iPhone 3.1 Bugs: Got Random Freeze or Shut Down?


Post one bug, and everyone demands you post another even more frustrating one. Our bad, should have had this up already. Seems iPhone 3.1 users, mostly iPhone 3G users from what we can make out, are experiencing random freezes and complete shutdowns of their iPhones, and nothing, not reboots, not restores are fixing it.

TiPb did hear a few accounts of freezes during the 3.1 beta on all versions of the iPhone, but that's the point of betas -- to identify and fix bugs before the software goes primetime.

Seemingly random, intermittent bugs, however, can be some of the toughest to figure out, especially for users, so if you're suffering from frozen or shut-down iPhones, let us know which device, and any pertinent details like clean 3.1 install, restore from backup, etc. and if you've stumbled onto any fixes of the more-than-temporary variety, please do share.

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iPhone 3.1 Bugs: Got Random Freeze or Shut Down?



My iphone was randomly shutting off, it was a 3GS, it would work after a full charge for about an hour, and then the games began, if it works for a while after a full charge, and then starts doing it, you most likely have a battery issue. Replace your battery through iFixit.com for 19 Dollars. Solved all my frustrations, Enjoy your day. Also noticed mine would freeze, then the screen would slowly fade out, also the sign of a battery issue, not an overheating or programming issue.

Been experiencing this since 3.1 also. Went to Apple store today and they had me do a restore and clean renew. Still having the same issue.

Phone freezes and restarts and battery life is shorter. This is happening every day, multiple times a day. I have a 3g 3.1 and this is driving me nuts. Wondering if it's some conspiracy to make me buy a new iphone (which I refuse to do).

This is happening about three times a day now at random. On the last freeze my phone beeped with new mail while in standby but I could not wake it up. I then called my phone from a land line and it it would just ring on the receavrr but no response from the iPhone. I called apple this morning and they toldme to restore which I have alreAdy done. Speaking with apple so far they have not reconized this as a bug

I have the 3G. Upon upgrade to OS 3.1 battery life (which was never great) took a huf=ge turn for the worse. You could almost watch the indicator go down. Recharging really did not work. In fact the phone got hot during the process.
I tried a backup and reset to factory via iTunes. Then I restored the backup. Same problem.
So, I restored to factory and reinstalled all 120 apps by hand. No more battery issues. In fact, battery life was never this good...unless it is hunting for 3G si signal...then it rapidly goes down.
Today I experienced a totally random shut down while attempting to answer a call. Thought it had bricked. 10 minutes later I was able to restart it and it acted like nothing was wrong. That NEVER happened before 3.1.
At any rate, that's my experience. Would love to hear yours.

The only bug I'm experiencing on 3.1 is that I can't install it! I've tried every troubleshooting tip imaginable, but I get errors no matter what(different error numbers each time).

Safari shutdown several times while I was browsing deviantart.com for images of the warden from Superjail! Boom! closed all pages including this one.

I have the iPhone 3G. Got random shutdowns too. One experience is when I leave a third party app running and the phone went to sleep/standby mode, and stayed stuck. The only way to wake the phone up is do the complete reboot. Found is also happening while you are switching to another home screen and in the middle of the transition, pressing the sleep/wake button will make the phone stuck in sleep mode.

I have been experiencing freezes and crashes ever since upgrading to the 3.1 OS. Usually my crashes start when I lock my phone or when I got a text or email and wa not able to read it before my phone locks itself. Those are my concerns. At first I thought it was my phone, it's somewhat of a relief to know it's the OS hopefully they can fix it.

I have an iPhone 3g...about four days after installing 3.1 I went to plug my phone into charge for the night and the screen went black. I couldn't wake it up or nothing. About five minutes later I was able to restart the phone. Hasn't happened since then. As a precaution I did a restore on it today and all seems fine. Battery life does seem like it is draining a little faster than 3.0 though. With 3.0 I was randomly losing signal in my home which always has full bars NEVER happened prior to update. This problem seems
to have been fixed along with safaris speed. Before it had slowed down to
nothing now it is speedy.

Had one random shutdown two days ago. Running 3.1 on a 3G. Nothing since then. Hopefully that was it...but I doubt it. Haven't noticed a decrease in battery life...

Same problem here, updated to 3.1 in my 3G, freezes randomly, when it freezes, the iphone gets hot, that's how I note it's stuck in sleep mode, no incoming calls, just have to reboot.
I restored it about 7 or 8 times in DFU, factory defaults, same problem.
Before the upgrade, battery was not a real problem, after upgrade, it goes away faster, have to recharge daily.
I'm not sure but I noted when the iphone is charging, it doesn't get stuck.
Hope we have a fix soon.
Ipod touch is havint the same problem?

First freezing was in the first night after the update. Roughly five hours after intall. After that i've have had more than two incidents a day. Hardware is 3G 16GB model. My calender, contacts and mail is synced with google. I'm also having mobile.me sync. Some apps have push on. I've have had couple incident when third party app running before sleep. There is at least one incident where the incoming call started the incident. My strong believe is that this annoying thing happens when the device is in sleep mode and something happens that would require display to wake to show notifycation or something else. Because it is only 3G issue it might have something to do with lesser memory. In xcode i do not see any crash reports.

I've been noticing this happening ever since I updated to 3.1 on my iPhone 3G. I didn't know anyone else was experiencing the same thing. I hope Apple owns up and fixes this.

And it seems that I can not get it to come back on unless I hold the power and home button until it turns on.

I have a 3Gs and haven't experienced a single hangup yet. I absolutely love this thing ... Night and day difference over my 3G when it is loaded with stuff. 3.1 update also seems to improve battery life when full time wifi and Bluetooth are used.

I have 3GS 32G after the 3.1 upgrade my battery life went from bad to terrible. I did a full factory restore and have turned off push and it seems to be okay now but I did read about a lot of people having battery issues.

With my iPhone 3gs 3.1 voicemail doesn't work is anybody else having problems with there Voicmail help please

Just had a random shutdown tonight after updating last night. Really freaked me out. Took about 5 min for the phone to come back on and respond to anything. Glad others are having issues and not just me.

Yeah, I had my 3GS reboot itself today when going from camera zoom to the apple camera. It froze on the shutter, then when I pressed home, it rebooted.

I had 3 random crashes/freezes within 15 mins of each other. Using iPhone 3G(S). Had to do a reboot

I have had this issue also. It seems to happen when i toggle the mute/sound switch. The thing just turns black, and will not turn on for a min or so.

I had one random shutdown but my recurring intermittent problem is the phone being useless for incoming or outgoing calls. Even with full bars, it doesn't ring at all when receiving calls and you can't hear ringing or anything calling out, even though it says it's calling. This happens for about five to ten minutes and then it's fine again.

Yep, random shut-downs. Random times too! iPhone 3G, updated to 3.1 via the usual method. Requires holding the home and on/off button for a while to turn it back on. Mind you I haven't tried just pressing the power button - it's only happened twice. I have one other bug and not sure if it's related to 3.1 - 3G appears to be available but I can't get internet access unless I go to airplane mode and back. Might just be the carrier though (Voda AU)

My 3G has shut down, (they are calling this a Coma over on the apple discussions board) at least 5 times since 3.1 was loaded.
No battery problems.
Only way to recover is hold down the sleep button for a long time (you have to guess, nothing will show on the screen, then the home button for another long time.
Rinse, repeat, until Apple shows.
Next time you plug into itunes you will have another crash report on your computer.

