iPhone 3.0: WiFi Auto-Join and Login Panel

Following up on the MobileMe data merge screenshots... We'd heard mention of this when iPhone 3.0 was introduced, but it's the first time we've actually seen how it actually works. WiFi Settings now includes and option for auto-join, which we're assuming saves passwords for commercial, web-fronted WiFi services like you'd find at a hotel or coffee shop.

Also, when you log in, you get a special slide-up window with some new controls and an embeded web-view -- no more app-jump to Safari.

Very nice!

Again, for more iPhone 3.0, check out our giant walkthrough...

Rene Ritchie

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Al says:

Logging into a University network is a nuisance on a computer but on the iPhone drives you just plain crazy. Unfortunately, only EDGE is available here or I would bypass wifi altogether. This is a very welcome feature indeed!

Muero says:

I used to think logging into my university's WiFi on my iPhone was a pain. Then, once the iPhone 3G came out, I tried using 3G instead of WiFi to avoid the tiresome login process. It turns out AT&T's 3G network is faster than the large university's password-protected WiFi. So why would I bother to log in to a slower network? I just hope the next-gen iPhone has the processing speed to show a noticeable difference between a WiFi connection (a fast one, like on my home router) and 3G.

Omari James says:

This is great. so I don't have to keep doing that annoying log in for Optimum WiFi, and AT&TFreeWiFi. =]

frog says:

Sounds like a pretty handy feature!

Big Willie says:

I actually have the 3.0 beta 3 version and I don't see this option on my WiFi screen.

matt hall says:

You have to alter your plist file. Anyone know what to do?

Mike M says:

I used to have to sign in to my university's wifi too. But then I sent an email to the helpdesk and they added my phone's mac address to their list of allowed devices. Now my phone connects automatically.

Bzeek says:

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Jay Walker says:

I'm in with Big Will on that , no screen says auto join, but it does anyway.
Has anyone noticed better wifi reception? I have an old graphite airport and another with no antenna that never worked. The graphite shows 3 not 2 now and the other works fine.

Gabor B says:

I don't see the auto-join in my wifi setting after the update is something wrong with my iPhone, or this is a usual thing?

Mickey Blue Eyes says:

For those of us with an iPod Touch, we don't have 3G to fall back on. For those of us whose corporate network (using BlueSocket) requires authentication, the auto-join and username/password auto-login don't work.
I get the sliding window every time I wake up my iPod Touch and have to enter my credentials every. single. time.
Before, I could launch the VPN to avoid typing my credentials, but I no longer have that option.
Does anyone know of a fix, other than downgrading to OS 2.x?