iPhone OS 3.2 -- What Do You Want and When Do You Want It?


Apple is no doubt already hard at work on iPhone OS 3.2, the second minor update to the third major release of their mobile platform. Sure, we got iPhone 3.1 just over two weeks ago on Sept. 9, but looking back, we should expect to see the first beta versions of 3.2 sooner rather than later.

By way of comparison, iPhone 2.1 was released on Sept. 12, 2008. iPhone 2.2 Beta 1 was released on Sept. 25, with some tweaks to App Store and Safari's UI. iPhone 2.1 Beta 2 dropped on Oct. 24, with Google Street View, SDK support for line-in audio, and direct podcast downloads and streaming. The final iPhone 2.2 firmware was released on Nov. 21, and both Google Street View and the ability to get podcasts on-device were great enhancements.

So, it's not unreasonable to imagine 3.2 Beta 1 could show up before the end of the month, with a final release before the holidays.

Since we've already gotten direct TV and Movie downloads (over Wi-Fi), there may not be an analogous improvement to iPod and iTunes this time around. Subscribing to podcasts on device, however, where a push notification alerts you when a new episode is available and you're on Wi-Fi to download it, is something we'd adore. iTunes LP and iTunes Extras support would also be dandy give their introduction in iTunes 9.

Likewise, Google Voice and Google Latitude having been rejected/held-for-study by the App Store, we may not get a Maps app update either (though Apple baking Latitude into the existing Maps app, Google-willing, could be a great compromise solution). We won't hold our breath for push Gmail either (not GoogleS...

Enabling 720p TV-out from the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch G3 would be a great, and competitive addition, especially with a souped up dock-to-HDMI video cable to go with it.

We have our ongoing (though admittedly greatly reduced since 3.0) wish-list: better support for Bluetooth controls (AVRCP), APIs to allow apps to interact with the calendar, some form of background support for streaming audio, turn-by-turn, and other apps that cry out for it, Mobile iChat, remote backup and restore, iTunes music and video streaming, file system access for document handling, etc.

(Yes, we left out bug fixes, as we hope Apple sees those as urgent enough to address in an iPhone 3.1.1 release much, much sooner).

But what do you want to see Apple prioritize for iPhone 3.2?

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iPhone OS 3.2 -- What Do You Want and When Do You Want It?



"some form of background support for streaming audio"

oh and the ability to customize the iphone more like winterboard

Um... MMS and Tethering are already available on the iPhone. Just cuz your carrier sucks, has little to do with the iPhone. I would like to see more Winterboard like fetures, and the battery precentage indicater for 3G

Unlocked by default so we T-Mobile users don't have to hack it apart in order to use it.
I love my iPhone. I love it. I would marry it if I wasn't already married or lived in Utah, but I also am very loyal to T-Mobile. I would really like to see the device unlocked out of the box.
I know, but a guy can hope, right?

I'm with Dmackdaddy, I want 3.1.1 with fixes.
Apple has no business adding anything till the get the phone on an even keel. No more Coma mode. No more rapid drain. No more losing your perfectly good WIFI passwords.
Just make it work.

we like to see something like BB messenger thats on BlackBerry. (dont know if thats what ichat is)

I'd like to see an alternate view of the installed applications that is menu-driven (Which has customizable names for each sub-group. So I can have a list of groups like "Games", "Social Apps", "Calculators", etc. and then move my Monopoly and Poker apps to Games, my Twitter, Facebook, AIM, and Yahoo! Messenger aps to Social, and my various Calculators and converters into that category.

Drag-able scroll bar in Safari (drag page slightly to show bar as it does now, but then tap and hold bar to drag before it disappears).

@Michael Allen - You can buy it unlocked out of the box, go to the Apple Store and ask for an unlocked iPhone. They'll sell you one. As for 3.2, I'm thinking small since it's a minor update. I'd like the download limit over 3G lifted for podcasts, if you can stream them in full over 3G what's the difference, it's not saving ATT any data? I'd also like greater bluetooth support so I can advance the track from the buttons on my headset. A remote backup similar to the Pre would be brilliant but that would be more of a 4.0 upgrade. I think I'd settle for just being able to stream last.fm and Pandora in the background.

aside from stopping my screen from freezing randomly...
I want presets for brightness, I want a "Yes" option when I'm in an app that request to turn on Location, or Wifi instead of the app closing and having to open settings to do it. nothing big.

WiFi problems with 3GS 3.1 and Airport Extreme Base Station. Amazingly, the iPhone works better with non-Apple branded Wifi routers.

Given there is no camera on the iPod Touch why not allow the original camera connector doc to work. These can still be bought through toys r us and online.

I want to be able to totally disable the SMS Pop Up Window. Seriously why is this not available?

For the 3GS how about wallpaper, it has enough memory. And for the 3G maybe a way to change the color from black to red, blue, green, yellow, something.

I wouldn't mind some sort of shortcut that allows me to lock the screen from rotating. Nothing bugs me more about the iPhone than when I'm reading or playing something and the screen rotates because I moved the phone about 10 degrees for a split second.
Other than that. Bug fixes. Lots and lots of bug fixes.

What do I want?
Flash for Safari, Flash for Safari, Flash for Safari!
Nike+ support for previous iPhones(3g and 2g, they sell the dongles for previous ipods, enable the feature in software already)
Better battery life
Hmm... that's it.

After bug fixes for the random shutdowns I'm enduring the thing I keep hoping for is folder/category view for apps. They could make it a secondary view option so the vurrent app view isn't taken away from the masses while allowing the /many/ with lots of app to be happy.
Hmm oh and I want to see physical keyboards connected via Bluetooth for classroom notetaking or extended writing use too....

A cancel button whilst sending a text, reduce Safari ram usage and change the app icon in get info in iTunes. Oh and change the springboard wallpaper, why is it called wallpaper when it is clearly a lock screen background?!?

@ the dude.. it would be nice to have it default to OFF when you close the map app that way location services can always be off except for when you need it..

Another somewhat major bug that a significant amount of people have had happen and hasn't been brought up on this blog (hopefully you can bring it to light so apple will be forced to fix it) is when I sync my iphone 3.1 and unplug properly and then go to ipod it says library updating and then sometimes decides to let me keep my songs, other times it says no content and I have to re-sync it. The re-sync is quick and fixes it right away so it's not that the music/podcasts were deleted, but were hidden. I have found a link on the apple forum with 5 pages of users with the same problem and no solution from apple.

