Want Your iPhone on T-Mobile USA?

We've asked if AT&T's service had made you consider dumping your iPhone 3G. But even if the iPhone was available on other US cellphone networks, what choices would you have?

Many people would love to get the iPhone on Verizon, but the current generation Verizon network is CDMA, which is not compatible with the iPhone's GSM radio. This means that, until everyone moves to LTE 4G in a few years, existing iPhones won't run on Verizon (or Sprint for that matter).

That leaves T-Mobile. Unfortunately, T-Mobile has different 3G bands then, well, the rest of the GSM world, which means unless Apple changes the iPhone radio (unlikely), you would only get 2G/EDGE on T-Mobile, slower speeds, and no simultaneous voice and data.

Is that a deal breaker for anyone? Or would having the iPhone on T-Mobile, even on 2G/EDGE still be better for some of you than your local AT&T coverage?

Rene Ritchie

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Kris Houston says:

I have a 3G iphone that is working wonderfully on T-Mobile. My service has never failed me and there are plenty of guides to help you through the process. Edge data works perfect, service is always great, and the battery life is exceptional. BUT the best part is that I am only paying $65 a month!!! that is with my phone plan, unlimited messaging, and unlimited data. Oh, did I mention that I can send and receive picture messages thanks to swirly mms also, something that att frowns upon. T-Mobile all they way!

Mayra says:

I have a random question. I really want an iPhone and I've found an inexpensive one at amazon but I dont know if it will work with tmobile. How did it work with you once you switched?

Steve says:

AT&T gives me zero problems right now. If it's not broken, I don't fix it.

Will says:

I tried tmoble on my Ngage QD (double sigh) and I liked it the service was afordable and the signal strength was pretty good in most places. As far as edge service is concernd. My sister has an iPhone 1st gen and I traded with her for a few weeks to see the difference. I found edge to be completly tolerable. I like 3g better for streaming video, but I could live without it.

mth785 says:

I have never had any issues with AT&T. I must say that my phone is a 2G, but the coverage has always been excellent.

Ben says:

I haven't met anyone with an iPhone here in Maryland who has any problems I even get spot on 3G when I venture out to the rural bits.

Travis says:

AT&T's 3G coverage in my area (Quad Cities, IL) is excellent, and simultaneous voice/data capability is very important to me. So I'll be sticking with AT&T.

AZbear says:

My wife and I both had BB Curves on T-Mobile. With their MyFaves and UMA features we were able to keep our family plan minutes at the minimum of 500 but still use over 2000 minutes a month and have unlimited text and data.
I bought the iPhone and switched to AT&T. I had very bad 3G service at my home and work place. I also now had 2 plans to pay for. We considered switching my wifes BB to AT&T but she would lose both UMA and MyFaves so that was not an option. When the Unlock came out I quickly moved to T-Mobile and dumped AT&T. I have not klooked back since.

sting7k says:

I really don't see why anyone would unlock an iPhone for Tmobile. I had Tmobile for 7 years before getting my iPhone. Tmobile's service is terrible, so much so that I always got unlocked phones (never renewed my contract or got discounted headsets) so that I could roam onto AT&T (then Cingular).
I must have roamed on AT&T/Cingular over 50% of the time. For some reason Tmobile never cut me off but I know at school I was roaming on AT&T probably 75% of the time in central PA. Top it off with dropped calls, reception that goes in and out as you drive, and them using different GSM bands.
The only thing that (I'm told) is greatly better is Tmobile's customer service. But I didn't have any problems with the AT&T reps in the store. The one time I called them about a visual voicemail problem (right after I upgraded to the iPhone 3G from the original iPhone) the rep on the phone knew right away how to fix it and there was no wait.
Maybe I'm alone but I am glad to be done with Tmobile and I will NEVER buy anything for or from Verizon.

sting7k says:

Oh just a note, I live in north central Maryland and AT&T has great service in MD. They just expanded 3G to Frederick where I live and it's solid and fast (Get full 3G even in my basement). I never have any problems in DC or Baltimore either.

NPS says:

Horses for courses. Every carrier has good or bad regions. I loved the old AT&T GSM (pre Cingular) and was glad to get off CIngular (was a PacBell wireless customer before Cingular happened)... I moved to T-Mobile after NOT wanting to go from AT&T GSM to Cingular again.
I've been on T-Mobile now for 4 years and haven't looked back. Customer service is night and day and to be honest I don't feel like I'm getting the shaft from the employees. Numerous AT&T employees wouldn't know about the products they were selling. My rates went down 30% moving to T-Mobile and I don't get the "Network Busy" my friends get on AT&T (Cingular) at peak times.
Please stay on AT&T if you have it... Leaves us T-Mobile users with plenty of network capacity for calls and a functioning 3G data product (I have the G1 and find performance better than the 3G iPhone's I've used).

bwright1991 says:

I've only heard of AT&T problems in california which sucks since thats where all the tech is but I live in Michigan and I get great coverage and T-Mobile has horrible coverage here so I'm completely happy with AT&T.

Shawn says:

Tmobile sux.... There is nothing wrong with at&t ..

charlotte says:

I have been on the four major carriers in the US and this is my conclusion:
Verizon - great coverage, expensive plans, terrible looking phones, good customer service.
AT&T, Cingular/AT&T Wireless - moderate coverage, expensive plans, and great looking phones, horrible customer service.
T-Mobile - expanding & improving coverage, great priced plans, different services UMA & @home calling, mediocre phones, good customer service.
Sprint / Nextel - no comments
The first carriers has something to offer, it depends what the customer is looking for.
Getting back to the iphone, unfortunately I'm not one to spend 2K+ for one phone in the span of two years. The iphone reminds me of the when Apple first came out and wanted to lock down the market and here comes Mr.Gates to swoop in to corner the market. Sounds like a similar situation today between the iphone app store and android market, be careful Apple.
In my opinion when 2G gets phased out, customers will experience the same sluggish performance from all the networks because everyone will be on 3G handsets. At this point the next generation system will be under way.

E Pow says:

I live in Cincinnati and have At&t. I also know at least 30 people with At&t that have a iphone 3g and we get EXCELLENT 3g coverage here. T Mobile is not that good here. I left T MOBILE to go to At&t. I haven't regretted it to this date.

Omari James says:

AT&T is perfect. 3G all the time in lower new York. T mobile is garbage. I think the reason why verizon turned down the iPhone was because verizon wants all their phones to have that disgusting OS. I hope apple stays with AT&T. They are head of t mobile technology wise.

jhunt4231 says:

I've never had a problem with AT&T in the Dallas Area. The dropped calls have pretty much stopped since the 2.X firmware updates.

Marco Polo says:

I live in Chicago and I have had the iphone on both ATT and Tmobile and can honestly say that I would have returned the iphone if I had to stay locked into ATT. Having 3G is not worth the trouble of dealing with the customer service and the dropped calls from ATT. On top of that, the amount that I pay for both my wife and I on Tmobile is less than what I paid for just having my phone on ATT. I'm sorry but I don't need to pay extra for a few seconds of youtube whenever I am away from a wifi connection.
One complaint about Tmobile is that the coverage isnt too great whenever I travel to the sticks.

Ana says:

Although I dont care for SPRINTI think the Iphone should have gone to SPRINT...I think they have always been ahead of the pack.....they have been running on 3G speeds as long as I can remember ATT just barely made the switch I feel sorry for the people that bought the 1st gen Iphone the speed was ridiculously slow while running on 2G.

Ana says:

Also SPRINT's data packages are awesome I use to have a grandfathered plan that gave me unlimited media & web for $5 flat. Too bad their customer service is awful...which cancels out anything good about them and also IMO the reason why they're bleeding customers.
Verizon- Is like the Lamborghini of service providers.
AT&T- as a Baby Bell and as a brand I heavily dislike.
T mobile- Never had their service and don't like the image they put out...... but anything is better than ATT.

DavidMc says:

In DC:
I've had no problems with T-mobile's network and their customer service has been (..and I realize I'm saying this about a wireless service..) exceptionally positive.
Verizon has coverage in the Metro. This is the only reason I'd consider them. Had 'em before, awful service and a poor choice of phones.
I also have an iPhone.. and so far ATT's network has been flawless. But, I have yet to try it out of DC area.
So, if I could take my iphone to verizon I probably would. Take it to Tmobile? As much as I like them, there's no incentive to do so.
..or if verizon got a blackberry that was somewhat less than 2 years old, I'd consider that. -- a funcitonal blackberry. The Storm does not count (took it back after a week)

Matt says:

I think it would be better for Apple and T-Mobile both if Apple switches to T-Mobile when their contract expires. Especially because of T-Mobile's outstanding customer service, which I'm sure is a high priority on a lot of people's lists. I'll bet that more people wouldn't mind having the slower (but not by much) speeds if apple moves to tmobile, if it means they would be getting better customer service than AT&T. If anyone wants me to prove that tmobile's customer service is better than at&t's and verizon's, let me know.

HS says:

I would like to purchase 3 iphones to use with T-mobile and I'm unable to do so at this time. How can I legally get an Iphone?? I like the iphone but I hate ATT!

peter says:

I have 2g iphone unlocked on T-mobile. Currently I don't have a data plan at all, the luxury of being on T-mobile. I pay $55 a month and my city has tons of wifi. Cut backs at the job have forced me to make this change but if I where on AT&T I wouldn't have that choice. When I did have AT&T I had a lot of "ghost" charges. I would call in to ask what they were for and I would "this is an error, we will take it off". But what if I didn't notice. lol

Teresa says:

I'm in the Denver metro area--Littleton at home and Englewood at work. What is the opinion on t mobile coverage?

Sten says:

Kris Houston or others,
Can you tell me what you added to get internet access on T-Mobile. I have my plan minutes and 400 text messages but I can't figure out how to add the internet. The phone works great and it will run off wifi when I'm at home but I want to add the data so I can have internet access anytime. Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

Peter says:

@ Sten
just go the T-mobile store. I don't know if you can do it online. I had an issue finding it as well. I think it is $20/month

Ash says:

I have tmobile now and have a sidekick with the unlimited text/internet plan. Im considering getting an unlocked iPhone for my tmobile service does anyone know if I can just keep my current sidekick plan for my internet and texting?? Any informatino u can offer would be awesome thanks

Alan says:

Ash, You won't have any problems with the plan you have now.
Get your unlocked iphone and get moving. That said, I enjoy T-Mobile and glad to be back after trying both of the other "Big Brothers". With all this talk of 3G3G3G3G3G3G Edge works very well and fast. How much caffeine do you need?

