Detailed AT&T customer data inappropriately accessed by unlocking company


FCC, carriers, come to an agreement on phone unlocking


Smaller carriers band together to push for legal phone unlocking


FCC looking into ban on unlocking on-contract iPhones and other phones


As of tomorrow, unauthorized unlocking of new, on-contract iPhones will be illegal in the U.S.


DMCA rules it's okay to jailbreak your iPhone, but not your iPad


The Verizon iPhone 5's SIM slot is unlocked, as it turns out


Unlocked iPhone 5 will not be available at Apple Retail Canada, online only


Unlock your out of contract AT&T iPhone with the new online unlock request form


redsn0w updated to version 0.9.14b2 with fixes for downgrading iPhone baseband


iOS 6 already receives a jailbreak for developers via redsn0w


PwnageTool, redsn0w, ultrasn0w, and cinject updated to support iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak


How the original iPhone was hacked


AT&T iPhone unlocks, 3 weeks later


Stride jailbreak tweak lets you unlock your device with just a gesture


AT&T offering on-contract unlocks to US Armed Forces on deployment


AT&T iPhones successfully unlocked, restore process will remove jailbreak


AT&T begins unlocking qualified, off-contract iPhones


If AT&T can unlock iPhones at Tim Cook's request, why can't they do it simply when it's the right thing to do?


Tethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 available for original iPad, iPhone 4 via redsn0w 0.9.10b6

iPhone OS 3.1 and Unlocking Don't Mix Well: Yet...


Now that the dust is starting to settle after the return of Steve, we would like to take a moment and issue another friendly reminder to all of you who currently using an unlocked iPhone 3G or the 3GS - do not install the iPhone 3.1 update via iTunes. You will lose your unlock and it may be permanent as Dev Team's MuscleNerd stated on Twitter earlier today:


blockquote>3G+3GS must not update to official 3.1! unlock needs pre-hacked 3.1 with 04.26.08

So what does that mean, well like I mentioned earlier do not update via iTunes. You must first hack the 3.1 software to include modem firmware 04.26.08. If this confuses you, please do not attempt to unlock your phone until an easier way is released.

We here at TiPb are wondering, what about iTunes? Have any of you with unlocked iPhones updated to iTunes 9.0? Let us know how it went in the comments!

As always, be safe out there, as we are not responsible if you blow up your iPhone.

*If you have questions regarding unlocking please visit our iPhone Jailbreak and Unlock forum.


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There are 160 comments. Add yours.

Jeff h says:

What about jailbreaking? Is that still possible or do we have to wait until a new version of redsn0w?

J. Danny says:

Jailbroken and unlocked 3.0.1 not having any problems with iTunes 9.

Logan says:

That's my question as well...will redsn0w 0.8 work on OS 3.1? I am intending to make the upgrade regardless, it would just be an great benefit if we were able to jailbreak again right away. All in all though, I have full faith that the Dev Team will come through as soon as they can. :-)

JNGold says:

Using a jailbroken 3GS (3.0.1) and Itunes 9. The only thing so far is that iTunes app organization only supports the 3.1 firmware. Otherwise, no issues.

e_phat says:

Jailbroken 3.01 and iTunes 9. Works perfect so far.

Patrick says:

what about iphone 2g? should i wait to jailbreak??

brando says:

no problems at all for me running 3.0.1 iphone 3g unlocked and jailbroken using itunes 9 except like another person said app organization doesnt work unless on 3.1

shollomon says:

3.0.1 and jailbroken, not problems.
Question: I just want to jailbreak, not unlock. Will current redsn0w 0.8 work to jailbreak 3.1 or do I need to wait for another version?

shane blyth says:

yeah whatswith 2g iphone is it safe for 3.1 update will i loose unlock i know ill loose jailbreak but i can live with that

Apoorv says:

i made a mistake
upgraded it to 3.1 now itunes isnt recognizing me what to do
get ur unlocking tool fast

Cleric says:

I upgraded to 3.1 on my unlocked iphone and now I cant use my phone. Itunes states that my sim isnt recognized

Tom says:

Are you crazy? Did you read ANY of the above posts, and/or google "unlock 3.1"?
Upgrading the firmware to 3.1 RE-locks the iphone (assuming you had a locked one in the first place). So, no, you cant use it anymore, unless you want to use it with your original phone company's sim.
And, worst part yet, you MAY never be able to unlock it again.

Nico says:

Using jailbreaked iPhone 2G with firmware 3.0 and iTunes 9.0 without problems.

Manu says:

Well... I encountered a severe crash (unlocked and jb'd iPhone 2G would't start-up anymore since wednesday morning - wonder if it could be linked to the release of 3.1!) and had found no other choice than "recovering" w/ iTunes... and, of course, 3.1 was just out, I was forced to upgrade so I'm locked again! I've read somewhere stuff about the "baseband" and "creating a custom firmware with previous baseband" to get out of this... Could anyone explain?! Thank you for helping!

Tom says:

I belive if you have already upgraded to 3.1 via Itunes, then you are screwed. Youre stuck with the new baseband, which can not be unlocked.
Check here:
but I belive you are screwed.

Sweeney says:

Everyone wants to make themselves out to be the victim in this, there have been multiple warnings about what happens if you upgrade to 3.1. No one forced anyone to upgrade, you chose to upgrade rather than even attempt to google search for a copy of any of the firmware older than 3.1. You did it, now deal with it and stop bitching about how people who put out a free solution to unlock your phone need to hurry and not be so slow about getting the unlock out. If it's that easy, you do it!

dripter says:

my iphone 3g on 2.2 firmware works fine with itunes 9 on vista. all stable and running, sync, backup etc.

kittynel says:

My iphone 2g was not jailbroken nor unlocked! worked fine with prev versions of itunes. i upgraded to itunes 9 and restored it to install the new 3.1 (without reading anything about it previously) and now it does not recognize my sim. pretty pissed off about this as i had a legal version installed before.. any ideas on how to solve this ? can i go back to the old firmware?

