No iPhone 4G this Year, but Android 4G is Almost Here! -- The Competition

While Apple will almost certainly release a 4th generation iPhone this June or July, it won't be an iPhone 4G because 4G LTE networks in the US won't be up and running in significant enough quantities until 2011 or 2012 but Sprint is slowly rolling out a competing 4G WiMax network and has just announced a competing uber-phone to go with it -- the Android 2.1 powered, Sense UI shellacked HTC EVO 4G.

Our buddy Phil Nickinson from Android Central is on the ground at CTIA 2010 and bringing us back the full Sprint EVO 4G video and hands on, but suffice it to say, once again HTC is just showing off. The specs are obscene. Total. Gadget. Porn.

First and foremost, the thing is a beast. A 4.3-inch LED touchscreen -- same as the HD2 -- and the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor. A gigabyte of ROM and 512 of RAM round out what's under the hood.

Like taking pictures? There's an 8-megapixel camera and dual flashes -- for sheer candle power -- to take care of that. Wanna record moving pictures in 720p? No sweat. Plus, there's a basic 1.3MP camera on the front of the phone -- pretty much a first for a U.S. carrier-sanctioned device. Now you just have to have apps that support it.

Of course, if you record in HD, you might as well have HD playback, right? And for that, there's a mini-HDMI port, so you can go straight from the Evo 4G to an HD television. There's a cute little kickstand, too, which makes the Evo 4G great for watching movies.

Now Steve Jobs is rumored to have said the iPhone G4 (not iPhone 4G!) will be an A+ upgrade, but what does that mean? Will the lack of 4G networking hurt them? We doubt it. Will less-than-EVO specs?

Apple has repeatedly said they believe software -- not hardware -- is their key advantage, so will they even try to match specs with HTC or are they hoping iPhone 4.0 (with its rumored multitasking) will be enough to stay ahead of even beefier handsets?

We know Apple has to bring it in 2010, but the bar for that bring might just have been raised again. Take a gander at the new king of iPhone competition (for this month at least) and let us know what you think!

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Rene Ritchie

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No iPhone 4G this Year, but Android 4G is Almost Here! -- The Competition


The other carriers are catching up and, in this case, are surpassing Apple in regards to under the hood. And with Android maturing in leaps and bounds, Apple is going to have to do something pretty spectacular in order to keep up.

If the 4th gen iPhone isn't a game changer, I will be sorely tempted to go back to Sprint and this phone, especially if Sprint gets 4G here in Cincinnati.

Oh wow, another iPhone killer. An 8MP camera on your phone? Is that really a good idea? The 5MP camera on the Droid isn't even as good as the 3MP on the iPhone 3GS, more pixels = more noise unless they are making the sensor significantly larger, and a lot more memory taken up.

I love how Rene just can't stick to the iPhone. He has to be involved in everything else. He tires to connect any new phone to write about, but he is only iPhone. Sorry Rene, you're not Dieter!

I have to agree with Nigel. I have a DROID and iPhone 3G and I'm taking better photos with the 3G. Voice quality for phone calls on verizon SUCKS! If the DROID were on AT&T, I would keep it but I have like 5 days to decide if I wanna keep it and I don't think I wanna. I'm sorry, average user, DROID is NO iPhone killer.

It's funny how this phone has pretty much all features iPhone users have been begging for since the original. Front facing camera, flash, multitasking, HDMI out . . . heck it even is a 4G hotspot! What will I do without Steve Jobs telling me what to do with my phone?

Leet, I hope you arent talking about the Crapflip? Might be a good phone for an 8th grader. I have to admit though this is a nice phone. I mean its feature packed. I dont care about Sprints 4G network. 3-6Mbps. I get 5Mbps on AT&T now.
But I have to hand it to HTC, this is a nice device. Would I go to Sprint for it, probably not. HTC has a funny way or making these types of phones available to all the carriers. If this come to AT&T its going to be hard to get my 4th iPhone unless its something that completely blows peoples doors off.

lol @ 5mbps ... yea stop dreaming. ..
anyway I"m on Sprint... I dont know if I should get a Nexus one or this ..
The Nexus one will be more hackable.. but the 4G is tempting especially since Sprint has announced Boston as a target already... the big screen.. I might have to go with the Nexus depending on how much more 4g plans will cost..