Luke says:

I like T Mobile so far coverage is pretty good where I live and work. I switched me and my wife from att a few months back after renewing with them for a pair of iphone 3g's I had had them since they where sbc. Anyways long story short always keep a copy of the contract you sign, I had a sales rep try to pull a fast one on me so I stuck it to him and the store here in Dallas. Ended up walking away with alot of apologies and a couple free iphone's that i was more than happy to unlock and put on another carrier. So far I have been pleased with there performance on T-Mobile.

shalonda says:

ive had sprint, verizon and tmobile. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE TMOBILE. i want to get an unlocked iphone to use wit tmboile. The plans are priced great and the service is beautiful. neva had a dropped call or anything.

jen says:

hi, i just got a unlocked iphone, and i have a tmobile total internet add on for 19.99/month and unlimited texting for 14.99/month. are these compatiable for the iphone?

tim says:

AT&T is garbage, i left them cause their 3g coverage is terrible, TMobile all the way.

don says:

Where do I find a reputable seller of the newest generation unlocked IPhone that will take a credit card?
Thanks All

Sean says:

Kris from Houston...how do you get an iphone to work on the t-mobile network?

Boy Itlog says:

I have service with T-Mobile USA for 5 years now and I LOVE IT!! Low monthly plans, better coverage than ATT. And Oh! I live in Bay Area California.

Robely says:

I have Cinci Bell Wireless with BB data plan. Thinking of getting an unlocked iphone for use on my existing plan which can't be beat for the monthly. Any experience out there in Cinci? Will I be able to use the apps store? Itunes?

Rick says:

Kris, how did you get such a good deal at T-mobile?? I have the service and pay unlimited calls and 400 text for $50.00 and that's not even including the dataplan at $29.95. Also, the Text are limited to 400 a month. So what's your plan? Very curious.

Rick says:

Sean, there are so many un-locking capabilities to use to unlock the iphone. You can go on YouTube and they can explain how to do it. Works perfectly! Good luck.

Dave says:

Just a heads up, in Germany T-Mobile is the primary carrier for the Apple iPhone. So They do have the right stuff, it's just overseas. I'm actually planning on unlocking a first Gen here soon for my t-mobile service.

Roland says:

Like Rick, I'd love to know how Kris from the first post gets unlimited data, messaging on top of the phone plan for only $65. Would anyone kindly guide us to the solution? I'm tired of paying that same amount for only my phone plan with unlimited messages. Thanks a bunch!

Matt says:

Kris likely has a grandfathered account.

Dubby says:

With T-Mobile, after 22 months of continuous service will offer you a $50 unlimited minutes plan which you can add on data for $15-20 a month. T-Mobile is great, just need to find an unlocked iphone and I'm staying put!

Joe says:

Dubby is correct. I have 5 lines of service through t-mobile 1 is an @home and 2 have unlimited data. They all have unlimited texting and voice. I pay $150/mo and have excellent service. I had ATT once upon a time didn't even make it 30 days before I took the phone back and told them where they could stick their customer service and pricy plans. Love t-mobile and can't get a better deal anywhere else.

CStylz says:

Ok, I just bought a 1st gen for 120.00 and am going to look for what I need to unlock it tonight! WooHoo! Have been a T-Mobile customer since I worked for them back in 2000. Just got offered Unlimited minutes (yes all) for 49.99 and have been told that my T-Zones feature 4.99 per month will allow me all the access I need on my new toy, is this true? Somebody, anybody confirm this for me?

Spoon says:

I have tmobile service. Love it don't wont to switch to att. I would like to get an unlocked iphone to use but I am wondering if the myfaves will work on the iphone?

Mikie says:

ATT is great some say...what are U paying so much for...I get unlimited voice and data for 100 bucks...how about you ATT losers? You pay 30.00 just for data..plus 79.00 for 1500 mins...crazy! You must be to pay that!

Kirstie says:

First off I'll say I really do love T-Mobile. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania too. I've never had any major service issues. They have wonderful customer service. When my first Sidekick was stolen we got ahold of them at 10:30PM. It was wonderful. They helped us as much as possible too.
I have the Sidekick 2008 now with the Sidekick unlimited text/internet plan. Which is only $19.99 a month. I'm in love with the iPhone but don't want to switch from T-Mobile at all. Does anyone know if I could get the iPhone unlocked but still keep the Sidekick text/internet plan?

Andrew says:

Tmobile USA and Iphone are easy. Check out this page for how to setup everything and much more.

Khaltz says:

I tried with the SK plan on my Iphone which was unlocked it worked for a little while then switched to certain areas only worked with online but text and calls worked. Tehn it stoped working in my area and everywhere else. Thtas internet or edge I am stalking about. So I had to switch my plan to unlimited text and data or the Behold plan., now it works fine.

Shanty says:

hey CStylz, where did you buy your iphone? I have tmobile and do not want to switch to at&t. I've been looking around and I do not trust ebay. HELP anyone please

ADRIAN says:


Josh says:

I don't talk much on cell phones. I am very good at finding LAN lines and wifi. I went super cheap, unlocked iPhone 2g and t-mobile pay as you go 1000 minutes for $100 for 1 year. 10 cents a minute, $8 a month and the joy of the iPhone.

eric says:

I got new unlocked i phone...how do i get it set for the t-mobile setting?

Josh says:

all I did was pop in a t-mobile sim card. Mine came jailbroken also with cynthia, but as long as it's unlocked your ok. It would be nice to go online if I need to using my cell minutes. I am always near a wifi, but just in case I am not.

Kelvin says:

Kris Houston
What plansa do you have? I have t mobile and have an unlocked iphone

Dena says:

I have been with TMobile for 10 years. As soon as they came out with the Unlimited Loyalty plan for $49.99, I switched my plan. I have unlimited minutes and full data plan for $75/month. I DO NOT want to give up TMobile. Yes, they have their downsides, but overall I have always been very happy with the prices, phones, and service.
That said, I also love the iPhone and want to get one. Didn't even know this "unlocking" was possible. Anyone have some advice as to where to get an iPhone, which generation it should be for unlocking and use on TMobile, and how to unlock...or better yet, how to get one that is already unlocked and all I have to do is plug in my SIM card?

Bob says:

Where is the best place to buy iphone and use tmoble service?

Jake says:

I have an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobiles network. EVERYTHING works on my iPhone - YouTube, Safari, Download store...everything. Works like a charm. My bill is lower than anyone I know on AT&T, and I have unlimited texts, Free calls to my MyFaves, and the 2g speed doesnt bother me since I am always around wifi...And if i have to wait an additional 4 seconds for a page to load....so be it! I love T-mobile...been with them for the past 6 years, and I do not see myself leaving them. The customer service is beyond anyone whom I have had in the past. T-mobile cares about their customers and they see grey...not black and white. Not to mention when you call them you don't get read a script....their customer service people are people, not robots.

Jake says:

OH---I forgot to mention DO YOUR RESEARCH before paying to Unlock your iPhone. I did it for FREE...it was rather easy. Search on YouTube....plenty of people willing to show you how to do it and what to download...

keith says:

My Girlfriend, Her Sister and Myself all use Tmo for our Iphones, She has the 2g and works great it was designed for 2g which is a fit for Tmo, I have a 3G Iphone I am a sucker for the slick black while her sister is a sucker for the slick white and the feel of the rounded it edges. Now I want to upgrade to the 32GB 3G s iPHONE announced today awesome features. I love TMO and the reasonable prices but yeah the service is kinda choppy here North of NY but customer service is Great. I purchased my Iphone 3G directly through At&t and did the unlocking myself thanks to youtube and then cancelled the contract. Depending on your Credit you it will cost you $99 (Cheapest Entry level iphone available june 17th) $199 or $299 for the newest versions of the New Iphone but that is through At&t Which charges a 35.00 activation fee plus you must pick the plan, Any Deposits they Require then the early Termination Fee very expensive. My Gfs Sister has no Credit she is just 18 so they wanted $750.00 Deposit plus $199 it was gonna over $1,000 just to get the Iphone. Now my Gf bought a 2G from Ebay for around $250 very good deal and her sister found and 8 GB for around $550 at the time at globalwebdeals.com everything was safe they took authorize.net credit cards and paypal. Yes you can buy from An Apple Store but if you don't choose a plan you will be paying full retail. I suggest you shop around and investigate before pushing any checkout button, REMEMBER NEVER EVER BELIEVE YOU WILL GET A BRAND NEW IPHONE 3G/3G-S or REGULAR IPHONE BRAND NEW UNLOCKED FOR UNDER $400.00, Maybe a used 3G or 2G but never Brand new. Now is the time to shop around for 2G/3G Iphones used and in good shape on Ebay or Ect since the 3G-s WIll be released June 17th and current Iphone owners will be looking unload the older versions for the newer versions.

keith says:

Opps forgot I may even sell my 3G Iphone on Ebay after June 17th then I will have a better Idea of the going rate of how much it will cost me, for those interested I am searching Ebay to figure an average price I could go with my Used Iphone. Found a 16Gb in White it has nicks and scratches on the back cover but the screen is in Great shape has a protective cover. Not sure when they purchased the phone but it is no more then a year old you'd have to ask the seller tho cause it comes with the 2 year Extended Apple Protection Plan, So it may have a year or more of extended Protection from Apple for $450.00 not a bad deal. Any way for those users who have posted where to get an Iphone I linked my name to this auction. Hope I've Helped, and hope you become one of the Please Iphone Tmo Subscribers like us :)

Zainab says:

I have T-mobile and thinking about getting a unlocked iphone. I just don't know how to do it. I went to Germany 2 months ago and they had iphone there with T-mobile. I would really like to get a unlocked iphone please someone help me find it. Thanks

Zainab says:

Love T-mobile they are the best.

Amraf says:

I'm planning to get the iPhone and I'm on TMobile.
Can I surf the net using with the iPhone my personal wireless network and free ones (such as at McDonald's)?

SRG says:

I too would love the iphone but I will NEVER go back to AT&T. NEVER ever ever! Worst customer service of all time and coverage is awful here in the Bay Area. I have been with T-mobile for over 2 years now and never looked back to the crappy years spent with Verizon and AT&T. I have considered doing the unlock thing but then I realized I still would have to pay like $100 a month to have it all - voice, text and data plans. To the first lady, Kris Houston, who unlocked an iphone on T-mobile and only pays $65 - how did you do it?! You are so lucky!!

KentuckyJoe says:

If you have an unlocked iphone on tmobile...is there anyway apple can lock the phone or "break" it?? Certainly apple updates don't go out over Tmobile...but what other risks are there?

