iPhone After Dark: Gizmodo Goes Wild (NSFW-AC)

We can't use the picture Gizmodo used to headline their post, so we're retreating beneath the wholesome banner of Megan Fox for this one (blink blink). Suffice it to say, mixing and matching from their Gawker Media heritage, Gizmodo asks the adult-content question:

Can the new OS make the iPhone the best sexual toy ever?

Exploring the new iPhone SDK's rumble API, along with peer-to-peer, voice, proximity sensor, and other freshly unveiled functionality, they get as close to porny with it as possible before retreating to the scholarly comfort of Dr. Debby Herbenick, who inspired by one of their previous posts, offers them her iPhone sex guide (also NSFW) in return.

It's doubtful what exactly would make it through the App Store approval process, but hey, we're sure iBackMassagerWeSwear is already in the pipeline, right?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone After Dark: Gizmodo Goes Wild (NSFW-AC)


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Why not just go to the place where the dirty little ho is, and ask if she wants to throw down someplace (providing she meets the requirements, of course)? :lol:

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