iPhone 3.0.1 redsn0w & ultrasn0w Safe for Jailbreak


The iPhone Dev Team updated their blog to let all of you jailbreak crazed iPhone owners that you can safely update to the latest software, OS 3.0.1. It is a fairly straight forward procedure with one little twist.


blockquote>You can re-use redsn0w v0.8 we released a few weeks ago to jailbreak today’s 3.0.1 update. Just let iTunes update or restore you to official 3.0.1 then run redsn0w. The only “trick” is that when redsn0w asks you to identify the IPSW used, point it at the 3.0 IPSW instead of the 3.0.1 one. After the jailbreak, reinstall ultrasn0w 0.9 if you need the unlock.

Sadly, George Hotz said you can forget using purplesn0w as it will not work. You may be wondering why not? The answer is he doesn't know.

And for those of you curious as to whether or not ultrasn0w is still capable of unlocking a 3.0.1 device, yes it does. The 3.0.1 software update does not change your baseband so you are good to go.

If you've tried the Dev Teams process how did it go? Let us know in the comments!

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iPhone 3.0.1 redsn0w & ultrasn0w Safe for Jailbreak


I had to try it a few times...redsn0w kept freezing during the jailbreak process. Got it to work eventually though.

iPhone 3GS with 3.0 fw:

  1. run AptBackup once before going thru the process
    • just to be safe, remove all the apps from your Categories folders (just let them clutter up your springboard)
    • unhide any apps that you hid with SBSettings
  2. plug in iPhone to computer (I used Vista 32 Ultimate), iTunes 8.2 (never upgraded yet)
  3. in iTunes, under Summary for iPhone, click Check for Update
  4. Select Download and Install 3.0.1 (needs to be hooked up to internet)
  5. Let it download and install (5-10 min, depending on dl speed)
  6. Let iTunes make a new backup
  7. Once it finishes (all my cracked apps were still there, but no Cydia apps and no Cydia), run Redsn0w 0.8 and follow its steps
  8. Remember that you need to use the IPSW 3.0 when restoring thru Redsn0w (this file is different for 1st gen iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS; check out iClarified for tutorials and file downloads)
    • for iPhone 3GS: use 'iPhone2,13.07A341_Restore.ipsw'
  9. Let the crack do its thing
  10. Now you should have Cydia (avoid Icy, just in case)
  11. open Cydia, let it update, and then REBOOT your iPhone
  12. Start up iPhone, run Cydia, INSTALL APTBACKUP
  13. *** Just hit RESTORE inside APTBACKUP: this should take around 3-5 minutes
  14. Go into SBSettings, or whatever and correct the settings to whatever they were

My FastNotes were even saved, which was a nice surprise and my SBSettings theme was preserved. Categories folders are gone, but you can recreate these. No idea about saved games, but I'm assuming they should not be touched given that pretty much everything else on my iPhone is the same.
Hope this helps

As per the instructions, I used my Mac to upgrade my 3GS to 3.0.1 and then ran the redsn0w jailbreak again. No problems at all. I did notice (later) in Cydia that they are working on a 3.0 to 3.0.1 upgrade that does not require running the Apple update, and therefor won't lose your jailbreak app settings or SpringBoard icon layout. It should be available in a week or so, according to their estimates. Probably worth the wait for those of you that are not too anxious.

After backup with the aptbackup I need to make backup in restore? And after updating to 3.0.1 I need to make restore from backup?

Hi all...
New Apple user transplanted from Rogers/Bell Canada Blackberries to Netherlands T-Mobile Netherlands iphone 3Gs.
Got to say I've been quite impressed so far, and have updated to 3.01 while before with BB I was constantly getting the latest beta OS's.
My question is, will following the instructions Mech kindly laid out work for someone who has never jailbroken their phone before? Also if it's recommended to be using beta OS on a jail broken device or even possible?
I've already been able to get the tethering feature opened with my network (which is unlimited internet for a relatively small sum compared to Rogers.. lol)

silly question, why do you have to use the original 3.0 ispw? my understanding was that JB just patched part of the firmware already on your phone and used the ispw on computer for reference, seems odd to patch using old ispw rather than the current

For my 3gs it took a while as i needed the 3.0 firmware then it worked ok as i only had the 3g version which does not work on the 3gs

I suspect that Redsn0w patches a single file within the firmware and this specific file was unchanged in the new firmware. Redsn0w doesn't recognize the new firmware so it will not accept it. So a quick and dirty work around is to just supply the old firmware. I am sure a new version of redsn0w will come out that dosn't require this work around.