Manu says:

@Sweeney: keep cool, I wasn't claiming anything! just mentioning that upgrading wasn't really my choice (tried several times to re-flash my 3.0 FW before upgrading but it didn't work). Wasn't saying it was easy, either...
@Tom: I'm afraid you're damn right...

Javi says:

SH### Already my worst nightmare. I woke up this morning and my iphone fell in the toilet!...So I quickly tried to dry it with a blower. Ok I managed to get it on but it said that it must be restored. I went thru the i tunes application and restored it. But it restored it to the 3.1 now the iphone gets stuck and reads some error. I am assuming it has to do with the update since my phone was jail broken previously. Help!!! What can I do. Can I reinstall the older version on my phone? Oh yeah I have the 3gS....Will my iphone still work even if its locked?

Soni says:

No problems at all for me running 3.0.1 on an Original iphone 2g unlocked and jailbroken using itunes 9 except like another person said app organization doesnt work unless you are up to date with the latest 3.1 firmware. I advise people to just be patient for a couple of days/weeks, since this 3.1 upgrade is nothing that spectacular, just has that 'app organization' thing, at least you are enjoying a new revamped iTunes along with your iphone right now. Be patient people. stay away from that "install" and update button.

mark elian says:

guys.........plzzzzzzz :'( i updated my iphone 3g 16gb to the new 3.1 not the beta the full one and the base band now is 5.11 and that is the worst thing because i downgraded it frim 3.1 to 3.0.0 but there is no network services and its hardly jailbreaked plzzzzz everyone i need alooooott of help here plzzz....for anyone can help me plz post here or talk to me on the
plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
isnt there any bb downgrader that work in the new framwork (3.1)??

Jayme says:

he wasnt talking to you manu... he was talking to stupid fucks like apoorv.. probably some idian ass with no patiencs or respect.. im not racist against idians.. but they all are pretty impatient annoying disrespectful greedy bitches its plain and simple. DO NOT UPDATE YOUR FUCKING IPHONE

Ratman says:

Stupidly updated my 2G iphone when I was half asleep and now it will only let me have emergency calls only. Still recognises Orange network just wont let me make outgoing calls etc....:( Lesson learnt

lloyd says:

When i went to sleep last night i plugged my i phone 3gs 32g to my mac book pro and it updated automatically to iPhone OS 3.1 Software what do i do help please!!!

Emilio says:


Virtualist says:

Well it's kind of hard to understand whether it's the greed of using iPhone 3.1 firmware the next day after release, or just to show off, or it's just that people don't understand plain simple English, or it's just that people don't respect "WARNINGS".
The above post clearly mentions "You will lose your unlock and it may be permanent as Dev Team’s MuscleNerd stated on Twitter earlier today." And if you really want to mess with electronics that much, you gotta be a little careful.
Anyways, what's done is done, don't cry over spilt milk. This baseband upgrade is similar to baseband upgrade of iPhone 3G such that it can only be jailbroken, but not unlocked. People needed to be careful then (2.2 firmware) and people should be careful now. For people who've already bricked their phones, you can try and sell it on e-Bay to some AT&T customer for a lesser price. The only other thing you can do is to move on to AT&T.
BTW, iPhone 2G with 3.0.1 works well with iTunes 9 on a Hackintosh and T-mobile network.

macdripper says:

3G 3.0.1 working well with iTunes 9.0

Ivo says:

i have seen couple of videos , showing how to unlock ur Iphone 3gs..., is it safe, since OS will be 3.1????
and if i did unlock the phone will i be able in da future to install any new firmware
kindly advice

MQK says:

wil i be able to JB/unlock if i get iphone which alredy has 3.1??

Shadowdriven says:

I have never seen so many stupid questions, that have already been answered time and time again some people née to update the firmware on their brain:)~

boseyjones says:

Can all you read instead of asking the same question over and over again? If you upgraded to 3.1 your unlock is gone. Apple has stopped signing 3.0 and 3.0.1 firmwares on all models and it is not possible to downgrade until someone makes a tool. Even if that happens you need a few files which most people don't have. But downgrading doesn't roll back the baseband anyway so a new unlock is needed. Every single time an update comes out people go nuts, just wait patiently for the dev team until there is a REAL solution. The rule is - When an update comes out, DONT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THE DEV TEAM SAYS OTHERWISE.

ralph says:

i have a jailbroken iphone 3gs running 3.0.1. i don't really care about the jailbreak or unlock as i'm on att. can i upgrade to 3.1 without ruining my phone. again, i don't care about it being jailbroken and i don't care about my jailbreak apps, i'd just like to move to 3.1.

YourMobileGuru says:

As long as you don't mind loosing the jb then yes it is safe.

Abhishek Singh says:

I Jailbroked my friends iPhone 3G without any issues on iTunes9.0

Talhah says:

What a bunch if retards! Doesn't anyone read warnings. DON'T UPGRADE TO 3.1 YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR UNLOCK! Wait till the dev team give the go ahead. If you did upgrade then you're fucked! So sad boo hoo...NEXT!

Manu says:

Hey everyone, I managed to get myself out of it, by DOWNGRADING to 3.0!! (reminder: I was locked due to a "forced" upgrade to 3.1.)
This is how I did: entered DFU Mode with iTunes on; clicked "restore" WHILE HOLDING SHIFT (on a Windows PC); then chose the ANCIENT .ipsw file (v 3.0); then immediately used RedSn0w 0.8 to jailbreak & unlock, referring to the same .ipsw -- I've been quite happy to see the little pineapple again! Right now iTunes is restoring my iPhone from the last backup but it WORKS, i've been able to make a call already...
Hope this will help! Cheer up and good luck!!!

