AT&T Leaks! New iPhone to be Announced this June?

BGR is claiming some inside info from AT&T on the next hardware revision of the iPhone. The announcement is apparently slated for June (actual release unknown) and the new features line up with some of what we've been hearing. Top of the list is speed, with likely support for the higher-speed abilities of HSDPA on AT&T -- up to 7.2MBps -- which may also play into those multi-core rumors too. There's also apparently going to be some sort of "U-Verse" app that will work with your home entertainment system (If there's an IR port on this thing, I'll eat my hat). The word "unified" gets tossed around a bit, but beyond it having something to do with Apple playing nice with AT&T's services, it's a little unclear.

Oh, and since it's the hip thing to do, there's a bit of netbook chatter tossed in at the end, but we're not getting an Apple vibe off that. We'll leave the netbook bits aside and ask: what feature do you most want? Video and Megapixels with a side of video publishing? OLED Display? iPhone HD? Free puppy with every purchase?

Thanks to Jeff for the tip!

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AT&T Leaks! New iPhone to be Announced this June?


I can see the newer 3G chips, 802.11n (although I fail to see the use of it because you can't transfer anything over WiFi and no internet connection is that fast.), and higher megapixel camera with video.
But all the other stuff I can't see, they showed us the software for this year.
This will be the iPhone 3.5G, just changes to the guts and minor performance oriented upgrades. I would not get my hopes up for a multi-core back-ground processing iPhone yet.

Didn't think there would be either but it would spur sales. I know i'd buy one if I do stay in the iphone camp which Palm is tempting me to do with wishy washy silence.
How could you not want so called HD? It's all about the screen. If AT&T would just get me 3g out here..

Well, I am officially excited now, I thought salivating from March-June last year was enough but damn it, it's started again!

What are they planning on doing, announcing the release the night before?
Come on Apple, we need months of anticipation.........

im guessing there will be 32gb and to get people to switch they will allow video recording and/or upgrade the camera. probably wont switch my 3g until next year unless they have a huge change to this one.

almost know for sure it wont happen this time around but would be awesome next year to see the iphone get a OLCD screen(aka iphone HD) then i'd switch for sure

I don't think we'll see an iPhone HD. I think that would be take the mobile out of mobile phones. I think we'll see an faster iPhone with an higher resolution camera. Hopefully a front facing camera also. I think Apple will start bringing pro apps to the iPhone. Since Apple opened up the dock connector. I think they will try to expand the made for iPod catalog making the iPhone into more of a lifestyle accerssory than just a iPod with phone functionality. It's true iPods are taking over the world!

Going over the list from BGR, none of the things they mention are really "news"... it's pretty much stuff we have already heard about or simply obvious things... I'm back to questioning this whole "new" iPhone...

Accoring to Ryan Block on Twitter ( the existing iPhone 3G is capable of 7.2 Mbps because it uses Infineon PMB6952 Presumably, then, it would currently be hindered by AT&T's network, not the hardware. Can anyone verify that this new iPhone would be any different?

Looking forward to faster processor and more memory. Nothing too fancy in those departments just something to improve overall snappiness.
Also looking for better camera and minor tweaks in things like speakers and microphones.
Nothing too sexy but I'll definitely me cashing in my original iPhone this summer.

Why would they include IR on the phone (assuming that's what they're talking about?). That's such an old technology, they might as well include a cassette player then.

I love the free puppy idea xD
Anyway I'd love to see new iPhone colors... Or a better camera. Next/previous song external buttons would be nice

Agree that faster processor, more memory, and faster 3G network speeds are on the top of the list, together with video recording from an improved camera. The lack of the latter is reflecting badly on Apple.

I really doubt that we will see a new iPhone this summer, although I think it is possible that it will be what Santa is bringing to a few hundred thousand good grown ups this year! That being said, I will not be one of them (unless my mother, god bless her soul, decides that is my present for the year despite my telling her not to bother-- she did it with a Nintendo DS Lite a few years ago and I wanted to shoot her, as I told her not to bother). I will probably wait until my 3g gets lost or breaks, by which time I will be able to get a cheaper refurbished device.
That being said, things that I would love to see:
Background Functionality
A flash for the still camera.
Video Capabilities.
And for goodness sakes, the ability to run Adobe Flash-- it brings good internet to life!

I have to say that it is awfully frustrating that Apple waits so long before they release the specs on their new devices. Last summer they let 1st Gen iPhones upgrade with no penalty which was awesome but I can see where the people waiting to get into an iPhone would be upset in that they don't know whether to renew their existing contracts, buy an iPhone that could potentially be a "last gen" item a month after the purchase, or to wait it out. They don't have to release the specs but it would be nice if there was a notice on whether or not a new iteration of the iPhone will actually be released. Also, Dieter, I was with you in thinking that there was no need for a hardware update this time around but apparently there will be. My money says they go back to an aluminum casing (due to terrible problems with the plastic backings and also to be more green), improve the battery (not that I really have complaints about the current one but they are always improving battery technology), improved camera but not necessarily video, faster processing and increased memory. I think that everything else will stay the same, I don't see why they would change the antennas when 3G is sufficient for almost everyone when AT&T 3G is actually working.