Omar Ferrer says:

This message is for Kris Houston. Could you please explain us how did you make your iPhone to work on T-Mobile? Did you first unlock the phone?
I agree that T-Mobile is very affordable and customer service is great. I have an iPhone 3G and coverage in my area is awful...

Sean says:

If you purchase an unlocked iPhone 3G S in Germany, is that GSM radio compatible with the T-Mobile's network in the US?

Mark says:

I am getting a second generation Iphone in a month or two from my uncle (they upgrade everytime a new one comes out) and I know how to unlock it and all that jazz. Just curious though, I have the Blackberry data plan, will this be sufficient with the Iphone?

Debbie says:

I have TMobile and love it. I'd love to get an iPhone as I've heard nothing but great things about it. How do I get one and then unlock it? Can I purchase on from ebay and then have it unlocked somehow?
Thank you!

Der says:

for those of you interest to break free from AT&T, check out my recent comparison on speed for T-Mobile EDGE vs AT&T 3G.http://forums.t-mobile.com/tmbl/board/message?board.id=08&thread.id=32&v...dateascending&page=2

JG says:

so would most of everyone here, say that a current Tmobile contract/service, will work for an iphone? 8gb

Gio says:

I just got an unlocked iphone on tmobile. Its great but im just a lil concerned about the data usage, i have unlimited internet and email for 24.99 so im guessing it's unlimited data
Any body have any insight on this, i don't want to get a big bill this month

Matt says:

I say T-Mobile should offer the iPhone just with edge it works great. Now with the 3.0 firmware update the iPhone finally does every thing my Dash did and I now have a 3G iPhone and my service with T-Mobile is 49.99 unlimited talk time and 34.99 unlimited internet and text grand total = 84.98 a month for unlimited everything. In my area T-Mobile has great coverage and when I have traveled the coverage was great. Free the iPhone! Also Apple could easily make iPhones to work on all networks how do you think moto does, if they can do it so can everyone else and guess what everyone does but apple.

Matt says:

"JG" Just know the iPhone works perfect on T-Mobile's network. I have had mine for 4 months and just yesterday I updated to 3.0 firmware and now I can MMS all day long.. its great.
"GIO" unlimited means unlimited. just know it does not include text.
FREE the phone!

charles 99 says:

i am interested in buying an unlocked iphone 3Gs, to use on an existing TMobile account. does anyone know if mobileme will still work under this arrangement? i want the phone, but desperately need the syncing and remote control options that are only available via mobileme. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Kim says:

I just got an Iphone 3g 16 gig. I have tmobile. I put my sim card in and i can make calls receive, get text messages but no internet, safari, mail, you tube, nothing!!
It says "could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service"!!!!!
Uhh, I also have an E on the top but it still says this. I do have tmobile sidekick unlimited text/internet.

Kim says:

^^ My phone is unlocked.

Michele says:

Hey Kim,
I think I had that message when I first set my phone up and the people at tmobile (I gave them a call) were able to help me. Wait, I think I could even tell you!
Go into your settings then choose GENERAL-->NETWORK-->cellular data network
in APN type "internet2.voicestream.com"
Let me know if that works.

danny says:

how does this stuff work if ther is no sims card to put in it

lucy says:

Recently i moved to the T-Mobile network from AT&T after unlocking my iPhone. T-Mobile network successfully work on iPhone. I used it on my new iPhone 3G. i am enjoying with the best traffic plan from T-Mobile and no roaming cost when i go across the world after unlocking my iPhone. It never failed me anytime. I enjoyed with all the functions of iPhone that iPhone comes with. just thanks to my friend who has gifted me this iPhone unlock software to unlock iPhone. After unlocking iPhone i used T-Mobile network on my iPhone. I am enjoying ver much

George says:

This week I took an "original 2g 1st generation iPhone" and unlocked it using the program redsn0w downloaded from the dev team at blog.iPhone-devteam.org
I added the phone onto our family plan for $10 a month plus $25 a month smartphone Internet package
After the smartphone Internet package kicked in, I had to configure theiPhone to work with tmobile's edge network using the configuration setting I found on this website:http://tmobilegenius.blogspot.com/2009/05/apple-iphone-unlocked-support....
I can confirm that I have phone service working, Internet with edge, Maps with cell tower triangulation, and access to the ap store.
To top it all off, unlocking the iPhone was completely legal under the exemptions to the DMCA granted by the copyright office in 2006, allowing the bypassing of cellphone locking for the sole purpose of legally connecting to a telecomunicatolions provider.

Happybunny says:

I read that Tmobile estimates that there are half a million iPhones on their network! Well make that 5,000,001 since I just got mine! I am in the Long Beach CA area, and ATT is hideous here. I left them because of dropped calls, poor reception, crossed calls, and calls where one person could not hear the other. I have long wanted an iPhone but nothing would make me use that dismal network. I am a happy camper now!

Night says:

The worst thing apple did was lock themself with at&t they should have left the iphone unlock and had people choose which ever pervidor they wanted. They would have see more or people prefer tmobile the AT&T. Beside isn't about selling your phone your lost for going with loser?how many times has AT&T change there wireless name!!!!!!!!!

Highwind says:

It is not about service or coverage. ATT is certainly not bad and 3G is nice, but it is about the price you guys pay! Each month! These plans are way too expensive. But if you want an Iphone, you have no choice. That is the problem.
I will unlock my 3GS (bought yesterday) and use my T-Mobile prepaid. I'll pay the termination fee and will be free :-). I don't use the phone much, during the day I sit in the office and at nights at home where I have Wifi anyway.
Live free or die

Taylor says:

What do you mean, "it is not about the service or coverage"? It certainly is, and in Chicago AT&T service is horrible. I've been going back and forth with AT&T about the poor coverage in a MAJOR CITY like CHICAGO. I'm very seriously considering switching over to T-Mobile. Do all my apps from the Apple store still work? What is the difference when I switch?

Rf says:

The service isn't bad in the south. The problem is the price. The price is the killer especially in a place where salaries are lower. And they effectively charge iPhone users more for data on family plans because they have an iPhone - over any other phone. Not fair.

Smm says:

ATT sucks. Most +ve comments about ATT are from those $9/hour employees. There is no weekend/weeknight customer service. The customer service reps are ex-wendy's employees. The damn horrible service is something I cant take it. I pay 5.99 unlimited data plan on t-mobile for my Iphone. Cant beat it. Once apple breaks the exclusive agreement, mass exodos of customers will push ATT to file for bankruptcy. Wait until Jan 2010. !!

Jill says:

In this day in age, folks are rarely loyal to service organizations. With price promotions and technology, cell phone carriers are definitely subject to this mentality. That said, I'm loyal to T-mobile. I'd love to have an iPhone but I will not leave T-mobile in the dust after more than 11 years of great service. I have great coverage, my bill is never messed up and customer service is top notch. I'm looking into buying an "unlocked" iPhone from Craigslist but I'm afraid those are "hot". I'm hoping there is some truth to this article: http://news.idg.no/cw/art.cfm?id=986D13F7-1A64-67EA-E44430AF232AD16A

HappyBunny says:

I bought my phone from Craigslist, Jill. It was a great transaction. The guy was local, showed me how to unlock the phone (so I could do it in the future) and checked back with me to see if I was happy with it. Just be careful and ask questions (where did you get the phone, do you guarantee it works, what if it doesn't etc). Mine is still under warranty by Apple, so that made it fairly risk free.
I too did not want to leave TMobile, but I have been loyal to Apple even longer than TM, so I had to have me an iPhone. It is working great on TM!

Ronald says:

How do I unlock the Iphone to use on t-moble

Jim says:

Will an unlocked iphone work with a Corporate server used on the tmobile network?

briN says:

okk! my family is about to switch over to t-mobile and i want an iPhone because im sooo satisfied with my ipod. im thinking about getting an iPhone 3g 16gb and just unlocking it using the iPhone dev teams unlocking service (whichever works best by the time i buy the phone). im wondering where the BEST place to get a cheap iphone is for this. idont care about nicks in the back because thats normal. i DONT want a 3GS because their so much more expensive. is ebay th best place? or is craigslist? i understand everything about how to do it and wats happening wen i do it. i just wanna know where the best place to get one is

Allison says:

I am so sick of AT&T's disgusting service. The plan is outrageous at $125/mo and it drops my calls CONSTANTLY. I had a prepaid ATT in high school, horrible service. Tried to get an iphone 2 yrs ago and had to get rid of it because the service was HORRIBLE in Denver. I try again this last time with the 3G and I am about to cancel the contract--who cares, it will cost as much as one month's bill to terminate the contract.
How do I unlock my iphone, or where do I find someone who can do it, so I can go on my boyfriend's T-Mobile family plan?
If anyone knows, email me at aasedivy@yahoo.com or respond on here, Thanks, Allison

Allison says:

I think I found it, looks like you sync your iphone to the computer and this site does it for you. Im going to wait till I call AT&T and tell them to shove it and am ready to port my #.

Wyn Tran says:

Hi! Is the Iphone on Tmobile able to place calls over WIFI or UMA? Thanks!

asap says:

Wealth of info here -- thanks all.
Still need to know:
1. Is an iPhone warranty void if I unlock it?
2. Is iTunes 8.0 set to mess with an unlocked phone on another provider?
2. Do I need data services for a Maps app? $10 at ATT&T
3. If I need IM service, is that data or text messaging?
4. Will MobileMe work?
I've been with TM many years and not one single complaint. AT&T coverage where I live is really bad, so do hope I can keep TM but move into a 21st century phone

Earlhop says:

I just got a I Phone from my son, he had droped it and the glass broke. I inturn sent it to get the glass fixed and unlocked so I can use it on T-Mobile. I am due to recieve it back from the "unlock" people on Tuesday. When I intall my Sim chip from my present T-Mobile blackberry, will the phone work. I do know I will have to call and get my data service switched from the Blackberry internet service to a different service. Must I use the $19.99 service, or will the $5.99 servicd work. I think T-Mobile also has a $9.99 service also. My additional question, which service do I need and is there anything else I must do to the I Phone to make it work.. Thanks for a reply

happy employee says:

I am a t-mobile cust serv rep. I love my job. T-mobile treats their employees so well that we are always happy to be there for our customers. As for the iphone we send settings to our customers every day. Just give us a call we are glad to help. We will also trouble shoot your iphone if you ever have a problem. Even though it is not a T-mobile phone we truly want our customers to enjoy their iphones on our network. I can tell you T-mobile customer service reps really do care about our customers. I have cried with customer who have personal problems that are hurting them, and have shared in their joy when they have something to celebrate. Even if you just need someone to talk to we are here

Tony says:

I have been with T-Mobile since before they were called T-Mobile. They are the best!!! I hate Verizon. My internet works even overseas while I am at the beach and I don't get charged a dime extra for it. Love T-Mobile.