Manu says:

one more detail: I've got a "vintage" iPhone - version 2G...

Sparky says:

Reports on the net say rollback will work on 2G, but not 3GS. There are some twitter reports coming out that a JB will be available as early as this weekend for the 3GS. Unlock JB doesn't look as good.

needs answers says:

hi does anyone know
when the new hack for the 3.1 be available? so i can unlock my phone?

TomB says:

iPhone 3G 3.01 jailbroken working fine with iTunes 9.0.
Except, of course, that the lovely apps manager doesn't work. :-(

J-Red says:

READ CAREFULLY!!!! I am currently using and iPhone 2G on the t-mobile network and I have updated to iTunes 9! Everything works smoothly but if you have pdanet iTunes will disable it from working!!!! I hooked my phone up to the computer to connect and it pulled up this same result "err=0x0" Please proceed with caution for all pdanet users wait untill the developers from pdanet fix this issue with iTunes 9 otherwise you will be like me... Stuck with no tethering...

robertmpratt says:

iPhone 2G with iTunes 8.0. Recovered working phone after idiot upgrade to OS 3.1. I followed Manu's steps above. Thanks for posting!

AnhMaster says:

i failed.....did not see all these warning about not updating iphone using itunes 9.0 , connected my unlocked iphone to itunes and bam unlocked status all gone.

Elizabeth says:

Hi, I don't know what to do now - I have an unlocked iPhone 3.1 version, and I was trying to connect with iTunes and now, iTunes says it can't recognize my SIM because it's not an authorized carrier.
Now my iPhone works like an iTouch - ie, no phone.
What I can't figure out from these posts above is what I should do now. I don't understand what people mean when they say I've lost my jailbreak. Does this mean I have to get another SIM? Or ... ?
Please, don't yell at me, just explain to me (nicely would be great) what kind of a mess I'm in and what my options are. Many thanks.

posiedon says: did u manage to jailbreak ur 3.1 firmware...

Amol says:

m not able 2 update os 3.1 from itunes..m hvng 3g..nither it is jail broken or unlock..server error is showin internet speed is also 2 mbps..wht 2 do? connection time out is showing...

Amol says:

i’m not able 2 update os 3.1 from error is internet speed is also 2 mbps..wht 2 do?
i’m not able 2 update os 3.1 from error is internet speed is also 2 mbps..wht 2 do?

Frank Orlando says:

hey manu, i have a iphone 2g and it was unlocked untill it updated with itunes, now it wont recognize my sim, i saw that you downgraded? i see you did it with a pc, how would i do it with a mac?

Uwe Schmitz says:

Hi guys,
couldn't find the solution to my problem anywhere:
What I have:
iPhone 3GS, firmware 3.0.0, jailbroken (purplera1n) + unlocked (ultrasn0w)
My problem:
I tried to install Winterboard. After it told me to reboot I did so. And now it gets stuck during boot. A few secons of the apple-logo - then black again. Can't start my iPhone.
I just bought it and I haven't transferred any data yet. So I don't bother whether it will loose data when I recover / reinstall.
But now the problem is, that iTunes (9) wouldn't let me install the 3.0.0 version. It wants me to install 3.1.
But obviously I have to use 3.0.0 version in order to jailbrake+unlock (to use with t-mobile).
The Question:
Is there any other way to get rid of winterboard or to get in a previous state (before installation of winterboard)? btw: I don't have any backups.
Can I access the iPhone somehow from the pc to delete winterboard? I didn't have such software installed (i.e. OpenSSH / WinSCP etc).
Thanks a lot for your hints!

CEB1970 says:

Ok, I have a stupid question. If the 3.1 update makes unlocked phones locked again, then how is this affecting people who bought iPhones that were unlocked in the first place? Is it locking their phones too? And if not, what exactly is different about the unlock on a phone that is bought that way and the unlock on a phone that is jailbroken and then unlocked? I would think there is just some flag in the phone that says whether it is locked or not... no?!?! Is there something completely different between phones that are bought locked and unlocked such that we will never be able to completely forever and ever unlock a phone that was bought locked??? Please elucidate, thanks!

T says:

I believe there are two types of firmware on the iphone, baseband and os. In order to jailbreak and unlock your phone, you need a relatively old (not newest) version of baseband installed. Upgrading to os version 3.1 aloso changes your baseband, - which currently does not allow the unlock/jailbreak tools to run. The way I see the process - jailbreak is like a trojan horse (introduces custom changes to the os to allow inflitration). Apparently a few posts up, a person was able to install an older version of the os that downgraded their baseband--not sure if this is true? Sure would be nice..anyone?

therock112 says:

i am running iphone 3g with firmware 2.2 never jaibroken or unlocked.
i want to go to firmware 3.0 but my itunes has 3.1 firmware.
is there some way to upgrade to 3.0 and NOT 3.1 in itunes.
is there any other to upgrade to 3.0 without using itunes at this point?
my baseband is 2.28 and i with rogers/fido

T says:

I think you probably can use these to restore your phone???
Give it a try..when you click restore..hold down the ctrl button - I think - (or could be shift). This will allow you to bring up a file browser to select which version of the os you want to restore.

Asaad Saleh says:

I managed to Jailbreak and unlock a 2G iPhone which was accidentally updated to 3.1, I have used iTunes 9.0 and redsn0w to unlock it on the 3.0 software, it went smoothly,
The issue I'm facing with the iTunes is that I have applications hacked installed on the iPhone, now the iTunes is not accepting them as the old 8.2, I don't know if it is related, i have to test again.