I am getting a total shutdown once or twice a day. Needs a hard reset to reboot the phone. Details: UK user on O2 with iPhone 3G

So glad it's not just me. Have 3G version and yesterday phone wouldn't wake up from standby - just thought battery was flat. Tried hard reset and so on. Eventually rebooted. Strange thing is - plugged it into mac - iphoto responded but the display was still blank. Terrified that the screen had come to end of life - and my warranty has just finished. Almost made me think of conspiracy. If it's a bug - I reckon it's something to do with genius - it's new and who tested it?????

I have a 3GS. Nothing like that happened, but camera roll shows 9 pictures, even when there's nothing there. When tehre is, it adds 9 "ghost" pictures to the count...:-(

i took my 3g (that was having random shutdowns after 3.1 update) to the apple store and they replaced my phone with a new one....dont think they know whats going on....new 3g running 3.1 hasnt done it yet

same prob as jonathon on comment 17 as well as some others...
got a 3g iphone and it shuts off randomly (usually now more than once a day) and I have to wait 5/10 then after a lot of fiddling trying with holding down buttons for long times and all it turns back on again. totally irking me and really hoping a fix comes soon.

I am having baseband crashes/reports sent from iTunes, I would first notice by my texts not going through... A reboot fixed it, but annoying. Reverted to 3.0.1, and still get baseband issues but the response of my 3g is alot better overall.

Im having the same problem. I caught it happening while my phone was closing and i had text still open. 2 times today and once yesterday

Using iPhone 3G... Upgraded to 3.1 one problem.. It freeze alot. And turns back ok.. Its an on-off thing. Hm. Another thing, sometime i could even online for the fact that i service provider signal is DAMM full.. Tried reboot it.. Same thing.. Is this also related to the bug??

My 3GS didn't have issues prior to the 3.1 update, and hasn't had any since. I have noticed the battery life improved, especially in standby mode.
I wonder how many of those posting issues here have previously, or currently, jailbroken their devices? I know several others with 3GS's and 3G's -- no one has experienced any issued being claimed in the comments here.


plugged it into mac – iphoto responded but the display was still blank.

Yeah, me too. My windows machine also saw the device, which I how I knew ti was still working, not powered. off.
And I've had the "Slide to unlock" slider refuse to move a couple times, and if I sleep the phone after it refuses, it will almost always go into the black screen coma.
There are over 38 thousand hits and 500 posts about this on Apple's site, but as usual, not a word from Apple.

Smooth sailing so far. Did a clean restore to 3.1 without any backup (whats the point anyway? Everything's synced to my Mac, all that gets lost are some saved games and a few texts). Seems smoother (esp. app opening), even though battery drains slightly quicker.
But so far, no complaints. Iphone 3g 8 gb, czech vodafone.

From the Apple thread I posted above (#41):
Most users seeing this are 3G, with a few 3GS.
Most, like myself, claim to have never jailbroken.
Most claim a normal install of the upgrade.
Many said they tried every trick, like uninstalling all apps, restoring as a new phone, and nothing helped.
I hear 3.1.1 calling....

My 2G was experiencing random shut-offs after 3.1 and the battery stopped indicating the correct level. It just stayed at 100% on the indicator, regardless of the actual battery level. I bought a 3Gs shortly thereafter and ran 3.1 on it.
No freezing or crashing on the 3Gs however both phones experience glitches with the iPod controls when viewing video. Once video has started playback, the touchscreen stops functioning until the video is through. The only way to stop a video before playback has finished is to press the home key. This is an intermittent glitch, most notably when using the You Tube app.

YES! Oh my gosh this problem is so infuriating! It started happening minutes after doing the 3.1 install on release day. I figured it must have been a bad install so I wiped it again and did a second erase and install (no restore, I set it up as a new phone).
That did not solve the problem, I have tried restoring to a backup, restoring with no backup, putting the phone in DFU mode first then restoring, putting the phone in recovery mode then restoring, you name it. I've tried it.
It has been happening every day since I installed 3.1, at random times, it is usually 2-3 times per day, but last Sunday it happened SEVEN times to me. I was about ready to throw the phone on the ground and smash it. I called Applecare to see if they would replace the phone, but they told me I'd have to pay the $199 price because I'm out of warranty.
Please Apple, please, please, please fix this problem.
Aside from this stupid issue I have no serious complaints about 3.1, things seem to run quicker for me, and my battery life IS noticeably better than 3.0 or 3.0.1, reception seems no different, but other than that, things are positive.
But ugh. What a nightmare this has been!
iPhone 3G 16GB / AT&T - California

32gb 3GS here. Upgraded to 3.1 last week, had my first crash last night. Crashed when exiting an app and then failed to reboot. Got stuck on the apple logo boot screen. Took about 10 minutes to EVENTUALLY get back to the home screen. Was slightly worried that it was bricked. :-S

I was getting 2 or 2 lockups a day requiring a hard reset each time. I have tried restoring from a backup and recovering the iPhone (3G) and setting up again.
I have turned off notifications and have only had 2 lockups since - hoping for a fix soom

My iPhone 3G freezes alot more since OS 3.1
I find it mainly happens using the iPod function of it, specially when I use genius.

I have the same problem with my 3G, it has happened 4 or 5 times so far. My wife has the 3GS upgraded to 3.1 right after I did my phone and no problems at all. I haven't figured out what causes the issue yet and I'm considering a restore or possibly a full restore by setting it up as a new phone when I have the time.

I have an iPhone 3G - 3 freezes with 3.1.
All when phone in standby/lock.
All seem to be with apps open either 3rd party or apple.
Had to reset to get phone working each time.
Phone is not jail broken.

iPhone 3G - OS 3.1
Yep, my phone goes into a 'coma' a few times a day now.
I've figured out if I just let it be for 10 minutes it'll eventually wake up. For a quick fix though, I have to do a hard restart. Apple fix this. Asap. It's obviously a problem, and I'm somewhat relieved to see others are experiencing it as well.

same here... 3G 8gb never did a jailbreak... since 3.1 random freezes at least a couple of times a day.. with hard restart the only solution.. plus the "slide to unlock" a lot of times is really really slow (a couple of seconds delay after I slide it) which is really terrible when I have to answer a phone call... also, sometimes will not run any apps (third-party at least) - it opens the app for a second and closes.. I guess it's a memory thing.. but then, 5min later for example (without restart) it opens all apps normally..
come on apple, this is serious now! 3.1.1 ASAP!

Mayyybe the new OS is soooooo advanced that it's become self aware and needs to take a nap every now and then?
What's that? You want t......

Just buy a Palm Pre instead less problems and more regular updates. Also does tie you in to a fruit cake of a company who think they know everything

I haven't had any shutdowns, but my 3GS is lagging and locking up pretty frequently! Ive also got the 'smart playlist' bug pretty badly, which is very annoying.
Beta3 was extremely buggy, but Apple have somehow managed to not fix the beta bugs - but introduce more!!!
perhaps the beta leaks (on forums such as this...lol), have made Apple a bit nervous; and as a result are seeding less betas to developers, and that's leading to bugs getting under-reported!

