iPhone Envy turned to joy -- and a follow up movie!

TiPb gave away a couple of iPhone 4s last month and our grand prize winner, Brandon, was kind enough to not only send us the picture above -- showing off his new iPhone 4 -- but to film a sequel to his prize-winning film, iPhone Envy.

Check it out below, and huge appreciation and congratulations again to Brandon!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone Envy turned to joy -- and a follow up movie!


The dad looks like this mom that was in line near me on launch day. She was 10 shades of pisssed cause we had to stand in line over 6hrs. I started calling her sunshine every time she turned around to complain.
BTW, nice video series.

Let's see you haters do better. I thought it was awesome! Props on the editing! It payed off :D
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