iPhone Dev-Teams Latest Jailbreak Project: redsn0w for iPod touch 2G

So if you are a Twitter user, and follow the Dev Team (@iphone_dev), you may have noticed an interesting early hour post. So it begins, all of the crazy rumors on what this new code word means. Rumors and speculation all set aside, our very own Rene, had a very good idea... iPod touch 2G Jailbreak perhaps?

It seemed like the iPod touch was being left behind ever since iPhone 3G was released. Most likely due to the Dev Team putting all of their effort into a iPhone 3G unlock. Which is very much appreciated and a good thing for all of you iPhone owners out there. For you iPod Touch owners out there, we've heard rumblings that redsn0w will drop on or around January 30. So sit tight for a few more weeks.

For more information about @redsn0w be sure to follow it via Twitter!

The cat and mouse game continues on!

[Thanks for the tips - Scott, jamesus, and Rene!]


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Ali Fazel says:

Maybe it's just the unlock for people who have already upgraded to 2.2 without following dev team advice.

Jeremy says:

@Ali, nope, the Dev Team fixed that with yellown0w. You can be on any firmware and unlock now. At first they were worried this would not be possible, but it was corrected.

George says:

@ALL, including post.
Redsn0w is absolutely, positively for the iPod touch 2g Jailbreak. Dont believe me?
Check out Chronic Devs Blog: http://chronic-dev.org/blog/ AND
Their Google Code : http://code.google.com/p/chronicdev/
Notice they have found an exploit, and the rest of the tasks say (Dev team is working on this).

Gilly says:

Is there a way to share already created ringtones for the 2g iphone?