iPhone OS 2.2.1 Hints at Next Gen iPhone?

MacRumors is reporting that both the recent iPhone OS 2.2.1 release, and ad serving reports from Pinch Media show an iPhone model 2,1. The original iPhone was 1,1, the iPhone 3G was 1,2, so if accurate this numbering would not indicate the small bump of the iPhone 3G, but a real next generation device update (similar to the recent, revised iPod touch, which earned it's own 2,1 model last fall).

So, TiPb's just gonna keep on saying it: we want us some iPhone HD this June! With faster 802.11n mobile WiFi chips, quad-core cpu's for iPhone 3.0 that support OpenCL and a PowerVR graphics core to the extreme.

Anyone else starting to get impatient for WWDC 2009?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone OS 2.2.1 Hints at Next Gen iPhone?


i bet the new iphone will just be a hardware rebuild like the 2nd gen ipod touch, just quicker than the older iphone and better battery. I don't see any hd iphone or dual core anything. How much would all that even cost?

Sweet news I strongly disagree that the next gen iPhone will be just a faster device no way jose apple is working on it right now and it's not going to be something as lil as that

They have gotten a taste of games in the app store $$$. They want a bigger chunk of the handheld gaming world to be certain. More processing power is in the stars. Come hither WWDC 09!!!

@infoliberation: which means worrying about low memory will be something in the past. Full Push integration, multitasking with 3rd party apps, etc... = can't wait.

do u think they could possibley come out with two new iphones one focusing more on gaming and the other more on multi tasking... and push.... or does the gameing one sound to much like the ipod touch? haha

Great news... getting excited about WWDC 09.....June/July is still too long to wait! I need the iPhone! Do we really think this will happen? Quad processor/HD etc i'm hoping theres a decent battery in there! bring on WWDC 09!

Fantastic news if the iPhone High Definition is released... Is there going to be 32 and 63gb models? Hitsy at Leicester Apple store has got some inside info apparently... Can't wait till June/July...

I think that wireless N, higher def screen, and milt-core processors are pipe-dreams. They all increase power consuption and battery life is already limiting. I do expect a faster processor and hopefully a new button to make copy/paste viable and more background services. I really doubt we'll see it,but I really want a big software update and replaceable battery.

I really do hope that there is an iPhone HD announced in June, and with a cheaper price. Being a poor student in the UK,
I've been waiting for the iPhone to be updated, since my current Motorola phone and iPod nano are both slowly dying, and I've been holding out until some stuff is seriously updated such as the camera (only 2 megapixels and no zoom or flash?!?); MMS; video recording; and 32GB to store all my music (I have over 24GB). So I really hope it happens, and all signs point to it (thank goodness it won't be an iPod nano, which I see as pointless), but I remain cautious, because Apple has let me down before, so it could happen again...

What will it have or What do you want to see from the new iPhone?
Will Apple listen to its consumers?
Will it have (Wish List):
• Push Notification Service
• Nike+ capabilities like the iTouch
• Windows Live (Like every other phone on the market)
• Enable Disk Use Mode
• Copy & Paste
• SMS Forwarding
• Birthdays and Dates within Contacts pushed to the Calendar
• SatNav Software i.e. TomTom
• MMS Capability without having to download extra apps
• More codec support
• Flash support within Safari
• Video Recording
• Flash for the Camera
• Full Bluetooth Capabilities
• Firmware Updating over WiFi
• Tasks and Notes over ActiveSync / Push (Microsoft Exchange)
• Street View Photos for Maps (in UK)
• Favourites / Bookmarks push through MobileMe service
• Associate your YouTube account with YouTube application
• Download Movies / TV shows via iTunes over WiFi
• Watch Live TV
Apple, pull your finger out your arse and make a good phone! I can see the ad now: It’s finally here, the first phone to beat the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4G

I want teleportation, and if I want it, Apple should do it or the iPhone is a FAIL!
(I kid -- slightly)
The iPhone doesn't do what a lot of other phones do, sure. But a lot of other phones don't do what the iPhone does (even the iClones which try very hard).
Every feature takes engineering time and resources, and these are neither instant nor limitless. Apple makes choices on what it can do and how fast, and it hopes its users like those choices enough to choose the iPhone. People who need features the iPhone doesn't have can buy something else -- but they will be missing out on a lot of iPhone features if they do so.
Every device has an opportunity cost, a set of compromises, and a list of choices. Want video recording but don't want less battery life? World doesn't work that way, unfortunately :)

Lol because they want money, they don't care about you, if they did they would have made a phone which matches the latest technology, instead they make the 2g iphone in a world of 3g and hsdpa, and then the 3g in a world of 8mp cameras and other phone standards LOL. All the iphone is doing is catching up. Its a glorified mp3 player that can act as a phone...sorta. The only good thing to come from the iphone is other companies creating better phones with big touch screens.
Believe me when I say nothing will beat the iphone, because there is no competition, all phones are better at being a phone than the iphone lol. Iphone dosn't even have standard phone features yet, mms, sms forwarding etc. Phones 6 years ago did this, the iphone is incapable though. Therefore unless someone brings out a new phone which can't send mms, forward sms, delete single sms, has flash support, has a good camera, then compare it against the iphone!
Before apple make all this High def crap, maybe they should make the phone capabilities up on par with phones 1/10th the price? Then all their GUI may be worthit?

I completely agree, I loved the GUI of my iphone but once I got over that, I realised how so average a phone it is. Great multimedia possibilities though. Glad I sold myne while it was hot, what a waste of money. It does look good though! Very good! Just need features to match the looks. Really needs a better screen though, 320x480 is terrible for a new smart phone.

I think pple hav been kind enough to rate apple's iphone this high until now. My best advice to apple is just to add those missing standard cellphone features such as video-camera, flash, sms-forwarding, mms, full bluetooth capabilities, organizer, etc. You know, it beats my mind cos all these are long-known techs that should not be hard for to integrate into the iphone.

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