iPhone Now Owns 40% of AdMob Network Usage


The iPhone now accounts for 40% of AdMob's mobile network usage, gaining ground against Nokia's Symbian (which fell to 34%), and staying way ahead of any other platform (RIM was third, falling from 10% to 8%).

Clearly, that's HUGE. However, it's important to remember exactly what these measures are, however, and are not. A reminder from AdMob:

AdMob Mobile Metrics report is a reflection of the data flowing through our network each month. The statistics do not represent handset sales or unique devices in the market, rather they represent the relative mobile usage we see from the sites and apps in our network.

We won't let that stop us from asking Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer -- who recently told TechCrunch that Safari's desktop marketshare a "rounding error", what that makes Windows Mobile's 4% share?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Now Owns 40% of AdMob Network Usage


The number of ads served to iPhones points to the necessity of an adblocking app for iphone that doesn't require jailbreak. I pay for the bandwidth and the iPhone has little enough screen real estate. At the very least let me modify the hosts file without a jailbreak.

Has any one been scamed by admob in the last bit due to a high traffic volume... I bought into their program for 50 bucks and for 3 days the account was pending... Well I tried to use my credit card and it was depleted due to pending charges... That's only the begining of this crap... I Just logged into my ADMOB account and my ad was rejected due to not appropriate content... It was a web page for www.MRMONEYMAKERS.com Owned by MACK MICHEALS... What a big scam this is because their sites are formated to except all i-Phone transmissions... This is a big scam from admob.com and I hope no-one else falls for it... There are many other reviews out there that say this type of advertising just does not work because it is nothing more than cell phone "spam", and how many people out there actually click on an add??? I'll tell you, Less than 0.01% of 10000 people... That is 1 out of 10000 people... Do the math and you'll figure out that if you have $1000.00 and have a $0.10 per click.That's "1 person" who will click on your ad and guess what... They most likely won't buy anything on that ad unless it is giving something away with no strings attached... How often do you see that?????
NEVER, Everyone want's to sell their product or get you to join something that is useless information... I will Let you in on A little secret... "MACK MICHEALS" He Makes $104.00CND/month just to be a member... He has 13 000+ members... That is a wopping $1.352 Million Dollars/Month... I am thinking that his claim about him bringing in only $171 168.06USD/Month... Something or someone needs a math lesson and I don't think it's me or my calculator... Reply