iPhone Push Notification Testing Round 2: AIM


Apple previously invited developers to help test the upcoming iPhone 3.0 Push Notification service using AP (Associated Press). Now they're ready for some IM action, and have prepared a special, 7-day build of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) to put push through its paces:

As a developer actively working with iPhone OS, we would like your help in a private test of the Apple Push Notification service. For this test, we have selected AOL's AIM Developer Preview for iPhone OS 3.0 to create a high-volume test environment for our server.

Of course, as with most everything iPhone 3.0-related, at least news of the test didn't stay private for long.

For a sampling of some of the screenshots we've received, check out the gallery after the break!

[Thanks to Rikimaru, and all the anonymous tipsters!)

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Reader comments

iPhone Push Notification Testing Round 2: AIM


So is this kind of like semi-multitasking? How does this actually work if the app isn't currently open?

If I'm not mistaken...think of it like getting a text message.
It sends you a "notification" letting know that you've received a message or new content.
Then you simply open the app and handle business.
If Im correct that is, LOL

But how would the phone handle the user being logged into AIM at all times to register an IM?

Well I know the app is closed out. But it will be sending app notifications over the network. I havent read deep into how they make it happen so that's the best I can give you =[

Kyle. Aim specifically already has the ability to notify you via text message when you have a new message when you exit AIM.
With PNS , there is a specific server provided by Apple that aim will be able to communicate with to " Push " those alerts to each phone.

Okay, thanks a lot for the info. Thats a pretty awesome feature. I wonder if you'll receive the PNS immediately after the other user sent the message or if theres some delay.

WTF. i had this nice explanation typed out and this effing website wouldnt let me submit it. And then it said i was submitting too fast. Grrr, fix this shiii iiit

Excited for Push with AIM, but I have been reading about all of these customizable alerts, badges, etc. Does this mean that we will actually be able to change other alert noises too (text message, email, voicemail), because I would love to get some new sounds on this phone.

AIM already has a form of this. If you set the settings correctly, people can still IM you after you closed AIM. Then, when someone IMs you, you can just continue the conversation via SMS. I think thats better then having to open AIM every time you want to respond to someone. who knows maybe this way will be better.

There's a bit of a flaw in it with multiple sessions... While logged into adium, i see half of my conversation appearing on the phone, which can be a bit annoying. Though the delivery is almost simultaneous, which is pretty cool :) AOL needs to find a way to mediate delivery when there are multiple sessions...

That was not worded well, all messages are received on both devices, which is good, I only wish it had a gmail like approach where the active sender receives...

Don't use AIM normally - spawn of the devil - but set up two test accounts and it works really, really well.
Looking forward to decent apps like tweetie having this function! :)

amir. I have the same problem. I hope they fix that for the 3.0 release. That's the most annouing thing , not to mention the crashes. I hope 3.0 it self is much more stable.

I am glad they took there time with this instead of rushing and coming out with Push last year. I know the first version will crash a lot but I think they will come close to Push being perfect.

Or at least a link to the next and previous articles like the iPhone site had. At least then I wouldn't have to hit back and decide if the next article is worth the load time. Stupid edge.

They need to open the beta test to more people
a few thousand is nothing compared to the several
hundred thousand that are on the way, will they be
able to take it, Or do they just simulate heavy loads

Yes. AIM does have IM Forwarding so you can get messages when the app is closed but if you respond to the texts, you are no longer getting the free messaging.

I think it's working on cloud computing. So your iPhone is connected to server and if there is smthg for you, you will be notified.
Cloud computing is really popular nowadays.

agreed. I'm on AIM for most of the work day and I don't need my phone to be notifying me of messages when I'm right in front of my computer. Going to leave alerts off and just turn on badges for now

Wow... and the most annoying thing happened. Set just to badge it said I had 30 messages. I opened the app and tells me it's reconnecting then starts displaying all the messages. My phone was vibrating for about 8 seconds straight while this was happening. Hrm.