New iPhone Commercial: Shazam

This is a huge coincidence since we just had our App vs App: Shazam vs Midomi on TiPB. I love these commercials since they are so simple and really show what the iPhone can do. Well, since I think most carbon-based life forms know what the iPhone is, it is time for Apple to show how the App Store's apps can make a difference in your life. 

Apple has had a recent sting of new ads from baseball to finding a place to eat. This ad deals with [iTunes link] Shazam, a free app that allows you to hold your iPhone up to a music source, and Shazam will tell you what the song is and give you links to videos and even a link to the song on iTunes.

How cool is that?

Chad Garrett

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Paul says:

how much is it to use? Do you have to pay for it?

Chad Garrett says:

Nope, it is completely free. There is a charge to use the service in Europe on other devices than the iPhone, but the iPhone app is FREE!

Paul says:

sweet, I will give it a go!

scottb says:

It's possibly the coolest piece of software out there to show how far technology has come.
Even if you don't like or listen to a lot of music, just download and try it - it's amazing.

mary says:

what is the song played on this commercial?

Chad Garrett says:

The Submarines: You, Me and the Bourgeoisie

Paul O'Connor says:

I love Shazam. It's like magic when it works. I shouldn't be surprised to see Apple buy this tech and integrate it directly into iTunes, especially now that they are featuring it in iPhone television spots.

jenn says:

I CAN'T FIND IT! it won't show up in the search box. i have an ipod touch. is that why?

jason says:

it is useless on the ipod touch, because it doesnt have a microphone, so it cant hear the song