphone 3G a week ago and know they come out with this. Do you think i can exchange it????

I'm so confused by reading all or your posts...
Have you not followed how apple has run things over the past 5+ years. Here is the math so you don't get shocked when you upgrade your phone before the first week of June next year. Apple releases a new version of their Hardware once a year, Usually within a weeks time. Its the same for their laptops, desktops, ipods, iphones... you can be sure there will be a new iPhone on the market next June, in fact I bet it is released on June 18th... just a guess. As for functionality, are you kidding me. Of course they are going to save the good stuff for those using the new version of the phone. Apple doesn't make money off you using your phone service, they make money off you buying their products. seriously people, thats just the way the industry goes.

with a 2.2.1 "jailbroken" iPhone and the numerous apps that are available to date, (other than iTunes' selection), there is really not much to upgrade. Although from Texas, I do agree with canadianiphone in that this is how the system works and it will continue to head in this direction, "onward through the fog". I have bluetooth, live streaming video capability, video recorders, tracking apps and I can use my iPhone as a modem as well. I just wish it would mix my drinks for me...

Hey Taxas iSquid,
I don't know my overall experience with the Iphone had drop quite a lot since Jailbreak.
Is that the same for you? Or may be is only because of apps like backgrounder and e-alert!
Just tell me which app you use from cidia and will tell you how to get your phone to mix your drink.

Hey Texas iSquid,
I don't know my overall experience with the Iphone had drop quite a lot since Jailbreak.
Is that the same for you? Or may be is only because of apps like backgrounder and e-alert!
Just tell me which app you use from cidia and will tell you how to get your phone to mix your drink.

I don't know what you guys are getting on about unless you have a 1G or 2G iphone you are getting Bluetooth updates. I would agree if you have the 1 or 2 G it's not worth the 10 bucks it'll probably cost to upgrade though.

If you purchased an iPhone 3G on or after May 9th, you can exchange it for an iPhone 3GS. All you would need to pay is a $20 restocking fee.

Yes the 3.0 is 100% jailbreakable, there is a new installer, you can allready jailbreak tha Beta! 

Does anyone care to say at what time exactly are we getting the iPhone OS 3.0??? I'm shocked NOBODY on the web has asked this.

im assuming they are releasing it at 12:00 am on wednesday morning....idk tho...we will just sit in front of our laptops panting all day and keep checking for an update ;-)

UH! Specifically to ripjames :
there is no such thing as a 1G or 2G iphone! the old model is not an iphone 2G!
..there was ONE previous phone, and it was iPhone.
3G in this case isnt third generation.
It's named 3G after the 3G network. watch the keynote that introduces it, they say it clearly.
iPhone and iPhone 3G > that's IT! till next week, add 3Gs ... if it was Generation.. it'd've been iphone 4g.. no.
anyway. i just hate people saying 2G referring to the first gen iphone.

Tinak---- I couldnt agree with you more. There so far have only been to generations of iphones releases and thats the iphone (1st gen), iphone 3g (2nd Gen), coming this firday will be the iphone 3g S (3rd Gen),

Does anyone know or have an idea at what US time the iphone 0s 3.0 will be released tomorrow. Im hoping for midnight but i havent heard anything defenate yet. Does anyone have any input?

@Wilson -- if it is midnight, I would guess it would follow California time which is 2AM Central or 3AM EST

There is an app for voice dialing if you look in the right place. If you jailbreak your 2.2.1 it will also open up a lot more options the the app store does not offer...

dear canadianiphone,
Apple doesnt just release once a year 2.2 and 2.2.1 were released within months of each other retard. while 2.2.1 was mainly bug fixes it is still an upgrade. Maybe youre confused because you have a hard time reading, but this stuff isnt rocket science, its peoples thoughts and questions. Hmmm kinda the point of a blog dont you think?

you are an idiot as he quite clearly stated that Apple released new HARDWARE once a year, eg. iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, which is correct. 2.2 and 2.2.1 are software updates, idiot, and so are SOFTWARE. Not rocket science.

@ at Ed
F uc K off why don't you come live in a proper country instead of sipping tea all day in sh ity england

yeah! well looks like im not getting the update tonite. gonna have to wait for the bloody yanks to go to bed 1st!

u bloody wanka. im suprised u can even type you clinically obese, morb. i bet ur about 12 aswell. a fat little 12 year old. its yanks like u who get a job and decide to release shit late coz they dont have a clue wat time zones even mean. u stupid silly little boy

Ed im going to go tell my daddy what u said and he'll get u in trouble, hes a cop. im 13 acctually so FU cK u

Lol you guys are fun . Im just waiting for the update i dont want to sleep and then wake up and get it there will be alot of people who are downloading it .
P.S England baby

I believe Apple is an American company and the iPhone an American product. When was the last time anybody wanted anything the rest of you made, besides maybe a car! Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Dell, Compaq/HP, hmmm. It's not about doing things that are different; it's about doing things.

well im a F AG american. and i say its nt out till 6pm gmt coz i like f u c kin with the time zones

Some apple fans are hillaious. If you get that upset over the use of the word 2g, get a life!!!
Secondly, I think UK time, as GMT is centre of the world should be when things are launched. To american, I'd love a cup of tea, but I am trying to get this no-existant iphone update!