Johnnyears says:

I am one of those idiots who upgraded by mistake, mine is a an original 2g model, like everyone else my unlock was gone. I did manage to get it back though. I went into DFU and while holding shift clicked on restore (PC. This gave me an option to choose a restore from an ipsw of my choice, i had 3.01 so i used that. Once it was restored i ran redsn0w-win_0.8 and bingo i was back in business.
Not sure if this will work on 3g

Ace says:

I tried Itunes 9.0 and redsn0w but still no luck

Ace says:

Thanks guys! i managed to unlock the phone back to 3.01. I was lost without my iphone the past few days!!!

Marco says:

Sick as a giraffe with a stiff neck!!
Got an iphone 2g 8gb which was already unlocked, stupidly updated it via itunes to software version 3.1, it is now stuck on emergency calls only screen although it will let me make and receive calls to anyone!! recognises the orange network as well, anybody shed some light on this,

Sam says:

heyy guys for the people who were able to unlock and restore ur (iphone to 3.1) were u able to UNLOCK ur other words can u use it with different carriers?? cause i downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0 n then jail broke it n then tried to unlock it (i know people said u cant cause the main firware was changed or something) anyways everything went smoothly but wen i finally rebooted my iphone it says no service (everything else works including the wifi) just no service can anyone shed some light on this plzzzzzzzzzz

Sam says:

sorry i meant unlock and restore ur 3.1 iphone

lg51 says:

There has to be a solution for unlocking 5.11 etc because the carriers can do it directly over their cell network.I have an orange contract and they are obliged to unlock after a year of service. So there is a secret system out there other than in the wild so it just has to be cracked and I am certain it will be. Inside info of course.

ann arbor tom says:

I have a 3Gs and while in op 3.01 had installed the internet tether settings under General/network. I DIDN'T READ THE POSTINGS ABOUT PROBLEMS UPGRADING TO 3.1 and later noticed my visual voicemail was not working. After doing password resets and Apple tech putting me on a call back for tech escalation, I noticed the postings in the forums. Now I just noticed that the tether on/off in settings has disappeared. Still now visual vmail. Any ideas on a fix for vis vmail anyone?

Manu_2 says:

Hey Manu,
I have some question to ask you about your exploit !!!
Respond to this please !!!!

Tavares Johnson says:

I have the same issue. I have a 2G iphone that was jailbroken and I so stupidly upgraded to 3.1. I am having the problem of itunes not recognizing my iphone so I can't do the restore. Can you help me around this Sam or anyone else. I'm in dire need. I had my phone on Tmobile.

Johnnyears says:

Just to clarify, I restored and unlocked my 2g phone that was upgraded to 3.1. ITunes would not recognise the 3.1 phone with my 02 sim, i put in the original AT&T sim and then did a shift+restore while in DFU. I can now use my 02 sim, but I am still having the disapperaing text bug that some 2g's are having with 3.01 installed.

jimmy Din from az says:

I have never heard of so0 many dumb fukin ?S. Someone asked "is it ok to update my phone without ruining it, im on att and I dont care about jailbreak or unlock" WTF U DUMB FUCKING MORON!!! you shouldnt even have a fukin iphone u stupid ass idiot! JESUS

Joker says:

Well done Jimmy Din, way to state the obvious mate.

Ogidu says:

I agree with lg51, there must be a way to unlock under 3.1, even if it takes a while to figure out. All the updates have screwed up jailbreaks and unlocks, why would this be any different. I'm not saying its easy or will be soon, but I'm really curious why there would be pessimism about whether it will ever be possible? Was one of the purposes of 3.1 to be a firmware release that was unbreakable? Is it written or encoded in a different and more hack-resistant method? I have no idea the technical aspect of any of this, so that may be the case. I'm just really surprised that the Dev Team would be worried that unlocking 3.1 could be impossible.
Any feedback?

Jake says: in the same possition as "therock112" i want to update to 3.0.1 but itunes only offers 3.1!
Did you try T's advice below did it work for you ?
I think you probably can use these to restore your phone???
Give it a try..when you click restore..hold down the ctrl button – I think – (or could be shift). This will allow you to bring up a file browser to select which version of the os you want to restore.

TooL says:

@Manu and rest restorers...
you could simply SHIFT + CLICK on the restore button in itunes and then point to the firmware file you downloaded from iclirified..... simple as that.
having shift pressed while clicking on the button lets u use a file from your pc rather than installing what itunes wants (3.1)

jonny h says:

My bro was stupid enough to update my iphone 3.g via itunes to 3.1. Im trying to restore in itunes back to 3.0 or 3.01 but with no success, i keep getting an unknown error message. Any suggestions?

Marty says:

Is it possible to update 2G Iphone 2.2 to 3.1 via Itunes 9? Please wise guys help me.

Ana says:

with the iphone 2g, firmaware 3.1. completly locked, i couldnt do anything with it, only emergenecy calls.
i followed what manu said and now iphone is complety restored :D

Micke says:

My Iphone 3gs is stuck on apple logo after a jailbreak. Is there anything I can do? If I restore it in Itunes I will get firmware 3.1? Can't I use the backup which is made everytime I download something from Itunes?

Preet says:

my iphone 3g had the 2.0 firmware installed it wasnt i have installed the 3.0.1 firmware and jailbroken how do i unlock it im having alot of problems with yellowsnow have i screwd up my iphone pls there a way i can get back to 2.0.1 and unlock it with that first???

jonny h says:

My bro was stupid enough to update my iphone 3.g via itunes to 3.1. Im trying to restore in itunes back to 3.0 or 3.01 but with no success, i keep getting an unknown error message. Any suggestions?

amanda says:

my unlocked i phone deleted my cydia after i upgraded to 3.1 i was trying to jaibreak it again but it froze what do i do ????????????????please please please help me....