Stephen says:

I hated AT&T and was more than happy to pay the $175 early termination fee, unlock the iphone, and move it to T-Mobile. I'll recoup the $175 in only 3 months with T-Mobile and the service has been wonderful, not a single dropped call unlike AT&T where every call was a roll of the dice. Goodbye At&T, don't let the door hit you in the a$$.

Keshia says:

I have been contemplating dropping my T-Mobile account just to get an iPhone, but if it comes to T-Mobile, I would definitely not mind that it had 2G network. T-Mobile would finally be in competition with the other providers, because now they have phones that people want, to go along with their great service. Plus, T-Mobile's plans are much cheaper than any others.

UberTmoPloyee says:

to the post of kim above, just go to a tmobile store and they can easily set that up for you if you havent done it already. I work at one of the corporate store and have seen that issue plenty of times, thats an easy fix in your network settings, Obviously im at home and done have them on me but they can access those on our tech website, no biggy, happy employee is right by the way, the customer service is good because employees are treated well, ive been in a few places and this is my favorite job by far, if anyone has questions though feel free to let me know on here and ill do my best to help out and answer them, before I started working here I was with tmobile for around 5 years and rarely had issues, the coverage tmo has is just as good as all the other carriers really, we always do coverage checks though and the info is from the towers themselves "not estimates of what we think the coverage will be" Never heard of 500k iphones but I do see quite a few of them pass our stores and yeah, tech support does help people with iphones. We wont throw you under the bus just because you have another carriers phone.


I am a T-Mo customer and I love the service I would love to have an Iphone but I refuse to change carriers. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase and I phone reasonably priced cause Ebay is outrageous. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks

Jon says:

Use craigslist, to try and purchase an iPhone. Also I am thinking of unlocking mine to go to T-mobile, The people I know on it love it, Would like it to be on 3g but it doesn't really matter to them. I just know that if I were to switch I would go from paying 168.00 down to 110.00. So for lack of 3g,visual voicemail and not so hot customer service. I can deal. And i would be saving 696.00 a year. WOW

UberTmoPloyee says:

yeah average person saves around 28 dollars a month compared to our competitors,

Jack says:

I have an iPhone in Japan. I also have a pay as you go T-Mobile phone in the US.
If I use the T-Mobile SIM for the US phone in the iPhone will it work for phone calls?

M says:

My bf works for ATT and I still hate it! Been w Tmo 10 years and love it!
I've read innumerable forums but still have the following questions:
-Will Mobileme work? (Integral if iPhone is stolen)
-How do I get updates?
-Do I need to both unlock >and jailbreak iPhone?
-Because 3g doesn’t work on Tmo iPhone, does it matter which model I buy?
-How do I configure iTunes not to brick my Tmo iPhone, but to update music every time I connect?

userknows says:

I have had ALL the different providers for wireless and prefer TMobile. My friend's signals get garbled up in buidings on AT&T. (Ask anyone who has AT&T and it happens). TMobile has never failed me, but most importantly to me, TMobile's rate plans are much cheaper in the long run than AT&T. AT&T (in my opinion) are just running on the fact that they have the apple contract for now and jack your prices up. TMobile is actually an awesome network with cheaper data plans and voice plans. I pay under $50/month for unlimited usage whereas AT&T is $100/unlimited. It makes sense to pay $10 to jailbreak the iphone and pay $35/month for unlimited data plan than to get raped by AT&T monthly. It works just as well, and my phone reception is better than the garbled AT&T....just a thought.

TMobile User says:

It's true. I have been with AT&T and Sprint, Nextel etc. TMobile IS the best wireless provider by far!! It's a shame that apple went with AT&T, but I guess you can still use the iphone with TMobile from what I have been finding out by asking techies.

er says:

Thank you all so much for giving your input, it's a huge help! You've helped me decide what I need to do.
I'm in Northern California and was with T-Mobile for 2.5 years and they've been perfect, the sound and service quality is perfect, never a dropped or distorted call. (I had Verizon two years before that and they were awesome too. Sprint before that, their service was bad for me.)
I hated to leave TMO, but I switched to AT&T last week to get the iPhone -- what a nightmare! The phone is the most amazing device ever built by human hands. My iPhone makes me want to be a better person. But AT&T's service is clearly punishment for something bad I must have done in my former life. Half of the time everyone sounds like they're talking with their hand over their mouths, calls drop constantly or garble -- for the past two days I have to call most numbers 3 or 4 times before they can connect. I'm stunned.
I'm going to unlock/jailbreak my iPhone tonight and reactivate my T-Mobile service and use that. I'm so pissed at AT&T and Apple for their extortion to force me to accept crappy service that's $40 a month more than I was paying at T-Mobile. I will be free again!!

InBetweenFiction says:


thelma says:

I have been with tmobile for about 7 years and would love to buy an iphone. Can anyone tell me how to get it unlocked so I can use it with tmobile?

tomodachi says:

well, I am very thankful for all the info I read here. So a question to UberTmoPloyee...I just purchased an unlocked iphone 2g from ebay and after i read all the posts above, I think it will make sense to choose TM. But just as a dummy I am, what should I do when I go into the TM store? And what kind of plan will you suggest if I need both calling and internet service. I want unlimited data because I rather pay a little more than to pay a lot when I go over. I think a 1000 minutes of talk time will be more than enough(I don't go over 500 usually). Oh, I have no sim card in the iphone, so will TM charge me to get one? Thanks for the info in advance:-)

lushezbabe says:

hey guys!!..i have a old 8gb iphone n hav tmobile service but i want 2 use the iphone!!...it is locked!!...once i unlock it will it work and how do i it put my sim card in or i dont need...HELP PLZ!!!

lushezbabe says:

heyyy ok its me again i finish disabling my phone now i need help to unlock it???

sogaboy08 says:

you at&t fuckers would rather get ass fucked with your monthly bill to be able to talk and transmitt data at the same time? that is sooooooo fucking retarded!!! tmobile doesnt have the BEST service but it is better than at&t's and their customer service is superb. i can call them with any problem i have even down to not turning my phone service off if i run into finacial trouble. i have the iphone on t mobile and it works perfect and my monthly bill is well under 100 bucks with unlimited data!!!!. i even have mms capabilities. you people need to wise up to apple/at&t scam with this fucking iphone. THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO RAPE YOUR POCKETS YOU FUCKING RETARDS!!!! thank you for reading. lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tm iphone 2g says:

I was wondering if anyone has unlocked a 3g or 3gs iphone and used it on Tmobile using 3g. I have read that it is not possible. Can anyone verify???? Thanks.

Whitney says:

AT&T has a bad reputation for being so business driven that the customer doesn't really matter. They leave class action lawsuits in their wake. I like T Mobile for their great customer service and for providing great service at an incredible price. I think I may have had trouble with them (and with many providers) in the late 90's, early 2000's, but those problems have been completely cleared up by now. I love T mobile and will never become a customer of AT&T on principle. So many people have an iPhone and choose AT&T for that reason alone, which sort of disgusts me. I hate the idea of all of that money all over the world going to one company because of Apple's amazing product.

Sangria says:

If you want an unlocked iPhone, but don't want to mess around with constant updates to stay ahead of Apple, try getting a factory unlocked iPhone:http://www.bombayelectronics.com/product.asp?prod=1415
I got my phone here and haven't had any problems. They are a real store in Chicago. The link is to their internet site.
I use either an AT&T Prepaid SIM or an T-mobile Prepaid SIM since both work and home have WiFi. If I need to check something on the internet while I'm out, I use all the money I'm saving to treat myself to some Starbucks. :)

Needsumfoos says:

I unlock my sis old iPhone 1st gen and I used tmobile it works great only problem I can't get the Internet I have a unlimated sidekick plan

Susan H says:

How/where do I get an unlocked Iphone, or one I can unlock? I have T mobil service. Sounds like I can combine them.

Kim M says:

I have been with T-Mobile for almost 15 years (they weren't even T-Mobile back then...). I love T-Mobile! Their plans are priced much better, their customer service is wonderful, the one or two times I've had a mistake or billing problem (like when my son downloaded too many ringtones "testing" them) they corrected it right away. Our coverage is pretty good, but we have had some issues with phones in some of the houses we've lived in over the years. We've solved that problem with using the wifi signal in our current home. None of the other carriers offered that (probably still don't). Loath to leave T-Mobile, but really want an iPhone, too. Checked out AT&T's plans and they are crazy! i currently get 2000 minutes on a family plan for $99, unlimited text for $14.99, additional lines for $10... similar plan at AT&T wanted $159 for the similar minute plan for family, $30 for text, and $30 or $40 for each additional line! What?! For the privilege of having the iPhone? Slightly better coverage? Bad customer service? I don't think so. I think I'm staying and maybe getting an unlocked iPhone or just dealing with the lack of apps for my BB.

Michael says:

Needsumfoos, all you have to do is call TMobile and they will give you the settings for data on your iphone. That's what I did and it works great! I've had an umlocked iPhone since Jan of this year and love it.(except for the MMS and video recording, which there are apps for on Cydia)

Dewayne says:

Is this really true???All you have to do is call T-Mobile and ask them to give you a setting for your iphone to unlock your iphone???If anyone know how it works or what should i do to unlock my iphone. Any recommendations...let me know whats up. Thanks.

brody says:

Whatever anyone is planning on doing, DO NOT sign a contract with any of the telcos, not even a one year. Instead buy a new or refurbished, unlocked phone on ebay or elsewhere online and get a plan sans contract.

Ashley M says:

to kris Houston: can you email me and tell me how you did this? I want to switch to tmobile and get the iphone.. so it would be greatly appreciated :)

IPhone user says:

I have been using iphone on att for three months and love the service. I have had no problems and great customer service. Also for everyone that is claiming to have a cheep tmoble plan, it is at most only $10 more on att and legal.

Jamie says:

I have been with t-mobile for six years. I have read some of the cost you other tmobile users pay. I get unlimited text and pic message for 9.99 a month and unilimited anywhere to anyone minutes for my wife and I for 79.99 a month and the unlimited internet for 14.99 I was grandfathered in. I have no complaints, greta service great customer care. I live in the twin cites, MN.