Very interesting responses, I used to have very similar issues with my iPhone (3G 16GB) even before OS 3.1. It all started when I upgraded to 3.0. You name it I had it, from frozen lock screens, jerky animations and lag to extremely bad battery life (I had to charge the phone twice a day for gooness sake!).
From what I can tell, the whole root of the issue is MEMORY. OS 3.0 and above is simply to big for the iPhone 3G's hardware to handle, their just simply isn't enough RAM available for it to cope with push notifications, cut, copy, paste, Genius Mix and all the other features introduced since 3.0. If you have any memory monitoring apps running on your 3g just take a look at the apps running and you'll notice just how little memory you have available.
The size of the OS has gotten larger and larger with every update and has become too big for the 3G handle. I believe that's why Apple waited so long to introduce some of the features seen in 3.0 (they knew that an OS the size of 3.0 needed new hardware in order to get the best out of it). And that's why I upgraded to the 3GS (32GB) because I anticipated issues like the ones mentioned above popping up. Haven't experienced any issues since, my 3GS is as smooth as silk (well nearly) there seems to be a bug in Genius Mix, when I open the iPod app the artwork seems to be all over the place, with images spilling out of their grid positions. Also it seems to have slowed down the iPod app very slightly.
Other than that it's all good. Really hope Apple fix these bugs soon, cause believe me, using an iPhone with bugs can be a nightmare.

My camera roll counter has also been wonky; it adds an extra "one" at all times. Thank God, it's not just me; I've searched all over the Internet, and you're the only other person I've seen that has this (haven't read every message in this post yet). Other 3.1 bugs I've seen: the mail app won't let you send e-mail from a hotmail account and do not...I REPEAT..Do NOT purposely do a soft or hard reset if you don't have to (prior to 3.1, I always did a daily soft reset for
optimum performance) -- this will freeze/brick your phone. I've had to do ~5 (?) restores before I figured out that it's 3.1 that's causing all these problems.

I should mention that I use a 3G as well. I agree with Dragonfly and I too have those same issues with the Genius mixes.
Here's my whole story on this, I sent it to the TiPb's contact message page thing:
Hello dear TiPb's peeps!
Ok first of all I really wish I could send you guys pictures of what I've seen in iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1 interaction, syncing and so on.
I too have bugs with the new 3.1 update: Podcasts not showing right, YouTube not loading rightly, the preview photo in the camera app not showing the latest photo and Genius mixes sometimes disappear or they wouldn't display right. That's about it for me with the iPhone. I haven't had shut downs or freezes yet though.
iTunes 9 has these issues when trying to sync with the iPhone: When trying to sync my music with iTunes a warning shows up and it says, "The iPhone 'XXXXXXX' cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the items in the elected playlist (5.58 GB required, 2.30 GB left)...." (Sometimes it says "not enough free space to hold the entire library.") This is why a picture should be good lol. Anyway, the so called playlist is just 1 GB! But it says on the warning that I need 5.58 GB available! It doesn't make sense. Even if I select the option to sync music> entire library it would do the same even if I have checked off 200 songs that I don't to be synced.
I should say that the first time I did this I chose to Sync entire library but leave unchecked songs. And it worked! But now it gives me that nasty warning.

I have an iPhone 3G 16GB and it has completed frozen on me three times in the last three days. It was in sleep mode and when I try and wake it, it fails to respond to anythingl I have to do a hard reset. It's only started doing this since I installed 3.1

My 3g is freezing up at least once a day. No real indication as to why. Standard reset works and rather than restarting the phone it picks up where it left. It seems to also enjoy calling people at random even though locked.
The phone is definitely slower loading apps - especially noticeable pulling up text messages.
Not sure about battery usage as I am never more than an hour or two from a charger.

Oh BTW I can't sync podcasts anymore. It doesn't want to add new podcasts. This whole iTunes 9 and iPhone 3.1 stuff is getting worst.

iPhone 3G - after 3.1 update it freezes intermittently. Also, iTunes 9 won't sync some files because I need more space but I actually have much more free space than the files require.

Shut down three times when in standby and took 10 min to wake up . Poor battery life after 3.1 it was great with 3.0 .

I have a 3G 16G that has experienced the "coma" at least a dozen times since updating to 3.1. It has been jailbroken several times over several OS upgrades.
At first I only noticed the problem when I plugged it into my aux jack in the car (it was in sleep mode), but since then I've noticed it in other situations too, mostly related to sleep mode if I recall correctly.
I've also experienced stuttering video on a number of occasions.
Each time this has happened, the only thing that has fixed it was a forced reset (home button + power button).
It's hard to say about the battery power since mine is near/plugged into a charger most of the day.

My 3G locked up on me 3 hours after upgrading to 3.1. It's happened several times afterward. It may just be coincidence, but it seems to happen when I have used my bluetooth headset. I am able to get the iPhone working again by pressing both the home button and the one at the top of the iPhone for about 15-20 seconds. Then the Apple logo shows up on the screen. If I let it sit overnight after locking up, it appears to completely drain the battery,How about a fix Apple?

I have an iPhone 3G and the OS took a couple tries to install, but was working fine until yesterday. I thought I locked my phone but when I tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't until three minutes later when I restarted it. This happened three times.

8 GB 3G iPhone and MacBook with iTunes 9.
2 days after installing 3.1 the phone went black. Did a reboot and it came back on, but I could not slide to unlock.
Called iPhone Tech Support and told him I saw all kinds of posts about the problem and he just kept telling me my software was corrupt. Duh. Also, he was telling me how to find my version of iTunes on a PC. Never even asked if I was using Mac or PC.
He wanted me to reset but I needed to take some screen shots to save my Todo list. He told me you couldn't do screen shots on the iPhone.
Did a reset 2 times and so far no further problems. Thank goodness.

For once I'm glad to be jailbroken and not able to upgrade to the exciting new OS right away. Sounds like this one is better to stay away from. I don't care what features it has, if it could cause me to lose the use of my phone for five minutes at random times, that's not a chance I can take.

Count me in. I've had my iPhone be completely unresponsive (blank screen) about 5 times since 3.1. I have to do a hard reset in order for it to work again. I haven't bothered letting it sit to see if it ever comes back.
Also, this past Saturday I had the previously mentioned problem where I have full bars, but yet cannot make or receive any calls. My gf thought my phone was off or something, but it wasn't. If my phone had rang when she called, maybe I wouldn't have been late to class. :)

I have none of these problems on 3.0.1, and I'm jailbroken.
It's ironic that jailbroken phones are far more stable than a factory phone, this started with 3.1, it has nothing to do with the jailbreak, this is Apple's screw up.

I have a 3g 16GB no jailbreak or unlock & since update to 3.1 I'm having a world of problems... Shutting down at random times(I do think it's worse when I leave a 3rd party app open & it goes to sleep), battery life has worsened, & I can't seem to keep a signal. Where I normally have full 3g will just drop to 1 bar of Edge . To top it off at home it'll just drop WiFi!( I know WiFi is good because laptop still works!)

After I upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1 my 3G locked up and presing the home key did not help. After 5 minutes it came back to life. Hope they get this fixed quick

I have a 3G running 3.1 and yes my phone shuts down at least 1 time a day. I have not found any fix for this. I have to hold down the home key and the lock buttom to restart the phone. Very annoying to say the least. We need a fix soon.

32gig iPhone 3GS
Firmware 3.1
iTunes 9.0
Has crashed on me several times. A couple of my apps aren't running well either.

Same problem here - thought I was the only one! iPhone 3G with 3.1 on O2.
I can't seem to find a pattern to the crash - I'll try to unlock the phone and find that it's switched itself off. Have to use the home + lock button to turn back on.

Upgraded to 3.1 and my phone is completely dead. I thought it was just mine until I read this thread. I cannot even get it to restart. If I get it to the home screen after two seconds the "Slide to Close" comes on and wants to shut it down. Basically cannot use it at all. I really hope they fix this quickly. Went to Genius Bar and they $199 for replacement. Not going to work.