JC says:

I have a 3G, with 3.01, which was never jailbroken or unlocked. First cell phone since the 90's and returning the the States.
I upgraded to 3.1 and that went well. Yesterday decided to try to jailbreak after downgrading to 3.0. Downgrade to 3.0 went fine and then I jailbroke the phone, and that went well.
Then did DFU again to install ipsw 3.1 for Unlocked but unactivated.
After that, I had 3.1 but was unable to get any phone service.
I just downgraded again, and then upgraded to OEM 3.1 and I have phone service again.
The custom 3.1 jailbroken OS did not work for me to allow my phone to work. (ATT)

malbin says:

Ok well i have been searching everything on the internet and i cant find an answer so i hope you guys can help.
I have an iphone 3g now running 3.1. I would like to jailbreak it. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE UNLOCK because I am on att already. so is there a way for me to just jailbreak it without the unlock on a WINDOWS now or do i have to wait for a new jailbreaker.

malbin says:

also i am running itunes 9.0

Mr.CutUp says:

I'm new to all of this, but I did the jailbreak on my Iphone 3G, but I didn't unlock it. So my question is, is it safe to update to the 3.1 via itunes for my jailbroken phone, or should I wait like everybody else? Thanks

ridgley06 says:

i have jailbroken iphone with 3.0, i need to restore it back to normal and then jailbreak it again so that my cydia works, but itunes makes me update to 3.1, and i dont want that obviously, so how do i fix this????? please please help

Pete says:

HELP! Did anyone encounter the same problem?
I accidentally updated my unlocked phone from 3.0.1 to 3.1
Restored to 3.0.1
Jailbroke using redsnow and unlocked with ultrasnow
No im getting a no service display and the carrier setting is saying 'unable to load network list'

Maher says:

I already did that, and the phone wont accept my sim anymore, and stays on emergency call.
any help?
I need to unlock my 3gs iphone, it wont accept the sim card, and goes for emergency call only, this is after updating to 3.1

JC says:

I just went from 3.01 to 3.1 with this custom IPSW file here, in Vista 64.
Just plugged in my iphone, did NOT set it to DFU, just left the iphone alone on Switchboard, did SHIFT + restore, selected the file, and about 15 minutes later it was done!
Easiest firmware re-install I've done yet (out of about 15)!
I had tried this with a different custom 3.1 and my phone would not work and I hade the phone in lockup of DFU and erros 1015 and 1016. I've since learned how to get the phone out of those errors, and the phone re-activated.
This process and IPSW worked perfectly for me. Not a single error, either.
And the phone is working, along with everything else, perfectly so far.

JC says:

That being JBkn, I have not tried to unlock.

malbin says:

so do i need to wait or not im still confused somebody please answere the question i relly need help my last post/question is # 82-83 PLEASE HELPPP

JDC says:

Ok, its working again.
Look, download the OEM 3.0 or 3.01 ipsw. Then downgrade your phone.
Then use the (jailbroken) ipsw in the post I have up a few, and do what I did, and you will have 3.1 jailbroken.. BAM!
Worked to easy for me.

JDC says:

Me thinks folks need to learn how to get their phones out of the damn errors.
When you get one of those errors after an attempt to flash your iphone, use Pawange 221 with itunes NOT running, then go to emergency services screen... then reconnect phone to pc and start itunes. Itunes will see it and reactivate the phone... and what ever OS you were installing when the error popped will be there!

trocky says:

man wtf i have a 3gs 32gb unlocked to 3.0.1 i know and i can read , i wont upgrade to 3.1 but can i up grade to 9.0 itunes with out any problems,,, i have my ecid shsh on file with cydia also ... man there some retarded people with iphones lol ,,,

lina25 says:

ok i know im an idiot but i have a 3g iphone and i am using a tmobile sim card. i just uprgraded to 3.1 on accident and have no service. is there anything i can do? please help me how can i get back to 3.0 ?

Lien says:

FOR ALL OF YOU STUCK ON FIRMWARE 3.1 > check out this movie on youtube
i succesfully unlocked my iphone 3G tonight after i accidentely updated it to 3.1 in pure ingnorance
it takes an already jailbroken iphone, and ultrasnow. After I put in my sim, I immediately had signal, and have already made several calls.

Terry Buch says:


Adam says:

I have a 3g 16g iPhone that was leagally unlocked through optus, the service provider. Currently running 3.0.1 with original aim and have only apps from iTunes.
Is it safe to update to 3.1?

Daniel says:

I can suggest a solution to people who upgraded their phones too early and screwed themselves up. Buy the new green rotary telephone that hangs on the kitchen wall, it has a six foot cord and you can use it while you sit all the way across the kitchen table. You're too stupid to have a modern device.

saj01 says:

Ok So the Dev Team is suppose to release the unlocking procedure on the 25th of sept., now im in NY and its 12:40 AM Sept. 26...where is the Unlock and Jailbreaking procedure for the iphone 3gs 3.1 OS???? Please HELP nd eamil me if possible Thanks ALL!

Chandra says:

Hi I accidentally restored on updated my iphone (I believe it is 3.1 now). I am able to see the line carrier and able to use it for calling/receiving calls. Is it possible to jailbreak/ unlock on windows

taz1765 says:

DEV team plzzz hurry with the unlock for 3.1 as im having withdrawl symtems ,i NEED my iphone.regards taz

Giorgos says:

@Ann arbor
check setting
and look to find a setting called "profiles"
go into it and select delete
shut down phone
ur visual voicemail should kick in.

malik says:

someoe plz explain how 2 downgrade from 3.1 to 3.0 in simple english please because im not that good with computers...
im getting the same problem havig my iphone on a screen that oly lets you do emergecy calls and no sim card is eccepted ...

Benjamin says:

I have an iphone with At&t and already upgraded to 3.1, I knew id lose my jailbreak, now im just wondering is there a legit jailbreak for 3.1 avaiable now or will I have to wait?

