iPhone to Geo-Tag Other Cameras?

Apple's new iPhoto 09 will use the geo-tag data recorded by the iPhone 3G's camera to map out the locations of your pictures. But what if you're no using the iPhone for all your pictures? What if you have a regular old point-and-shoot or even a DSLR without GPS? One approach would be to use a stand-alone GPS to record your position and then cross-reference the time-stamp on your photos to add in the location data later. And, hey, the iPhone just happens to have that GPS, and it looks like a control panel found by TidBITS (via Ars Technica) in iPhoto 09 hints that Apple might be adding that functionality in the future.

Since recording Geo-Tag information would require some form of GPS running in the background, we may not see this until a future iPhone firmware update, perhaps 3.0 in June?

Still, it's nice to see more clues as to just what Apple might be considering...

Rene Ritchie

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Kipp Ottlet says:

Here is a quick overview of how to geotag with the iPhone for other cameras, today...http://thehomescreen.blogspot.com/2009/02/geotagging.html

David Bourbon says:

It would be good to use GPS on all phones, so when someone dials 911, the responders could locate them. Great idea for the elderly.

Alex says:

That is a good idea David

ceejay says:

I thought phones default was GPS for emergency servies already. Is that not the case?

ceejay says:

Maybe it's like aGPS or something

zeeg says:

check this out. this will work for your purpose:http://www.saltpepper.net/geotag

Chris says:

My GeoLogTag iPhone app is specifically made for geotagging photos taken with any digital camera (2900+ models supported).

Flickr Photo Map says:

Flickr Photo Map for iPad and iPhone is out!
This app won "Best Use of Web APIs" at the 2010 iOSDevCamp in San Jose, CA. This app is a personal project of mine, Tyler White, and I'm so happy that it's been released! Yaya!

Peter Burkimsher says:

I just wrote an AppleScript to automatically geotag your photos based on the iPhone location history! So now you don't need to use apps to make trips, it happens automatically.http://goo.gl/OQzfB