iPhone 3.1 Beta 2: Triple Click Home for Voice Over, White on Black, or Ask Menu

iphone 3.1 Triple Click Home for Accessibility Features

Speaking of iPhone 3GS accessibility features, it looks like Apple is improving them in iPhone 3.1 Beta 2 by adding a new "triple click" option to the home button to toggle VoiceOver, Toggle White on Black, and Ask (which then will pop up a menu offering Turn VoiceOver On, Turn Zoom On, Turn White on Black On).

Kudos to Apple for not only doing a great job implementing the various accessibility features in iPhone 3GS, but for continuing to improve them via forthcoming firmware.

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Reader comments

iPhone 3.1 Beta 2: Triple Click Home for Voice Over, White on Black, or Ask Menu


i even love the option that the iphone reads stuff i touch, but till now it read every button i touched :D
this implementation is perfect ! Now you can turn in on whenever you want/need it.
I don't really need it but while driven in the car and touching some text that i wanna hear is then read to you sounds just perfect !

The current menus areblack text on white(contacts list, iPod etc). White on black, simply reverses this - supposedly making it easier to read.
You can get an idea of this, if you play a song, then go into the album's listing(by pressing the top-right corner icon, when looking at the album art).

just try it out iPhoneMilk, the white on black is funny but useless for me, the zoom is great for people that are having a hard time reading small things... with that zoom option you can zoom in across the whole os and every app ! The letters can get so big that only 3 words fit on the whole screen :) funny but usefull for people who need it !
And the last en best part is that the iphone reads text for you, till now it read everything you touched, every button and so... toooo much :D
but if they build it like this that you can turn it on and of with a triple click ! I'm sure as hell gonna use it while driving my car !!! Because i allready tested this function and it works great ! It reads the text very clear and loud in the language you selected. Offcourse the text has to be in the same language ;)

Is there any ability to use triple-click for something else other than accessibility stuff? Like launch the camera, voice control, etc?
It's great that these options are there, but for those who are not disabled, it would be handy to be able to assign the triple-click elsewhere.

this is great!!!
now i hope they add a way to turn on or off wifi and bluetooth easily sometime.
either way I like the simplicity in this. very nice.
@carolinamic it actually might cause it wouldnt have to display as many bright colors. I might use it just because i like white text on black background better most of the time. so will this work for like... music and videos lists? and settings even?

"What does White on Black do?"
It dresses your white 3GS up like a racist cop and then kicks the crap out of the black 3GS will recording it on video!!! Can't they all just get along!?! ;P

“What does White on Black do?”
It dresses your white 3GS up like a racist cop and then kicks the bejeezus out of the black 3GS while recording it on video!!! Can’t they all just get along!?! ;P
(that was so good I had to post it twice... and fix the spelling errors)

I love Apple and the iPhone....pure geniouses. Can they impliment a function for sms messages...now that would be sweet.

There's an option. Jailbreak your device and install SBsettings via cydia. Its even better. you just slide your finger across the top bar in any screen and you can toggle wifi, edge, 3G, bluetooth on/off, and also there are options to change the brightness settings, and many other useful tasks. Also, its skin can be changed to look nicer :D

Jailbroke a few times, went fine. Jay Freeman released an update for mobilesubtrate. Saw a flash, and my jailbreaking days were over. I think it conflicted with another app. Heard a bunch of people had this problem, mainly for 3g. Ended up getting a new phone, via warranty, since I couldn't restore, or backup. Ha... I miss the jb options tho....

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