Would like to see a folder type format. That way you can add all games under games and social networking etc.

1) An envelope icon in the top bar of the lock screen showing if I have voicemails/emails/SMS messages. (I don't need to swipe/unlock to check) In a perfect world, a little tiny led would be blinking, but we don't have that hardware so no go there.
2)Sync over wifi/bluetooth. I never have my cable, but my phone and laptop are rarely far apart.
3) Ability to organize homescreens into sub screens. (Games, Comms, Work, Sport)
4) Editable search lists. When I search for an item in mail, I should be able to then select/move/delete some or all of the results.

Ever notice that when you're trying to get the screen to rotate, it's hard to get it to do so, but when you don't want it to rotate you can't get it to stop?

I would like to see the iPhone equivalent of the BB messenger. Hopefully that will be iChat. I dont think Apple is gonna release it until they install a front facing camera. Then I don't think AT&T can handle that many iphone doing video chat. Also by time they do install a front camera Apple wont be tied to AT&T so they would have to have a unfied system that can work on different networks which will be hard to do and Apple would want all customers to have the same iPhone experience

I would like 3.2 to support flash and let us put are pictures as backrounds in the back of the icons

quick reply to messages in the message pop up. i hate having to leave the app i'm currently in, just to reply to a text.

-let me say an app can always use location
-more default places for email, contacts, etc to come from. (i.e. more partners)
-more than one activesync email account
-time-based sounds, more flexible sounds
-notifications on the unlock screen + the ability to control how long the unlock screen stays up
-third party search integration
-way to change the calendar an item is in
-way to change group a contact is in
-hide/remove Apple apps

The few things I am still waiting on:
1) Better notification system. Like Graeme said above some sort of badge on the lock screen to serve as an alert to a new email. Ideally in the next generation some sort of LED to allow for message alerts without even hitting any buttons...LED Apple logo?
2) A quick settings App to easily toggle control of WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, etc without having to go into all the subcategories of Settings. Ideally even a hot corner setting to bring up this type of "widget"
I know both of these features are available in jailbroken iPhones, so can't Apple figure out a way to do it for the rest of us that don't want to jailbreak!

  1. get rid of the "nothing to cancel" notification when i accidentally shake the phone while texting
  2. a way to control music (prev/next) without having to turn on the screen every freakin time. and i dont mean that shake to shuffle crap either....
  3. more customization please
  4. flash
  5. fix for the "coma" iphone users have been experiencing
  6. smarter auto-correction and better dictionary

FLASH!!! It drives me nuts that I can't view some websites because they use Flash. And streaming Pandora in the background.

I pretty much agree with many of the ideas above are needed much more them mine, that being said I would really like the ability to assign ringtones of my choice to any text message or SMS message.

Would love to see longer battery life, and a user-defined dictionary. When I had a BlackBerry, I was able to type in "myaddress" and my home address would pop up -- this came in quite handy since I work from home and see a lot of clients at my apartment. Having to type my address over and over again can become kind of a pain.
Other than that, MMS would be nice. September 25th can't come soon enough!

Rich text editing API! It'd be nice if all of our favorite text editors could use rich text. Perfect for syncing notes between the phone and note programs on my mac like journler, MacJournal, yojimbo, etc. . .
Bluetooth keyboard support - so I can leave my netbook at home when traveling.

As good as the iPhone 3GS is, it still has a lot of flaws.

  1. Fix Bugs!!!!!!!
  2. Add spell checker to text fields, for example Inspell (a cydia app) has a very good implementation of this.
  3. iChat for all the messengers out there, as well as a dedicated system for iPhone users just like the Blackberry.
  4. Give apps access to iPhone calendar, as well a badge for appointments/events for all, not just Exchange users.
  5. UI refresh, Contacts (Show pics of contacts in list view), Mail (Please add Official logos to accounts, looks so bland compared to the Pre)
  6. BETTER NOTIFICATION SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't tell you how much I hate the current implementation, this is the one time Apple has to be a follower and not a leader. COPY WEBOS or ADROID'S notification system!

For the love of God, will they ever let me customize MY ringtones for messages (texts and emails)? Their ringtones suck and you can hardly hear them. So f-ing simple, but somehow overlooked.

A lot of the above, but I'd love to move the greeting button in the VM screen so when I hit th top VM everytime I don't hit the greeting menu pop-up.

I'd like to see tethering, winterboard like customization and the ability to lock certain applications without having to lock the whole like the lockdown app you can get when you jailbreak your phone.

I'd like the calendar search to only appear when you press the clock (like in all the other native applications). There's constantly 1cm of screen wasted!

Is it just me or does flash pretty much suck? I'm not really sure why anyone wants it. The more popular the iPhone becomes the more content is being geared toward it. If it gets us away from the ubiquitousness of flash i say good. Someone mentions a scroll bar in safari, which I feel is a great idea. Also allowing streaming music apps to run in the background. The iPhone can certainly do this and it needs to be enabled.

I know it's probably not the most pressing of missing features, but I'd love to be able to go through Previous Recipients in Mail and edit, or delete, those.

If I don't want to update an app, clear the indicator on the app store icon. I don't want a nagging indicator if I don't want to update an app that has added more ads.

And stop kicking me out of the app store everytime I update an app. I don't need to go see the app icon when I click update. I know where the app is. Just update the app in the background so I can continue browsing the app store!

Allow me to wirelessly destroy others' phones who use song ringtones. I don't want to hear people's goddamn music.

I want iPod and game listening over all BT audio devices. Not just A2DP.
BT Keyboard support.
I want a pop-up dock. When I push one of the four icons at the bottom of the screen, I want a popup of items. I want to press and hold down (like the period/.com will show .edu and .org) and have icons of applications (of my choice appear), preferably larger versions of the icons (maybe 9 of them) so they stand out from the background. So I can have a button for "communications" and have phone, e-mail, texting, twitter, etc. And a button for "news" and have the NYT, AP, weather and local news in there. I don't want to have to leave the screen I'm on to check mail and then go back to screen again. Apple could supply us with a dozen topics (like communication, social networks, news, games, etc.) with icons and then few generic ones (like circles/squares or just A,B,C).
I want some shortcuts for preferences too. Like brightness, BT, WiFi and a few others. Those could be added above. It could be the test. Let me pick my few most used for the preferences program...

