iPhone 3.1 Now Live! Go Get It!

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Apple, following their announcement at the It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event, has just posted iPhone OS 3.1, promoting it's Genius App Recommendations, Genius Mixes, Downloadable Ringtones ($1.29 - ouch!), and support for iTunes 9's App Management feature.

Just plug in your iPhone, hit Update, sit back, and enjoy the new hawt. (Jailbreakers and unlockers should hold off unless you want to lose your jailbreak/unlock.)

For more on iPhone 3.1, see TiPb's iPhone 3.1 feature page.

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iPhone 3.1 Now Live! Go Get It!


One advantage that webOS users have is OTA updates. That's a big drawback for iPhone OS, have to wait until you get to a computer, and the one you have already sync'd with your phone. Can't use even your work computer or something without the risk of wiping your phone's media.

I hope it supports AVRCP bluetooth music controls. i hate having to take my phone out of my poket just to skip a song.

I'm happy to see they fixed a Bluetooth/Wifi issue. Sometimes I have my bluetooth headset connected, a call comes in, and I hear the person on the speaker of my phone saying "HELLO, HELLO". Really annoying and unprofessional, as I use my phone for work.

Anyone else noticing the "Capacity Bar" in iTunes not showing how much space Apps are using. If I remember correctly, it was a green bar. It seems now it's under the "Other" category.

Can anyone verify something for me...
If you made your own ringtones, does installing 3.1 screw that up now that you can BUY ringtones via your phone?

I tried the Voice Controls... not working with my bluetooth headset... It's a Jabra, is there some setting???

Anybody who has the help.benm.at tethering hack - can you confirm whether it is still working/broken on 3.1? I can only assume they "fixed" this but tethering is very important to me and I'd either have to stay on 3.0.1 or go back to the BlackBerry for tethering sad.

@frank from apple how-to:
Voice Control (available only on iPhone 3GS) lets you make phone calls and control iPod music playback using voice commands.
Use Voice Control:
Press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears and you hear a beep. You can also press and hold the center button on the iPhone headset (or the equivalent button on your Bluetooth headset).

@Rayman2170, yes I tried the call button & that did not work. Then I tried the volume button and it worked & came through my Jabra headset. A little backwards but good enough for me. :)

@Joe McG
I have an old iPhone 3G that I can test it on - worst case I can always keep the old 3G at 3.0.1 and then put the 3G S to 3.1 until AT&T releases official Tethering - do let me know what your test results are in case you get done before I do :)

Rayman, what a bummer. Cant for the life of me figure out why apple would omit this. Can anyone say cut and paste all over again????

ok I have probably a dumb question...How does the app genius work? Genius sidebar is greyed out when on apps screen....

Does anyone see the ability to buy ringtones on the iTunes mobile store yet? I don't see anything at all. Are those ringtones even up yet?

didn't do anything the mixes icon still not showing up. i see now where its supposed to be from the screenshots but its not there for me. very weird. maybe you have to enable it or somthing.

3.1 bricked my 3GS, it's in recovery mode now and won't recover, just sits on a "Waiting for iPhone" screen. Off to the Apple Store.

ok I figured it out. if anyone else has this problem just force genius to update by clicking store-->update genius

My son just upgraded to 3.1 and all his contacts are now gone except for the phone numbers. He is using exchange to sync the contacts and calander.
Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Voice Control through my Ericsson Bluetooth headset is not working.
AVRCP obviously didn't make it into this patch.
Never noticed or cared about Wi-Fi performance before.
So this update amounts to a lot of WGAF for me!!! :)

I wish I could do OTA updates like Palm's WebOS. I'm traveling, so it'll be days til I'm back at home where I can download and sync at my own PC. What a pain!