Personally, I think Verizon and AT&T are correct in adopting LTE over WiMax (which has actually been a 3G spec). As an extension of existing global 3G standards it will provide AT&T with a more economical rollout, especially as they continue to turn up some of the hsdp capacity they already have, bridging EDGE to LTE well.
When Apple releases a 4G network device, I expect it will be similar to the 3G--support as many global networks as possible with a single part.
I was surprised, and applaud, Verizon choosing LTE. It is somewhat of a break from CDMA, but I haven't been in love with CDMA ever, so there you go. SIM cards FTW ;-)

Wow hands down best device ever created! Sprint sounds so temping right now!! Has anyone seen my iPhone 3gs it ran when it saw the specs of this monster phone.

It almost occurs to me that HTC almost competes with itself, and pits carrier against carrier. Spending time on Engadget and Gizmodo, I almost get dizzy with all the HTC announcements.
There is a certain clarity of saying to people 'Go to the AT&T store and try an iPhone, if you like it buy it' versus the Android smörgåsbords that the carriers' stores are seeing.
Both are completely different approaches to the marketplace. Of course leave it to haters to turn it into 'Buy XYZ! I hate QRS they totally suck!!!'

Granted, this phone is a monster... it has everything. But me waiting for the competition (iPhone G4) before making a decision. Steve Jobs has at times blown away our collective socks off. I am sure he has some aces up his sleeve. And now to come think of it, there haven't been many worthwhile updates after the 3.0 software was announced last year and the hardware last year was nice, not mind blowing. I'm sure Apple engineers are cooking something new and amazing with their secret hot sauce.... Can't wait for the new annoucements from Apple.. June/July cannot come here any sooner...

I see nobody clicked on your Speedtest. Those are in line with HSPA speeds in places where AT&T is turning it up (finally). People forget too that Apple has supported HSPA downlink (3.6 for 3G, 7.2 for 3GS) though uplink remains fixed at 384 max.
Pity though, I only rate @ near-T1 speeds on my bed in Chicago. I guess I'll just turn my wifi back on :-/

Wow! In my opinion, this is the first official "iPhone Killer" at the moment, since the first one back in 2008 with the Samsung Instinct. But like i said, my opinion. But this little big beast is huge, and perfect. Yeah, 5 megapixels may suck, but have you tried this 8 megapixel? ofcourse not. Unless you already tested the EVO in Vegas earlier. As for all this Fiasco, i really do hope Apple can wow us again, just like they did in 2007. If not, it's bye bye iPhone, hello Sprint & EVO. Btw, Sprint is a really good carrier also. :)

I am waiting for Apple's answer to all these new phones coming out this summer. I only have 1 thing to say though, my contract ends this summer & if the new iPhone don't have any significant changes then it's time to move on & drop AT&T. I get about 10 dropped calls a day in SoCal & data is faster on EDGE than 3G here.
You only get the speeds that AT&T advertises if you live in a small town w/ only a few hundred people on the same tower but if you live in a big city, you can barely make a call let alone surf the internet.

My take is all these phones are catching up to the iphone which most definitely was far ahead of the game when it came out and if they don't step up the pace they wont stay ahead for long remember how they made the first mass produced personal computer now there just a small portion of the pc world. truth is apple is great at innovating but once the world catches up they have to come up with something new to save there asses after the pc was the ipod then when that started to dwindle the iphone is the ipad the next step leaving the iphone as a thing of the past i doubt it i sure hope they have something up there sleeves for this years iphone

i still dont think that any phone without some large built in storage, 16-32gb+ will have a hard time competing...

