iPhone Market Share Continuing to Climb


The research firm Gartner reports that, for the second quarter of 2009, the iPhone continues to increase its market share on a world-wide level. In fact, it leads the way with the highest increase of market share, as sales increased by 10.5% from one year ago.

This increase of market share can be accounted for due to a few separate reasons. For starters, the early June price drop of the iPhone 3G to $99 was clearly a great way to move inventory while boosting sales. Apple's product release timing is also plays a large role in their success. While releasing iPhone 3GS to the market at the very end of the second quarter of 2009 all of the initial sales were included in this report.

Everyone knows the iPhone took mind share early on, and there's little doubt left they own profit share as well. It will be interesting to see where market share ultimately ends up...

[via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

iPhone Market Share Continuing to Climb


Apple's way to successful! We've got to stop them! Quick! someone make up some garbage and get the government involved! we need to stop them! I know, let's get the FCC!

Not so much feasting on RIMs lunch any more, it now seems like Nokia is feeling the heat and "others" are simply going away.

This is just indicative of how many were sold in the 2Q09 right?
I'm more interested in yearly figures. That says more. So I'll wait til then. Thanks.

I think it is interesting that S60 is loosing market share and WinMo is loosing both share and units shipped. Will RIM soon join these two platforms in sinking as well?
It looks like there are three platforms on the rise that have a lot in common. The iPhone OS, WebOS and Android all have a unix core, webkit and a touch based interface.


It looks like there are three platforms on the rise that have a lot in common.

That says Apple pretty much NAILED the hardware and software, and set the standard for the segment.
Others have largely caught up, hardware wise, (and perhaps OS wise) but the thing that keeps Apple ahead is the App Store.

Hardly staggering when you consider that the majority of iPhone sales are to an installed base of apple users with 65-75% being sold in North America. I'll be more impressed when we start to see them growing a more sizable market outside of their own users.
@iDavey, Nokia sells roughly 1.1 billion phones per year. Not sure what the other brands are putting out yearly.
@ Lolz, I think it's premature to state that. iPhone hasn't yet been shown to be able to move out of their installed base in a signifigant amount to start saying other players should give up; not least of all Nokia, LG, Samsung etc... These guys are competing at a level that Apple hasn't yet had to enter due to their tying themselves up for subsidies and such. In markets where they can't get decent traction with the carriers (because subsidies are archaic), iphone take-up isn't very good. Once iphone gets to the point where they have to start operating without the carrier subsidies and such, you'll see that it's going to be a much steeper hill to climb than the last 3 years.