16 GB 3G and yes I've gotten the random freeze and shutdown since going to 3.1. I was away on a business trip and the screen shutsdown in the middle of getting directions from google maps, while we were driving.

iPhone 3G
Sometimes it will not come out of sleep mode. I have to do a force shutdown to get it back again. This happens at least once a day for me. Clean install of OS 3.1.

I am also experiencing a "frozen" slide to open bar. It seems to me that the overall OS is EXTREMELY slow. I hope Apple seeks to justify this; maybe upgrading 3g users to a new 3GS handset should be looked at.

I have a 3G and upgraded to the 3.1 software last Thursday. Since then, one thing that is driving me crazy that I haven't seen anyone else experience is that my ipod won't play all my songs. I play it on shuffle and it plays then it randomly refuses to play songs. There is no rhyme or reason to what songs it plays and doesn't, it plays songs I've uploaded myself and songs I've purchased through itunes and vice versa. Is anyone else experiencing the ipod issue or have any suggestions as to how I can fix it? Other than this, at first every third party app would open and immediately close. I solved this problem by downloading updated versions of the apps. Ever since the upgrade, my phone randomly shuts down several times a day and only reacts to a manual reboot.

Was on a call when a loud low bass fluttering sound started. Couldn't hangup call. Had to reboot phone to stop the sound. Have also had 3 freezes since 3.1 update. Hope Apple is listening. iPhone 3G 3.1 16 gig.

I'm happy there's no jailbreak for the 3GS yet. Sounds like upgrading to 3.1 is a mess and the bugs outnumber the gains. I bet the dev team or saurik will have an answer to all these bugs before Apple even acknowledges they exist. I would always be impatiently waiting for the new jailbreak to be released, but this time around I really don't mind. 3.0 works great, so why break it now?

Same exact problem. I click Home button once in a while during the day to check what time it is, but sometimes nothing happens when clicked, at first I thought that it just froze, but when I realized that the only way to power it back on was to reset, I noticed that it started happening ever since I have downloaded 3.1 (the day it came out). Many people have the same issue, but I am pretty assured that a fix would be out soon.

seems to me like most people with problems are using a 3G. I'm on a 3Gs and couldn't be happier with 3.1. No hangups or freezes.

I'm on a 3GS 16G and I'm not having any of these problems knock on wood. I really think it's bigger than that. It more that Apple thought they could take their sweet time because these other smartphones weren't creeping on them. Now they are. This is Apples only phone out and these other phone companies have the time to regroup and come out with something much faster. They have been doing phones much longer. I would rather them take their time and get these bugs out before putting out something that obviously has problems. Sorry 3G owners but it seems more problems with them than the 3GS. Its time for them to get this together it's becoming ridiculous.

Updated to 3.1 the day it was available and I have had random shutdowns. Send a txt and lock the phone, press the home or power button and it won't wake up. Re installed about 5 times and still the same problem. Very annoying, much of a pain to deal with. I'm glad TiPb has finaly put this issue up...

After installed iphone 3G to OS 3.1, my phone shut down randomly very often, 2 or 3 times a day. Battery life is also shorter than previous version. I missed serveral calls because the phone shut down. Apple tech support is useless when I called. Clean restore but does not help. Time to go for HTC touch pro 2 or pre

iPhone 3G, have had the phone shut down twice in 2 weeks since upgrading to 3.1 - hadn't happened before. Wouldn't come on plugged into wall power or PC via sync cable. Was eventually able to turn on. Both times it happened while in standby with about 50% battery. Overall, battery performance seems better for me with 3.1, though.

3g. Froze yesterday. Went to black screen while idle. Did hard reset. Ok so far. Hope they fix it fast. Need to have a phone I can depend upon. Might have to wake up my old BB8700. That had a 4 day battery life. Battery on this one is now 45% after 2 hours of use and 3 hours of stand by on 2g.

I upgraded my 8GB 3G the day the software came out. That night it went into coma mode shortly after it was done. I did the hard reset, it came back to life and a little while later it went out again. The solution for me so far has been to shut off wifi. I've done multiple tests and if wifi is on it will die unless it's plugged in. Turning wifi off has fixed my stability issues and other than that 3.1 has been great. I prefer to use wifi when I can though, due to the flakiness of the AT&T 3G network. When 3G is working it is pretty good but I can often be at 5 bars of 3G signal and get no data service. That's a network thing though, not a phone thing.

Same as above, though I want to say two issues.

  1. The freezing problem, which is just annoying, though it doesn't freeze up during a phone call. Well it doesn't hang up at least for me and I make long phone calls.
  2. The battery life is definitely shorter.

Have an iphone 3gs and a 3g, updated both to 3.1 and the 3G is having these frozen problems, my 3GS works fine....I thought it was only me....hope they fix it soon..

32GB 3GS here. After the 3.1 update over the weekend, I had two instances where the phone/data stops working. The phone does not freeze, but I can't make/receive calls nor can I send/receive data. A reboot solves the problem. Had absolutely no problems before the update.

Like I said earlier in this thread, it's the hardware. The 3G simply isn't capable of handling OS's 3.0 and above. It's the equivalent of running Windows Vista Premium on a low spec PC, we all know how that turned out.

My 3G 8GB iPhone has been shutting down/crashing on average 3 times a day since the very moment I updated to 3.1. Battery is not as good as before. iPhone is warmer than before.
I cannot trust my iPhone anymore and Apple seems to be doing nothing.

This has happened to me twice in a week so far. I literally set my phone down and hit the power button to close it. Pick it up no more than 2 minutes later and its shutdown. Hafta hold Power button and the Home button. It's a bummer honestly. My wifes iPhone is freezing a lot and rebooting since 3.1.

I am using 8GB 3G. Once the safari froze but this is not my main issue.
The biggest problem I have is that some of the covers in albums list do not show. they show in cover flow mode and when i am playing music. this is only a problem in vertical album list view. Anyone experienced this by any chance?
The battery life is a little bit shorter. I don't have big change. My 3g and wifi always on

8GB 3G - I was having no problems with 3.0. It was working really well actually. Immediately after 3.1 update I started having random shut downs/freezes. Sometimes if I wait long enough, it just unfreezes itself. But most of the time I have to do a full reboot and it works again.
I read a couple of articles saying it may have something to do with WiFi so I started turning off Wifi. It's only happened once or twice since I started doing that. Still it's super frustrating.
And I'm mad that Apple has blocked the ability to downgrade back to 3.0. Next time I won't be so quick to upgrade

I figured this was a 3.1 problem. It never happened before the up-grade. I can get my 3G to lock-up at will. All that I need to do is take it off of the charger (USB or wall) and let if go to sleep. It will not come out of sleep. After a reset it is OK until I charge it again.

Installed 3.1 last week on my 8GB 3G...since, locks-up 2-3 times a day on a good day - 5-7 on a bad day. Have to do the double-button reboot. Never had this problem until update to 3.1. Surprised no software update yet...WiFi on, but not always connected when this happens

Thanks, I thought I am alone. After installing 3.1 on my 3G, the phone started to just freeze and shut-down randomly. I thought perhaps it's one of the apps running but no. I had to call Apple and tell me to do a "hard reset" by turning the phone off, which I obviously do all the time and but the glitch is still persistent.

iPhone 3G, OS 3.1 upgraded from 3.1b3.
Had this problem when I first installed the beta, and it keeps happening.
Seems to happen sometimes when I get text messages, but just now I was talking on the phone, got a dropped signal, then the phone went to sleep and is apparently off. I plug it into iTunes and XCode and never see a crash report. Gotta try to restart it now.