Fierce says:

I have read all 132 posts and I have to say I'm very surprised that no one is anti-AT&T because of their spying. AT&T set up a dedicated room in the San Francisco relay hub (not sure if that's what they call it) so the NSA could listen in on every single call that passed through there. Is anyone here aware of that? Would you like your 4th Amendment rights back? There are a few reps in Congress who have pushed for prosecution of AT&T (Kucinich, for example), but Senator Feinstein (former mayor of San Francisco) is opposed to any consequences for AT&T, and Obama won't go after them, either.
I am a longtime T-Mobile customer, am happy with their service, and I'm an even longer Apple owner/user/fan. It has been very hard for me not to get an iPhone, especially now that I have a managerial job with lots of scheduling duties in the field. I'm very tired of telling people, "I'm sorry, I'm not sure what's on my calendar two Tuesdays from now, but I can get back to you once I get back in the office and check my calendar." I have an OLD Palm, but I've shied away from the techie hassle of synching it with both OS X and Windows XP / MS Outlook. IT at work tells me that the iPhone plays nice with Outlook, and of course it would play just fine with my Powerbook and MobileMe.
All this, but I still cannot bring myself to send money to AT&T, the scumbags who spied on Americans and enabled the Ashcroft "justice" dept. to shred the Constitution. That's why I came to this site, to investigate how hard it is to make iPhone work with T-Mo. I'm just really surprised that people's only complaints about AT&T is their customer service, dropped calls, and prices. Add "domestic surveillance of innocent civilians" to the list, people.
By the way, if you read this and think I'm some crazy conspiracy theorist, a) Google "AT&T spying," and b) please do yourself and your fellow humans a favor and pay more attention to the world you live in. It's not just about the latest shiny gadget.
-- Fierce
"Give me convenience or give me death!" -- Jello Biafra

David Plano TX says:

Have an unlocked and jailbroken Iphone since Feb...bought it that way from Ebay and recently paid $15.00 to have it upgraded by a guy who listed on Craigs list....sure I could have done it myself by going to youtube and following the instructions....but it was much easier to just not have to worry about messing something up and bricking my iphone....plus he installed a bunch of stuff on the iphone for me...MMS swirly...video camera...cydia etc...I have the my favs and only 300 minutes with unlimited data plus 400 text messages (but I use the app "FreeText" which allows you to send free text messages and only costs $6.00...then I also have their at home service for $10 more a month. For those of you who don't know that is basically like have a Vonage phone using VOIP...my total bill for EVERYTHING (including the unlimited calling from home) is only 88.51 a month

Swissgirl says:

Had At&t could not get ANY coverage in our home, which was crucial since my husband often works at home. Then when the contract was up at&t wanted him to pay $500 for a new phone. At&t was so nasty to us on all levels, we cancelled our land line as well as both our mobiles. We left and went to T-mobile WAY better coverage and better plans!! no looking back.

shelly says:

I just bought a G1. What is the difference between a G1 and a 3G iphone I unlock to use on TM? Thanks. Where do you guys learn all this techie stuff...??

Vince Price says:

You bought a Google G1 or a 1st generation iPhone? (1st gen iPhone is confusingly referred to as a "2G" most often, since it uses 2G data network) Clarify and you will increase likelihood of getting an answer.
I agree with the person that referred to the iPhone as the "most amazing device ever made by human hands." I never leave the house without mine. Never. Not ever. I don't even leave it in the other room. My first real electronic pet. I love it. I would adopt it if I could, I love it that much. Maybe even marry it. There's the iPhone and then there is every other phone in the world. I would rather own an iPhone than the next 1,000 best phones. This is not an exaggeration.
Oh, yeah, and it makes phone calls.

Jason says:

Hey stay with at&t if you like to get forced to change carriers every 4 years... I live in an area where up tell recently AT&T was our only real choice for service. When I moved to another Area I had gotten T-mobile and Never Looked Back at AT&T ever sense. There customer Service Sucks. there rude and act Like they OWN you and they think there above the Goverment. Don't Belive Me??? Think Back when Wireless Number Portability was first releaced. all you AT&T Customers couldent port out because they refused to comply with the FCC Regulations resulting in there sale of AT&T Wireless to Cinguler. Meenwhile T-mobile Customer Care has won what there 5th J.D. and Power award. So Yes I wont leave T-mobile for AT&T and have held off on the Iphone Soaly Because T-mobile Has Not carried it in the US. But Rest assured the Networks are Compatable both GPRSm EDGE and 3g. Apples Seller for everywhere but the us is none other then T-mobile.

TIm says:

I have been contemplating the iphone for some time and currently on tmo. After reading all the comments and posts about the iphone on tmobile edge network, it just isnt worth it. Best course for me - wait until the tmobile contract is over and then move to att for the iphone. The 3g speed will be better, but I love my locked tmobile family plan price of $50 for over 1000 peak miuntes!

ABdul says:

I would abousltely luv i phone on tmobile. I beg my peartents, But my dad said he has seen and ipohne on tmobile I want to get ittttt

ABdul says:

That waz my stupid cuzin she is retarded srry about that! nand her name is hadiat

Vilius says:

Do you need a blackberry plan in order to make your iPhone work with T-MOBILE?
What's the service plan I need?

Mtate32 says:

Vilius; I contacted t-mobile and they gave me a plan that is comprable to the iphone, I was an ATT user for a year and when I found out how to get my iphone unlocked, I switched to T-Mobile immediatly. I never had signal with ATT inmy house and now I have signal, and with Edge vs. 3G its a tad bit slower but still faster than most peoples phones. My wife uses my iPhone all the time when we are traveling because it is faster than her tmobile phone.
I have no regrets switching to tmobile they have been amazing in their customer care withme and my iPhone..
T-Mobile Rocks....

Vilius says:

Mtate32: Thanks for sharing your experience.
I still have my blackberry plan and my bill is about $100/mo.
What I would like to know is what are the specs to change my plan online, what should I change and what phone to pick since there's no iPhone in the phones option.

Vilius says:

There is a new plan on T-Mobile, perfect for iPhone users (like me).
It's the "Even More Plus“" with unlimited minutes, text and web or 1000 minutes or 500 minuter.
Very convinient!!!“

elplatanero45 says:

Vilius: Hey have you tried an iphone with the new "Even more plus" contracts???
Does the web (also text and talk) actually work on the iphone?
I have an iphone with no plan but i want to kno if it actually work???

ABC123youandme says:

Has anyone bought an iphone since July 17, 2009 and unlocked it for T-Mobile? If so, did you buy one at retail price, or did you pay for a new contract, and then cancel it? I really want an iPhone, but I want to know what is the cheapest way to get one for T-Mobile. It has to be after July 17, 2009 cause on wikipedia it says that Apple stopped selling the iPhone without contracts on that date.

MA says:

elplatanero45, I was on a blackberry plan originally, I switched to the Even More Plus plan recently b/c it was cheeper and everything works fine.

Elplatanero45 says:

MA: Thanks alot man!!! Quick question...Do you have the plan that offers all three or the plan with talk and text in which then you then added the 10 dollar unlimited web?? (im not sure how t mobile quite works cuz im on verizon)

Nick says:

I was on T-Mobile for 6 years before dumping it for the iPhone/AT&T.
I rarely if ever had dropped calls on T-Mobile; I have plenty of dropped calls on AT&T.
T-Mobile customer service was always great to me and the billing was straight-forward. With AT&T, not so much.
I'm ready to dump AT&T... found this article while looking for information on how to hack my iPhone so I can run it on T-Mobile. I still have my first generation iPhone anyway, so 3G is not a deal breaker.

Danno says:

Did a jailbreak for my iphone and got the data plan switched from my blackberry plan to a smart phone plan and the data plan didn't work. All you have to do is call Tmobile and they'll hook you up with an email that shows you how to get it working. But hey, I'm a nice guy so here's the email they sent:
To configure internet access for the Apple iPhone, follow these steps:
NOTE: Please read the disclaimer and notes on unsupported handsets, devices, and software.
To set up internet connectivity
From the Main Menu, scroll to and select Settings.
Select General.
Select Network.
Verify the following settings:
Data Roaming is set to On.
3G Enable is Off (3G iPhones only.) 1
NOTE: The Apple iPhone is missing the WCDMA 1700 band, and cannot function on the T-Mobile 3G network.
NOTE: Changing the 3G Enable function while the device is on an active call may cause the call to disconnect.
Select Cellular Data Network.
NOTE: In software versions prior to 2.0, Cellular Data Network is called EDGE.
In the APN field, enter epc.tmobile.com
Leave the Username and Password fields blank.
Press the Home button to save the APN and exit to the main screen.
Select Settings.
Select Wi-Fi.
Select off.
Test the connection by opening the Safari web browser.

Eva says:

I live in the city of Chicago, and even if this extremely urban and densely populated area, I lose service quite regularly with AT&T. I don't have service while in Wrigleyville, home of the Cubs and an extremely affluent neighborhood, for christ's sake. It's ridiculous. I'm switching to T-Mobile in December and having my iPhone unlocked. My phone is a 2G, anyway, and although I might pay for an upgrade soon, the internet speed on the 2G I've had for the past 2 years has never bothered me. If that's the internet speed on T-Mobile, I'm a-okay with that.

Enki says:

The issue for me is that everyone I've taken to the AT&T store they are asking for $500 to $1000.00 deposit. Even my mom has nice credit pays for everything. My brother well, he hasn't used his credit. What Kind of credit check are they doing? I truly believe they are being racist just can't prove it. You hardly see any blacks with the IPhone Why? First, you can't get past the so called industry credit check.. My brother doesn't owe any one and I mean any one and they still want $500 so if I'm going to pay that kind of money no way I want to pay for a 2 year contract. Therefore, I found a unlocked iphone for only $249 the price of my ipod touch might I add and I'm activating with Tmobile. I hope ATT&T goes down the drain like they were headed before Apple bailed them out and look how they ultimately did Apple?? Made sure Apple couldn't see any reward or have freedom of choice to sell their products to the highest bidder. I bet Apple can't wait for the end of their contract so they can make money after all ATT&T has made enough. They are soon to go under when everyone starts jumping shift. Just like their home phone company is small chickens now(Southwestern Bell) use ur brains people use your brains.

Dave says:

I have the iPhone in Colorado, and AT&T's coverage here is not as good as other carriers.

Josh says:

i have a bb storm for tmobile, and im curious in purchasing an iphone and unlocking it for tmobile, but my main concern is the monthly payments, i heard that it can be very expensive, right now i pay about $150 for unlimited everything but its too expensive! w/b

AstroLFW says:

I bought an unlocked iPhone while I was in Hong Kong, the folks at T-Mo set me up with a $25/mo data plan, inputted the right settings, and its been working great. T-Mo even has an "unsupported devices" department that helped me when I lost my Edge connection. I love T-Mo and their great customer service, I swear they are the only major company with real people that gives a cr*p about making the customer happy. Even if they weren't cheaper than AT&T, that alone would keep me from switching.

