iPhone to iRobot Pakbot: Control is Mine!

iPhone Transformer

Ah, the loss of innocence. From Nerf football to Nerf rocket launcher. From lego robot to military mecha. From humble revolutionary phone to... the next Skynet?

Well, the first tiny step at least, as architects of the impending Matrix enterprising developers Rodrigo Guiterrez and Jeff Craighead have gotten full Pakbot control via the iPhone over WiFi, including live streaming video.

Speaking of video, check theirs out after the break! (Before John Conner gets to them 'natch).

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iPhone to iRobot Pakbot: Control is Mine!

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SICCCKKK!!! that should be sold as a program in the apps store and you would be able to buy one of those at your local apple store. sold under the iphone accessories tab if your online.