iPhone OS 4 running on prototype iPhone HD/iPhone 3G: real, fake, or really fake?

iPhone HD/iPhone 4G running iPhone OS 4 - real or fake?

Add another image to the Taoviet iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype gallery, this one purporting to run iPhone OS 4 in all shades of blurred glory.

Did they really get the PRO2 (which is apparently an earlier prototype to the Gizmodo iPhone HD/iPhone 4G unit) to boot up Apple's next generation iPhone OS, or did some enterprising individual launch Photoshop, grab a 3GS resolution screen shot, match all the edges up, and then add the haze? If not, where's the sharp, multi-angled pics and video like yesterday's firmware-only posts?

You tell us -- real, fake, or really fake?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone OS 4 running on prototype iPhone HD/iPhone 3G: real, fake, or really fake?


Looks pretty fake like the resolution for the screen is less than the rest of the picture....and it looks too dark almost as if the back light is really weak. Fake

I think the hardware is real. However, the OS looks photoshopped to me. My main reasoning is the languages on the screen aren't consistent. Vietnamese everywhere except the "slide to unlock" in English.

Speaking of inconsistencies, did anyone else catch the Skype issue at the OS4 reveal? They were showing Skype as a feature, and it has been announced by both Skype and VZW that they have an exclusivity with each other.

I asked about this in a forum yesterday and was advised that iTunes checks the model number and there wouldn't be one for this model yet.
Also as above the difference's in languages and the fact that it's just a picture. Show us a video or I don't believe it.
Rumors on the internet are that the nails are to do with drugs!! But I don't know.

Orientals have a bad habit of letting there nails long so they can pick there teeth after they eat.

His or her pinky nail does not look wide enough for his or her finger!
I don't know if its real or not, its a photo of a phone with the 4.0 home screen on it, Does not really tell us anything. Lots of people are running 4.0 beta on various current iPhone's. If they could show us something on the home screen that only the next gen iPhone can do then we would know. As it stands this could be anything.

Pinky nail is because asians consider it As an indicator of welth, because you couldn't grow it if you had to do Manual Labor

Its fake, phone is real , image is photoshopped on . Why would everything on the screen be in vietmineese ( sp?) but the slide to unlock , makes no sense.

Come On people Its clearly a fake......I'm not sure why people are so googley gaga over this thing. Apple is way behind in the hardware department. Don't get me wrong, I love the Iphone. But if they put the Iphone OS onto the EVO or the Incredibles hardware, now that would be the best phone in the WORLD bar none......I dont ccare what anyone says,(This thing is FUGLY!)

@mrmercedes , the phone is real the picture of the OS isnt. I did the phone, i think its sexy lol

Who cares. We all know os4 will look the same as os3. Just some new features. It is boring now and it will be boring in the future.

If it is real, I'm not buying one. That screen is pathetic compared to the new HTC phones, especially when I'm in Chicago and swimming in EVO 4G'ness...

Obviously fake - everybody knows that the time only goes up to 12!!
But in all seriousness - who cares? We all know what OS4 looks like... what's the big deal? The more I see about the new iPhone and OS4 makes me want an Evo more and more.
I just can't leave Apple though :-(

The date and clock on the lock screen depend on the region format. If you set it to, say, German, and the phone language is still English, the lock screen will read Donnerstag while the slider will still read "Slide to Unlock".

Plus if it really was running then why only one screen? Show more than one screen or maybe...even...gasp...a video? This is 2010 where everyone and their mom has a video camera on their phone..more proof or its just a bad fake.

To answer a few questions I have some statements.
1) Fake nuff said
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May be game over for the iPhone. I just checked out this page at Sprint's website. http://now.sprint.com/evo/?ECID=vanity:evo
If this phone, with the specs listed, runs flash really well... then Steve Jobs blew it with his stance on Flash on the iPhone. I can hear the sucking sound already from all my Geek friends as they leave the room for Sprint.

@Dantv yeah flash is the thing thats going to kill Apple lol. Plus that phone is on sprint lmao. Your comment couldn't be further from accurate.

It's a fake. There are more pictures on the original websites blog. They blew the picture up and the right corner doesn't go all the way to the
top and the left corner does. Total fake!!