iPhone Browser More Advanced than Desktop for 3D Graphics?

Ars Technica has a great article up on the future of web design, involving 2D and 3D graphics and transformations, and what's most interesting is that it's the iPhone's Mobile Safari browser that right now seems to be leading the way in surfacing this next-gen (Flash killing?) goodness for general users:

The WebKit team added CSS Transforms to nightly builds of WebKit back in October 2007, transforms that included scaling, rotation, skewing, and translation in 2D space. As the specification matured, 3D and animation capabilities were added. Eventually, the 3D transforms were broken out into a specification of their own. Though WebKit has had these 3D transform capabilities for some time, only Mobile Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch has them enabled.

Check out some of the other demos, and get the full scoop, over on Ars.

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iPhone Browser More Advanced than Desktop for 3D Graphics?


I beleive some iPhone specific functions are being added to Snow Leopard. Core Location, auto-Spelling Correction and a few others. The iPhone is running a pretty advanced operating system! I doubt Microsoft took many Windows Mobile features to add to Windows 7!

i by no means expected 3d technologies to take off so much. I have been hearing so much in the news latley about products that are shortly to be launched. 3d will be all around you in the foreseeable future.

I can't believe how sophisticated 3-d technology is becoming latley. Rather soon they are putting out 3d cell phones and the 3ds could be interesting. Still i feel that its somewhat gimmicky. Any opinions?

I love the helpful information you provide inside your posts. I’ll bookmark your blog page and check out again here frequently. I'm quite certain I will learn a lot of new stuff here! Best of luck for the next!