Jan Marini says:

I have att here in california and 3G speeds are always fine. I wouldn't switch to Tmobile if I was stuck at 2G speeds.

ColdFusion Developer says:

I have TMobile and have been thinking about getting an unlocked iPhone. I'm a blackberry user now and love everyting about the phone except for the web browsing experience (and of course, app support). I just wish these phones could support Adobe Flash technology.

sabrina says:

I have my BB 8800 with TMobile...my bf got me an iphone which I intend on getting unlocked with TMobile however I still want to keep my BB email and internet... does anyone know if this is possible? any feed back would be great! Thanks

Carolina says:

ABC123youandme: it's usually cheaper to get the iPhone with plan and cancel. $299 +tax for 3GS 32Gig or $199 for 16G (bun in some states you pay tax on highest price of phone, even when getting discount) and then pay $175 (or down $5 every month you have it). Compare that to the price they (we) charge for no contract.

SFLawyer1 says:

I have AT&T here in Colorado and the service is bloody awful. I cannot make a call and drive more than 2-3 miles without losing a call. Prior to the IPhone, I was with T-Mobile and my service was exceptional. I am going to make the switch.

Veronica_S. says:

My iPhone 3G coverage with AT&T is generally good. However, my prior cellphone (a regular flip-phone) was with T-Mobile and my monthly phone bill was a lot lower using T-Mobile. I guess my main complaint with AT&T is the pricier cost of monthly service charges. So for now, I'm happy to stick with iPhone and AT&T. However, I do welcome the idea that some day I can still use an iPhone and have the freedom to switch to T-Mobile 3G/4G, and doing it legally (without having to jailbreak).

eddiegcs says:

I have AT&T here in Colorado and the since maybe May or June of 2009 coverage has gone into the shitter. I've had AT&T for about 5 years (2 years with the original iPhone) and coverage was great. Better than Verizon even (which I switched from abt 5 years ago b/c of poor coverage) but now I routinely get dropped calls. Maybe every third call will drop. If I talk for more than 10 minutes, it's certain to drop. This is definitely not working for me. I'm planning to unlock my iPhone and switch to T-Mobile which can't possibly be worse and even if it is at least it's half the price of AT&T on iPhone....

Matthew70 says:

The guy was local, showed me how to unlock the phone and
checked back with me to see if I was happy with it.
Just be careful and ask questions (where did you get
the phone, do you guarantee it works, what if it doesn’t etc).
Mine is still under warranty by Apple, so that made it
fairly risk free.

No. You are wrong. As soon as you unlock or jailbreak your iPhone, you have instantly voided your Apple warranty, and you have illegally broken a Terms of Service agreement (a legally binding agreement) with Apple, assuming that you "signed" the agreement by registering your iPhone or connected to your user account at the App Store.

rrruuu says:

To Matthew70 above - you don't "illegally" break a terms of service agreement. You might break the agreement, but there is nothing criminal about it. Leave law to lawyers - you have no idea what you are talking about. I'd gamble that AT&T has "broken" there part of the bargain as well by failing to meet a reasonable service expectation. Or as you say, they have illegally broken their agreement. hahahahahaha
The AT&T agreement is a contract of adhesion. There is no opportunity to negotiate it - you either accept it or you don't. Adhesion contracts are not looked upon favorably by a court, especially when the contract counterparty isn't holding up their end of the bargain.
As to the Apple warranty, I am certainly not concerned about voiding an iPhone warranty. I need a phone that works. If it breaks, then I will drop it in the trash and get another. Big deal.

Piko says:

There are many points to consider when deciding which carrier is ideal for the iPhone (unlocked or otherwise). As a former employee of 2 different carriers, we are always qualifying customers for service- which serves their customer needs best. I've had both T-mobile and AT&T. I currently have an iPhone 3GS. I've decided to take my iPhone to T-mobile.
In my region of Florida- I've had dropped service repeatedly with AT&T, and at one point 3G service was completely gone like an electromagnetic pulse. I had to switch to EDGE to make the call to report the problem. I Discovered I was the first to notice, spoke to customer care, and service in the metro area to be restored in 2 hours. I was horrified. That means anyone on 3G couldn't make or receive calls, and if on EDGE, they wouldn't have known.
Okay, so every carrier has its ups and downs- but the cost difference was what sold it for me. I pay $185 a month for two iPhones- data required. Furthermore, the lack of support (MMS finally this year, no tethering yet in U.S.) has done it for me. I've discovered that service is really more from Apple than AT&T. That pretty much makes AT&T just a conduit. When was the last time you had to rely on Samsung instead of the carrier providing the service?
I will lose the 3G AT&T speed (big deal, it's hardly between 250kbs to 500kbs). I primarily use my iPhone's Wi-Fi at the two places I am at the most- Work and Home. I am currently on a 500 minutes family shared with Unlimited text for two phones. Nothing more. How do others survive paying the AT&T cost of $165 to $185 a month for TWO YEARS? With T-mobile, I pay $60 to $80 less. I'll take the slower speed. I don't use 3G speeds much anyway. Again, to each his own.

dragon76 says:

I have an iphone 3G and was doing great with my tmobile sim card until one day i turned on my iphone and couldn't get any service...i am trying to re-configure the network but having negative results can anyone help me with this problem???

Velma says:

I've had At&t, Verizon, and T-Mobile. At&t and Verizon are too expensive and work just the same as T-Mobile. I've had T-Mobile for many years now and LOVE IT!! I love their costumer service, reception, and prices. Their plans are all totally affordable and reasonable and their service is great. I've never had a dropped call or no service anywhere I go. Most of my friends have At&t and I always have ALL the bars when sometimes they have NONE and have to borrow my T-Mobile phone. I have an unlocked iphone and it works awesome. I love it. I bought it full price at the apple store and got it unlocked to use with T-Mobile. I wanted an iphone so bad because I love apple but didn't want to switch to At&t because they are too expensive and because I love T-Mobile. I love my iphone on T-Mobile. I have the best phone ever on the best carrier ever and I have it totally customized with the cydia and winterboard apps. It's like a totally unique iphone specially designed for me. Apple should let people connect the iphone with any carrier because I know many people with T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint who wish they had the iphone. Apple is just bringing too many new customers to At&t. If anything, at least let T-Mobile sell the iphone since we already know it works if not as good as with At&t, better!!

Matthew70 says:

Recent news by Wall Street insiders: Apple "seriously considering" T-Mobile USA next year!! (once AT&T's iPhone exclusivity ends)

Andrew72 says:

I just made the switch a few days ago to tmobile with my iphone. My experience with the service has been AWESOME. I dont mind not having the faster download speeds , since half the world is now wi fi free spots. When using the service where I used to have dropped calls with ATT , with tmobile I didnt. When the iphone comes to tmobile and you are able to not jail break it and still have the visual voice mail. I will be happy

Ruben de la cruz Sanchez says:

This is awsome if t-mobile sells iphone b/c id have to unlock and jailbrake and all the confusing stuff. :D

Jay says:

I love T-Mobile! Their unlimited plan is the best out there. When I travel I never have problems. Overseas works great. PLEASE T-Mobile.......get the IPhone and you will be unbeatable!

beto says:

I hope the iphone moves to tmobile soon

Mic Knight says:

would love it if T-Mobile get's the iPhone. I have been with T-Mobile for 6 years and I'm not going anywhere! My wife and I both have purchased the iPod Touch in order to avoid the need to jailbreak the iPhone, but have the itch for the iPhone like a mug! Plus, let's be real, Apple owns PC any day...LOL! That's another topic, this device is an incredibly advanced phone and, to date, nothing has surpassed it or even been able to rise to the occassion. Let's go Apple! Alot of T-Mobile folks ready...plus I bet alot of AT&T folks ready to slap on the pink T!

Atom Smtih says:

I love my iPhone, but would LOVE to drop AT&T. My friends with T Mobile's droid are paying less than half what I am for the same service.
Let's also not forget that AT&T was the only phone company that handed over all our personal information without a fight, under the guise of homeland security.

Kris says:

How do I get an unlocked iphone. And will the new s iphone work on tmo?

Frank says:

My sister in law works at T-mobile and she has seen information that the iPhone will be at Tmobile in 2010 poss by 3rd quarter. In europe they already have the iPhone and it would be too costly for Apple to convert it to Verizon network.

Kris says:

Anyone with the best info on where to get an iphone without going through at & t?

tofucute says:

never owned any computer but a mac (except for an atari 800). but here in socal att/cingular sux. had them before. never will again. not even for the iphone which i really really really ... really want

luis ocadiz says:

Well I've been wanting an iphone for a while now and I found out a while ago that countrys like germany have their iphones on tmobile. So I got to thinking, if I order an iphone from germany change the language to english and activate it will it work or not?!

Justin says:

Yes T-Mobile Germany has the iPhone and you wanna know something else? The fastest 3G speeds on iPhones are on iPhones that are on the T-Mobile Germany network.... 1800KBPS otherwise 2Mbps WOW...
T-Mobile has the best customer support (they even give you resources to unlock phones illegally) and support the iPhone fully
Apple will be breaking there deal with AT&T soon maybe this year or next
Hopefully T-Mobile gets it.... Then T-Mobile will start broadcasting 3G bands compatible with the iPhone and 3G speeds and reception will probably be better with T-Mobile... I have a Cliq and I get 3G everywhere.... But then again I live in Florida my other friend lives in Oklahoma and he gets 3G reception perfect too and he swithced to the iPhone but well.... um not that good

Justin says:

Why Apple won't convert the iPhone to Verizon is mainly because they don't like to confuse people and they like keeping the simplicity plus it's expensive
Since the REST OF THE WORLD uses GSM.... A GSM iPhone really is reasonable... then a CDMA or world phone.... Seems a bit unlikely

marissa says:

hi need help on setting up my iphone for t-mobile data please any body

Abbie says:

I have T-Mobile and I travel a lot. I have never had a problem with it. The only time I dont get service is when I go through the tunnels in the mountains!

