iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) vs Droid Incredible vs EVO 4G vs Nexus One spec showdown!


Yes, it's completely useless and quasi pornographic to compare prototype and rumored specs for unannounced, unfinished devices like the iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) with specs from real, announced, and shipping or shipped devices like the Verizon Droid Incredible, Sprint EVO 4G, and Google Nexus One. But it's damn fun.

We've gone over the design, given our thoughts on the hardware, so now check out the above graphic for just such a spec showdown. Yup, Android Central's epic army (as composed by the one and only Phil Nickinson) goes one-on-one with the magical unicorn that might just be Apple's next iPhone. Network, operating system, screen sizes, processors, memory, storage, data speed, MicroSD, rear camera, video recording, front camera, second mic, Adobe Flash support, Bluetooth, WiFi, MiFI-like hotspot, GPS, FM radio, TV-out, size, weight, battery, price, and SIM card support are all covered.

So get your geek on, click up top, and let us know how you think these devices stack up!

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) vs Droid Incredible vs EVO 4G vs Nexus One spec showdown!


OK, You only confussed me more on what my next phone will be...when i get rid of my CrapBerry.

Of course, jonar1us, your iPhone is older than the HTC EVO. Is it any surprise that newer technology trumps older technology?

so basically...the chart says you know absolutely nothing about the next gen iphone aaaaaand that's somehow supposed to be comparable to the phones on market/coming to market with known specs?
This is not only pointless but also....poinltess and non-informative
and one more thing...how many years are you guys gonna keep calling the next gen iPhone, the iPhone HD?? you really gotta let that go.

I honestly think the biggest wildcard of the next iPhone is the processor. If Apple can get better performance AND battery life than the snapdragon with their latest A4, that may put it over the top for me. I'm tired of charging my 3gs twice a day...

So, another post that accomplishes absolutely nothing beyond...
Captain Obvious to the Rescue!

9 Joe McG
But the A4 have better battery life because Apple hasn't implemented parts of it, the parts that are needed on the iPhone, isn't?

I don't need to click it I would never get a droid phone NO THANKS it's a personal bias. Anyway I've seen the rumored, although seemingly very real next gen iPhone and I love it. I love the design, love the hardware enhancements:
Higher Res screen
Front facing camera
Higher Qaulity rear camera with FLASH(Thank you Apple)
Nice mute switch and buttons
Bigger removable battery
I am so sold it's not a case of if but really when, which was the same for me with the iPad. Which I still don't have by the way :(

@SoCo_Jon Just wondering if you didn't bother to read the
"Yes, it’s completely useless and quasi pornographic to compare prototype and rumored specs for unannounced, unfinished devices like the iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) with specs from real, announced, and shipping or shipped devices like the Verizon Droid Incredible, Sprint EVO 4G, and Google Nexus One. But it’s damn fun."
because if you did read that why state the obvious? Which was already said by the author.

I agree with iPheuria. If you bothered to read the introduction, you would see that the author prefaced the atricle by saying it's just meant for fun - it's not a real comparison. Anyway, obviously the biggest competitor to date looks to be the EVO 4G (at least until the next Android handset debuts - maybe next week?). I have a 3GS; and I'm definitely getting the new jump-off!

Cmon, Rene. The 960 x 480 should have 5000 question marks after it, because it is just speculation.
I don't know why stupid Gizmodo didn't just put the screen under a microscope, counted the pixels per cm, and extrapolated it out to give us a real number. Saying "It looked high resolution and we couldn't see any pixels" is lame.

Why does it say "None" about the SIM for Droid and Evo? They do work with SIM cards don't they? Is the MiniSIM the size most of us have in their phones?
And couldn't the battery specs have been converted into mAh to make it more comparable? I'm not sure if that's correct, but maybe it's about 1419 mAh?

@ pcdsim
The Droid Incred and Evo are CDMA only phones that are NOT world phones so there is no use for it becasue it does not have the capability to run on GSM networks..

I'm stoked. This is for fun. And I'm excited for the iPhone HD which I think is a real possibility for a name. Hoping for video out of the new iPhone somehow or another!

@CupertinoSweat your right about that 1GB of internal memory for apps, I have like over 5 times that on my iphone now.

This was the stupidest thing you guys have posted in ages. Please let me know where I can find you and smack you. :P

i just have to say, whoever claims that the screen size is slightly smaller is ridiculous. with competing phones hitting over 4 inches, there is absolutely NO WAY apple would make the screen SMALLER after three years in the market with the same size. i would DIE if they did.

@CupertinoSweat, that's 1GB of Rom, the EVO will have 8 to 10GB of flash memory, as well as microSD up to 32GB. As to the so-called comparisons, this is pointless. Everything about the so-called new iphone is speculation. The fact some people do not know the EVO will have at least 8GB of flash memory, shows they're not in the know.