One feature/enhancement I would like to see is with contacts. Rather than select a name and then it takes me to a new screen with more info, just have the contacts name expand downward, showing me more information about the person on the same page rather than taking me to a new page.

I don't want an OS 3.2.
If we get one with all the goodies people want, then sales of the next generation iPhone will flatline. That won't be good for anyone.
I want my new iPhone to do it all including Flash support and to let me get rid of my desktop and laptop.

  1. Landscape support for home UI
  2. Keyboard support in Landscape for all programs
  3. Background support for pandora, wiki music, imeem, mainly just audio programs
  4. Improved file support to inrich browsing experience. (Flash,wmv, for video browsing mainly) sites like www.cartoonjoe.com, happytreefriends rather then having to wait for the newest release in iTunes.

Quoting from article:
* better support for Bluetooth controls (AVRCP)
* some form of background support for streaming audio, turn-by-turn, and other apps that cry out for it
* iTunes music and video streaming
* file system access for document handling
Seconding Graeme above:
* An envelope icon in the top bar of the lock screen showing if I have voicemails/emails/SMS messages.
* Sync over wifi/bluetooth. I never have my cable, but my phone and laptop are rarely far apart.
* Ability to organize homescreens into sub screens. (Games, Comms, Work, Sport)
So far the improvements have been frequent and substantial. Let's hope the trajectory continues.

The mailbox system MUST be overhauled. How about seperate icons for each mailbox so I dont have to go in and play "find that email".

BLUETOOTH AVRCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been in, then out, then in, then out.
Please leave it IN this time.

Totally agree ......
fastlane said:
Sep 22nd @ 01:27 pm
Drag-able scroll bar in Safari (drag page slightly to show bar as it does now, but then tap and hold bar to drag before it disappears).
And wifi syncing

There are two things I don't understand they didn't do already:

  1. Ability to upload files from Safari. Ok, just pics & vids & voice memos. Ok. Please?
  2. An alerts API. I have a Todo App that does alerting through Push! This is utterly insane! Brings battery down, doesn't ring when offline (in a tunnel, ...), very cumbersome & complex...

These two things are very simple, and I don't see why Apple didn't get to it.

please sort out the email ding noise as you cant hear it go off needs to be a lot louder, its a music device and has a speaker for a reason so make use plz, also a email envelope when phone is locked or sleep mode would be good.

Profiles please. So you can set your settings (wifi, volume, blutooth on/off etc) for when your at home, at work, in the car. If it could auto switch based on location as well (at least for home& work) then cool.
Groups in the contacts without having to use an external app. This is basic stuff, even my old dell pocket PC had it 6 years ago.
Multiple Exchange accounts so can fully use gmail syncing and one for work as well.
A better calendar. Week, 2 week views, year view. Correct matching of the colours to Gmail calendars.
A decent notes app.
The ability to remove any icons from the screen, not just apps that I've brought but the standard crap apps like stocks, weather.
FULL Bluetooth please
Lots of other good things have already been mentioned here too. I wish apple would strengthen what there is instead of adding more "impressive" features that no-one uses (streetview anyone?)

Oh, and please please please please, no flash!
Flash is a pain in every sense. Pain to use, pain to program for, pain to maintain, pain to secure, pain to the eye (think blinking ads).
So please, leave it at HTML/JavaScript/CSS.

I think you sum it up quite well:
"We have our ongoing (though admittedly greatly reduced since 3.0) wish-list: better support for Bluetooth controls (AVRCP), APIs to allow apps to interact with the calendar, some form of background support for streaming audio, turn-by-turn, and other apps that cry out for it, Mobile iChat, remote backup and restore, iTunes music and video streaming, file system access for document handling, etc."

I would love to see Apple take the lead with Bluetooth notification. I have had many Nokias that would alert you IN THE BT HEADSET that you had a VM, text message, etc. Everyone seem to over look this! I miss text messages all the time because the vibrator in the iPhone is so lame (as it is with many other phones! I would also like to see the availabillity of programmable profiles based on the calendar, so it would automatically put the phone into silet during a meeting, class, etc, similar to what spb Software's Phone Suite does on WinMo. I really miss that app!

I want to be able to HIDE or DISABLE my Stock apps!!!! PLEASE.... Being able to customize my SMS tone wouldn't hurt either.

1 please allow personal ringtones for all phone calls texts and emails instead of the stupid low ding for email
2 Battery life needs sorting
3 allow downloads for web pages that need add ons and other updates to view certain web pages eg adobe reader, acrobat macromedia etc

Mobile iChat, with push notifications, would be awesome. It would be a nice addition, especially with the already existing Yahoo and AIM with push notifications. Come on dudes, get your act together.

  1. iPod
    • Proper Bluetooth controls so i can skip tracks using my bt headset. Speaking of bluetooth, can wi-fi and bt ever play nice together at the same time?
    • When in landscape in a playlist, stop frakin going all album mode and stay with the playlist; if i wanted to browse albums i would have selected albums in the first place dammit.
    • when names of videos are long, scroll or at least let me use landscape mode and also see #2.
    • With an unfinished video, everytime i simply connect it with iTunes, it resets the point where i left off.
  2. Calendar
    Clickable links in subject lines such as phone numbers so you don't have to switch back and forth and try to remember what number to dial
    • snooze an alert
    • diff alerts for diff calendars (personal vs. work)
  3. Safari
    • Flash, even if the simple non-video type
    • When a page launches a nother page, and once the second page is closed the original has to reload, stop that thanks.
  4. SBS Settings type for non-jailbroken phones, because of the crap battery life we have to always toggle the settings.

Flash......! And I would like to b able Bluetooth my pictures and my videos to any other phone!

Mms is already comming... So... Nothing...My ish is jailbroken so I already have most of what the other people want...

