iPhone Envy turned to joy -- and a follow up movie!

TiPb gave away a couple of iPhone 4s last month and our grand prize winner, Brandon, was kind enough to not only send us the picture above -- showing off his new iPhone 4 -- but to film a sequel to his prize-winning film, iPhone Envy.

Check it out below, and huge appreciation and congratulations again to Brandon!

Rene Ritchie

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Ifonechip says:

That was really kewl. Good thing he got his phone in time lol

dwilk21 says:

i think i have a case of iPhone Envy...quick! TiPb help!!

CJ says:

The dad looks like this mom that was in line near me on launch day. She was 10 shades of pisssed cause we had to stand in line over 6hrs. I started calling her sunshine every time she turned around to complain.
BTW, nice video series.

tweger01 says:

Wow, that was really really bad. Makes u wonder how bad the other entries were.

Bohica56 says:

That's three minutes I will never get back.

JR says:

That was really bad! Was this the only entry or something?

Telelax says:

Let's see you haters do better. I thought it was awesome! Props on the editing! It payed off :D
Sent from my iPhone 4

kayno says:

Hahaha! I liked his original and thought this was a funny conclusion..

iBlackdude says:

Great Job man..... Great job