JR says:

I had an iPhone 3G that was on 3.0.1 and I unlocked it. All was well. Apple sent me out a brand new replacement because of all of my problems with the actual phone itself. -Obviously they don't know it's unlocked!! So my prob. is that the new phone has 3.0 on it but not 3.0.1. Weren't there some MAJOR security holes in the 3.0 unlock? I want to see if I can put 3.0.1 on this new phone so I can unlock it on the 3.0.1, not just on 3.0. No, I'm not installing the 3.1 as I've read all the warnings everywhere!! ; )
I'm currently trying to do a Restore from my older backup in iTunes but I'm aware that this will not update the firmware. So I'm going to try to unlock off of my saved .isp files this way and see if that works off of the unlocked 3.0.1. Restore. Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated!

Andy says:

unfortunaly i did d update & now i cant unlock
ma phone 4 tmobile =/ basically im phoneless! right now!!
so im wonderin when team dev puttin d new yellowsnow 2 unblock ma iphone what can i do den??

Anthony K says:

Hey everyone, I see that you all are now finding out that you cannot unlock/jailbreak your iphone 3G after the 3.1 update. If you did in fact update it and have a screen on itunes saying: You need a sim card or whatever, THERE IS A FIX! You can downgrade it from 3.1 back to 3.0.1 and RE Jailbreak/Unlock it.
Please email me for questions.

D373K says:

Hi everbody! I read through the whole blog and I notice no one had purchased an iPhone 3g or 3gs after the update was released. Well, prior to having an iPhone I used a jailbroken iPod touch using FW 3.0.1. Now, my issue is that I purchased my iPhone 3gs last week and it came pre-loaded with 3.1. This completely sucked ass because the whole reason why I deactivated my service with US celluar and to ATT is because I thought Id save money using Text for Free and skype over 3G with the skype hack through Icy. My question is wether I should return my iPhone and deactivate my AT&T contract OR hope that the dev team can unlock preloaded iPhones with 3.1? What should I do? I got 20 days to decide.

Forcefly says:

Ok I know a lot of people here have said that if you update to the 3.1 os then your screwed but i was given an iphone the other day because of just that reason the previous owner upgraded to 3.1 and lost his unlock. however all I had to do was put the phone into recovery mode (turning off iphone and holding down the home key while plugging the cable in and then once the locked phone brings up the image showing to plug it into i tunes for a restore open itunes, it will say that it detected an iphone in recovery mode and have a restore button. hold down the shift key and click on restore and when it brings up the window to choose your ipsw (you can download a 3.0 ipsw use google it is your friend) choose the 3.0 and itunes will restore your iphone to 3.0) after the reboot phone will still be locked but then you are free to use redsnow on it and it worked like a charm for me although at that point all i wanted was to unlock this phone so that i could use it so i did not choose to jailbreak it right now with redsnow i only used it to unlock the iphone and it is now running on 3.0 and i chose not to try again with 3.1 as it took me two days to figure out how to revert and unlock again and although with knowing how it only takes about 20 minutes to fix the screw up i'm almost tired of looking at computer screens and iphones.. good luck to any who try this.

D373K says:

Hey Forcefly,
Did you downgrade a 3GS or 3G?

Stephanie says:

Forcefly, im glad you were able to get your phone back! i have been going at this for about 3-4 hours now and im getting inconclusive results, everyone is saying something differently. can you give specific instructions on how you did it. or anyone for that matter.
-iphone 3g previously unlocked, stuck on emergency screen

JDC says:

So, say you upgraded to 3.1, and then decided to downgrade to 3.0.1, which I had before I went to 3.1 unlocked 3G. Word is that the phone portion of the 3.1 will not allow a downgrade.
So if you do the Os downgrade, how can you tell if the phone OS portion downgrade was successful?
********** different issue
I just got off the phone from AT&T for a different issue. They said that they had put into the firmware 3.1 a fix to stop all Blackberrys and iPhones, on pre-paid calling cards, from using any data services, and that as they wer able, they have been cutting off their pre-paid customers from any data services since June, and now particularly since the 3.1 update.
I've had a pre-paid card since 2004, and this iphone for about a week and up to the phone call with AT&T this morning, data was working. They saw that and shut it off during my call to them!
I called them back and advised either to fix my phone, or I and my other family accounts (3 of them) will go to T-Mobile.
They said they'd call me back later today.
What utter bull shit.

JDC says:

Just off the phone from AT&T again. They continue to say I will have to buy a monthly plan to get data, since their 'system' only works with iPhones on a new monthly pay system. My phone, during the first call to AT&T this morn, had the 3G was shut down! so I know it is not the OS on the phone that is the issue.
Additionally, AT&T said that with their 'update', only phones on monthly plans will get 'reliable' data service, and with the pre-paid the service will drop and be unreliable, so I should upgrade my service plan.
I'll be moving to T-Mobile, if I can unlock this phone... however, a friend has an AT&T prepaid card, and we put that card in my phone, and BAM instant 3G.

Marc says:

My wive just updated her 2G iphone trough itunes to 3.1 and I totally freaked out... until she said she would not understand why I was upset, since her phone is doing fine :-) ! She has a jailbroken iphone bought in the US and we use it in the middle east..
How can it be that her phone did not lock up after updating trough iTunes ?
I restarted the phone several times now and checked firmware version, but it clearly says 3.1 !
Any idea ?

CL says:

I just a bought a 3GS yesterday from an AT&T store. Do I just wait until there is a release for this new firmware?

Saj01 says:

Ok what about those unlocking software tht you can find online for 24.99 or 29.99 for 3.1 on 3gs, do they work??