No its not out in england im trying to update but it keep saying ur current version is up tp date 2.2.1

PS: drop the gay jokes, get over it.
I'm a gay man and don't understand your obsession with my sexuality.
I know I'm gorgeous, but get over it!

Not really a faggy american btw guy's, just trying to kill some time wiating for the fu ckin g update.

im a F uckin idiot and didnt read the last guys username: RICK ROLL ..... HES LIEING . wer u dropped as a baby

shut up. these shit jokes just are not funny. Please stop obsessions with my sexuailty. guys im gay... just get over it

shut up. these **** jokes just are not funny. Please stop obsessions with my sexuailty. guys im homo-sexual just get over it

is this ur way of saying u want in on it, come on... i know u do... theres plenty of dic k for u too

How on earth you are getting the update ? Is that a joke i live in England/Plymouth and i still can not get the update !

Called Apple: 12:01 AM EST . . . but with the faggy Europeans have to wait until at least 6AM

it will b the same time u f-uc-kin idiot jesse. u dumb
F-UCK. ITS THE sme time if u knew wat time zones were

Lol, i didn't post the last 2 messages, but seriously guys, some people are g a y, get over it.
PS: in Bristol, ENG no update :(
No news.... is apple news.

Yeah, I have an impostor, too. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I have only said two things.

Apple said 12:01am EST . . . that's all I know. I did speak with someone. Servers are going to freakin' explode though.

sorry Lol, i did post the last 2 messages, but seriously guys, i am g a y, get over it.
PS: in Bristol (aka sh-it hole) ENG no update
No news…. is apple news.

I'm gay, too. How f'ing cares? Ignore the idiots. I was just hear to get some information and noticed there wasn't any. Just a bunch of haters. Fuk 'em.

Got it!!! Off the official latvian apple website! Update available for download if you go on there! Currently downloading, however i'm going to have to wait at least 30 minutes for it to finish!

W TF guys stop pretending to be me i know u all love me but seriously, leave me alone or i think i might cry in my boyfriends arms, as he jacks me off to make it all better...

Oh yeah, I believe they release it is Latvia, Bolivia, and The Congo before it releases to the rest of the world.

Its not true , Im in Latvia website and there is no such thing as 3.0 OS download in there ?

I don't "know" it. I was just told that by an Apple rep. After searching the web to no avail, I used my "dial 0" app asked? What a concept!

Hey fools just get the iphone 3.0 final version i have it its the same one that is coming out tomorrow no BETa just google "iPhone1,23.07A341_Restore" and for all the people in the us the mms is not ready to launch at&t is being gay like the othere gays on this post

Blood Bitter
Look at what our former king (monkey) George did to us in 8 years. At one time the sun never set on the British empire. I hope monkey George hasn't started our decline.

Im an Apple rep. and here are the answers to your questions.
1.There is indeed a 2g iPhone, it just wasn't ever released to the public.
2.Release date and time is 12:01am Eastern Time.
3. The 3.0 OS software update has not been released anywhere yet, and it will be realeased in U.S.A first, not England, Bolivia, Spain. ect.

J-Wil im sorry but you would have to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2.1, therefore no you will not be able to overtop the update with you're beta. Sorry.

YO ISKYTHE, IM RIGHT WITH YOU BRO, DUDE what do we do when its 12:01 do we restart itunes or replug in our iphones and wait for the update to go in? or we get it from the apple website lol?

it better start at 12:01, I got to be at work early and this is past my bed time!

Ha ha im hurrying...It better be done by 1201 or im gonna be pissssed...and there better be more shit packed in the update then the GM. Cause the GM sucked

CANT WAIT FOR 3.0! All we have to do is click the "Check for updates" button. Simple, yet elegant :) FYI 35 Minutes!

idk why though... i think i am the most excited for landscape texting/emailing
what are your favorite features of 3.0, everyone?

what makes you think it would be at 1201am EST? That would only be 901pm pacific time. Which would make it released on the 16 and not the 17th.

well by the time 12:01 strikes Pacific time.. it would be the 17th.
your thinking is flawed, because the Pacific coast would not get it at 9:01pm....
we'll all have to wait and see.

yeah.. what is so good about stereo bluetooth?
i dont really understand the whole buzz about it...
will i be able to play music through my car's bluetooth, since it lacks an aux port?