I have never had my phone freeze. I installed software 3.1 now it freezes all time. I thought maybe my phone was broken but now I can see it is the software update. I hope they fix this. I also use my phone as a alarm it use to be very realiable now I cant trust it and I have to use another alarm. :(

Yes , my iPhone 3G randomly shutsdown , freezes . More shutdowns then freezes . This is bad on apples part, when it shutdown for no reason i had my wife call me and it was in fact shutdown and the call did not wake it . This is crazy of all things an update that makes the iPHONE not take calls bc it randomly shuts off. Unacceptable and this should be a seriouse run to fix it situation . if my wife needs me my iPHONE better not be shut off without me knowing . it's not only a annoying bug but in an emergancy I can't wait 5 mins for my iPhone to boot up because apple is sitting back and ot sling anything about this bug. After 2 years This one really makes no sense . Should be fixed right away -- this makes apple look like Microsoft .

Add me to the list...My 3G after updating also has 1.) Frozen and 2.) randomly restarted....ughhhhh....fix please!

I have 3G, freezes a few times since 3.1 install. Also, an annoying thing since then was my yahoo mails...after I read or delete a mail, it sometimes re-appear as new.

Wow glad I'm not the only one going crazy from this problem. Have the 3G and it happens all the time, even if I just check the time and don't unlock the next time I go to use the iPhone it has been dead; reboot required. I've restores as new and not run any 3rd party apps for 2 days and it still happens. It is the 3.1 update for sure.

I had the shutting down problem, as well as a problem with the phone switching back and forth from the E to 3G network over and over with the phone not moving, this is at home where I have never seen the E network symbol for as long as I have had my 3G. Another problem I was experiencing was loss of carrier signal it just fluctuated up and down all day long after the upgrade. What I did was this I did a complete clean restore of 3.1 no backup (most of mine had jailbreak info in them) after restore did a sync to update all contacts and info. After I did the restore I have had full 5 bars with carrier signal 98 percent of the time no shutdowns and so far only the 3G network symbol. I did all this last night around 7 so let's see if it's a permanent fix so far so good.

Same problem here, but only on the 3G. Installed 3.1 and now it goes into a coma 3-4 times per day. Tried every idea I could to no avail. Finally downgraded OS back to 3.0.1 and haven't had a single problem since.
However, I upgraded my OS on the 3GS to 3.1 and have no such issues at all on it. Seems as though it is hardware related since it rarely, if ever, happens to anyone on the 3GS.

Similar symptoms as everybody else here since upgrading to 3.1. The phone will sometimes be not wakable from locked until, and sometimes an application (typically Safari) will hang. In both cases, a force reboot is required. I also have had calls/texts/push notifications not come for hours, and then flood me upon a (hard or soft) reboot.

Same here. Mine crashes about once a day. No pattern or recipe that I can identify. I've also had the Mail app die on me quite a few times since installing 3.1.
I'm holding off on updating my wife's phone until we see a fix for this.

I have an iPhone 3G and since 3.1 it randomly shuts down about twice a day.
I do a hard reset by holding the power and center buttons and it reboots.

This has been frustrating me as well. It seemed like maybe it had to do with the mute switch but I'm not sure. It just happend right now and i noticed my iPhone was warm, as if it had been using up a lot of battery. It's been happening since I did the upgrade (happened within minutes after i first upgraded).

EVer since update to 3.1, I have maybe half a dozen times a day a complete apparent lockup. iphone will not wake up. If I wait long enough, then I can press power button or home button to wake up.

Apple get your S*** together this is getting old every release of os or software theres a problem. Dont make me switch to Microsoft everything...... you monkeys

no random freezes that ive noticed, but my iphone has shut down atleast 3 times since ive updated.. i thought it was just my phone at first, but im glad to hear its not just my problem, which means apple will probably have an update out soon enough to fix it (maybe along with the Sept 25th MMS drop date)

Happens to me about twice a day. Usually upon performing a hard reset and typing in my passcode, I get an instant email. It may be a coincidence, or perhaps MobileMe/Mail related. I have a 16GB 3G with 3.1 installed.

This has been happening to since I updated to 3.1. All I have to do is reset my phone and everything seems fine but it will shut down multiple times through out the day.

Same issues here. I believe I updated to 3.1 on Sunday and since then, I've had to somehow get the phone to reboot anywhere between 3-5 times. It seems like at least once a day and it has to be a 3.1-related issue. It certainly never happened before. This is kind of reminding me of my old Blackberry Curve... come on Apple - get it together... I love my phone, but I use it as a work phone, so it needs to function 100% of the time, not 99.9%.

I'm definitely getting random freezes and it won't wake up from standby for periods of time that range from a few seconds to an hour or so. I've been able to wake it up by calling it, once or twice though.
Battery life is shorter too. I'm really regreting going to 3.1 so far.

3g here. Updated earlier this week. Battery seems to drain a bit faster but not too noticeable. Only had one freeze where the home button would not turn on the screen. After several minutes of holding down the home button and/or the power button, the phone came back without a reboot.

Like most - I thought it was due to my phone abuse... I had some shutdowns on 3.0 but now on 3.1 it's happening a lot.. 3g 16gb model.

My iphone 3G freezes randomly about 2 times a day since OS 3.1. It reboots (without PIN request) when pressing on/off and home botton for 15 seconds or by random too. Horror!!! APPLE PLEASE DO FIX THIS FUCKING BUG!!! I was in the Apple store in Zuerich and they didn't know about this problem, but the other customers did.
Kind regards!

my iphone 3g shuts down randomly. to power it I need to hold for few seconds home and sleep buttons :(
No solve with reset and backup restore

Same deal... 3G user. Experienced numerous shutdowns and comas every day since the update. This is unacceptable software behavior. I simply cannot have a phone that I can't trust and depend on. This has cost me to lost money and customers from my business. I've never jailbroken the phone, haven't even downloaded any apps at all. This is bulls*it. Smells like the beginning of a class action law suit...


I know this is probably a dumb question, but how do you revert to 3.0.1 ?

It is possible, but its not pretty.http://jaxov.com/2009/09/revert-back-from-iphone-firmware-3-1-to-firmwar...
The above reversion leaves you running the 3.1 baseband and the 3.0 (or 3.0.1) OS, but it solves the coma problem.
If you can suffer thru the coma syndrome for a while, I would expect that a fix will be coming from Apple in a few weeks. I'd be tempted to live with it for the duration.
You can hurry that along by sending links to this story and the Apple discussions thread to the Mainstream Press.

3G user, never had a problem with the phone until 3.1. My problem is different, when I drive to a new geographic area I have no service until I reboot the phone. My screen may say full bars and 3G but I cannot send or recieve texts, calls, or connect to the internet. I generally change geographic areas 2 or 3 times a day and this is a major hassle.

Well thank god for jailbreaking. I have been waiting to upgrade to 3.1, only because my 3GS is jailbroken. Otherwise I'd have upgraded already. Now I'm glad to have something holding me back from jumping in too soon on these upgrades. I'll sit tight until 3.1.1, and redsn0w.

On the first charge after the 3.1 update, my iPhone got Really Hot, more so than I've ever noticed before. The first shutdown came about 10 minutes later, and nothing would make it come on for nearly an hour. Since then, I've had a daily shutdown, but it reboots if I hold both buttons down to reset. Very frustrating, as I don't do anything in particular to shut it off. I never had this problem once before 3.1.

My 3GS after 3.1 randomly started freezing up to the point I have to restart the whole phone to get it to work again. Ive had dropped calls since I bought the phone so I took it in and got a new phone last night and today once again, FREEZE crash restart. So its not just limited to 3G phones. Now my 2G phone works no problem on it, but today its screen decided to die in once place toward the top. So now I cant email as the touch area for the To: is no longer responsive yet the rest of the screen works fine.