@ iPheurine... I did read the article and looked at the chart. So am i only one that read the "useless" part?? Useless it is so whats the use on posting an article like this? None what so ever. Comparing a phone like the EVO to the Nexus One and Incredible is of use because even though there is no release date the specs are known and you the comparisons are justified. You could have out the 3GS up there and got more views/comments or whatever. The fact that we not only have no clue on the specs but also dont know if this is actually going to be a released verison (even though it MIGHT very well be) makes it that much more pointless.

Rene et. al.
It's not what you've got, it's what you do with it - and it's not what you do, it's how that you do it.

I don't think this should have been done. At least not now, we know NOTHING about 4th Gen iPhone so i do not even know why they bothered posting this... We'll see in June.

Maybe the next Iphone will shoot laser beams out of the camera lens. I mean, if we're going to include stuff we have no idea in this "comparison" and are doing this just for fun, why not include the laser beams? I want laser beams, damn it. Hopefully they'll make an app for it.
See how useless this entire article this is? The "btw, this is just for fun" is just a way to say "don't call me an idiot because I already know I am one for making this entry."

This proves nothing but the blatant copying of the iPhone by HTC designers. Look how similar the EVO is to the iPhone 4G! Can't HTC for once not copy the iPhone? Proves that HTC are a bunch of lazy corporate dumbasses that don't innovate, but leech on Apple's success. They deserved to be sued to their last penny.

just received my HTC Incredible yesterday and it is absolutely better than the current 3GS, soo fast, super slick, Sense on 2.1 is awesome and super polished.
that being said I definitely expect Apple to up their game with the 4th Gen iPhone, the iPad (which I got on launch day and love) is super fast so i would expect the next iPhone to be comparable speed wise. and the front facing camera is going to be killer, thats the only complaint i have about the iPad is that it would be so awesome to be able to video chat over skype on my iPad, even if its wi-fi only it would be great.

@DongCat, that iphone 4g is a prototype. HTC didn't know what it looked like when they were making the phone. HTC innovates with all of their products. Without HTC, we would probably not be seeing the sudden surge of smartphones with amazing hardware. The only reason Apple is sueing HTC is because they can sue them without a fear of a countersuit because HTC is the youngest and therefore the most patent-poor handset developer. You can bet that if Apple tried to sue long time handset makers such as Motorola and Nokia, they would have quite a countersuit on their hands.

I'm always amazed at how many Cellphone owners get so passionate about a cellphone. Iphone users especially! GET A LIFE! It's a cellphone! You can't make love to it.....yet. That should be the next generation IPHONE. The new Iphone model M for Male Iphone Model F for female, and the Model Bi. Oh one more thing. I own the HTC Incredible, and I did make love to it last night. It's so much better the Iphone which just lays down and says No Service!

Sorry for all those guys who are counting for an iPhone on verizon to kill android, Please just google what is happening right now in Europe. Besides that just wanting to kill the competition it is blandly stupid. Don't you think the reason why the new iphone has been greatly improved is because of those android devices in the market?. Where was that improvement from the 3G to the 3GS when there was no real treat in the market?. Please think use your brain and stop being just a drone just cheering a corporation like a football team. All the companies care is the profit, monopoly is just plain bad for the consumer

You forgot MY phone: the Steaky Steaky 6 Mobile Edition! It's got a 5.5 ounce Roast Beef processor! Capable of blazing fast onions and melted cheese! Oh...wait. This is just a sandwich, isn't it?

dongcat- "This proves nothing but the blatant copying of the iPhone by HTC designers. Look how similar the EVO is to the iPhone 4G! Can’t HTC for once not copy the iPhone? Proves that HTC are a bunch of lazy corporate dumbasses that don’t innovate, but leech on Apple’s success. They deserved to be sued to their last penny."
no offence, but dongcat, people like you are examples of people with no common sence... HTC came out with their form factor way before the new iPhone leaked... There is no way htc could have copied this... I own an iPhone on the Att network so I can create apps, but I use a droid... I can tell you apple from a developer stand point is gimicky and a cheap product, from a style point of view, it is superb... I prefer android over apple os anyday, so the new htc evo would most likely be the phone I will be picking up today... I will have the new iPhone too, most likely only to develop on...
Anyways back to you dingbat, people like you are the reason why company can sue, bc lots of people are to lazy to think for them selves and stay ignorant untill someone corrects them... Get up and smell the roses and do your research before you make comments like the one you did... HTC like stated earlier, blackberry, and palm are the reasons why we have smart phones... Again do your research, apple usually stays behind on technology but dresses the old to make it look new ^^ except it's screens which are actually newer and up to date... Apple is a stylish company who makes stylish phones ^^ if they can sue for that, then I guess I should sue everyone that copies my awesome haircut ^_^

Okay Look! The Iphone is better than all of these and it came first! All these new phones that you see on the market are just a copy of the iphone!

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