Sound really good comments but probably too much to squeeze in
1) customise sounds / backdrop - SMS receipt and get rid of the crappy black background.
2) Comms panel to enable / disable wifi etc - this surely makes sense
3) wireless syncing
cheers apple - make the improvements and don't be paranoid about lock down. At this rate it benefits them if there are less reasons to jailbreak

Is a week number in the calendar app so much to ask for??, c'mon my university works with week numbers...
battery percentage for non 3gs phones
two easy things.

I'm way late to the party on this thread, but here goes:
1) Access to the file system.
2) The ability to install apps without using the iTunes app store and without jailbreaking.
3) The ability to sync with the program of my choice, which would not be iTunes.
In other words, the usual. If we got those three things (which Apple is not about to give up) all other issues would be solved because people could write software to solve them and you could actually install the software.

A Unified Inbox!
Also, I'm with these guys:
igorsky - "a user-defined dictionary is long overdue."
MIke - “some form of background support for streaming audio”
John - "Flash for Safari"
Jen Nelson - "longer battery life"
All of the above, please!!!

Active Home screen! 90 comments and nobody misses this?
Better springboard would be also nice, to organize my 150+ apps.

I'd like to see anything that would make the battery life better. Also, I'd like to see an iPhone version of BlackBerry Messenger.

Do you guys think Apple will really read this?
If so, here are some really neccessary stuff :
1) Lock Mail/Apps with Password : It's possible to hide safari but not Mail? hmmm. It must be possible to lock Mail and/or Apps with a password or a guest mode where i say "This is the stuff you can play with, everything else is locked!".
2) Mail : It would be comfortable if i can press a button which jumps to the "Home" of Mail - a tiny button, that shows all your mail-accounts again. I have to press 2-3 times to get back.
3) AppStore : Why can't i bookmark any apps? So useful and not implemented. And it should be written that this app i want to download will decrease my balance from $$$ to $$$.
4) Phone-Profiles : Really, a Must!
5) Different Ringtones for SMS/EMAIL/Phone - Vibrate on/off for each of them to configure.
6) IPOD : It must be possible to delete tracks from my Iphone not only from Itunes.
7) Default Browser : Safari is good, but there are great Browser-Addons like ICab. It must be possible to decline a app as Default Browser. It's annoying if some apps start Safari where alot of features are missing.
8) 3gs has enough Memory, but if i have my Iphone some weeks without reboot i have only 50-80 mb free? Where is it all gone (no jalibreak!). Why is Safari, Notes etc. working in the background. It would be nice if i can decline which App (from Apple) can stay in background and which should close. Alternative a free-memory management tool.
9) WIFI : Connection sometimes bad sometimes good. Same place i'm standing with my Iphone in my room so this is not really reproducible. Better WIFI-Connection please! Same goes for Phone Connection.
10) Springboard : A bit more customizable would be good - Categories.
...guess that's it.

I would like to see app support. If I am in twitter and I click a link that takes me to someones facebook page, I want the facebook app to open and show me the page.

Top 3 are:
1) Calendar notification.
Useful to do list with the ability to 'snooze' a task you have still to action. Numbered tag on the icon as in mail etc
2) Horizontal home page UI
When swapping through the home screen between apps with the iPhone horizontal it would be good to show the icons in the same orientation.
3) SMS/MMS Tones
Use something other than standard tone.

A cancel button for the messages app PLEASE!!!!! I really need this
flash for safari
and more bug fixes
I guess it eould be good if it came out before 2010 starts

Oh and I saw another comment
bookmarking apps would be AWESOME. Sometimes I don't have enough money to buy an app I really want and then I forget eat app I wanted when I finally get more money because I use iTunes giftcards

Sadly most of these things, if all, will only come on iPhone 4.0. Most wanted:
active homescreen
new notification system (android/webos)
unified inbox
flash 10
limited multitasking
active lockscreen (pim, weather, etc)
sbsettings type quick access toggles (android will have this with 1.6)

Profiles allow pre-set options to be activated with one button push. e.g. 'Work' - low volume ring, 'Outside' - full volume ring with vibrate, 'Meeting' - vibrate only, no audible alerts.
(this would be my number 4) feature)
As was suggested, this could also include 3G / Wi-fi / push etc on or off.

More things:
Contact groups: I know you can create groups through outlook, but it would be nice to be able to set certain options(ringtones, text entire group, etc) for entire groups
Customization: At least be able to change some color schemes and use your own background. Also the ability to hide icons(stocks)
Lock: Locking certain apps would be convenient

I think the location of the emergency call button on the passcode screen causes problems. Several times I have accidently pressed that button when trying to press 9. Apple should either move this button or give you a screen asking if "You're sure you want to make an emergency call?" Anyone agree?

It would also be nice if we could hide any of the native apps we don't use, such as stocks or yahoo weather

Minor, but password/pin protect deleting photos. I have to keep an extra eye on that daughter of mine - why must you delete my pictures, girl!

I know not only me wants this, but everyone else. A cancel button for messaging. Ex: When you make a mispell or send a text to the wrong person. There is a cancel button to cancel the message or stop it from sending. Please add this function. Thanks

Did someone say LED Apple logo? Multicolor and programmable for notifications. Pretty please?? Next hardware version..

Please please make some different or allow us to download new message alert tones

Hopefully a Calendar update, colour options, push, todo list, weekly view etc.
Google to make a native app, so I can delete the annoying web app I want to do everything with, but can't bc it's uber slow, opens multiple web pages and did I mention annoying!!!

3.1 reduced the maximum "Require Passcode After..." time from 1 hour to 15 minutes. Why they decided I couldn't handle the risk of a 1 hour delay is beyond me.
Please restore longer times for 3.2.

I'm so glad others have mentioned this, but my biggest beef is the lack of customization for text and email alert sounds.
My cell phone from 4 years ago allowed you to assign unique ringtones to people for their texts, yet the iPhone has overlooked this feature again and again.
A start would be customizing the general "new message" sound to something not pre-installed. The ideal solution is one that's been around for years and included out of the box from many phone manufacturers--custom text sounds for individual contacts.

