iPhone bugs: Alarms still not working properly for some users

Well it's January 3 and some iPhone alarms are still not been going off at their correct times. We first told you about the alarm bug on Friday as Australia hit the new year and started noticing the issue. Apple promised us over the weekend that on January 3rd things would fix themselves and users would wake up on time.

Well it appears as if this did not happen for everyone as complaints have been going wild on the internet that users were woken up late for their first day back to school or work after their holiday vacations. Personally my iPhone 4 woke me up right on time this morning but it sounds like I got lucky. How about you? Did your alarm wake you up on time or after the last alarm bug did you lose faith in the native alarm and use a different alarm for waking yourself up?

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iPhone bugs: Alarms still not working properly for some users


Please let me know if you need a few good software coders. Their also available to work on that notifications issue you been having for the last three years.

Mine worked, but it's set for M-F for my work alarm. Roommate had me wake him on the way out the door just in case, but said his worked. Don't know how he had it set. I have one set for M-F for work and another set for Sa/Su for my days off...didn't have any trouble waking up via iPhone.

I was a victim of the alarm glitch yesterday and today. Fortunately there werent any consequences.
I had mine on no-repeat, single alarm. I'm going to set it as a repeating alarm to see if that helps.

Worked fine for me as well. Set a single-time alarm for 12:00 PM today and it fired as it should. Horror's as I was afraid we would have a re-enactment of Windows Mobile alarm corruption situation on our hands. :)

This was for one-time alarms only, not re-ocurring alarms. Also, if you set the alarm last night (January 2nd) for this morning (January 3rd) it did not go off. If you set it after midnight last night (January 3rd) then the one-time alarm works fine.
Try setting a one-time alarm now for 1 minute in the future. It works. The one I set last night for this morning did not work. We should be all set, for now.

I set mine as a recurring M-F alarm, after testing a single instance alarm (which didn't work) yesterday. Both my backup clock radio and iPhone woke me up, so recurring seems to work.
Can't say I'll trust this alarm for a while now after reports of more problems today :-(

As an electronics HW and FW engineer who works on the type of silicon that ends up in smartphones, seriously, how hard is this? The fact that it got through QA testing is frankly unbelievable.

Indeed, KaptainK. Do they have temporary interns writing these iPhone apps, and then do no testing?

Heck no mine didn't work..I was dreaming when my kid woke me up an hour & 1/2 after the alarm was to go off

Nope, alarm didn't work here. I deleted all my scheduled alarms and reset. Let's see tomorrow!

Hmm... This is odd. I haven't been having any problems with my iPhone 4's alarms at all, either my one-time (Sunday) or my repeat (weekdays). I have also been using a dedicated "real" alarm clock as a backup, just in case... So apparently this is not affecting every iPhone out there; only certain ones. How bizarre...

My previously existing one-time alarm on my 3GS did not go off at all this morning and I woke up 30 min late.

thank god I follow this blog and set a repeat alarm one minute after my normal alarm, because the first one didn't go off. WTF?!

Unbelievable. With all of the capabilities of the iPhone- GPS, internet, accelerometer, camera, video----- they screw up a simple alarm which has been present in the most basic cell phones for over a decade.

In olden days I was a shift worker and relied on wind-up and battery alarm clocks. They didn't always work. I quickly found that I needed two alarm clocks, preferably with one out of reach to deal with the human factor. Over many years I've seen time/date bugs across many platforms. Despite the experience and brains of the developers and testers, time remains an imperfect area. So many time-zones; ever-changing daylight saving; so many APIs (which may themselves not be correct). A poster above offers
"good software coders", but then makes a very basic English error. People make mistakes. Apple is people. If you really need to wake up, make sure you've got at least two things to wake you.

My alarm failed to go off but luckily I woke up naturally at that time today. I had to change the alarm times to something different, save, then change them back before they'd start working again.
That is just poor coding on the part of the developers at Apple. There really is no excuse for a bug like this still existing in their OS. Especially with the touting of things that "just work".

Conserve your iPhone battery. Go to walmart and buy yourself a $5 sophisticated alarm clock. stop whining. Bugs will be Fixed tonight after 12:00 pm. I hate these bunch of Cry Babies who are ignorant of technology.

I just set an alarm that was NOT reoccurring and sounded as usual. Yet yesterday it did not. I am using iPhone 3G, 4.2.1 in Eastern US. Seems bug is fixed for me.

@LOL - Why do you feel that Apple should ignore this issue. It was supposed to "fix itself" on 1/3 and it didn't. Even for those whose alars worked, the bug is not fixed. It did not "Just Work" nor was it "Magical" for a lot of people.
Also, when calling people ignorant you might want to review your grammar, capitalization, and time telling skills.

Just because it's simple for the users to fix with an extra step doesn't excuse the developers from fixing such a bug. Remember, this is the company that says things should "just work" so asking the users to do something like that should be scorned.