iPhone Hands-on from a BlackBerry Abuser's Perspective -- Smartphone Round Robin

Rene and Kevin on iPhone

Well, well, look who's coming to demo -- CrackBerry.com's Kevin Michaluk, and we gave him the full-on look at Apple's latest iPhone 3GS, so be sure to check that out.

Kevin being Kevin, he's also hopped onto TiPb's iPhone Forums to ask "where's the keyboard on this thing?" Every day you help him on that thread, you're entered for a chance to WIN AN iPHONE 3GS! (smartphoneroundrobin.com has all your details!)

As for me, I'm over at the WMExperts Forums trying to figure out if the HTC HD2 is the obelisk from 2001... or something bigger. Give me a hand over there, and you could win one of them ginormous bad boys as well!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone Hands-on from a BlackBerry Abuser's Perspective -- Smartphone Round Robin


Sorry to say it, but I simply do not trust anything said by Crackberry Kevin. He lost all credibility for me when he hyped up the original Blackberry Storm, saying that typing on the device was "awesome", which it clearly wasn't.

@Keepitreal: Really? I didn't read crackberry but he actually said that? I wouldn't give him any credibility either if I heard that.
Plus: although I love the smartphone round robin series, personally I don't think we should give a droid about what a blackberry fan think about iPhone anyways, most of them are hardcore fans of physical keyboards, which don't exist on iPhones.

From his hands-on, first impressions, Oct 25 2008:
"Drum Roll Please.... I know you're all waiting for this one.... Typing... on... the... BlackBerry... Storm... is....... Awesome!"
Objectivity and honesty? None.

Despite the obvious bias that can sometimes taint these round robins, I appreciate the different perspectives.
This blog, crackberry, and androidcentral are fanboy blogs. If you're looking for a 100% objective perspective, you should probably look elsewhere. People often forget about that.

Not looking for 100% objectivity, but Crackberry Kevin's comments were just plain misleading and were a complete disservice to his readers, of which I was one.

They are all biased and if you believe anything they say without testing it out for yourself, you are nuts.