Sean Duran says:

What about this?
I tried it and it worked! Except... now I can't make/receive calls or use SMS/MMS. Anyone have any idea what I should do? D:

AFITCH says:

I have unlocked/ jailbreaked phone with AT&T service. Don't know why the guy I bought it from did that. Can I upgrade to 3.1?

carlos says:

I update the iphone with itunes, terrible mistake, now I can only use the movistar sim, the phone is locked and if I buy the iphone 3GS i cant unlock either. fuck!

olu says:

HELP!! i just tried to upgrade my unlocked iphone 3gs to 3.1, now itunes has locked my phone.What do i do? someone pls help.

Kimberly Rea says:

So I was able2 jailbreak my 3g iphone with 3.1 firmware. But the ultrasn0w fix to unlock it does not work. Can someone help? I'm truly frustrated. If we have to wait unitl 3.14 update, how long do you think we will have to wait?

DW says:

Running a JB iPhone 3GS 3.01 at the moment. But my carrier in the UK is about to get the iPhone. Does anyone know if that means that I'll be able to upgrade to 3.1 and have my SIM recognised, thinking it will but appreciate thoughts.

stiz says:

Hi, I've unlocked iPhone 3g 3.1, everything working great,

azimi says:

Iam in the same boat as everyone. I even got software from a online source (iphoneunlockinglt) for $30. Turns out it was a scam website. STAY AWAY from it. It looks very professional, but its not. At this moment u can only downgrade to jailbreak. The baseband will still stay the same.

RRIVERA2012 says:

After downloading redsn0w 8 and 3.0.1 firmware, i managed to have everything work correctly till the very last minute. It stood loading saying "downloading jailbreak data" for some odd reason it wouldnt finish the jailbreak and when it finally loaded back up the iphone was stuck in recovery mode no matter what i did :( Not knowing like a n00b i restored my iphone to 3.1 via itunes and now as i read above i am fucked and my phone will only let me dial out emergency calls :( Hope to see the new unlocker out if possible >>>>>> what a fucking let down man damn

Dwave says:

My girlfriend was on my computer and can't remember what she clicked. Two things might have happened, either she clicked the download and install or it was a forced motion by Itunes 9. Which to me would seem very stealth on apple's part.
Anyways, that is irrelevant. My situation starts with the fact that i have lost Cydia. So i need to start there and work my way up. Or just go to AT&T and join up with their asses.
to be honest i am kind of getting tired of this Iphone with all the twists and turns. It was exciting when it first came out but too see the happy faces of Blackberry users it intrigues me. Or the 40$ cricket plan. Remember the days when we didn't have these gadgets. There was def less evil in the world.
Thats my rant. Attack now, or help.

sweetpop11 says:

hi, I accidently have the 3.1 and i no I'm not supposed to do it, but I did coz i always upgraded thnigs for my ipod touch. My iphone is now stuffed and can only call emergency calls. How do I unlock it? When can i Unlock it? and i think stupid apple should get sued for not even letting people know what happens when you upgrade

charlie says:

well i updated my firmware from 3.0 to 3.1(itunes9) played around with the mms feature, then just went to youtube(how to unlock 3.1) unlocked it,now i have cydia but the mms feature went away,no problem, remember if they don't unlock 3.1 firware that means no money donations will be coming in, and who does not like money!!!!!!

kiky says:

hi all
i have same problem im instal version 3.1 and i was many problems for 3 day to install another version now finaly im install version 3.0 but i have problems with network
i can use network at browser but service for my card can't finde any network
i can se my card all numbers alow my card just i don't have service no service any help thank you

Josh says:

Some one please unlock 3.1 soooooooooooon......

Charlie says:

If you have a iPhone 3g running on 3.1 firmware
or any firmware know that There is a jailbreak Solution out there
(how to jailbreak on windows 100% working)you tube it, it work for me I am able to use mms now
once again I can only speak for iPhone 3g that's the one I have, now I feel complete, I love my mms and video messaging,

Andy says:

I accidently updated my unlocked 3gs a fortnight ago and the phone is screwed.
I'd happily pay $150-200 to get it unlocked again As the phone is incredibly useful to my work.
Can anyone say categorically that the 5.11 baseband will never be unlocked before I go and buy an unlocked blackberry and boycott everything iTunes related for the rest of my life.

Grizzly09 says:

so i see that if you had an unlocked iphone 3g (tmobile), and you accidentally update to 3.1 that you're fucked. well how come other sites are saying that it's possible to get it unlocked again? ~confused~

sum1 says:

hi i have iphone 3g os and i updated it via itunes and i have a different carrier for the phone is there any way i can unlock the phone?

metoo says:

My iphone stoped working, it is unlocked and jailbroken thru tmobile....i restored it and i can receive calls but cant get past the emergency, itunes not recognizing says sim card not supported? used

stnumb says:

I have an unlocked jailbroken iphone 3G firmware 2.2.1, which i got bricked two days back after i installed the ActivateMMS2G app. I have not restored it, fearing it will upgrade firmware to 3.1. I was wondering if there is a way to access my file directory and delete the app folder and bring fone back to life? (note that i do not know the IP address of the phone for SSH, and cant check it since its stuck in reset) Another workaround i was considering was to download a 2.2.1 firmware manually and upgrade using itunes to that firmware (by pressing shift and pressing the restore button, where we can provide location of the FTW file), and jailbreak the 2.2.1 afterwards. Any suggestions and help would be highly appreciated.