I upgraded to 3.0.1 and when i installed ultasn0w through cydia the instillation failed. What am I doing wrong?

Hi guys, I updated to 3.0.1 through iTunes when I saw there was an update. Didn't come across my mind that my iphone was jailbroken. After I updated, I realised that some applications vanished (like biteSMS, 3G unrestrictor, MXtube), and also categories. I've done a restore since.
Now my applications are unable to install through syncing (unknown error). I did a restore, then jailbroken it using redsn0w 0.8, pointing to the 3.0 fw. Can anyone help? What should I do now?

HELP! Hey guys... Having some problems right now! I have downloaded the 3.0 ipsw, but redsn0w is saying that the firmware can not be recognized?? Any ideas or suggestions? THANKS!

I followed the instructions exactly as they are posted on Dev Team's Blog.
Updated my software from 3.0 to 3.0.1 through iTunes
Used Redsn0w 0.8 to Jailbreak pointing the restore to the 3.0 IPSW file, but when it comes to the Waiting for boot dialog, Nothing happnes at all. the iphone's screen does not blink as usual.
Tried to do the same thing with Redsn0w 7.2, the jailbreak worked, but many of my apps are not launching.
What to do???

So I have managed to do this now. A couple of pointers:
1) Make sure you use the correct ipsw file
iPhone1,13.07A341Restore = iphone 2g
3.07A341Restore = iphone 3g
iPhone2,13.07A341_Restore = iphone 3gs
2) If stuck at the "waiting to reboot" then leave the phone exactly where it is for about 10 minutes plus. (I'll be honest I left mine for about an hour because I forgot and I don't know the exact timing of this!)
3) Remove the USB cable (white iphone lead) from the phone for about a second then plug back in. My phone then continued with the reboot! And yes, its worked!!!

If you encounter being stuck at the "waiting to reboot", just unplug and replug in the USB cable. It works for me.

I also updated m phone before I rembered it was jailbroken to the new 3.0.1 and now I can't find my settings! Freaking out here what do i do? Help please

Everything went smoothly except I can run any apps that are downloaded from itunes store. Does anyone have the same problem? When you try to start app it looks like its going to open and then closes.

If your apps do run I believe that mean you installed choose to install Icy during the jailbreak. Do the jailbreak again without installing Icy. Then install Icy from Cydia.

Oops! I meant to say in the above comment: If your apps do NOT run you choose to install Icy during the jailbreak. In the above step by Mech, step 10. says to avoid Icy. Do NOT install Icy during jailbreak. After you have a jailbroke iPhone then install Icy with Cydia. I had the same problem when I installed Icy during 3.0 jail break and this worked for me!

I had already unlocked and jailbroken my wife's first gen iphone with quickpwn a few months ago and it had the 2.2.1 os version, I told Itunes to do the upgrade and it did it smoothly without locking it back, as soon as it was updated to 3.0.1 the Tmobile logo stayed there and I didn't have to unlock it again, however Cidya was gone, I guess I have to do a jailbreak again, the question is: is it going to delete everything? I kinda like the fact that I have an up to date Iphone working with TMobile without having to install 3rd party software.

