iPhone Now Available for Online Order from US Apple Store

At launch, Apple sent all US iPhone customers on trip to their local Apple Store or AT&T kiosk. Now, some 10 months post-release, Engadget has discovered that Apple will finally sell you your iPhone online and... still make you walk/drive on over to your local Apple for pick up and activation. send it directly to you instead of making you schlep to the Apple store. (Story updated, sorry for the mix up)

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Now Available for Online Order from US Apple Store


that is weird. O2 here in the UK have been selling the iPhone 3G online for months, and they courier it to you.

No, new story, wrong link. Not sure what happened. Maybe installing 10.5.7 in my brain before blogging was a bad idea?
Updated: Now Apple will send it to your home! Clearing in advance of iPhone next gen?!