iPhone 5C once again rumored to be the name of Apple's rumored upcoming less expensive, more colorful iPhone

Color iPhone

iPhone 5c is once again being rumored as the name for Apple's rumored less expensive iPhone which, if said rumors are accurate, would not only sport a plastic back but a colorful new plastic back. That's right, iPhonechromatic! This time it's Jay Yarow of Business Insider doing the reporting:

After the photos leaked, we heard from a source that the name is going to be "iPhone 5c".

Yarow says his source isn't at Apple, and that it's here-say, but here-say he's fairly confident in. Over the weekend margarine-tubs showed up in China with the name iPhone 5c on them, which didn't look like anything Apple would design or produce, but it did reflect a report from way back in January on the iPhone 5c name from iLounge.

Apple doesn't have to decide on marketing names until just before product launch, so things can and might change, but it is interesting to see the name iPhone 5c popping up more and more often.

It's not as elegant at the Mac Pro/Mac Mini, or iPad/iPad mini dynamic, but it does fit the iPhone 3G/iPhone 4S number/letter pattern. What do you think of the name?

Source: Business Insider

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iPhone 5C once again rumored to be the name of Apple's rumored upcoming less expensive, more colorful iPhone


I'm worried Apple will begin to diversify too much, and we wind up with too many models, thus confusing consumers. Lets not hope it's 1993-1996 all over again.

I think the letter C is very close in sound and usage to the letter S and if Apple release an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 5C it would lead to confusion among consumers. In some countries (in many countries actually) for the sounds of /es/ and /si/ there is only one letter and even though you never translate a brand, of all the remaining 25 letters in the English alphabet, C seems to me the most confusing.

Moreover, it would take effort to get the message to consumers. What does C mean? It should be a no-brainer. So far tech people all around the web are struggling to guess what it means. Color? Not really clear. There would be a white and a black phone and having such phones labeled as "Color" doesn't makes sense.

Maybe the new iPhone 5S would be the 5C. Let's not exclude this option.

I'm pretty sure anybody with a grade school education will be able to tell the difference. It's not like HTC with the One, One X, One X+, blah blah blah. Now THAT is confusing. Most people who buy it aren't going to care about the name anyway. They just want a colored, slightly cheaper iPhone. If it's a C it's almost a certainty it means color. What else would you call it? Just the iPhone Color? What would the C stand for if it is the actual name of the 5S? Also, the 5C packaging photos we saw over the weekend are more in line with the iPod Touch and nano packaging, not the premium iPhone packaging. It seems much more likely to be for a "budget" model than a premium model. As for the tech community struggling to figure it out, they all guessed at the S monicker for the 3S and 4S as well. The consensus appears to be color and I'm inclined to agree.

You seem to have the confidence but it's still speculation. So we have iPhone Color and iPhone non-color? Or iPhone Texture? iPhone Gradient or maybe iPhone Transparency.
It doesn't make sense and Apple is known for providing basic sense for everything they do.

You might be right though. But it doesn't make sense to me.

I don't see why it doesn't make sense. It's crazy simple. What are you talking about an iPhone non-color, texture, etc? You're overthinking it. You have the 5S (most likely) and the 5C. They stand for what they stand for, regardless of what it turns out to be. C for color and S for whatever they decide it stands for this time. It's much more difficult to surmise what the S will stand for than the C. Now of course you are correct, it's all speculation until Apple announces it. I'm just saying what everything is pointing to it being, going on the evidence.

I'm not really a fan of identifying at as an iPhone 5. Sure, it may share some of the internals but this isn't the 5th iteration of this phone. And I do think it'll be a little confusing to some people. I'd prefer calling it an iPhone something else.

It'll be interesting to see if they keep the same upgrade schedule with this phone. By releasing the new, less expensive phone at the same time as the "mid-cycle" iPhone 5S Apple could be releasing a "new" phone every year (along with an updated version of the other).

Not the 5th iteration of this model, but it is an iteration of the 5th model, just as the 5S is. You'll have the 5S (iteration), 5 (original), 5C (iteration of 5 or 5S, probably 5). I agree about the upgrade cycle. I would say probably the previous model with a cheaper shell each year.

iPhone C is a terrible name - it implies all sorts of negative vibes, like "3rd choice" or "not an A grade or even a B grade." Now plain old IPhone Color would be more likely, though problematic for worldwide marketing given the spelling differentiation of that word.

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I would agree if the other two offerings were labeled "iPhone A" and "iPhone B". It's also why they don't label the current iPhone as "Premium" or "Pro". And the spelling differences for Color is the reasoning why it's called the "iPhone 5C" rather than "iPhone Color". Whatever country it's in can just imply it's native spelling.

I think they should have stuck with their computer naming conventions, like they attempted to do with the iPad. Why do we need iPhone 5,6,7... You don't see the Macbook Pro 4, 5, 6 labeling. Just have every new model be the iPhone. Iterations can have the C or S designations. They're going to have to do something new when they hit double digits anyway. I highly doubt we'll see an iPhone 11.

I remember when people said "iPad" was a terrible name -- it made them think of sanitary pads, no woman would buy one, etc. That name didn't have any negative effect, iPhone 5C won't have any negative effect now. They'll sell like hotcakes, safest prediction ever.

I highly doubt that the two phones would be introduced at the same time. This is bad for profit. And it makes sense if the low-cost one gets released first, maybe a month before 5S.

I think iPhone 5C is the authentic name, and the "C" Stands for "Cheap & Clorful", in other words, the entry iphone will come with different colors and cheaper price compare to iPhone 5S.

There is something that doesn't make sense to me. This year they will call them iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but what about next year? The premium one will be the iPhone 6 but I can't see a way for them to consistently name the cheaper version...

I love apple because it'd the only piece of tech my grandparents know how to use (iPad mini), and with an iPhone it would make messaging them and using facetime a LOT easier for them and myself to stay connected since we're about 950 miles apart!