iPhone 5 launch live from the Regent Street Apple Store in London

We're live in London (and New York, and multiple locations in Canada) for today's iPhone 5 launch. Having a time zone advantage over other Apple fans, iPhone 5 buyers in the UK were able to get their hands on the coveted device from 8am BST this morning (3am EDT, 12am PDT), and the Mobile Nations team was on the ground at Apple's Regent Street store to witness the launch first-hand, as over 2,000 queued on the streets of London. Check out our video report above, and stay tuned for more launch coverage throughout the day!

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Alex Dobie

Alex is based in the UK. Managing editor for Android Central, he moonlights here only for matter of extreme urgency. And fun.

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iPhone 5 launch live from the Regent Street Apple Store in London


i wish we had an apple store in my city to release iphone. There is one apple store near my place but apple doesnt release the phone in our country like other countries.Here we get phones after couple of months after it is released in other countries. Would love to experience waiting in queue and get my hands on the latest apple products. What an amazing experience it is.

Where are the cooler Samsung guys making fun of the people in line? I need a demonstration of NFC please