Since updating to 3.1, I have been experiencing the same issues, the phone goes to sleep mode and will not wake up from it. My girlfriends iPhone is also having the same issues.

I have the same problem and it is so infuriating!
Can have full bars and not be able to make a call or get calls. Also no texts, no VVM, data. Only way to "fix" it is reboot. I have to reboot almost everytime I go to use the phone. Many times a day ever since upgrading to 3.1.
I have missed dozens of calls and only get the messages after a reboot.
Apple has really screwed us by not only releasing this but not allowing us to downgrade to the previous version. Atleast that way we could have a usefull device.
Come on apple, fix this!

Same here. Random lock ups. Esp. when going into standby while third party apps are running. Battery life is horrible. iPhone 3G with 3.1

Has happened to me almost daily since 3.1. Never happened before. Keeps happening to me at the worst possible times.

I have a 8gb 3g. Since upgrading to OS 3.1, I haven't experienced any freezes where I had to reboot, but a really bad lag (4-5 seconds) after pressing the home button to wake it or sliding to unlock it. Also, very laggy when trying to open apps or making a selection with the touch screen. It does seem like a memory issue, which Dragonfly posited earlier.
One thing that seems to have helped was turning off notifications. Plus, it doesn't seem to like it if the phone goes to sleep with an app running. I try to hit the home button before turning it off.

I have also had this issue. I am glad to read that it is a software issue and not because I dropped it the other day. Mine turns off about twice a day and I have to reboot! Hopefully a fix will come soon! I have also noticed my battery life has not been as good.

I have a 3g 16GB running 3.1, and it has been randomly been shutting down completely. I have to hold down the Power Button and Home Button simultaneously to get the phone to restart, once the Apple symbol appears on my screen, I release both buttons and it boots up fine (until the next crash). Only been happening since my 3.1 upgrade, never happened before...

This is why I NEVER update immediately! I always wait about a week and see what everyone else is experiencing and dive in if it's cool. But seeing that there are widespread problems with OS 3.1, I'll be sticking to OS 3.0 and my MMS which I've had working since April! ;)

Today I experienced a totally random shut down. Thought it had bricked. 20 minutes later I was able to restart it and it acted like nothing was wrong. That NEVER happened before 3.1.

I've had the iPhone for two weeks. Worked fine for about three days, then it started to randomly shut off. I have a pregnant wife who's 8 months at home so I cannot afford to miss her calls when it's time. Happened 5 times last week. Took it to the Apple store last Saturday and they uploaded clean software. Since then it not only keeps shutting down, when I open up the iPod, it shows that I have no songs or videos, yet when I go to the "About" section it shows that most of my memory is taken. I'm VERY disappointed with this POS. Today I put my SIM card back on my BlackBerry (and I realized how much I missed my CrackBerry) and this iPhone is going back!

I have 3gs 16gig with 3.1. A few times a day if I try to make a call it will show making a call but never dials. So I have to shut it down then back on and then it will dial. So frustrating. Internet is the same issue. It starts browser but never loads a page. If i restart the phone it will then procede normally.

I have had to restore twice as a result of my 16GB 3G freezing up, shutting down and not turning back on. I'm glad this isn't just me having an issue, hopefully it will be corrected soon.

iphone 3g. After 3.1 update many random crashes a day. After restore I realize the only date I could restore was a year ago. the other files are un openable. Still crashes many times a day. I noticed when screen was blacked out I could take pictures or at least hear the camera shutter but not every time. I made the double tap go to favorites instead of camera to see if that helped .. still crashes but I cant hear the shutter. hard resetting like 4 to 6 times day. lost a year of voice notes and music ideas.

No freezing or random shutdowns. But as soon as I upgraded I started losing carrier signal even though I had 5 bars. Outgoing calls would wait 3 minutes trying to connect then call would cancel. Only way to fix it was to restart the phone. Apple Support told me to get AT&T to replace the SIM card and this seems to have worked (over 24 hours without recurrence).
I am experiencing some failed calls. Also I charged the phone for over 2 hours and the phone showed the battery only 2/3 charged. But after a restart battery meter went to 100%.
iPhone 3G / 16mb / AT&T / Not jailbroken

Had this happen to me for the first time today. iPhone 3G 16GB. Was running the StockWatch app when the screen blanked and clicking the off/on button had no effect. Luckily, was able to get it back to life by power cycling (power + home buttons), though it only worked after I tried that after about 2 minutes of waiting.
I have about 160 apps installed.
I think I might need to start taking the advice of those who have posted above and start treating each software update like all other operating systems and wait a week or so before updating to see if anyone is having any issues. Previous to this the software updates have been fine.

My 3G has been unstable and freezes at least 3 times per day now since upgrading to 3.1. I never want to hear any Apple fan boys complain about Windows crashes anymore. I promise you my Windows 7 laptop is waaaaaaaaaaay more stable than my phone is now!!!!

Yes I am also going through all of the above. I called AT&T support and they are totally clueless. I'm stupid for even thinking they might have a idea of whats going on with 3.1 issues. Good way to waste 30 minutes, next time I'll just bang my head against the wall.

iPhone 3GS won't wake from sleep...appears to be related to camera...a few times after using camera once going to sleep phone will not wake up....have to restart by holding the sleep/wake button and the home button together. At times the camera is unavailable until a restart as well.....very frustrating...anyone else with same issue?????

Wow! This problem is obviously really widespread. I have a 3gs and have had no problems, other than I can no longer find where to turn off shuffle mode.

Happening to my wife's 3G 8GB. Seems to be completely random happening during no particular operation. We have since restored the software but did also restore from a previous backup. Don't know if it has solved the problem yet.

Had this problem once so far and it was kid of weird. BAM! shutdown. In the middle of a game. And then BAM! I turned my 3G back on and it didn't happen again....

A one owner, in as-new condition 16GB 3G iPhone and until attempting the 3.1 firmware upgrade, it used to work perfectly. It's now a brick, stuck in "recovery mode". Apple Support Centre staff have been of no help. Technical advisory docs TS1275, HT1808, HT1224 and HT1766 have all been thoroughly tried. The restore-from-recovery-mode has been attempted 5 times from 3 different computers (two iMacs and one Windows). The iPhone has now been sent for "repair" to the NZ agent, who has confirmed the phone cannot be repaired. Now we're waiting forever for Apple NZ to make a decision about what should be done, because the iPhone is unfortunately 66 days out of warranty. Not a good look Mr Jobs - particularly that it turned into a brick only after following YOUR technical advisory that the iPhone should be upgraded to v3.1 !!!!

Lol meant to say "kind of weird" and btw, it was in total randomness that this occured. I have tried setting up the same situation with all the same variables but no same outcome has occured. Could this possibly be a PNS bug? Maybe two or three push notifications arriving at the exact same time and cause mondo problemō in da iPhone??? Who knows.... Apple! BAM!

Me too.
3G. No clean install. Doesn't happen when actively using it. It goes to sleep and doesn't wake up. I'm pretty sure it's not a shutdown (turning it on doesn't work, must hard reset).

I have and Iphone 3G black my phone also shutsdown but I cant get it to boot up without pressing both buttons thus resetting the phone. I noticed this too since upgrading to 3.1. Looking forward to a fix soon too. Wish I could go back to 3.0
Ive tried restoring phone to new state and a saved state only worked for 24 hrs then back to problems.
First Issues Ive had since I bought the phone hope this is not an indicator of things to come....