The feature I want most is BATTERY LIFE!!!! I barely even use my phone for calls, just txt msgs an easy 200-300 a day and my phone is at 20% by like 8pm.

If apple can make it where you can connect a monitor and keyboard to the iphone via bluetooth and the doc connector. The iphone IS apples netbook. AND it B.I.O.I.C (BRINGS ITS OWN INTERNET CONNECTION).

as a current iPhone 3g user (jailbroken) , I don't see any good reason to sell this and go get the new one that might come out this summer.

wow now i'm torn new iphone or nokia n97 damn you apple. Any word on the battery, bigger, removable?

Personally, I'd rather have improved battery life for my present 3G phone, but YMMV. Hell, with 3.0s multitude of cool features, it's already gonna BE a new phone...

There is NOT going to be a NEW IPHONE!, not with the economy as it is, plus there really is no need, the software will come out, then maybe next year, they have not even got 3g in alot of areas yet for petes sake..

How about faster browser rendering speed? All of that excess bandwidth will be for naught if it's constrained by the renderer.

If Apple's new phone had significantly higher specs, how would developers make apps compatible across all three models?

I don't see any reason to upgrade from my iPhone 3G.
If they made the processor faster, more ram, 32GB and allow SD cards for extra storage I'd be allover it. Aluminum backing would really tempt me too.
Until then, there's really no reason for me to upgrade.

@Mikew, iPhone key market, I'm really just guessing, is 18-25 y/o Males. Generally speaking, this market will be one of the very last hit by the recession, which means right now, they're still spending money. Take a look at the App Store - it's defied expectations regarding the recession, being a growing business while others shrink.
The recession may affect sales in some manner, but I doubt it'll stop Apple from coming out with a new phone. I also don't think broadband speed has to be the focus - processing power and battery life alone could make the next iPhone worth it.
And @Jake - it's possible that they won't work across all platforms. There's already some degree of split - a voice recorder doesn't work on a first gen iPod Touch. "Where' My Care" doesn't really work on a first gen iPhone. So maybe there'll just be a clearer break (?).

They really should give out press releases earlier of an indication that their will be a new phone. When I got my iPhone 2g, it was in march of last year, and like 4 weeks before the cutoff of being able to upgrade to a 3g, abs I still had to pay 400 dollars :( worth every penny but I really would have wish I'd known for sure. My heart sank seeing the keynote with the 200 dollar price tag for a 3g :/ and seriously I disagree with the fact that the demographic is mainly 18-25 year old males. I'm a 19 year old femae. Am I the only one who visits TiPb? LOL doubtful but I'm feelin like a minority in this thread. Hahaha <3

Icant believe the coolest multimedia mobile device in the world doesn't shoot and send video - must have video

Even CNET is reporting that AT&T is excited about the new phone coming out in June. I have been on the fence on wether or not to buy a 3G as I still have the first generation IPhone. but now I think I will hold out another couple of months and see what gives. I would love it if they had an aluminum version but suspect it will be a Matte Black version.
Uh...and...screw the economy!!! I will definitely be getting the new IPhone at no matter what the price. Plus 3g coverage in Vegas is pretty good.

I agree craig like screw a recession a new iPhone with video will make all the hard times of not going out as much alot easier!
I too was just about to upgrade my 2G to a 3G but with these rumors keep getting more steam everyday I have to wait I need this new iPhone like cooked crack! :(

While on it, couldn't they have a shortcut for the comma, like double tapping space inserts a dot? Come on, I use commas a lot more frequently!

I am 95% sure apple will release a new iphone. If they dont theres no way theyll be able to keep up with the current market.
Although im not expecting massive updates. Im expecting a larger capacity storage, higher res camera with video recording, maybe a faster processor, longer battery life and possibly a front facing camera (maybe not so much the last one). I dont think will see a higher res screen or a larger screen, this way apps will run better.
I think ill stick with my 3g, ill be pretty much having the new iphone just minus a better camera or something and i can more than live with that, i dont use the camera anyway. I really cant wait to see the new apps come in the 3.0 appstore.
I really like the way apple supports all its older models, theyre the only company that do this. It means i always have the latest features without paying for a new phone.

Since I have the 8gb phone and it snot enough at all, I'm going to go for the largest capacity that they have :)

I remener reading an article about AT&T saying they want to include more controls for tv and such.
But OLED would he nice. It would save battery that apple needs to improve.

I do have to agree stevenn like this company doesn't have to make the new updates backward compatible so all the old customers can enjoy it they could just say this update is for our new phone either get on or get off

@Kridrules, I'm sure you're not the only one :) I'm a male but just out of the bracket I mentioned, so I'm in the minority too. My point is just that young guys (people? That would include you :)) have the disposable income in this economy to make it worth Apple's while to launch a new phone.
Even people like me, married with a mortgage, REALLY feeling the crunch, will save their pennies in anticipation. I may not be in line day one, but I plan to get the phone by my birthday in July (assuming it's out :))

I thought I was the only one! so clearly we're not the only ones :).
@Matt M.
You have it all wrong. Men are being laid off at a faster pace than women.....because unfortunately they generally make more money. I believe 80 percent of the people that have been laid off have been men.