Cece999 says:

i have an unlocked iphone 3g..i stil have 2.0.2 version..i really want to anything besides this..i was about to do it on itunes through the 3.1 upgrade that everyone above seems to be talking about..but i see that it might be a there another upgrade i can get without locking my phone..!

namone says:

Its alive. I finally got my iphone to work. after downgrading the 3.1 to a 2.0.1 and then unlocking and jail breaking it. works perfectly. Downside is that, all the cool games and apps need firmware 3.0 and above. how can i unlock 3.0? my email add is

Salman says:

who have updated iphone 3g via itunes, baseband 05.11.07 with bootloader 5.9, can do jailbreak their iphone 3g very hardly, but can not unlock, same problem with me, please help.
I saw there is software coming in 12th october with name sn0wbreeze, please check and let me know can it work for iphone 3g with above baseband and updated with itunes.

Federico says:

For those of you who made the mistake and are lucky enough to have bootloader version 05.08, you can downgrade the baseband following these instructions ( and ultrasn0w will work.

Mark says:

I was wondering, is it safe to connect an UNLOCKED 2G iphone to itunes??

nathan says:

HI all!! most of us having the same problems...
Well last night i ssh into my phone to change something for the ping app cuz if your phone is unlocked "i belive" it wont work, followed the instructions but yes it was my fault n messed up! bricked my phone n itunes gave me 3.1 so i down graded to 3.0 worked fine jb worked fine but redsonw for the unlock just keeps the phone searching for a network so as of rite now anyone tht was using there unlocked phone cant do it no more untill someone put out a fix for it! sucks

grayz says:

For people who have upgrade to 3.1 from i tunes and got locked> u don't have to worry, there is a way to unlock it again. i don't know how. But i got the same problem as u , and i pay a guy $25 US. And my phone is back to normal again. But i'm from indonesia. i don't know if anyone in the US manage to do that. Well just hope and pray i guess hehe

Adnan SHafiq says:

@ grayz
You have been a ray of light in thsi dark. I am sure you are serious so that we could wait to get unlock for 3.1
You rock man
Thank you and lets wait guys, I am pretty confident our engineers shall hit it right :) BTW i am screwed with 3.1 too:(

Hamie Alza says:

I am screwed with 3.1 too. Just bought it unlocked and thought it is ok to upgrade it =(

frank says:

i have an iphone 3g on os 3.0.1 and its springboard crashed, and my texts, recent calls, notes, and calender items, and photos were erased. anyone know how to recover lost text messages on the iphone 3g? please help!

chris says:

Ok, so I recently jailbroke my 3.1.2 iphone 3G using pwnage tool for mac. I went through the "simple" method and was unaware that in doing so, it automatically activates which i did not want it to do. I'm on an AT&T plan and don't want to unlock, just jailbreak. As of now, I have no 3G/EDGE and sometimes no service period. I restored to the regular Apple update, but still nothing. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

John says:

my iphone was jailbroken and unlocked and i updated to the newest firmware and lost everything i had on there is there a way to recover everything?

apoorv says:

iphone 2g got locked due to 3.1 update.
i followed MANU'S advice- no 38 on this page. and my iphone 2g works perfectly- calls can be made too, so baseband got fixed too i guess.
Thanks manu, your great man. i have pasted his advice below:
Hey everyone, I managed to get myself out of it, by DOWNGRADING to 3.0!! (reminder: I was locked due to a “forced” upgrade to 3.1.) This is how I did: entered DFU Mode with iTunes on; clicked “restore” WHILE HOLDING SHIFT (on a Windows PC); then chose the ANCIENT .ipsw file (v 3.0); then immediately used RedSn0w 0.8 to jailbreak & unlock, referring to the same .ipsw — I’ve been quite happy to see the little pineapple again! Right now iTunes is restoring my iPhone from the last backup but it WORKS, i’ve been able to make a call already… Hope this will help! Cheer up and good luck!!!

Lars says:

@apoorv: Are you on AT&T or some other carrier?

Tom says:

I think this solution requires Modemfirmaware under 05.11.07...
Conclusion : if you have :
-Firmware above 3.1
-Modem FW above 05.11.07
-Bootloader above 05.08
You're still screwed... :s

jack says:

i have 3.1 modem firmware 05.11.07…
i want to unlock and use it on tmobile it it possible ..
plz need help ..

Deb says:

Guys please help. I have got an unlocked iPhone 3GS and I want to transfer music and video and install free app store apps in this. What should I do I am scared after reading the comments. My phone is perfectly working now and I dont want to screw it up. Can you tell me the safest way to transfer music and video into my iPhone.
One more problem is when I try to create a new apple account from the app store it always say that the email ID already exists no matter what email ID I give and I am sure that email ID cannot exist anywhere. Something like and it says it already exists.
Please help guys!!!

hanafi says:

how to unlock my 3g iphones ...
i'm from malaysia

Harry says:

Thank God, I finally recovered my iPhone, accidentally updated to firmware 3.1 using darkra1n on XP.
darkra1n was unable to unlock my phone in Vista.

Larry says:

3G 8gb. Upgraded to 3.1 before i learned about jailbreaking BUT have jailbroken and unlocked my phone using blackra1n. Talked my daughter thru it over the phone, worked like a charm. I tried every JB solution on the web and none worked, stumbled across Blackra1n and phone JB'en in 2 minutes...literally. Recent update to Blackra1n enabled me to unlock. Phone works without flaw. Exception..bought TV out cable (3rd party) and it doesn't work. Apple TV out cable works fine but really, $50!!!
Would like to roll back FW (5.11.07) to enable 3rd party cable to work but hey can't have it all.

zhery says:

Larry - do you mind sending me the website for blackra1n. I can't use my phone know because of the 3.1 upgrade that I just did. I wish I knew i should not upgrade it...

Aiko Batterton says:

Thanks for the info on cell phone unlocking. I love cellular phones and work at a little cell phone shop where we unlock phones and mod them for people. Add to your list of free cell phone unlock sites, I use the downloads there a lot to help me unlock phones for customers, don't be mad but hey I have to make a living some kinda way!! lol.
Anyways, I figured you could use that in your bag of tricks too :-)

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