I have everthing installed as per video, still it says waiting for activation ,
in the top left _ _ _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ with 3 arced lines above , nothing : ( .......Ive rebooted and reinstalled redsn0w....nothing :((((

Something interesting just happened... I was running 3.0.0 from the June update, and I plugged by iPhone in and said to update to 3.0.1.... It updated it and it is still unlocked.. no rerunning Cydia, the Snows, etc.. it just worked. No Issues.

ok. here i go.
After scaring the crap out of my self and losing everything in my phone i finally broke 3.0.1.
Follow Paul #23 from above it's valuable.
I downloaded about 6 firmware updates till i found the right one. it is imperative that you do! it WILL NOT work unless you have the right firmware.
3G iphone is 1,23.07a341. It does freeze at end of 'awaiting reboot' but as above just unplug it quickly!
email me anytime paulandjodie@eftel.com.au

i have a jailbroken iphone 3.0 i dounloaded a source to install swerlymms after installing it asked to reboot my phone. my phone is now stuck on the apple screen with a spinning circle that barley moves. it has been like this all day and itunes will not read the phone. please help

hi just wondering i updated my iphone to os 3.0 using redsn0w but for that i had to click the software after pressing restore (i had held shift and it brought me to a diffret window to pick) the rest is fine but im wondering should i just press restore then go to redsn0w without pressing shift therfore not having to pick the software?? thnks

Just bought my first iPhone this week. Used. I Jailbroke with redsn0w so I could unlock for use outside the US where I live. Worked beautifully. Today I found this site stating the safety of 3.0.1 so did an upgrade. Now all I get is the following message: "There is a problem with you iPhone. We're sorry, the iPhone you connected may be damaged and cannot be activated for service. We recommend you visit your nearest Apple Store for more information" Having read more since doing this, I realize I should have done a RESTORE first on a jailbroken phone and not simply an UPDATE. Was this site's advice: "Just let iTunes update or restore you to official 3.0.1" incorrect?? Or is there hope? I've found many clear instructions on how to enter DFU mode, but no matter how many times I try I CANNOT get the phone to enter it. Any help? Thanks!!

Just Jailbroke & Unlocked a 3G. If I sync to iTunes in order to get music on, will I have to Jailbreak & Unlock all over again?
There's another thread about redsn0w and some probs people are having, i.e., "Waiting for reboot" screen appears and nothing happens. FIX: Unpluged the USB from the MAC and repluged with a different USB Cable into a different port.

Ok here is my problem and it seems like no one has written about it... I have a problem when it goes to waiting to rebot... it doesn't frezze like everyone says instead my phone goes back in to normal mood and a window pops up fromm windows saying that redsn0w stopped working and it has to close... Can someone please help me out I would really appriciate the help.

I updated 3 G Iphone and now my free apps will start to open then goes back to original screen. I have restored but stll have the same problem. Whats the fix?

Hi to all!!! ^^ Thanks alot for this useful guide! I'm using an iPhone 3G and all the lastest versions now which are iTunes,OS 3.0.1 (7A400),Firmware 04.26.08 & redsnow 0.8,(which i all used for jailbreaking successfully) however,I'm still having the same persistent problem with opening/using Cydia. Whenever i try to open it,Cydia just shuts down and closes by itself. I need Cydia for Ultrasnow 0.9 in order to unlock my iPhone successfully. How can i unlock it successfully? I unchecked Icy when i jailbroke my iPhone earlier. If i re-jailbreak and check Icy along with Cydia would it fix the problem? I've tried turning off 3G as well even if i'm not on Tmobile and tried also rebooting it by holding the power button and home button at the same time, but still didn't help. What is the safest version/software for itunes/iphone/jailbreak/unlock at present? Any help would be highly appreciated please. Thanks alot! ^^
If worse comes to worst (no luck at all), how can i go back and install OS 3.0 instead? (which i need for GPS applications)

Hello all
this is my problem. i updated my iphone 3G 16gb from 2.1 to 3.0.1. Did the jailbreak with redsn0w 0.8 and unlock my phone with ultrasn0w from cydia. My problem is, the phone appears as if it is still locked. I've rebooted it many times and tried various sim cards, but it still shows the "no service" sign. what did i do wrong?

Jailbroken with no problem, but now 3g signal keeps dropping out and I can't tether my iphone! Re-did Jailbreak,still having the same problem, tethering only works sometimes. Any clues? Running the 3gs on 3.01 firmware... Thanks!

my phone is on constant reboot an it wont turn on i went to some websites and it tells me to do something on itunes and it says i half to erease everything is that true cause i cant so please help.

