iPhone in the USA: On Sale 8am?

iPhone 3G on Sale July 11

Last year Apple Stores and AT&T owned retail outlets closed early, handed out water to the throngs of people lined up around their blocks, and then re-opened at 6pm local time to dispense the first generation iPhone to screams, cheers, and web-wide coverage.

This year, it looks like we'll all have to come just a little bit earlier:

We just got a tip that AT&T store managers received emails stating that the iPhone launch would be at 8:00 AM

More, as they say, as this develops...


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Reader comments

iPhone in the USA: On Sale 8am?


I'm losing my mind waiting for the 2.0 software update! Every day I check and every day it ain't there. Is it the 27th? Is it Jul. 11? WTF is the date for that???

Will it really require standing in line all night to get one? I want one, but I love sleeping, too.

Interesting timing if true. Just about to pull trigger on yesterday's announcement of unlocked centro.

@mofo: The iPhone 2.0 update will be either Now or Not Now. ;)
Or rather, let's put it this way... it won't be any later than the 11th, since the 3G runs the new firmware. It's entirely possible that they could release the 3G without it, or not release the update to the 2G right away, but let's just pretend that won't happen.
Anyway, I would not wait in line all night to get an iPhone. That's a little ridiculous; I wouldn't wait in line all night for anything, though.

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