iPhone on eBay and... in Pink?!

So, either Steve Jobs really is retiring and Paris Hilton is now CEO of Apple, or some factory in China is taking the knock-off back plate biz to a whole new level. Our money's decidedly on the latter. Engadget is likewise struggling to find reason for this iphonochromatic anomaly:

The text on the back of the device convinces us that this isn't a simple ColorWare job, but there aren't any photos of the back of the packaging either. Our take? Some OEM in Asia whipping up custom colors.

All that said, anyone out there want some new iPhone colors in 2009? Which one(s)?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone on eBay and... in Pink?!


just black... black is fine. whenever the iphone first came out all i wanted it to be in was black. i thought (and still think) that the silver/black combo was horrible. but now that the 3g is in black, its all good.
so, personally, no i dont care much for any other colors.

I already have something like this well kinda my iphone is white and i have a tight kinda see through pink skin it looks like a pink iphone until you look at the front. If these came out in color i would get a burgundy one either way i would always have a skin to protect it so it wouldn't fully show the color

These backings are all over eBay. Around 25 should get you one in many different colours, though they're shipped from Hong Kong or China... yes there are red, blue and pink ones. However, replacing a backing will void your warrenty.