1) Multiple Exchange accounts (Pre has it, why not us?)
2) Please, Please, Please! - Backgrounder equivalent for at least one app. Include an equivalent for Music Control as well, so we can background streaming apps. (With those two things, I have no need to jailbreak) Maybe just backgrounding on 3GS due to limited resources.
3) Make notifications a small overlay pop-up at bottom of screen so you can still see what's on the screen. Include incoming call as a small pop-up screen that you can select to maximize. Then turn-by-turn GPS could continue on the screen while you take a call. Application API could allow programmers to opt to pause during notifications or continue.

iChat would be a great thing, and i would also like the iPhone to learn how to autoconnect to EDGE or GPRS from 3G without showing No Service. Other phone manufacturers can do that easily, what's the problem with Apple?

I really wish they had a "suspend-to-memory" feature for every app. I can accept the fact that I can't have multitasking, but if you're a popular person, or even if you're not and you get a call in the middle of an application, freeze the app and your place in time, go to the call, then come back right where you left off. No need to watch the splash screens and resume a game or traverse all the way back into the app where you were cut off.
Or, since they're already good at pausing the app when a text message comes in, can't they do that for a call? How about a small blue pop-up that gives the option to "ignore," "continue and answer," or "exit and answer," where the latter two will either let the call continue in the background (top green bar optional), or suspend or gracefully exit the app to go to the Phone app.
Oh, it's 3.1 already. How about the ability to assign our own tones for email and SMS/MMS? That one low tone and short vibrate is almost enough to warrant a jailbreak so I can stick my own sound in there! C'mon already!

A built in im app. And for the iPod Touch, a way to add ringtones through iTunes using .m4r files just like the iPhone.

Custom snooze settings on the alarm clock. I like to choose between 5,7, or 9 minutes. Simple, right?

There have been very similar reqests, let me add on a few.
In regards to the profiles.. Given the GPS, why can't there be location based profiles for those who have predetermined patterns.
Secondly, I would appreciate the iPod app to have the functionality to create and edit playlists on the fly. As well as having a "Road Trip Dj" similar to the iTunes dj.
The rest will come in 4.0, but does it make sense to come out with old technology on a industry leading high tech device? There has to be a prolonged software roadmap in Cupertino.

Sorry, forgot these two standard cellphone features:
- SMS delivery receipts
- More call forwarding options, i.e. forward when: not reachable, not answered, busy.

It would be great if you could send calender request to other iPhone uses via mobile me or just straight to the phone for those users that don't have an exchange!!!

They need to have one word that will show me all the app that I have in my iPhone in spotlight as I have got over 220 apps

Allow any application to use the video-out of the iPhone.
Allow applications to decode a camera/video feed live (needed for Augmented Reality marker-based applications).

How about support for more than 1 Exchange ActiveSync account for us users who use both exchange for corporate email as well as gmail and calendar!!!

Double-click the Home button to optionally bring up a radio control screen to toggle Airplane/3G/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.
Give the ability for push notification to automatically launch an application. This could lead the way to automating tasks at a certain time. The iPhone is too passive, always requiring you to do interact or acknowledge an action.
How about double-tapping the top of Safari to go to the bottom of the web page? After spending 45 seconds of scrolling down to this section, I accidentally hit the top of my screen, instantly scrolling me back up.... Grrr!

How about sending user feedback, bug reports, and crash logs directly from the iPhone without having to sync or go to the iPhone feedback page on Apple.com?

REAL bluetooth. Stop all the swiping. If I am in a website, and my phone goes into standby, I should be able to just tap the home button and go back to were I was. All the constant swiping gets real old. REAL bluetooth. Folders for the apps. Having 19 (or whatever) "home" screens is stupid. It is called a HOME screen for a reason. You should be able to get to everything from there. Did I mention REAL bluetooth?? I should be able to shoot and send a pic to someone standing next to me. Or a file. Or a song. Again, it's we will let you have this, but only this much. Lock the sceen from moving. Big pain in the rear. How about being able to sync ONLY what you want?? Have 1000 songs and would like to add ONE?? Now, you have to sync 1000 and ONE. Why can't I just add the one?? Syncing without erasing?? Tired of finding out AFTER I added the one song that none of my pics were put back. Or my apps. Profiles would be nice. Having more the ring or vib would be nice. Miss that from my Bold. Cutomize ALL tones to what you want. We have several iPhones at work, and we all have to check since we use the only 2 half a** tones on the phone. It is nice to dream, but don't anyone hold their breath.

My top 10 items....
I see it as not necessarily going to happen 100% but in the near future I'd absolutely love to see the following (in no specific order)
1: full Flash support in Safari, Mail etc... (this probably will...well..never happen)
2: Some sort of iChat/BBM/msn app that won't be as slow and unreliable as IM+ and those other clients.
3: The ability to use Folders, but only when optioned by user.
4: The ability to turn off auto-horizontal keyboard specific to apps or across the whole OS. It's not cool and rarely helpful when you turn the phone by a fraction of a degree and it changes.
5: F.M. Radio (and A.M., although I doubt it'll ever make it in).
6: More Bluetooth support for peripherals. This isn't a biggie, but it would be great to have the option to use a bluetooth keyboard (like the Apple wireless Keyboard) to type notes, use in safari, other apps etc...
7: Customizable Text-Message ring tones. How is it that we don't have this? It's an easy option to unlock the phone and do it, but why do we have to go through that trouble?
8: The option to sort and organize contacts using groups.
9: Wireless/3G sync'ing to iTunes would be nice too, but I can foresee a ton of bugs and compatibility problems happening with this one. So it'll be nice only if they get it right the first time lol.
10: An option to throw a battery life indicator up at the top of the display beside the battery (sort of like in MacOS... % or time remaining).
There are so many more items we can throw in here...but those seem to be at the forefront of my mind.
Let's hope Apple's watching this thread.

How about something simple... I would LOVE to be able to re-order my email accounts that I have on my iPhone, without having to delete them and re-install them in the order I want... Why is this not a basic function of the iPhone? Simple drag and drop style re-ordering... PLEASE!!!

In addition to radio control, how about a Do Not Disturb to send calls to voicemail? No more app interruptions and having to relaunch a game or app to get back where I was again. I'd like to keep data or Wi-Fi, just no calls when I'm either actually busy or just goofing off. Airplane mode is overkill, and having to manually set Call Forwarding is too cumbersome.