So I found this page today after I allowed iTunes to update my phone without paying attention. So my Cydia and all the apps are gone. And everything in the Categories folders are gone. Any way to restore this is I don't have a backup? Talk about feeling like a dope. I sure don't want to start all over, but if there is no other way, I won't have a choice.

I keep putting my 16gb 3G Iphone in UFC mode and redsn0w
will not detect it. Using XP. Itunes when hooked up detects a phone in UFC mode. Tried different machines, etc... Any help or ideas??

ive downloaded redsn0w fine but i cant get the ipsw software to load thro it doesnt find it when i hit browse on redsn0w????? what can i do ive downloaded it 4 times thro different web sites now, any1 no any good web sites to help pls

It works very well, thx a lot, if you get the window: Redsnow has stopped working, you've to check the firmware to choice, make sure that this firmware is right for your iphone, I was puting the wrong, after I checked it, and redsn0w 0.8 worked pretty well on my Iphone 3G firmware 3.0.1, peace out

what is the best web site to get these programs from???? as mine dont work downloaded the ipsw software 8 times now n redsn0w doesnt seem to find it when i hit browse

i have i phone which locked and not jailbread and i am using firmware 3.0.1(7A400) i updated recently so i m trying to unlock it n jailbreak bt redsonw no working can any boday give me new firmware and redsnow pls i ill b thanksfull

Hello. I have iPhone 3g, with 3.0 firmware JAILBROKEN. I was getting rid of some apps, when it suddenly froze. Then, I got the stupid Apple loading screen stuck. I try to restore, but it just says error 1906 and that the iPhone cannot be restored. Is there any way to get this thing to work? Tried different computers, different cords, etc. Thanks guys.

I had that error 1906 too but it was because I made my own custom firmware wring with pwnage tool, you should restore your phone and jailbreak it with redsn0w
it worked for me

I downloaded stack v3, hide all my apps in attempt to find the stack icon dumb idea now my phone continously returns to safe mode without fail. What should I do?

Hi everyone,
I updated to 3.0.1 and jailbroke with RedSnow 0.8, but now I can't install cracked apps. iTunes gives me an "unknown error" when I try to install cracked .IPA files.
Cydia and its installed apps are ok.
Any ideas please?

HELP!!!! I just got an Iphone 3Gs from App. store and trying to jailbreak and unlock....first, the iphone is 3.0.1 firmware and it was new never been activated....I activated through iTunes and start jailbreaking with Redsnow and it was success with Cydia....but when I unlock the phone with ultrasnow as repo666.ultrasn0w.com then I keep get message as below:
cached Failure
host unreachable
and also,
Did not find repository
I need yours help! if anyone know how to fix this problems then please point me to right info.
Thanks in advance,

I would stay well away from jailbreaking 301
you will have nothing but trouble .freezing, aps not working, no service,
wait for a better jailbreak . its really not good using 3.0 to jailbreak 30.1 even if it does work for a few.
enjoy your iphone before xxxking it up.

I have am using redsn0w 0.8 and firmware 1,2,3.0 7a341.
My issue is once it downloads jailbreak software, nothing changes.
No cydia, no jailbreak, nothing.
Any advice?

For those of you having trouble with redsnow freezing or 'not working', double check you have the correct firmware for YOUR version of the iphone. I encountered this problem when I pointed redsnow to a 3.0 firmware even tho I had 3.0.1 installed on my phone. The firmware I had downloaded was for the original iphone, hence the error.

Yep, i have firware 3.1 which is why its not working.
Now patiently waiting for a jailbreak for this one.

I heard that the redsn0w jailbreak didn't work for the newer versions for iPhones of iPod Touches. The one I used on mine was called "blackra1n"...if you do a simple google search you can find it and download it to your pc to put onto your device. It works basically the same at the resn0w but it is actually even easier to do. You do not even need to put your device into DFU mode. You simply just plug your device into you computer and run the blackra1n program. It takes only about 60 seconds to complete the process.

when i run redsnow and browse for the ipsw file, redsnow doesnt seem to see the file though i have it saved on my desktop. can someone help me on this. thanks

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