Yet more iPhone HD/iPhone 4G parts on video

Okay, we've now seen almost everyone except for Steve Jobs show off the next generation iPhone HD/iPhone 4G on video. All that changes next Monday at the WWDC 2010 keynote, but until then, enjoy the continued greatest shot tease in tech...

Video after the break!

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Yet more iPhone HD/iPhone 4G parts on video

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I hope that the Apple's design Department will come out with something more different than this prototype... Personally I think that 3GS is better than this.

I'm liking the new design.
I agree with Matt, these pictures and videos are eciting, but glad we'll soon see the final product!

I'm fluent in Spanish, but its still hard to understand it all. I really can't wait for the 7th, I haven't been this excited for something since I was a little kid waiting for Christmas.

The 3G/3GS design was pretty close to perfection in my mind. An aluminum backing and sides, like the iPad, would've been the only change I'd like to see.

He is not speaking spanish, he is speaking portuguese.
OMG, less than a week for WWDC10, I can't wait anymore, not counting Jobs will be announcing the release date. I hope next iPhone will hit retail on Friday, 6/18/2010.

Does anybody else notice the screw holes on the bottom of this chassis? I know that the original leaked model that ended up on Gizmodo had these, but the second, and later, leaked model did not. The one without them obviously looked 'slightly' better.. I'm just wondering, why would Apple go with the model with screws showing on the bottom? I'm guessing that they wouldn't, so these parts shown above must be from early prototypes..? Hopefully.

The One that leAKed later was actually an earlier prototype so the screws will stay, like in the 3gs

Ah that makes better sense then. I would have preferred it without them visible, but what can you do.. Haha

I do think it would be really cool if they keep showing off all of these "Leaked" parts on purpose and then at WWDC come out with something way better

How does anyone make parts for a phone where only two examples are known to exist in the wild? You can't clone from pictures.
So maybe the parts were stolen from Foxcon or some of their subcontractors. Maybe that explains the rash of "suicides".

I agree. I HATE HATE HATE this new design. I hope that they come out with something similar to the 3gs with all the same features as this one. The previous models were so nice and seamless. That's what appealed to me the most. The only way apple gets my money is if this happens. I'm an avid fan. Of the previous models. NOT this one.

I love the new design. We had to get away from the 3G look. It's been too long with the same profile. This is very "laptop-ish". Has a definite "computer" profile to it. Bet this one will be easier to hang on to than the current one. Can't wait for this one to drop. By by 3G.

Here's a translation for you guys, as I'm portuguese! ;)
"Just as I said in the forum [iphoneportugal's forum], I had access to some pieces, supposedly from the iPhone 4G, more specifically from the middle frame, something that does not exist in the current iPhone, and that divides, I believe, the internal components of the iPhone 4G.
Here are the pieces. Firstly, you can see the design differences from the other iPhones to this one. You can tell by the design that it's definetly Apple-made, and from the level of detail of the piece, I can't really say what's the purpose of half the orifices in this piece... We can see a lot of details, as I'm goin to show you in the best way possible.
Here we can see the frontal camera, here the headset jack, here the volume button, silence/vibrator switch... More orifices here and there... I'm trying to do the best close-up I can here... We can see the place for the Home button, which as you can see is very similar to the previous iPhones. Regarding the back part, there are more details (and he just skipped this part). In the inferior part, it resembles closely the previous iPhones: screws, microphone, speaker... What I stil haven't showed you was the jack orifice. There's another tiny orifice whose purpose I do not know, though it's not for the SIM card for sure, as that is now on the side and not in the top: it's for a micro SIM.
Regarding the thickness, it looks incredible and thinner, judging from this middle frame. It's pretty thinner. Another thing you can notice right away as you pick it is that it's also a lot less large, just as if the chrome from the 3GS has been removed. The height is the same. This is it, I can't tell you more. It has a lot of quality. I have these 2 pieces with me, I couldn't get more for now. ("For now" ?!) Well, so this is the piece I wanted to see, hold and feel. If any more news come up, I'll be sure to keep you informed. See ya in the forums! [iphoneportugal's forums]"

In the previous post, for some reason I got 2 words censored... I don't get why that is, as they were not insulting nor swear words. In any case, a synonim of those words would be "Hole". Regards.

@Ferrigno and Dustinae... I know its in Portuguese (not Spanish) Since the two languages are very similar, I was hoping to be able to patch together what it meant.

I for one hope the current screen gets bigger I don't care about twice the resolution if it's the same size screen after holding the massive Evo 4g in my hand last week. Too bad it would cost me a small fortune to change to sprint to get it. I love 32gb 3gs might keep it a while longer if the changes dissapoint.

I personally like the new design. I was tired of the 3G/3GS look, it's to fat. I've always wanted a slimmer iPhone. I'm just happy they made it thinner. I hope the final design has no screws at the bottom.
I just need next Monday to come. So I can pre-order. I'm tired of all the leaks. I really hope that Apple has something left up it's sleeve. But if not, hell, as long as it's has the new A4 chip @ 1GHz, Double RAM, Better Screen, Better Camera w/ Flash, plus iPhone OS 4.0. Hell Yea!!

The 3G has screws on the bottom too. Who cares. Personally I would rather have screws holding it together then plastic snaps which break off if you don't remove the cover perfectly.
I like the new design. I like the concept of having a nice solid aluminium core. It looks like it could take a fall better then the current design. The only downfall of having a new design is people will be able to spot the old phones from a distance. This may be very hard for some people to handle. "Like, OMG, I have an old looking phone now and my Mom said I can't get the new one." Hehe.

Am i the only one that thinks this "leak" was intended so that we will be way off target when the real deal hits?
I think Jobs allowed this leak so that we will be caught off guard when the real release breaks.
if this were true, what could the real one look like? would there be a better design someone could think of??

Honeslty, it doesn't matter what it looks like. If Steve Jobs says it's good, I'll buy it!

While I would love to believe that these leaks are fake to throw us off guard, why would Jobs do that with the EVO and other android phones on the market before the new iPhone launches? Seems like that's a good way to lose current/potential customers.

The slimmer and square look is the way to go I think. The physical screen does not need to be bigger, it's a phone. I am just hoping it has the faster processor, although it looks like it won't. Very disappointing.

I don't think jobs cares about that. He knows his customer base and he knows we will buy whatever he designs for the most part. That's what I like about apple, they arent trying to please everybody or convince everyone he's right. Look at the results.

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