The options for tethering are totally gone in 3.1 for AT&T - no longer can you use the carrier hack file and then reboot the phone and tether. It doesn't even give you the option to hit "Configure Tethering" where it says "Contact your carrier to configure this service.".
Once I loaded up 3.1 and went to the Network Configuration I watched as the Tethering option literally disappeared before my very eyes (it was there, and then went away).
Hopefully there will be another hack/fix besides jailbreaking the phone and/or AT&T will actually support iPhone tethering sometime soon (I won't hold my breath).
On a positive note Mobile Safari now supports drop-down menus again.

ok i just updated to the new itunes... and now its saying itunes is not properly installed and that i need to reinstall itunes... ive dun that like two times and i get the same message!!!! omg.... so should i remove itunes and install it again?? or will that de-authorize my computer?? i dont wanna lose all my music

this POS bricked my phone. I had to do a restoration (which thankfully brought it back to life) but now all my apps are GONE. They still show up in itunes but i can't get them onto the phone. I sync and try to get them back on the phone but itunes hangs each and every time. I'm PISSED. I bet I lost all my peggle game saves :-(

To fix contacts/calendar issue, go to General>Settings>then to the correct account, turn off sync for Contacts and Calendars, then turn back on...resolves issue.

Hey ed, you were asking about FM transmitter. I actually use an old external FM transmitter I used with my Nano in the car (my car stereo doesn't have an AUX port) with my iPhone and the iPod part works just fine. No interference from the phone's radio (I don't put it on airplane mode) and I don't get much static from the car radio either. So CAN use a regular FM transmitter with the iPhone.

I did a search under contacts after disabling and re-enabling. it searched and uploaded all my contacts then.

Michael Denny says his tethering on AT&T was disabled after update, but Syncopations says it still worked. Any other data points? I'm really anxious to get a definitive answer, or if there is some way to keep it from disappearing.

syncopations / jtmkrueger - what method did you use to enable tethering, and what carrier/country?

Tethering still works on mine but I don't use it so I could care less. MacBook automatically detects it as a network device without a hickup. Maybe you individual carrier setting where and whoever you got it from bc the update will not overwrite a more updated file.

Don't listen to syncopations / jtmkrueger they are AT&T and they want their phone back. I'll get you my pretty. And your little phone too...(witch cackle). In all seriousness, someone post a YouTube video to prove/help with results. I'll be sure to rate/comment/subscribe.

Tethering is broken for me after 3.1 install. Tried reinstalling config file from help.benm.at to no avail. AT&T here.

Yup, I did my 3.1 update last night, it crashed midway through and when it finally updated all of my apps were gone. All 8 pages of them. I tried syncing, closing and re-opening iTunes and NOTHING. I see them in my app store but can not update. I love that we can now put them in order but too bad it doesn't work. Anyone know yet if there will be a fix? I tried to download them again from the app store but says I already downloaded them. I am not a happy person. Why can't Apple and AT&T get their stuff together????

Im reading this and typing in here from my A.Macbook off wireless 3G tethering via my JailB 3GS. Oh hold on! I have to download a free ringtone and send an MMS real fast...
3.1 what?

I did the update this morning and it's been pretty good all day...only grief I've got is that the vole of the key clicks is only about 1/4 of the original level with the volume all the way up..anybody else got this problem?

As info, tethering no longer works for my 3gs upgraded to 3.1 with the ATT 5.0 carrier hack.

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I still can't get the Genius mixes on my iPod Touch (3.1)... I've got them in iTunes 9, but I can't get them on my iPod. I've updated genius several times while the pod is connected -- is there something I'm missing?

NO, I upgraded, had the help.benm tethering working great, but as soon as I upgraded to 3.1, it was lost, all lost. Damn you apple

Here too: no genius mixes on the iPhone (3.1), but they work nicely on iTunes (9). Tried synching several times, no dice.

Why would you have any added features other than what Apple wants you to have and still think that an update isnt going to remove these things. Every update with the exception of the 3.0.1 has removed the jailbreak. DUMBBBBB. I havent updated and dont plan to. Dumb

Yeah, rub in in buddy, it hurts. I knew better but fell for some of the posts saying it worked.. Stupid

I upgraded to 3.1 yesterday (3G Optus Australia) and I can confirm, the tethering menu has disappeared completely. I'm really pissed off about this. I was using tethering to get Internet at our place (no landline): now we're stuck without Internet.
I'd never seriously considered jailbreaking until now: but as soon as I get my computer to an Internet connection, this 3.1 crap is gone!
Dumb move Apple. You're just alienating people with this crackdown shit.

@ Mike . dumb move on your part for updating. Just because they impliment new firmware doesnt mean they are puposfully removing your jailbreak or cracked apps, tethering etc. Dont blame them. its your fault for being an idiot and thinking nothing would change.

