iPhone Dev-Team: ultrasn0w Users Avoid iPhone 3.1 Beta!


Right in time for iPhone 3.1, the iPhone Dev-Team has begun issuing their usual warnings about jailbreak/unlock users and new firmware updates:

ultrasn0w users must stay away from official 3.1 (incl. betas) until we release the tools for it, or you'll lose unlock!

Tempting as a tasty new beta may be, if you can't live without your hacked iPhone, don't hit that update button now, or any time before the iPhone Dev-Team has new, tested tools ready for you.

Once again, you've been warned!

[via Twitter]

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Reader comments

iPhone Dev-Team: ultrasn0w Users Avoid iPhone 3.1 Beta!


Wow... 3.1 already? What happened to 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 lol!
They need to do more of an open beta on the OS so those using the phones can find the issues and report them instead of just developers.

Im NOT updateN to this LAME 3.1 release unless it actually does something USEFULL on a 3G. This JAILBREAK is too good to lose for Apple's foolishness. Im in the movies watchN #Transformers2 as I type this.

the official release will most likely enable mms... thats a pretty good reason to update..
and how was the movie? i've been wanting to go see it.

It was fan freaking tastic you couldn't even tell it was two and a half hours long

@alloftheabove The movie was gr8!!! It was so ling I did not leace the theater till this morning (9:40PM-12:10AM) I was on my iPhone 3G. that should tell u how addictD I am to tipb...

IPhone 4.0 coming after summer.
1)Flash player support
2)Quick back option without going to home screen while switching between apps.
3)File browsing and storing
4)Option to attach images, file etc from email app itself.
5)Multiple signature options
6)Manual rotate gesture option
7)Notes app should be more powerful word process (fonts, text size etc)
8)All Grouping of contacts for test message e.g. friend and family groups.
9)App for grouping key social networking sites(for posting universal photos, text to all social networking sites together.
10) Auto spell check in safari browser (like mozilla) when adding text in twitter, facebook leaving comments at blog etc.
11)Build in Flash in camera for night photo shot
12) Front facing camera for video Chat
13) Use cover flow for using multitasking third party apps (limit to 5 apps, not to drain the battery life)
14)Thin quick time player app to run video downloaded from web.
15)Group notification alert or not attended tasks(missed MMS, SMS, PHONE, Chat message, meeting, event etc)on single screen.
Roger Kent

They're going to add hardware features (camera flash, forward facing lens) via a software update (iPhone 4.0)? Ooookay.

@ hopefloats
what koolaid are you drinking??? Though some of those could happen... Let's talk about that front facing camera, and built in flash a bit more. Are you saying our iPhones are autobots or decepticons waiting to transform??? B.S. And I mean that in the nicest most respectable way possible. I guess your "hope is floating a little too far away from reality.

I did not know there was a 3.1 yet, apple doesnt get it the DEV TEAM is probably working on a 3.5 in case apple decides to make a big jump. LOL....

DAMMIT!! I never got the warning and went ahead with the update. Now I'm f'd!! What can I do????

i updated to 3.1 on itunes with my jailbroken iphone now i cant do nuttin with it plzzzz tell me my phone is not useless 4eva. it wont show my iphone size in itunes nor the firmware plz afdvice me wat to do

For the people who had their Iphones updated to 3.1 - You cannot use your phone for now. You can only use its music, pictures, applications ect. but you cannot make a call... We all got to wait for the new ultrasn0w which will allow us to unlock OS 3.1.
And now for the people who don't understand why they can't unlock their iphones with OS 3.1 - When you update from 3.0 to 3.1 via ITunes, not only the Operational System changes(3.0-3.1). The baseband(or modem) of the iphone changes aswell! It becomes 5.11.07 which cannot be downgraded. So practically, you CAN downgrade your iphone from 3.1 to 3.0 again but it's another again here. The baseband(now 5.11.07, updated already with that stinky 3.1) is still 5.11.07 with your OS 3.0 so you can't unlock your phone with anykind of OS and FW.
Ultrasn0w don't work with baseband 5.11.07...

i know that there's a redsn0w 0.9 for 3.1.2 but is there an ultras0w for baseband 5.11.07?
updating to 3.1.2 will upgrade the baseband.
if i jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9, can i use blacksn0w to unlock 5.11.07?