Some great ideas here. I'll leave the techie stuff to the pros and reap the benefits as they come.
How about let me make folders for my photos?
Also home button customization such as 3g, wifi, brightness.
Oh and an "easy wake" option for my alarm?
Again a jailbreak option for older iPhones but let's get some keyboard options! I freakin hate pecking out numbers... how's about a number pad?!
And of course, contact groups (got it on my jailbreak) but would be cool to let me text a group at once instead of searching for names.
Speech to text anyone?

ok, here are my 2 cents...
home screen notifications (email, calender, missed calls)
obviously better battery life
the ability to lock the screen so it wont rotate
one button power save. turns off/on: wifi, 3g, etc.. to prolong the battery

Landscape support for the Maps app. My iPhone is mounted sideways on my dash (to keep the phone plugged in), and it would be easier to see where I'm going if they would add landscape mode to it. I'm just too damn cheap to purchase a $35 and up app when I've already got a good free navigation app on the phone.

  1. Phone profile (business, outdoor, night, meeting, beep)
  2. Multiple Exchange accounts
  3. Rearrange E-mail accounts
    (Stupidly the Exchange account si allways at the bottom)
  4. Option to assign colors to calendars
    (now the iphone chooses the color)
  5. PUSH for IMAP
  6. ZOOM on the Camera
  7. Contact Groups (that nicely sync with Google's contact groups)
  8. Ringtones for SMS/MMS/Email (variable per contact)
  9. A 'today' screen with calendar events
  10. Flash support
  11. Disable WIFI/GPS/3G/ETC one click from the home screen!

I want to be able to specify the colors of my calendars. I want 3.2 before the end of the year. Oh and please make it so I don't lose everything on my iPhone when I update!!!! (Like I did with 3.1)!!!

What I would love to see is the ability to customize the look on the iphone. My blackberry allowed me to change the typical look of it to something else.. Ability to change the colors of the bubbles of sms. I would also love a blackberry messenger in the iphone.. That would be great! Thats one of the reasons I loved my iphone. Bug fixxes.

Sorry, typo... Thats one of the reasons why i loved my blackberry... altho it still doesnt compare to the iphone.

  1. Ignore / Ignore with text when receiving calls. (send the call to VM)
  2. Be able to configure an alert for Birthday/anniversary dates added to a Contact

Why, ohh why does nobody wan't a fast switch do shut down bluetooth and/or wlan? Am I the only one who doesn't need those services alltime? All I need are two apps (yes they can consume 2 slots on my first screen) to turn those batterysuckers off, when I don't need them.

Apple needs to add Flash, I'm tired of youtube/quicktime.. I want to be able to watch movies from HULU.

1) Better bluetooth file/audio support!
2) Need themes, background image, and tones customization!! pweeeese!
4) Multitasking? mebeh?

...... and some more.
How about a secret screen, you could add apps to it that you don't want visible to anyone unless they enter a password or maybe use a screen gesture. There's no way I'm having a web link icon on my screen to my banks website. If I could hide a screen and only have it visible after I used a gesture to unlock the screen then I'd add them right away.
Application level passwords, system controlled and not built into each app. Could set on/off and codes for each individual app through the settings panel.
Multiple, user selectable, signitures and from addresses for emails. It's a pain to setup dummy accounts just so i can use a different reply-from address.
I like the idea of a folder where I can store documents that could be available to email.

I concur with following ideas:
1) An envelope icon in the top bar of the lock screen showing if I have voicemails/emails/SMS messages.
2)Sync over wifi/bluetooth. At least address book and calendars
3) Profiles. The best: profiles driven by location
4) Multitasking: what about allowing some number (four?) of background tasks for application accepted by Apple to run in background?
5) A ‘today’ screen with calendar events.
6) built in TODO with sync

Neeed to be able to collapse the Inbox and Sent boxes for those with lots of subfolders. It takes to long to get past the inbox to file sent email.

Why no sms/mms/alarm sound in speaker when headphones are attached? So stupid! I miss important sms every day when I leave my phone on the desk with headphones inserted.

Quick Reply to Texts. Why do i have to leave the app I'm currently using to reply to an SMS? This makes no sense. Please give us quick reply!!

The ability to switch between apps without exiting the apps. Example. Hold home button then press volume up or down to switch thru open apps. Ammount of times I need the calculator when on another app. Full Bluetooth profiles.

Have The Option to put Backgrounds instead of having just black like how all the jailbroken iphones can....

The microphone sensitivity in speaker phone mode really, really, really sucks. Real phones increase the microphone sensitivity. It seems that the iPhone lowers the sensitivity. At work I used to put on speaker phone so some of my colleagues could join in too, but whenever I do it on my 3GS the other part can't hear a thing (it's very low).

for the iphone 3g, 3.2 should bring: flash, zoom, video recording, winterboard, customizable text message sounds, battery percentage, and a way to boost the battery life ... thats everything the update should bring

I'd like to see a flash player for safari, a landscape lock, a video camera, a flash for the camera with built in zoom, themes, optional color texting, custom ringtones that don't require a purchase from iTunes and A NEW LOOK for the iPhone. 3 years is long enough to keep the same platform and style.

I'd like to see
better battery life (getting crap battery atm)
the option to choose number or bar for the battery meter
tethering (to and from)
bluetooth file transfer to non apple devices
more customization
a landscape home menu
better multi tasking eg holding down the home button for 3 seconds brings up a window taking up half the screen showing what apps r open and the ability to close them from in there
wirelessly syncing
a basic office suite, i dont want to have to purcahse quickoffice or things like that for about $12.99 au

  1. Ability to lock certain apps, including the phone. My 2 year-old plays with my iPhone and has a ton of apps for him on there, but can sometimes mistakenly call my boss.
  2. Haptic response with the on-screen keyboard. This is not a new option. RIM, LG and several others have all integrated this into their recent phones.
  3. User-defined dictionary (moreso than just any word you have ever typed into the Google Search box in Safari.
  4. Copy and paste functionality within Contacts. Instead of doing a screen capture of a Contact on your phone and MMSing it to a friend, why can't we just copy a phone number from a Contact's profile and paste it into a new SMS?

ABILITY TO DOWNGRADE FIRMWARES MY GOD I CANNOT STAND 3.1 I WANT 3.0 OR 3.0.1 although that would be more of an entire apple update

FM radio - the hardware is already in there, enable it!
Support for custom SMS alerts and easier custom ringtones
Be able to 'mark all read' in email folders
Flash - for the love of God... please!

