iPhone Dev-Team Unlock Update: "Target date is a few days after Christmas :)"

For anyone who has been waiting for a software unlock soltution for their iPhone 3G, it looks like you patience will be paying off in a short few weeks. As Dev Team member MuscleNerd stated "Target date is a few days after Christmas".

With this good news comes some bad news... in order to be one of the first to be able to unlock your iPhone 3G it will be required that you are running the 01.45.00 baseband. Which would mean you are on 2.0 firmware. Now who is actually running the 2.0 firmware at this moment in time is beyond me but we have to take what comes our way. There is a possibility that a unlock will come for the 02.11.07 baseband (2.1 firmware) as well but that is not for certain. And if you are running the 2.2 firmware currently you must have followed our guide to jailbreak 2.2 firmware on a Mac while preserving the baseband. The Dev-Team did warn you and we relayed the warning numerous times.

Here is what the Dev-Team had to say recently:


blockquote>Right now for 02.11.07 we have some untested ideas. Ideally we’d have something solid by the end of next week, but if we don’t then it would be a staged release, with 01.45.00 first out of the gate.

Here is a list of the iPhone firmware versions and their matching basebands…

- 2.0.0 Firmware & 01.45.00 Baseband

- 2.0.1 Firmware & 01.48.02 Baseband

- 2.0.2 Firmware & 02.08.01 Baseband

- 2.1.0 Firmware & 02.11.07 Baseband

- 2.2.0 Firmware & 02.28.00 Baseband

Those of you lucky enough to still be on 2.0.0 or the 01.45.00 baseband will be able to unlock first. If you are at 2.1 or used PwnageTool to update to 2.2 then you will have the 2.11.07 baseband. This will be the second baseband to receive an unlock. Those on the 02.28.00 baseband will likely have to wait a while before an unlock is released so make sure you use a tutorial on our site to jailbreak and update rather then using iTunes directly.

If this has totally confused you, accept our apologies. An iPhone 3G software unlock should be here before New Years for the first baseband of the device. Other unlocks for later basebands should come shortly after. Keep hanging in there, the Dev-Team will take care of you!

[Via iPhone in Canada.ca]

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Reader comments

iPhone Dev-Team Unlock Update: "Target date is a few days after Christmas :)"


don't see a real point of unlocking 2.0, but as a proof of concept it is good enough let's hope they can unlock 2.2, cause most people will have that one.

Well, wouldn't, if possible, a downgrade to the very first baseband 01.45.00 bring back all the bad 3G issues we've came over with the subsequent upgrades?
Beside that, I still don't get why you can't simply use e.g. the firmware from Hong Kong, Italy, Belgium or whatever country unlocked iPhones were sold in order to unlock. Furthermore, I think german law might force Apple/T-Mobile to have their phones unlocked after 24 Months :-D

Ok, how would the unlock be like ? Factory unlock ? or custom unlock ?
Anyone in Hong Kong that know where to get factory unlock for iphone 3G ? I heard some news that some people got their Iphone 3G unlocked (factory unlock).

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