Just happened to me again!
Since I was busy, I just put it down and walked away. Ten minutes later I picked it up and tapped the sleep switch and it came up normally!?!?
So next time this happens to you, just give it 10 or 15 minutes and see if it recovers.

My 3G has been freezing and locking up and all around actiung strange since 3.1. Flick scrolling through podcasts isn't smooth anymore and podcasts appear out of order often.
The other day I thought it bricked or about ten or fifteen minutes then it just came back on.

Geez that was alot of scrolling... Anyway, eveytime I open the app store I have to log in. I didn't have to do that before upgrading to 3.1. Is it something I'm doing wrong or a bug? I've logged out and logged back in already.

Been experiencing frequent moments when the phone is unresponsive once sleep mode has been activated. This takes 2 minutes until the phone becomes responsive.
One time it woke up and every time I pressed either the power or home button it would take a screen shot of the iphone. Any fixes to this yet?

freezes when trys to sync itunes 9 with iphone 3.1 have 3Gs. spent 3 plus hours at genius bar. seems to be ipone 3.1 and not itunes 9. People at apple store have no idea how to fix

Yep, same here. 16GB 3G. Loses coverage constantly, reboots at random, and today showed a nifty terminal-esque screen complaining about a kernel panic, yay! DFU and a fresh reset later, I tried using web apps and NO third party apps, but made NO difference. I was running the betas and noticed the same issues... I was eagerly awaiting the "stable" update in anticipation that this would be fixed, but to no avail.
And I'm amazed safari hasn't crashed during the posting of this comment considering it crashed 5 times just through the process of reading the other 190 comments.
Between Apple and AT&T, I'm really wishing I just stayed with Sprint and my broken HTC Mogul :(

Same problems as everyone els on my 3G. Turned off the Safari anti-fraud preference and - fixed. At least for now. Probably worth trying since it is so easy. My phone was nearly completely frozen and barely got to the preferenace settings. Rebooted. Like new.

3.1 had been generally okay for me since install. Still had some of the UI glitchiness of 3.0 but I'd learned to live with that. Also had some issues with signal reception at home which has previously always been strong.
But this morning SMS sending kept failing. I shutdown and on reboot it just got stuck on the Apple logo. Had to hold down Home and Power button to re-reboot. Now seems okay again.
(3G 8gb on O2 UK)

Have a 8 MB 3G NOT jailbroken, and since installing 3.1 my phone has twice gone into this "coma" state. Just like everyone else, I can wake it up by holding down the power button and the home button at the same time - but I've got to hold it for quite a long time before I'll see the Apple. Once rebooted the phone works like nothing ever happened to it. I am sure Apple will have a fix for this shortly. My other concern is that this might be coming from downloading and installing the AT&T 5.1 config file so I can get MMS working early. When I first installed the 3.1 it came with the AT&T 5.0 settings. I found the link to install the 5.1 from a blog post here several days ago - since installing the 5.1 and getting MMS that's when these random shut downs have occured.

Same problem as that. Brand new out of the box, upgraded to 3.1 as part of the activation, did a sync with iTunes 9 on a mac book pro (new version) and the phone died after some random usage. Tried restoring it from a backup and it happened again. Tried restoring it as a new phone, same problem, just shuts down. Contacted Apple support (they never heard of it) so am sending the phone back. Just hope the new one comes with OS 3.0. Will not be upgrading until 3.1 is patched.

My apps don't start after a 3.1 upgrade. All default apps work, but when I try to run an installed app (any of them) they start for 2 sec and then I get dumped back to home screen. Also experience the random shutdown once.

Since upgrading to 3.1, I've had a few crashes, but the most infuriating bug I've encountered is the schizophrenic shuffle. Shuffle decides to randomly turn off 5-10 times a day. One minute the songs are playing randomly, the next they are playing in sequential order.

I have a 3G and the phone freezes 5 times a day since upgrading to 3.1 The only way I can prevent it is by turning off the auto lock. This of course drains the battery even more!

Same issue, iPhone 3G 16GB. Updated to 3.1 using iTunes 9 and now my phone crashes constantly and have to hard reboot to get it to run again. Seems like it may be having troubles reading the battery level. It'll say it's fully dead, then I do the hard reboot, put it on the charger and a few minutes later says it's fully charged.
I'm a huge fan of Apple's products, but this seems like a very Microsoft style screwup. This is so bad I'm actually reconsidering buying another iPhone and switching to the Palm Pre instead for my next phone.

P.s. my iPhone crashed the other night and because my alarm didn't go off, I missed an MRI (in Canada, you miss one, you wait another 4 months).
I should have taken more precautions, but nonetheless, a software update shouldn't take something I used to be able to rely upon 100% and turn it into a useless POS.

Since 3.1 update. Push email comes through even when set to manual and "Fetch New Data" is off and the email app is not open. Weird!!!!
iPhone 3Gs

Happening to me either. Since I updated to 3.1, my 3g, didn't wake and i need to restart :(. I hope that apple are working in this bug...

Mine iPhone 3G has been doing the same thing since the upgrade to 3.1 ... took it to the apple store & they basically refused to acknowledge a problem & refused to exchange even for a refurb because mine is out of warranty period(less than 2 months).

An honest question: how is it that these people put the same update onto the same device that i have and ive had not a hint of a problem on neither my or my wifes phone....im not trying to be a jerk here just asking.....

8gb 3G, never jailbroken. Have been dealing with multiple freezes a day! All started with 3.1 and iTunes 9. Time to go back to the blackberry till this gets fixed...

My iPhone 3G (ver. 3.1) Freezes, drops calls and randomly shuts down (not restarting), but completely shuts down. Can't beleive that Apple released this update without testing it...

Same problem here.... GOD... Blackout in sleep mode, no wakeup from black screen & people call me saying that am not answering while I have nothing on iPhone.
This is since upgrading to 3.1 :-(
Please Steve Jobs... Not this way

16GB 3G, never jailbroken. I updated it last friday using itunes 9. I am now getting the random freezes/shut downs! it only happend 2 times so far. This is very bad for Apple. The FCC (US)needs to check OS updates on cell phones devices, that goes for even MS moble, before they are released to the public. Because now if someone has a life or death emergancy and the phone does not respond because of a lagit OS update.

Same here. 3g 16gb, never jailbroken. Started freezing when sleeping. Holding down both buttons yields a reboot and everything acts fine.
Does seem like this could have been caught in Q/A testing.

i started having the problem after i updated from 3.1. i restored my iphone 3g and it worked fine for a bit...but now the problem is back again. way to go apple.

Went to Apple store last night in CA. Have been having serious batterylife issues for a week
Diagnosis was bad battery. Gave me a shiny 3g. Went to sync it and could not without doing the upgrade. So far so good. Twice the life I had and still at 50%. No freezes yet.
The Genius hadn't heard of any freezing issues. At least that's what he said.

4-5x per day non-responsive; won't let me slide to answer a call, won't bring up shutdown when holding the sleep button, randomly restarts, locks up in any program.
I was having slow response (like won't slide to answer) with 3.01, and probably even 3.0, but not the freezes, locks, restarts.

The genius' are told to pretend they know nothing about it other wise they would be relacing hundreds and thousands of phones every day. They are told to let it lye for a few days until the update comes out and away we go again. saves apple millions in replacement phones.

I've had my iphone 3G for less than three weeks, and since upgrading to 3.1 about a week ago, I've had it freeze on me about 6 times. I'm really getting over having to reset it all the time

Having 3g 16gb. Worked great with 2.x firmware. Upgraded to 3.0 and it was noticably slower with some hangs of 1-2 seconds. Upgraded to 3.1 and got slightly faster leas hangs of few seconds BUT the phone hange in that coma state people described. About 1 to 2 times a day. Have to reset it every time. Putting phone in 2g resolved the coma state issue (ne'er happened anymore). Looking forward for a fix...