  1. Flash
  2. WiFi/BT sync
  3. Notification icons on the lock screen so we don't have to swipe/unlock to check status of messages, etc.
  4. Background images on home screen.
  5. Fix dock connection issues so I can index my player on my car again! (Microsoft SYNC on Ford products is currently experiencing indexing problems because Apple went and changed the USB connectivity on 3.1.1).

character counter on the SMS. This is useful in maximizing a single text when sending international sms which is expensive, 35cents/msg.
and adobe flash support.

  1. A must have is spell check whenever you're typing ie... texting, emails and web browsing.
  2. I would also like the ability to change the sound of alerts ie... Different sound for each email account, change text alert, change mms alert. All iphones sound the same. We need the ability to make our phone unique from other iphones, with millions of iphones out there they all sound the same.

I want repeating, audible, nagging meeting reminders! One ring for a scheduled meeting is not enough! If I'm out of the room, there is no indicator or alarm to let me know that a meeting is about to commence

  1. Improved UI. For instance, let me tap on the time slot in order to add a calendar entry directly on the right timing not a quasi-random starting time. Undo/Back with a right-to-left flick, Redo/Forward with a left-to-right flick.
  2. The ability to interconnect applications such as with calendar, in order to reduce time doing things.
  3. Search field on "contacts" always present on screen.
  4. Easier task change (such as the Hero or the Palm Pre), even if the task is not really live but saving its state.
  5. Compressed calendar view (as the day does not fit in the screen).
  6. Day/month change in Calendar through Forward/Back flicks (see 1).
  7. Folder exploration (not only application-based).
  8. Non intrusive notifications, specially phone calls.
  1. Improved correction/dictionary, such as showing suggested words on top of the keyboard and not automatic replacement, which for people that uses non-supported
    languages and/or switches from one language to another for mailing is completely useless.

Full bluetooth facility so that I can transfer the contacts list to my in car SATNAT/Handsfree headset. At the moment both the iphone and the headset are redundant to this end.

Another couple of things I want THE MOST:
Bug fixes, Bug fixes, Bug fixes!!!
I've heard horrible things about 3.1.1 & Wi-Fi and I don't want to wreck my new iTouch 3rd Gen that is running 3.1 fine except for a few bugs, some charging issues and battery life is a bit shorter than it should be. I hope 3.1.2 or 3.2 comes out with fixes for these soon.

The option to make custom SMS ringtones!!!!
Along with that a few bug fixes, and the ability to make SMS Ringtones.
Also more options, meaning like being able to change the background behind app icons if you want to, or the ability to make SMS Ringtones!!!

1)Better bluetooth support, mainly bluetooth file transfer to any phone or pc and bluetooth syncing.
2) An audible low battery alert!!! Every phone I've owned has had some sort of beep that repeats every few minutes when the battery is needing to be charged, whether on a call or not. On iPhone all we get is a popup message at 20% and 10% and an audible alert at 10% while talking on the phone.
3) Better delete options for text messages, emails, and recent calls. Options to delete single, multiple, or entire entries.
4) The ability to choose our own ringtones for text messages, emails, and voicemails, instead of the preset ones.
5) Alerts for emails, text messages, missed calls, and voicemails on the locked screen.
6) The ability to create contact groups such as: family, friends, work, etc.
7) Flash support on Safari.
8) Better alerts for calendar events. At least a badge on the calendar button as long as the event is active.
9) The ability to delete any song, photo, or video from the phone without having to sync.
10) The ability to organize the photo/video collection and create folders on the phone without having to sync.
11) Bug fixes.

Definitely a cancel button when sending SMS/MMS.
Also, I would like to solve everyones "quick menus" problem by having apple develop an exposé for the iPhone so you can choose from 4,8,12 different "quick menus" and everyone will be happy 

I would like to on the iPod Touch/iPhone:

  1. Messenger App for MSN, Skype, etc.
  2. YouTube Downloads on Youtube App
  3. Radio App like iPod Nano (New) (If Available)
  4. Hourly Forecast for Weather App
  5. Video Preview/Trailer for Apps in App Store
  6. Setting for Battery Percentage for iPod Touch and iPhone
  7. Ability to have Themes for your Menu so that you don’t need to void warranty by Jailbreaking.
  8. Just Store App instead of having App Store and iTunes Store. Starts up with something like Categories but instead of having Games, Entertainment and Utilities have Music, Music Videos, Podcasts, TV Shows, Movies, iTunes U, Audiobooks, Apps, Themes, etc.
  9. iPod App for iPod Touch so that you don’t need to click Music or Videos
  10. More Connections like TV Out wires, FireWire, etc.
  11. Ability to get Music and Movies from Pc/Mac to iPod Touch or iPhone using Bluetooth.
  12. Wishlist for Store app
  13. Expose (so that we can run more apps at the same time)

And not changing the "Edit" button from right to left depending on the application. That is common sense UI design.

  1. FLASH
  2. Fully Functional Bluetooth
  3. Landscape Springboard View
  4. The ability to change springboard background, like WinterBoard
  5. Swipe the top bar to get a settings menu, like SBSettings
    These things would be AWESOME!!

Oh... And Messages icon in top bar
Possibly battery % for everyone. Those would be great!

Again, more thoughts - download from MobileSafari, YouTube and Mail. Camera zoom, radio app, wifi sync, backgrounding, custom SMS tones and just general iPhone UI customisation

Todays calendar events on the lock screen would be nice. Alternative: badge support for the calendar, stating the number of appointments for the day.
Flash support in Safari.
Bluetooth functionality to exceed the iPhone-to-iPhone limitation.
That's my wishes for this years christmas ;v)

Radio functionality would be nice, although I don't know if it's doable with a software update -if there's no FM receiver built in, it could be difficult (as with camera zoom, that kinda needs different optics for the camera if zoom should be more than digital)

I would like to see the iphone/touch be able to fully support bluetooth capabilities. For example, expand the iphone's ability to pair with a widespread collection of bluetooth devices. And also allow the iphone to work freely with bluetooth headset devices. When using some headset devices several features such as volume control and/or changing to the next track are limited when using the iphone with several of these bluetooth devices. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for listening.