Chitownblues says:

I have the iphone with ATT in Chicago..the 3G works fine when there is good cellphone coverage..which is next to never !! Too many dropped calls..it's ridiculuous.!! Poor coverage at my work (for my colleagues with att too) and bad coverage at my house too..
Also they have terrible customer service..left me stranded abroad once as they failed to turn on international roaming despite calling requesting and confirming before leaving..called them from overseas and was on hold / transferred around @@@@@
.my phone is unlocked..so been thinking of switching to t-mobile.

john says:

Hi I have a g1 but my brother has a iphone n I been wanting a iphone 4rm wen it first came out but my brother been telling me about at&t service n I dnt want them I wanna kno shuld I get the iphone 3g with t-mobile over my g1?(advice) N wuld there b any difference between the 2? And I wuld also like to know would the youtube n all the otha apps on the iphone will wrk normal with the t-mobile sim? N wuld aim wrk? N everything else will wrk normal as if it was a at&t sim?

showson1 says:

Over the past few months I've been trying to get away from the iPhone.. went to Sprint for Palm Pre - too limited - and then the Hero - Had MAJOR bugs to where I couldn't get voicemail.
I was thinking about the Droid, but HATE Verizon.
I switched back to AT&T because, for me, the iPhone is the best phone out there.
Recently looked at T-Mobile plans and how CHEAP they are if you bring your own phone and think I'm going to sign up today.
I turned off 3G a few days ago to get a feel for Edge only and don't miss 3G. My streamining music, GPS, everything still work fine.
YouMail has an application now, so visual voicemail is not an issue.
I'll post back after I sign up and get my iPhone working.. very excited to save a bunch of money! :)

yann says:

To answer:
""# Matthew70 Says:
November 23rd, 2009 at 11:54 pm
No. You are wrong. As soon as you unlock or jailbreak your iPhone, you have instantly voided your Apple warranty, and you have illegally broken a Terms of Service agreement (a legally binding agreement) with Apple, assuming that you “signed” the agreement by registering your iPhone or connected to your user account at the App Store.
Actually this is false;
Apple guarantees the iphone not the cell phone carrier service AT&T - only the hardware and Apple softwares or third party softwares included in the default OS configuration will be serviced (and iTunes also). If you contact Apple Customer Support any issues related to AT&T wireless Network will be directed to AT&T if they do answer you about that; it's out of their good heart; knowing their outstanding customer support compared to AT&T, they often go overboard to balance that carrier bad reputation.
To finally add the last proof - Apple will help who ever holds the iphone (hardware) regardless of the carrier (paying support, may apply) Evidently they will not tell you how to jailbreak an iphone since that would go against their AT&T contract & partnership. This would be illegal - not actually doing the jailbreaking.
Actually "forced sales" is illegal - carriers go by, by offering prepaid plans and it's the law and in Europe many countries do force carriers to unlocked their cell phones if customers request it (fees may apply; less than $200 though ;-)

Ma Bell says:

Just remember, AT&T still owns all telecommunication networks and bounces from cable to phone to internet to wireless. Ma Bell is the original telecommunication network and all existing networks cable, internet, phone, and wireless are all still owned by AT&T. Don't believe me? Look it up! Oh, stop saying "sux" and "plzz" unless you are a 12 year old girl.

Cory says:

hey i have an unlocked iphone 3g on tmobile usa and it allows me to send pictures but everytime someone tries to send me a picture it says like unable to recieve media or somethin like dat..is dere anything i can do..plz email me

rain davis says:

I have an unlocked iPhone using tmobile! so far I love it I am looking to get on a data plan. I am so happy that my bills are now well under $100. It was so easy to unlock - you wll need blackra1n ( number one ) and a tmobile sim card. for pictures using mms you will need ip and you can get that on the web. I use wiFi everywhere I go so the data plan is not missed as much right now. I love my iphone with Tmobile!

rain davis says:

Cory - I had that problem we had to change our tmobile plan

Bob says:

I LOVE T-Mobile. Look. I'm writing this from my laptop, while my wife drives, and I'm using my iphone as a modem with my $10 bucks data plan, that ATT doesn't allow you to do.I bought a locked iphone in craiglist and unlocked it and jailbreak it in a couple of hours or so. I pay $65 for unlimited data, voice and text and I can do stuff that I you just can't do with ATT. I love it!
Only bad thing is that you can't keep voice and internet at the same time.

2eyes2die4 says:

I just have a question whether iPhone 3Gs will work fine on t-mobile.. and will it have all the features that at&t has?... im about to get an iPhone but really don't want to change my t-mobile service )) please somebody help!!!

Bob says:

It will have more features than with ATT because you're going to unlock it and probably jailbreak it.
3G won't work though. T-Mobile's 3G is not standard, so you're gonna have to connect using Edge. Still, I'd rather be on Edge with T-Mobile than ATT's 3G.

sergio e says:

can any on tell how to get internet on my i phone but i have t mobiel servic and i also have internet on my t mobiel my old phone was the behold. can some one help me with that you can send me a e mail at yahoo.[smeeremsone@yahoo.com]

Ben Dover says:

i live in south texas and i just have to say that at&t sucks down here. i don't really know about t-mobile, but verizon is great. sure i don't have the iphone but that a small price to pay for good service and good customer support. i really want the iphone to go to verizon already. i hat at&t. it's just terrible

Natasha says:

I have a iPhone on Tmobile network and it's not worth it. If u have experienced iPhone on AT&T then go to a network where u Cant use it a "full power" it's not worth it. 3G on AT&T in network was great. Fast Internet and no problems with mail or MMS. On tmobile network I can't use 3G feature on Iphone and I can't send emails or send/receive MMS to my phone. I'll be getting a tmobile phone soon

gigi says:

this confuses me. i've been emailing apple and at&t this question for weeks now...with NO response: "Do I have to use at&t if i purchase the iPhone?" after reading all of this, i understand. although there are very few positive at&t messages here, i am still shocked to see them. i found them, well, horrible...just to save time. so, is it worth getting an iPhone to use with any other network than at&t? is it that difficult to do? i don't really see where anyone clearly states this. thanks so much! (i really want an iPhone; it's the 1st cell i've ever actually researched & wanted to purchase...and of course there's a ridiculous hitch such as this...i'm shocked apple would do this. i guess most people would just switch to at&t to have the iPhone. i won't do that.)

oliver says:

i recently got an iphone 3g 16 gb off of (craiglist) which i consider the best website to get an unlocked iphone due to the fact that u can actually go see the phone b4 u buy it and use it a lil bit like i did. i got mine for 370 which is a really good price because it had cydia and it allows me to get everything from apple store free..even apps that cost 100+ dollars Tmo is better than ATT no matter what under the economic situation in which the world is in right now u dont really need fast speed on the internet which btw is much not of a difference with Tmo, however you do need cheaper and more reliable phone service and Tmo offers that. There is an app called fring...you can youtube it and it allows u to call anywhere in the world w/o charges or wasting the mins on ur plan. when u jailbreak you iphone and unlock it will be very easy to get that app and u can use it to call anywhere land or cell anywhere in the world. I recoment ppl to get lowest amount of mins needed from Tmo with unlimited web access and text msgs and download fring and make calls from there and not waste mins if u dont feel like it. With that said i only have 1 thing to say to ATT suk me off i beat u!

oliver says:

ohh and 4got to mention i live in NY the Bronx and trust me when i sat ATT service is not that much faster than Tmo and from what i've read here calls crash more often on ATT then Tmo...and again Tmo is way cheaper then ATT so go ahead unlock ur iphone using youtube they show hw it's done and get Tmo on it...it beats any other phone out there now because Iphone is the best phone in the market at the time. Thank you

Chris says:

I assume it really wouldn't matter, seeing as AT&T doesn't even HAVE 3G in our are. Every provider, EXCEPT, AT&T does. How odd. I think I'd change just to spite them.

drew says:

just got an IPhone for use with my TMobile, but the instructions sent to me point to places not on my phone?

Madlad says:

Glad to find this thread, in the process of swapping my Iphones over to TMobile from At&T. I have the tmobile SIM and one phone up and running, but noticed it was on the edge not the 3G network. I called t-mobile and they told me that all I would get on the Iphone. From calling in and speaking to a rep. at t-mobile, they were nicer and easier to deal with than AT&T. I have 2 Iphones and got the 1500 min. family and unlimited data and text for only $119.00 a month, which is a good price considering AT&T wanted $165.00 for 1400 min. unlimted data and only 200 text. The only problem I have with T-moble is the sales persons didn't tell about the Iphone not working on their 3G when I got the plan, I told him what equipment I had and he acted as if it would all work the same. Other than that happy so far, and still testing.

Susan Marie hicks says:

I have had a verizon phone cingular phone cricket and have had tmobile for as long as either, I luv tmobile very much even had my birthday iPhone this passes august 2009 switched over 2u and you know it tmobile... And I luv it thank you

Loni says:

Just switched to ATT from Verizon for the iphone
I live in South east Michigan and my coverage is great
my 3G is always working great. I get around 2mbps when i use the speedtest app. Bill is kind of high(120) with unlimited data and texts
So far im pretty happy with the service but if the 4G iphone ever comes to Verizon i will pay the cancelation fee and sign back up with verizon just because 90 percent of people i know are on VZW
my 2 cent

Jessica says:

I contacted T-mobile about switching over... they are happy to answer questions about bringing your service over to them (with your iphone). :-)

Amanda says:

I have an iphone on T-Mobile and it works puuurfect :)

Van Wagoner says:

The theme seems to be cost. Perhaps people believe that with competition the monthly cost would go down. Probably only minimally.
The question at the top asked if it was because of poor ATT coverage that people were asking about t-mobile iphone.
It's moreso possible that they are asking because they are locked into a contract for a year or two with t-mobile etc. and it's keeping them from buying an iphone/pad until their contract expires.

Van Wagoner says:

So if t-mobile got the iphone all their customers would switch over to the iphone.
So what's in it for t-mobile other than long term survival.
They could very easily become Motorola. If I were a cell provider I would plead with Apple for a relationship.
It will be an answer to the business case study in 10 years..... why didn't cell companies x, y, and z survive?
Because they didn't realize how popular Apple products were becoming, even in mainstream America, and did not provide a network compatible with those products.