Flawed? which part is flawed? they cant choose which timezone its release in first. Oh wait Apple has the power to only update one seaboard at a time. I forgot

Tards, that's a good point. Oh well, if it's not at 12:01 I'm gonna go to bed. Not worth it to wait for 2am CST...

i got the motorola stereo bluetooth set and music comes only on one side, is great to be able to listen to my tunes without cables

yeah. if its not at 12:01am, ill have to wait until the morning :(
the real morning, that is.

Hello! I am looking for contact information for my local Apple store! Am I in the right spot for that?! This internet is getting too large for my old age to handle...

yes youre right its 20 mins until midnight. then add 3 hours and we might then get our update. Not that we will actually get through. do you remember last year trying to activate your 3G. took me hours to get through itunes. Millions + people doing the same thing at the same time.

apple.com! Ok! Thank you very much! Sorry I did not know what BB was saying with "Uh..."
Seems rude to me.
Thanks again!

couldnt activate in att store because the servers were jammed and slow like brand new windows based PC

its so coool that in 15 minutes, we will know if we can get the update at midnight or not! haha, i am on the east coast. where are you all?

east coast.. yes.. plz.. midnight.. altho i swore i wouldnt upgrade right away.. what if it has major bugs.. or activation dies

so who wants to email it to me when it comes out since i wont b able to upgrade with 3.0 already on

yeah.. so since i am currently running 2.2.1,
all i have to do is plug my iphone in and "check for update" ?

@BB aye, just past the end of the runway at logan -- really hoping it is midnight release or else i am passing out ;)

im also wondering if XBOX live will come back on after their seemingly lame update that had to take exactly 24hrs or more. W T F I need codwaw fix

Boca Raton, huh!
Well you have the warm weather, I'd say.
up here in boston, its still not as warm as it should be :/

bill gates is probably posting in here wondering when he can update his iphone . hes got a zune case covering his 3G

If they are unlocking the update "one seaboard" at a time, doesn't that mean that the UK would already have theirs, like 5 hours ago??? I bet it rolls out @ 12 PST Everywhere... which would be 3am for all the ESTs out here :( only time will tell!...

@BB niiiceee :) what an exciting night.. must be so nerve wracking to actually work at apple right now.. so much could go wrong no?

i was kinding about individual updates for continents. its a one time thing. steve jobs is in bed getting read to press the little red button with the plastic case covering it sometme soon

@BB if i stay up that late only so i can risk bricking my phone with the rest of the zombie insomniac hardware fanatics, i hope at least at&t is going to support mms right away.. does anyone know if they will???

My Dad said it should be coming at 12:01am at all the differant time zones so GMT should already have it

damnnnn. this is wicked annoying.
should i set my alarm for 3:01am and go to bed?! haha

Harry you suck. Steve Jobs - you are killing me on the inside. Are you really going to wait until it is June 17 for you? Everyone knows PST is for fools. C'mon!!

unbelievable, i have a final today and i waited all day for this stupid thing to come out on time. wow.

Well, in a way it makes sense to do it later... a large percent will not stay away from other time zones to get this update.... reducing overload on the servers. I'd be surprised if they do it at midnight Pacific Time... they will release it at a time when people least expect it, it could be even sometime during the morning or afternoon or even evening

My dad just got off the phone, earlier today they decided to do it pacific time, they didn't tell him because we are currently on vacation in the Caribbean. sorry guys

it felt like such a long wait from 9pm-12am(now)...
i dont think 12-3am will feel very good either :(

Well, in a way it makes sense to do it later... a large percent will not stay awake from other time zones to get this update.... reducing overload on the servers. I'd be surprised if they do it at midnight Pacific Time... they will release it at a time when people least expect it, it could be even sometime during the morning or afternoon or even evening

Yeah Harry, time to have daddy make a phone call. Instead of Apple being full of sh!t, maybe you have your head all the way up your ass.

I work for corporate AT&T office and they wouldnt even tell us when it will be released but im not going to bed till i get it lol

Bunch of noids waiting up for a freakin OS update. WTF...I am up too beotches, but I am hung like a bear. Come on apple...give it to me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB, i actually have some good news. the software will be out 3:01 EST. i was just speaking to a apple consultant, from the apple help section, the person told me to wait till 3:01. soo guys! PUT UR ALARMS ON AT 3:01! EST. im SETTING IT NOW LOL