Sorely needed Calendar updates:
- week view
- private appointments (for Exchange users)
Fixes for battery life and a number of other bugs I take for granted. The number one bug I have encountered so far is the one where the phone application stops working (can't receive calls, can't dial out (well, it seems to be dialling, but no call goes out and there's no audio)) until you go through the voodoo-like ritual involving plugging the headset, playing a song on the iPod, switching off the phone, unplugging the headset, then switching on the phone.

custom SMS ringtones, bluetooth from phone to phone, delete songs and video from ipod, radio functionality, torrenting, download songs from safari, download from youtube, flash, show battery percentage instead of a battery bar, zoom for taking pics and videos, be able to group apps, contacts and ipod into folders.

it should have an option to save the custom files such as ms office and documents and text files.
it should have an option to sync the ms office application files such as word,excel,powerpoint to a storage space. and should be able to open directly from the storage space

Flash for Safari and the ABILITY TO ASSIGN MY RIGNTONES TO MAIL, MMS/SMS, CALENDAR!!!!!!!! This is just basic phone 101. Why why why are we still waiting for this?

I miss having an external keyboard. I used my palm for note taking, draft documents for school, minutes for clubs and meeting, extensive journalling.
I'd really like it if bluetooth or and external accessory could be provided for this.
I love my iMac but can't carry it around. I really used my palm when I had a windoze machine but I love my iphone. It is superior but it isn't the same and doesn't offer complete replacement value for me.
I'm waiting.

i was hoping they include a fm radio update for they ipod touch. they say there is a unusable fm transmitter and receiver that they built in the 2G and 3G models. just like the bluetooth support update they used for the unused bluetooth transmitter, i hope they do the same for the fm radio.

Configurable calendar alert sound, more useful lock screen with next appointments, weather etc.

    ONLY REASONS why I JAILBREAK iPHONE is as follows
  2. Changing SMS BUBBLES
  3. Changing SMS Wallpapers
  4. Changing springboard WALLpaper/DOCK
    or at least change the current dock its ugly
  5. an actual white on black UI theme not like the inverted crap
  6. 5 icon dock
  7. Mail app screen push NOTIFICATIONs!!!
  8. Native iPhone to iPhone messaging app (like Black Berrys)
  9. Able to pin Black Berrys would convert BB users
  10. Front camera for video conferencing and flash
  11. Ability to group contacts into groups for easy Group SMSing
  12. Calender app to have To-Do capabilities

For the next iPhone update I'd like to see (again):
- internet Tethering!!
- week view in Calendar!
- integrated to-do's in Calendar or ToDo app on iPhone (that links with ToDo's in iCal)

Well, my iphone like to freeze a lot, that could be fixed in the next upgrade. there are really only a few things on here that ive noticed that i would really like on my iphone. a today screen showing all of the events scheduled for today would be really useful. and i really like the idea of the apple logo light for notifications. fm radio would be nice as long as it worked well. and the ability to sync whichever songs and photos you want instead of them all syncing would be very nice.

My iPhn 3g upgraded to 3.1 but it was locked!! I think it would be better if there is no special sim to use it, open to all sim, like others do, right?!

I'd like to be able to type a SMS resposnse while i'm doing something else, like when the SMS bubble pops up you have the option to reply within the bubble and send the text, say when you are using safari

Week view on the calendar would be great. I want to be able to see the day in some context, but the month view takes up the whole screen and then I can only see two appointments.

3.2 - Call audio output through 30 pin dock, as well as firewire charge (doubt that will happen). Clear button in texting so you can clear entire message without holding the back button deleting word by word, FLASH for sure!!!!!! Turn by turn talk GPS (not a $90 app, should be standard in iphone maps) and genuine Gmail push! Those are at the top of my list.

Flash and calendar week view PLEASE as soon as possible !
Or share calendar db with thrd parties !

How about an icon to tell us that we received email and sms/mms while using other apps.
how about the a calendar view where we can see at a glance what we have for today without going to home screen and launching the calendar.
it seems bluetooth works with car kits but find it hard to pair to other phones.
an easy way to switch between running apps.
how about a icon view of the email accounts instead of text which is inconsistent with overall look of the Iphone.
A view that tell us how much storage is left and how much memory is left and the ability to close apps running the background.
that is it for now, as I only had it for a couple of days. Impressive screen, feel,look and UI but otherwise an v. good Ipod and a very basic phone.

Unified Inbox for all email accounts, multiple signatures. And something like BIS option for Iphone. If you want to compite at enterprise level, you have to make it better than BB in email respects.

Need a hotkey (like a double click or triple click of home button) for easy access to bluetooth on/off
Better wifi (it sucks right now on my 3Gs)
home screen display of missed calls, emails messages etc
sync to outlook "tasks"

FULL FLASH SUPPORT for the iPhone are definitely long overdue...Full Landscape option mode on all apps such as iTunes, Apps store, Phone, Photos etc. and ability to lock it on both Portrait and Landscape.

MMS and Tethering disabled is just because your carreer sux big time (ough AT&T).
We've had that in Denmark for ages, and was enabled on the iPhone with the release of OS 3 :) And I can tell you, it works excellent.

Better email account and calendar sync. All my email in each acct (hotmail/gmail)except my work does not sync/update if it's updated from the source. Simply downloads new emails/calendar events. My work email does accurately sync with exchange...but my work calendar does not (only new)

I want the calendar and To-Do's to be seen on the lockscreen ! Just a customizable lockscreen ! I don't want to jailbreak my phone to be able to use such a feature !

i would like to be able to put pictures onto my iphone then be able to get them back on my computer if they were deleted off my computer for instance.

Link contacts and calendar!!! The ability to create a calendar event from a contact.
A customer calls me, I create them as a new contact, now I'd like to create an event (appointment) in calendar (without re-typing all their info) so that I can get the job and buy more Apple products. Win win.

I would like to see on the future os 3.2 followings:
-> clear spezific call history records
-> block a phone nummber for incoming calls and sms
-> see how many sms you send to a person in the moment
-> flash for safari browser
-> an user spezific desktop with own setting for iphone and apps
-> that you can save document on the iphone, which have received over email or internet