iPhone Review from WMExperts’ Phil -- Smartphone Round Robin


I'm an iPhone. Phil's a Windows Phone. Typically the jokes about creaky old, stylus and resistive bound, UI impaired smartphones of generations past would start there, but for this year's Smartphone Round Robin Phil's strapped with the HTC HD2 and not only are we unable to poke fun -- we're afraid to. But now that he's armed with the Windows Phone equivalent of an ICBM, how will he treat our iPhone?

Given the amazing help our TiPb Forum members provided him, I'm hoping the answer is "well". To find out, head on over and read Phil's complete iPhone from a Windows Mobile perspective review and then let him (and us!) know what you think.

Did he nail it or did he fail it? Remember, you can still add a reply to the forums for another chance to win a brand new iPhone 3GS! (Or a brand new BlackBerry if you help me out on the CrackBerry Forums).

Speaking of me -- I'm about to jump the next star freighter bound for Android Central, holding out for a sassy princess Hero and wondering who's looking for that Droid. Empire-style sequel or Phantom-mess prequel? Watch for my video, under the googley guidance of Casey Chan, coming Monday.

And for all the other videos, reviews, and contest threads (there are 6 smartphones up for grabs after all!) keep your browsers locked on smartphoneroundrobin.com!

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Reader comments

iPhone Review from WMExperts’ Phil -- Smartphone Round Robin


Why is so much time and space given to comparing other phones against the iphone? Seems to be half he content of this site...why is it not just good enough to help us get the most out of the phone we have? Strange obsession you have. Sorry, but I'm giving up on tipb and will find another iphone info site to replace it for regular updates.

@bob: once a year, all the editors of the different Smartphone Expert Sites spend a week looking at other platforms in an effort to help perspective new users, and potential switchers, better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each.
It amounts to 5 Round Robin articles a week, out of 60 or so. If it's not to your liking, hopefully one of the other 55 odd iPhone focused ones will :)

i've been checking out this sweet ass 4.3" screen at 800x480 screen
5Mp camera, I love my iPhone but this HTC HD2 blows the Iphone away!!!
I wish it had an android OS or apple OS
but, either way should I wait 4 the new iPhone or just jump ship now 2 the HTC HD2

While I am not giving up the site, I must say that I agree with Bob that to many stories have to do with iPhone vs Another phone. I think it has become an obsession to prove the iPhone is still the best, IMHO who cares! The iPhone is the iPhone and everything else on the market is a wannabe. Please why not do more coverage on things involving apps and add on hardware and let Apple duke it out for the heart and minds of potential users.

At least Dreadnutz gets my point... my comment was not about this single post, it's about too many posts about other devices I couldn't care less about. Sticking to my words and only came back today to see if my comment was filtered out or not. Glad to see that it wasn't but do hope that one day the site will start to focus on what's important to an iPhone user. Until then...