HD says:

The only thing that stops me from purchasing iPhone 3GS is the monthly price. What if you could get the $30 required unlimited data plan without any calling plan, but yor were still issued a number? Then you could subscribe to Skype for unlimited calling in US for just 2.97 a month. (Double check on that. According to Skype, you are able to forward calls from your phone number to your skype account. Therefore you can have an iPhone with a considerably cheap monthly plan and at a two-year contract price. I am I right? Did I miss something?

solrac says:

I know what you mean!! But i have a solution ! Do you have an iPhone? Do you have unlimited talk, text, and data? If so, you're paying WAY too much for your service.
Here's the bottom line:
$70 / month for unlimited minutes
$20 / month for unlimited text
$30 / month for unlimited data (web, youTube, email, etc.)
$15 / month for taxes and fees
That's right, you're paying about $135 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data with your iPhone.
I can reduce your cell phone bill to $80 per month with at&t or even $50 per month if switching to T-Mobile. You will continue to have unlimited talk, text, and data. I accomplish this by setting up your iPhone with custom software and services that allow you to get far more for your money.
That's a savings of $55 per month (when staying with at&t) or $85 per month (if switching to T-Mobile). That's $660 per year (on at&t) or $1,020 per year with T-Mobile!
Stop throwing away up to $1,000 per year on unethical, over-priced cell phone fees. Contact me today to begin saving real money on your cell phone bill.
Did you know that at&t is price gouging its customers by charging $20 for unlimited text on top of $30 for unlimited data? But data and text go through the same channels, so they are simply double charging. That's like paying $30 per month for cable TV and another $20 per month just to have a channel guide appear on your TV screen? Would you be content with paying for that? Of course not. You don't need to be abused like this any longer.
Wouldn't you love to be able to plug your iPhone into your laptop and use it as a modem? Your laptop could be online anywhere, anytime. They don't let you do this either. Take full advantage of the money your paying for "unlimited data" and actually get what you're paying for!
In addition to saving tons of money, your iPhone will be able to do amazing things:

  • Play music (or do anything) in the background, while you work on other things. (Ever try listening to pandora or other streaming music while searching for a store on the map?)
  • Get unlimited free games and apps
  • Switch between all your apps instantly
  • Tether your iPhone to your laptop to use it as a modem
  • Stop your phone from rotating while you're reading it on your side
  • And much more!

I will:
- Set up your iPhone
- Teach you how to use your iPhone to its fullest capabilities
- Start you saving up to $1,020 per year (or more in some cases) on your phone bill.
Don't hesitate! Set up an appointment now by emailing me here:solrac@gmail.com

Josh R says:

Hey I just got a first generation iPhone and I unlocked it, but I can't make any out-going calls. It says "the service you've requested has been restricted". Is that common? And is there a way to fix that?

orlando marino says:

Me gustaria q activen el iphone gracias

Art says:

I have had an Iphone on T-mobile for almost a year with no problem but last week when i connected my iphone to itunes it says "The sim card in this iphone does not appear to be supported. Only sim cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate the iphone. Please insert the sim card that came with the iphone." And with this it does not let me do anything with my iphone on itunes and most importantly i cant put music on it. If anyone can help please let me know. Thank you

Ken says:

@Art - Did you recently upgrade your phone to new firmware? I believe the new firmware installs a new baseband that pretty much removes any software unlock you have on your phone.

Jane says:

AT&T has terrible terrible phone service in Los Angeles and horrendous customer service. My contract finally expired and I'll be switching to T-Mobile soon. Even if the service isn't much better, at least I'll be paying half as much for it.

Tiff says:

How do you get a unlocked iphone if I am with t-mobile. And how do you connect it to t-mobile's service?

Lee says:

So if I get an unlocked iPhone and do all of this data change to get it to work on Tmo can i still use my itunes account that I have with my ipod touch? I think I'd give the touch to my son if i can get the iphone to do everything.

lboat says:

yes you can still use everything itunes and all. I have a unlocked iphone 3g on 3.0 and I can do anything and everything. Your itunes account is not linked to your phone service provider, just like you can have and itunes account but not ipod or iphone just have it on your computer and download itunes related stuff. Also there is not to much changing for the data plan, you just type in a short sentence in to your APN there they do go by your plan. Call t mobile and they will even walk you step by step. Most people don't know this but iphones are T mobile phones, just not in the US. In Europe T mobile sells and supports iphones. I love using my unlocked iphone and t mobile has been extra cool!!!

Beau says:

I had an iPhone until yesterday when someone stole it. It was a 3GS. I have had 1 3G, and 2 3GS phones. I still have one 3GS on my account with AT&T. I called them and explained and said I would be willing to buy a replacement. They wanted 499.00 - Outrageous. So I said, "Ok, let's just add a line to my family plan and get the discounted one for 299.00 - sure no problem but we'll have to have a 150.00 deposit. That's what the store said. So I called, and they said, "No, you don't, but you'll have to buy out the contract on your previous phone, which is 145 dollars. Second talk with store rep - contract buyout 150.00 - 3rd call to AT&T, contract buyout 155.00 - I asked how it kept going up in a few hours and she had no idea what I meant by that, of course. I bought out the contract and now have unlimited everything on MetroPCS. I am done with AT&T and as a result, Apple. I waited in line from 3:30am until the AT&T store opened when the 3GS came out, and I was planning a campout on April 2nd to get my iPad. Not any more. I'm about to call Apple and demand that my iTunes store account be erased because there doesn't seem to be an option for that ANYWHERE on their site on in the software. I'll be buying a Zune on Monday.

victor says:

hey Beau are you going to be selling the other iphones you have?? please email victor245@hotmail.com

cp says:

i jailbroke my iphone in jan10 and then got tmobile i live in the atlanta ga area. my phone would go noservice in the blink of a eye. i can not stand att prices but i had to go back to att.

MagyarGuru says:

OK just to let you know the voice and data works fine without 3g, I can talk and surf fine... Second the Iphone is already on T-Mobile in Germany why wouldent they be able to put it here? I can see Apple going to T Mobile in the US before anywhere else. Support this idea here http://www.facebook.com/pages/VOTE-for-the-Iphone-in-USA-to-be-on-T-Mobi...

Rose says:

If any of yall want a unlocked iphone to connect to tmobile just get it on ebay, or just do it your self just go on youtube or be patient and wait till tmobile actully gets the iphone.
but i do recommend getting the iphone with tmobile beacuse it has THE BEST customer service unlike AT&T (which i had once had) you dont get any hidden fees or suprise cost on your bill.
just something to think about.

Pamela Erinle says:


Shaena says:

Ok soo, I just got and iPhone 3g (the one without the video?) and I want to unlock it for t-mobile. Do I need to jailbreak it then unlock it? I need help. :/

Joseph says:

I have T-mo and it's fine for me. I really can't complain about the coverage, but yet again I live in Brooklyn. T-mo has pretty good service in every major US city. My first phone for T-mo was a Blackberry 2g and while I loved the phone, the lack the of 3g was a deal breaker. I am constantly surfing the internet and streaming videos. Not being able to have 3g on an unlocked iphone would be torture. I would get an iphone for AT&T but I don't feel like paying a minimum of $70 (texts not included) per month plus additional taxes and fees. Right now I pay T-mo $60 for 500 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited texts w/ a Blackberry 9700 Bold2. So maybe I don't get a hipster iphone, but I do save 15+ dollar a month. If AT&T put out a 450/500 minutes, unlimited data, and 1500+ texts a month plan for $70 I would sign up.

Brad says:

I have an unlocked iphone 2g (1st gen), i've been reading and reading and my eyes are getting blurry taking in so many different stories. My question is will this unlocked iphone 2g work on T-mobile's network with unlimited data? Any response is appreciated. Thanks!

Iphone Killer says:

I started out with AT&T and had constant problems with that phone company. Don't get me wrong the coverage was nice but I felt more times then one being taken advantage of by the employees. I had dropped calls every time I had customer service on the line. I was with AT&T for +8years and the only time I got onto the phone with a employee that cared for my business was the day I called to cancel my subscription all of a sudden they were willing to listen to my concerns with the company. I have been with T-Mobile ever since. The only coverage issue I've had is when i go onto vacation I can lose signal when entering into highly wooded zones... because t-mobile focuses more on cities. With that said you can call t-mobile on a pay phone or when you get a weak signal in those zones and they will connect you to a partner tower and make sure you don't pay additional charges for the remainder of your vacation time. NOW THATS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

shanky says:

Can anyone tell me what if we get a Iphone 3GS from AT & T or T-Mobile for 200$ and break the contract and bring the phone to some other country. Hoe can AT & T take an action on the user.

Cameron Lazzari says:

My wife and I are on T-Mobile $139 a month for both of us. She has a G1 and I have an iphone 3gs. Unlimited data, texting and minutes for $139. AT&T can't even touch that with one phone. I had there service and it was terrible. Never worked in my house, dropped calls, missed messages. The only draw back to having the iphone on T-mobile is that it uses the Edge network. Although I have heard that if you get a UK Iphone it will work on T-Mobile's 3g network, because the bands are the same 1700 band.
And to the people complaining about using an unlocked phone on T-mobile...it is not made for there network so it won't work as good. I know from experience.

Jean-francois says:

Yes! I would love to have my iPhone on t-mobile

Florrie Klees says:

Thanks for the info on cell phone unlocking. I like cell phones and work at a little cell phone shop where we unlock phones and mod them for people. Add http://free-cell-phone-unlock.com to your list of free cell phone unlock sites, I use the downloads there a lot to help me unlock phones for customers, don't be mad but hey I have to make a living some kinda way!! lol.
Anyways, I figured you could use that in your bag of tricks too :-)

Vance Bartnik says:

Thanks for the info on cell phone unlocking. I like cellular phones and work at a little cell phone shop where we unlock phones and mod them for people. Add http://free-cell-phone-unlock.com to your list of free cell phone unlock sites, I use the downloads there a lot to help me unlock phones for customers, don't be mad but hey I have to make a living some kinda way!! lol.
Anyways, I figured you could use that in your bag of tricks too :-)

faith9 says:

i just got 2 iphones but i just found out i cant use it with my current carrier metro pcs please help. i read i will have to use it with tmobile but its gonna cost me more money is that the case? i current pay 100 for 2 phones

caligrl707 says:

I have an iphone 3gs version 3.1.3(7E18) modem firmware 05.12.01 can ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME unlock it to t-mobile. I have t-mobile right now & really want to use my iphone but i can't find anything about my version on how to unlock it. Also, do you need to jailbreak it to to unlock? so confusing!!! HELP!!!

starsnkisses says:

@caligrl707 YOUTUBE!!! I just got an iphone 3g on iOS4 and jailbroke and unlocked it myself in about 10 minutes. I am now using the phone on T-Mobile. It's working out great for me. I am just surprised at how easy it was to jailbreak. Those instructional videos on youtube are a godsend!

philioooo says:

I wanna get an iPhone 3g in another country and bring it here in US. Im planning to use my Tmobile line but i dont know if it will work normally. The iPhone 3g that I'm getting will be unlocked. Im just wondering if it will work with a Tmobile line.

tabilo says:

It will work, but not on T-Mobile's 3G network

Toms says:

I have a new iphone 4 I purchased from craigslist and never activated. Is there any unlock available for iphone 4 so far? If so can I use it with T-mob without activating with AT&T ?
Could you pls give me some advice in this matter.
Thanks in advance.

smartjon says:

so how do you get an iphone without the att contract to get it on tmobile

Eden says:

I have the 1st generation Iphone with tmobile. Everything has been working great until recently youtube does not have a connection. I have a data plan with tmobile...any suggetions?