Apple has to watch this....what they need is a NEW phone. Tweeking the existing phone with minor changes and calling it new is geting old. And by new, I mean: REMOVABLE BATTERY; different colors; more user customization (they call it a computer in your pocket - make it one); allow the app store to decide what works and what doesn't (I'm sure an app could have fixed copy / paste....but we get fart apps); removable memory (you could change out your music libray by swapping a SD card). I could go on, but it is a waste of time. Apple has the idea that THEY know what we need. And if you complain, you just don't get it. I hate to bring then into this, but look at RIM. They have a model of Blackberry to fit most peoples needs, and they are all different. Apple seems to be running into a wall with the "one size fits all" plan. Keep the 3G as entry level, make a new model (more battery, more memory) that would be up a price notch or two. RIM offers a flip Pearl all the way up to the BOLD. By the way, I have a BOLD and a 3G, and I carry the BOLD more. With 3.0 coming, that may switch. Another problem Apple has is what to do with all the old phones. IF a new phone comes out, and they take the 3g's as trade, where do they go?? If they keep doing this once a year, people may stop upgrading......why do it, another model will be coming anyway??

The biggest reason that there will be a new iPhone this year is that all those people, like me, who bought the original iPhone 2 years ago are about to have their contracts expire. ATT wants to keep those people under contract and Apple wants to keep ATT happy.
There will be a new iPhone in June. The hardware upgrades are significant for those of us on the original iPhone. If you have the 3G then there may not be enough of a reason, I saw no reason to upgrade to the 3G when it came out. Maybe that's just how the upgrade cycles are going to work. Also, I don't think they'll jump to 32gb right away. There will be 16gb and 24gb versions.

@ana, men in the professional world, maybe (though I hadn't heard that), but I'm talking about the 18 to 25 demo. These are young guys without families or real responsibilities who work jobs waiting tables or working at the mall. This is the market that keeps video game companies and the street racing market alive (just as an example). They are the most coveted demographic in advertising because of their disposable income and tendency not to think about long term savings (or debt avoidance). These guys are not getting laid off in high numbers, and when they do (Circuit City), they generally don't have a very hard time finding another near-minimum wage job.
Just my opinion of course :)

Scott I like wha Steve jobs has given me so far everybody so worried bout wha the iPhone hasn't given us what about all the things it gave us to smash other phones like the full access Internet and the music player is untouched by anybody else when I saw the iPhones Internet browser I threw away my treo with it's SD card removable battery copy and paste and skip all the time music player in the trash!

Plenty of women buy iPhones.
I do not want removable batteries! They have been the downfall of so many of my phones!! I love how if I accidentally drop the iPhone it stays on one piece!! No duct tape for battery panels!
I have upgraded each time and will again in June fingers crossed

What would be a REALLY good feature is if they could make it so that a microsopic amount of water into the headphone jack DOESN'T render the phone USELESS!!! (Personal Experience)

Antelope, I don't think there will be a 24gb version. iPod touch was 8/16/32 y would iPhone would be different. And there is pattern for all kinds of memorry that goes 16/32/64/128 etc..
I work at best buy mobile and I'll tell everyone that has the 1st iPhone to wait untill the announcement..
I have the 3g iPhone (jailbroken). I would love to have a better camera. Also more ram and better battery life would be awesome so we can run more background applications... Hopefully with the the new OS it will be awesome!! I can't wait to hear the specs.

I have the 3G (got it in Jan.) and I am about 97% happy with it. I wish it took video, MMS and vocal GPS. Those are the only things in my eyes that need upgrading. That being said if any of these features are added I would hope they would extended and offer like they did before to previous Iphone purchasers.

the new iphone will have a dual core arm cpu, a sliding qwerty keyboard, and will allow you to make a 10 min call before you have to charge it for 6 hours before you make another one

So is there going to be a new iphone or not! my contract is ending in november and i want to know if the "new iphone" will be out by that time.

i think it needs bluetooth that you can send things from one to another not just through the computer and i think it needs louder speakers and a video recorder and better camera and different colours would be nice if those things were changed then they could call it a NEW iphone but just changing the software means nothing to alot of people.

I was just otp with AT&T customer service about my rate plan and asked about the iPhone 2009. I was informed that it should be released in July and that it will be available in COLORS - pink, purple and silver (maybe blue?). Picture text was confirmed also, but couldn't get her to commit to storage capacity. I enjoyed reading this blog this morning so I thought I'd take the time to share, as this 30-y/o female is very much looking forward to getting her first iPhone! The rumored improvements will finally make it worth it for me, regardless of economy. woohoo!

ive been wanting to switch to an iphone for a while. i would like to see a 1ghz processor, 5mp camera, higher resolutuon screen and more ram. also video calls would be really nice. if they really want make it waterproof 2 so can call in the shower lol

I don't believe it, it feels like years since the Iphones been out I really think that Apple should at least tell us when they are planning to release the Iphone. In my opinion, if they do, they will build a lot of excitement (I just hope they don't let us down!).