New iPhone Commerical: Loopt

Saw this online last night, and you have to give Apple's advertising gurus credit: they know how to show off the App Store. Never once do they get bogged down in the tech-talk quagmire of Social Network or Location Based services, nor do they trade comical barbs like their Mac Switcher ads.

iPhone ads show cool things being done easily. Case in point, the latest spot featuring Loopt.

Stay in touch with your friends. That's the iPhone. Done.

Maybe that's why the iPhone ranks #1 in satisfaction?

Check out the add via

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New iPhone Commerical: Loopt


Loopt is a great application that I suggest everyone and their friends download. Not only do I use it on my iPhone 3g, but recently I have downloaded the facebook application and integrated the two. The only downside to the App is that not enough people use it yet.
Good job apple for getting the word out through this commercial!

I'd love to get Loopt but it's not available in Ireland yet. Anyone have any idea when it will be rolled out to countries like mine?

While Loopt is a great social networking application another option is to take a look at zhiing which is a simple way to send a message and your location to other mobile phones.
With zhiing you can send a message with your current location to any mobile phone without the need of creating a social network. You can also use the browser add-on to send locations from the desktop. A small icon populates next to addresses in IE and FF enabling you to send a message with a map and dynamic driving directions to that location.
The application and service is free and improving quickly. The full featured zhiing app supports iPhone, GPS enabled Blackberry's and Nokia N Series. Windows Mobile and Android will be released at the first of the year. Dumb phones can receive directions to the senders location by SMS text if they reply with their current address as well. It’s worth a look.

Sweet! It's like away messages for real life. It's pretty cool to check out what everybody is doing on your phone, but one of those things best used in groups..
I'm the only one with an iPhone so I don't think it'll be that great for me.. : (

Thanks for the coverage (I work for Loopt). We're super excited about the commercial!
We just wanted to let you know that Loopt is supported on over 100 mobile devices across all the major US carriers including Sprint, Verizon, Boost and Metro PCS – so you can share your location with all your friends.
You can check here to see if your phone is supported:
Jim--Loopt is available on the GPS-enabled T-Mobile Blackberry!

Notice how on the commercial, it initially says that Alicia is drinking a latte at Bush and Grant. Then we he sends a comment to her, her "Drinking a latte" is dated 10/28 and his reply is dated 10/31. Hmmm... He's going to make lunch plans with her based on what she was doing THREE days ago? Or, like the iPhone 3G Twice as Fast commercial, another example of Apple making bogus commercials. The iPhone -- faking how we solve life's dilemmas, one app at a time.

Hi Guys,
Does the rest of the world exist!? Or is only the USA populated?
I live in Ireland and how come we get sold high price technology and don't eve get all the goodies.
Will Loopt be coming to Ireland, and if not why not?