This phone is a beast. It also can act as a wi-fi other devices (up to 8 i believe) can use its data as wi-fi. ahem ipad ahem....

I am interested in seeing what the new Apple comes out with this year. G4 iphone doesn't need to be a beast like this phone (although this thing is high on my personal list of drool worthy material) but it DOES need to absolutely smoke everyone else in the software game. I wouldn't even go as far as saying that multi-tasking is a must, but they better come up with a much better option. And if they don't knock it out of the park, Steve's reality distortion field will be enough to convince everyone otherwise. I am actually more interested in what the 4G OS will do for the iPad.

Another "iPhone Killer" on the scene yet again. Seen them come, seen them go. Been there done that. The truth is, Apple doesn't let the competition dictate what we release. We drive the innovation of the industry. They're following OUR lead. We don't have to match the specs of their devices. We never have. Why should we now?
Last year you expected this fantabulous gadget that would amaze even Dr. Spock, but did we make it? No. We made what we wanted. It's the same this year. And to be honest, I could spit on a piece of paper and people would call it Picasso! So do you really think I'm worried? Shiver me livers!
Sent from my iPhone

Is that supposed to be a negative? Makes me want it even more. Customizable screens, beautiful widgets to give me the exact info I want without opening an app, mutitasking, always accessible swipe down notifications, tethering, Google Voice, Google Nav, pervasive voice to text, insane customization to appease the power user, Steve not having me by the balls. Now I get HD video recording, front facing camera, HDMI out, 4.3 inch screen......this is so copped.

I wanted an HD2 with Android. Then HTC comes out with this!
Denying this phones superiority over the iPhone is just sad. My 3GS might as well say Playskool on the back now....
Sent from my Playskool 3GS

Nice machine.
But wasn't the Droid the iPhone-killer? And wasn't the NexusOne the superphone?
Sent from my laptop

I agree my contract ends in if the new iphone doesnt have anything MIND BLOWn...Im most def buying the EVO...NEVER been to Sprint but hey they're cheaper than AT&T

Game over?? Maybe. Maybe not. The specs are out of this world, and the future Snapdragons are only getting faster. It seems like the phone world has left Apple and Jobs "the app store will fix that" mentality behind. These people are making phones the old fashioned way: They work out the box. No apps to plug the holes. Apples approach is to put out a blank canvas, then expect the buyer to paint the pic. That's ok up to a point, but when the canvas maker decides what paint you can and cannot use, it doesn't work. I don't think Apple can catch this. Jobs approach is counter to what the market is doing. Larger, better screens. HD outputs. Better cameras. Set-it-the-way-you-want-it OS. There is something diferent out there today: People willing to walk away from their iPhones. That was almost un-heard of a year or so ago. You still have the fanboys that will always buy the latest Apple whatever, but the general population, the ones that helped Apple sell a gazillion phones, are leaving. These phones are very nice, functional, and really fast. Video record in HD?? I mean, come on!! We don't even have a flash for pics!! There's no app for that!!

ill pass on god awful sprint.
Had it for a week and got rid of it , never had more dropped calls ever.

We'll know what Apple has in mind before the EVO is released. It's a bit premature to do comparisons.

I don't want the iPhone to be killed. The iPhone is a good device, if you jailbreak, that is. I want Android badly but passed on the Droid and Nexus One because I want a big screen like the HD2.
I don't think the EVO will "kill" the iPhone, but HTC as a company might. HTC = Hungry; Apple = Complacent

There will never be an iphone killer imo. Any mature market tends to have a top 1 & 2 then a distant 3rd. As the smartphone market matures in America I see Microsoft and Apple competing for the top 2 spots and Android for the 3rd spot.
The next iphone OS should add in requested features but nothing that will draing the battery. Jobs has pretty much confirmed that he's not going to do anything close to ruining the fun iphone users have by running out of battery. One of the few reasons I suspect that you'll see a slightly larger battery. Hopefully the new iphone comes with the features (720p recording, flash) that this one has.
What has me super excited is that HTC hasn't come close to revealing its first (flagship by default) phone for the WP7S. Can you imagine the same spec'd phone plus 32-64GB in flash memory on board? Wow.
The Supersonic (sticking with the codename)is simply breathtaking. Being able to work as a hotspot is a feature that is just unbelievable. Plus all that screen size and the way xda members are porting and customizing Android OS now just seems like its going to be the IT toy along with the HD2.