I got my apps back. When I updated again, I selected the Applications tab, I then deselected the Synch Applications box on the top left and said yes to remove all apps. Once that was done, I selected to Synch Applications and checked off the apps I wanted and then sorted them to my liking. That worked. If any of you also experienced the applications disappearing, that should fix it!!

hey, i upgraded my ipod to the 3.1 but my apps won't synch to my ipod. i have itunes 9, the latest version and when i synch my apps it says synchronizing but the when i look on my ipod theyre not there ?!!?!
HELP please !!!

Best I could find:

  1. Jailbreak your iPhone 3G
  2. Install 3Proxy and MobileTerminal
    1. Fire up the “Cydia” application that was installed during the iPhone 3G jailbreak
    2. Navigate to Install>All Packages
    3. Find and install MobileTerminal
    4. Find and install 3Proxy
    5. Hit the “Home” button to verify that MobileTerminal is now installed on the homescreen (3Proxy isn’t a GUI app, so you won’t see an application icon)
  3. Create an ad-hoc WiFi network on your laptop laptop
    1. Name it something memorable – like “Tether-ific”
  4. Lock your iPhone 3G on to the ad-hoc WiFi network you just created
    1. Settings>WiFi Networks
  5. Find out your iPhone’s IP address
    1. Setting>WiFi Networks
    2. Tap on the little blue arrow to the right of the WiFi network you just joined – “Tether-ific,” in this case
    3. Write down the iPhone IP address
  6. Fire up MobileTerminal on your iPhone 3G
    1. Execute the proxy program
    1. Type in “socks” and hit enter
    2. You won’t get any confirmation that the SOCKS server is up and running, but it is
    3. Hit the “Hom” button to return to homescreen
    1. Remember to quit the MobileTerminal application by opening it later and holding down the “Home” button and forcing it to quit
  7. Start up your iPhone’s Safari browser and open a web page
    1. Wait for your iPhone’s Safari browser to realize that it can’t use the ad-hoc WiFi network (because it leads nowhere, for now) and then switch to using the 3G data connection
    2. This step takes a little while, so be patient
  8. Configure Firefox to use your iPhone proxy
    1. Preferences>Advanced>Network>Setting
    2. Find the “SOCKS Host” field and enter the IP address you wrote down earlier
    3. Set port to”1080″
    4. Go to Firefox’s address bar and type in “about:config”
    1. Hit Enter
    5. Find the “Filter” field and type in “socks”
    1. Hit Enter
    6. Find the entry that looks like “network.proxy.socksremotedns”
    1. Double click
    7. Change value to “true”
  9. You’re done, get to surfing the web through your new iPhone 3G tether!

Remember to quit MobileTerminal when you’re done surfing at 3G speeds. Start up MobileTerminal again and hold down the “Home” button until the application force-quits

or just go to Cydia, download PDANET and use the FREE full version trial for 14 days and then the free http version only after that. Get surfing your new iphone 3g tether(the easy way)

After enabeling MMS none of the apps that I've downloaded work. Paid or not paid for the only apps that work for me are the ones that where installed when I opened the box. This is not good at all, I did a mater reset and restored the Iphone and still the apps noted above still do not work. hmmm any ideas out there?

I dont have a quick fix for you. I have a jailbroken 3.0.1 3GS and everything on my end is still working after enabling mms.
I would ask though if your iphone is NOT jailbroken how close are you to the apple store and are you in warranty. Thats something Id just take back. If you are id go that route, save yourself some trouble and they may just give you a new one, which is always nice.

This update sucked big time! Really annoying to find out that the tethering was missing even though it worked on 3.0.1. Don't get this update unless it's absolutely necessary.


I just want tethering back on my iPhone 3g v 3.1 so I can Download to the new update witch would give me mms.. So any ideas? I dint have Internet at my house so tethering was kinda important to me....

from what you wrote ^ I cant tell if you are on 3.1 or 3.0. If you are still on 3.0 you can just download the carrier 5.5 update(just do a google search). then save the download to your desktop(easiest). Open iTunes, connect iphone, hold ALT and press update and then find and choose the 5.5 carrier . done. If youre on 3.1 you need to jailbreak again. I'm still on 3.0 so I dont have help for you to go that route, probably just as easy though.

I need help! After the 3.1 update all apps pop up and disapear! Try to use instruction above and it didn't work geez!