I am getting SICK of this POS and am really regretting the decision to switch AT&T and iPhone!
The arrogance of apply by not even mentioning that they are working on it.
By simply allowing a way to simply roll back to 3.0.1 whe they work it out would make a lot of people happy at this point.
Come on apple, you dissapoint me!

I am now on my new iPhone 3G 16 GB because this was my 4th complaint on the same phone. (inability to switch networks, Safari constantly closing me, USB port won't connect to PC or Mac) and now the never ending push notification shutdowns. I pressed the support man to tell me why this was happening and he told me that this update causes a problem with the built In sudden motion sensor. It incorrectly receives info that it is falling putting it In unresponsive mode.
I got a new one, that kindly was only updated to 3.0 and it is still working fine. Bottom line, press the guy on the phone or at the Apple Store.

I´ve got the same problem: 3G shutting down after installing OS 3.1. The only way turning it on again is to press the two buttons for a while.
This really sucks!!!

iPhone 3G 16GB - experienced fast draining battery after 3.1 upgrade and much slower performance in many apps, when switching between them and waiting for keyboard to appear... worse than beta, experience is very un-apple to me!

3G user, upgraded to 3.1 thursday. Experienced my first freeze thursday afternoon. I thought it was bricked, had to do a reset by pressing home and the power button. I've had 2 more freezes in two days. They have always occured while I have my headphones connected and using the ipod functions.

Using 3G, updated to 3.1 when it first came available. Based on my observation, the freeze happened when new email notification came in while the phone was on standby mode. I disabled fetch mail, left the phone on standby for a while and I have no problem waking it up again. Will continue to observe if this solves the issue (for now that is!)

my experience is slightly different. i installed 3.1 and everything seemed to be ok. now, however, my phone will randomly not get any messages (text or voice) (my friends have to call my land line to tell me they've been calling me). also, the phone randomly won't connect to internet or send messages (which is always my signal that i need to reboot the phone). i do this, and suddenly get like 20 texts or 20 vm's. it's annoying. finally, if i try to turn the phone off, the screen goes black, appears to be off, but then randomly comes up with my standby screen for a second or two. it's weird- like a random power surge after the phone turns off. not sure what the heck is going on. i have an 8GB 3G phone, not yet a year old either.

I have a 3gs, and ever since the 3.1 upgrade, it would randomly drop out of network, but with a full reception bar and the "3G" flag on. It would stop receiving any calls or messages without realizing it at all until I try to make a call myself.
Today my wife and daughter were locked out for two hours because they couldn't reach me and I didn't know my phone was dead.
I don't think Apple realizes how serious this problem is. Maybe they will find out from a class action law suit.

I try to update my iphone with OS 3.1 but i get trouble with my Iphone. it never used anymore and only on display show plug into the itunes.. and my iphone can't detect on my computer because No Driver mobile device can install succesfully. Pls help me what can I do to fixed my iphone normally again? TQ GBU my email address: buditjahyadi@yahoo.co.id

Ok people call 02 claim your consumer rights and I have a brand new iPhone coming Tuesday. They pretend not to know about the problem but claim the sales of goods act and the spill the beans. Don't give in and you too with have a new phone xxx

I never thought I would say this, but I definitely support legal action against apple for this one.
Mainly because of the lack of aknowledgement of the issue and how serious it is for those of us that depend on our phones.
Think about it, some people have serious medical conditions or terminally ill family members. Communication is essential in some cases.
This needs to be addressed.

My iPhone 3G has been freezing and/or shutting off at random ever since 3.1
It sometimes it just turns off, other times the screen goes blank and after 10-30 minutes when it finally responds, it has to locate a signal again.
Really Apple?

AT&T; Austin, TX. Hi, have experienced same issues on 32GB 3GS and 8GB 3G after updating to 3.1. Random shut downs. Lock ups. Freezing during web browsing, constant crashes in 3rd party apps. 3GS shut down and was unresponsive for 20 minutes after update. Soft or Hard resets did not work. 3G just locked up on home screen and was unresponsive to all touhes until soft resetting. Obviously, this is a big problem, Apple. Seems like one user in Europe experienced the same, but I'm also noticing that almost all posts are from 3GS and 3G users in the U.S. This means that it probably has something to do with the MMS capabilities that only those phones will have on the 25th. Interestingly enough, it seems that text messages, or emails, or calls, seem to excerbate the issue. Apple will not own up to it. Better fe fixed with the new update on the 25th, which will not be delivered OTA. We will all have to plug our phones back in and download the software, install it, and then Apple will verify the installation. All in all, wasting even more
of my time to transfer all my 27GB of data back to my 32GB 3GS. Bravo, Apple and AT&T. Gosh, the FCC should really step in. Make your millions. Sell more. Decrease the
quality. Sad, Apple used to sell products that just worked.

iPhone has been freezing ever since 3.1. It'll be working fine and then when I go to turn it back on I find that it has been automatically shutoff or frozen. What the F Apple.... Thanks for the update that seemingly did nothing but screw my phone up.

Same problem here and no solution but to reboot everytime, many times per day.
This is becoming more than just an inconvenience.
With full bars I will have no service of any kind.
Has Apple mentioned that there is even a problem or are they playing dumb?
There should be a button to go back to the previous working version and I think everyone would be less frustrated.
For some people missing calls = losing money!
This is ridiculous, I should have stayed with Sprint. The phones were nothing to brag about but they did serve the purpose, that is making and receiving calls.
Apple needs to get their act together.

I have an iphone 3G , 3.01 update. I never had issues till 3.01. I have 126 mb free and have tried removing content before with out success (so i put it back on)-and the same issue.
My phone will freeze at random times, I'll get off the phone, put it in my pocket then go do pull it out again and it's frozen! I am trying to do a restore but it can't even get it synced. I am using an iMac with 10.6.1 with a 2 ghz intel - 4 gig memory - 1tb hard drive.
I really don't know what the issue is...

i have an iphone 3gs 16gb...never had problems until update for the 3.1 beta...my phone is bricked, try downgrading and wont work, im screwed unless i get a new phone or apple fixes it

I too have the same problem 3g and 3.1. Recently upgraded to new itunes phone was stuck in restore modes then emergency call mode. Had to reactivate phone completely. Since restore of phone I have had random shutdowns. The phone will stay on the black screen for about 5-10 mins. Sometimes charging the phone helps other times I have to wait until it feels ready to turn on. Hopefully a fix will come soon.

New Iphone 32 gs No reason battery full went completely black for 4 hours held down both power buttons and then in 10 seconds came back to life.

iPhone 3g 16 gig never jailbroken. Random shutdowns (2-3 a day) since 3.1 upgrade. hard reset works bur annoying as heck. What is the word from apple?

I tried the rollback process that icebike posted. It worked for me and wasn't that hard to do. I will definitely keep it at 3.0.1 until Apple releases a new working update.

iPhone 3G 16gb and I've had numerous random shutdowns since I upgraded to 3.1
I did a restore from backup when updating to 3.1 and because of the problem, I tried to do a complete restore by going to 'Recovery mode', but it didn't solve the issue either.

I have a 3GS and that happened to me when I took a video and i went to view it. I tried to view it in landscape but it wouldn't so I just tried to play the video and it wouldn't register my touch and then shut itself down. It must have started during the video because the video is now corrupted and I cannot view it