Specs are all fine and dandy, but it really boils down to software. Feature filled yet simple and powerful.

@pBkiller and Jerry. Like the other 2 guys said. Check my link I posted. And that's what the end read was. During the test I am seeing spikes to 5300k. WiMax who?
Agree on this phone though. I don't have extensive familiarity with the adroid os. But I'm willing to check it out. Specs are specs though. They are numbers until they have proven themselves. 8mp camera will be nice providing they have the sensor figured out. Otherwise the pics will have so much noise they won't come out well. The 3G[S] has an excellent camera for only being 3MP

Wow this look promising. I never had a problem when I was with Sprint. I just wonder if the Sprint 4g signal strength is good in Chicago. Now I see why Apple sued HTC, maybe to keep this massive phone from reaching the US.

Damn, I'm loving this phone.
I dont think anyone can say the iPhone or Nexus One hardware is better than this. That screen just looks fantastic. Such a same it's running android and on Sprint but wow. Apple has a lot of catching up to do. I'm blown away; I haven't felt like this over a phone since iPhone 3g came out.

I love the led bigger screen, that's one of the biggest reasons I have a iPhone 3gs 32 gb and had the first gen. But every so called iPhone killer doesn't meet the muster of one i've played with. Next news story!

The phrase "A+ Upgrade" scares me terribly because I can't help but fear that it won't be enough to counteract the rapidly accelerating market share of Android.

Apple needs to really bring it this year to even have a chance. My current 3G is still on par with WiMax speeds right now. So no big deal to me. But the phone is going to need a big improvement.
I went to T-Mo yesterday to preview the HD2. Picked it up and the slide screen was frozen. Havent had it in my hands for 2 secs and it needed a restart. Lol. Come to find out the security device they had the phone clamped into was pressing the volume button constantly. Which was screwing the phone up. But after restart, it was a very smooth experience. This is going to be just as good.

I have to say, I'm on sprint and this is a great option, but my contract will be up and I am a free agent this summer. After playing with a jailbroken ipod touch for the last few months I really would give up a superior carrier (where I live) AND cheaper plan for a next gen iphone that has specs that match the EVO.

Apple got it right with the 3.5inch screen. The Palm Pre's screen was fail 3.1inch as it felt small and you will see this screen will feel to big. It surprises me all the positive comments on the larger screen. People really don't know what is good for them. I'm pretty positive a large screen like this will not pass the pocket test. This phone will feel clunky and uncomfortable in the pocket which will equal fail and thus making it awesome only when you are not in motion. Some will deal with it and adjust sure but the majority will not adopt it due to this unfortunate decision.
Also let's not forget that its not about who can yank the biggest baddest stuff in a devie..its about how the hardware and software come together...advantage Apple. If you think iPhone 4.0 will need to meet or exceed these specs you will be disappointed...that is not Apple way...just look at the can get betters specs for equal or less money but people don't care because what they are buying is the experience of how it all comes together. I could go on but this is gotten to long :)

what? another iphone killer? i have to admit though that this phone, with all its specs, is pretty handy. i would love to test it out. but, as far as i know, there has been no proper news regarding iphone 4G/G4 out there. apple has plenty of tricks on their sleeves, just not the flash player, and i'm pretty sure they know all about these phones tagged as 'iphone killers'. just have to wait for these phones to come out. besides, i've heard there is no 4G network here in england. pity.

Just because you can put six wheels on a car doesn't make it better... We know exactly where we are with Apple. Okay, so there are things we moan about, but where's the support for these other wannabes. Stick to the real deal ;)

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