iPhone to Replace Blackberry in Congress?

US tax dollars at work dept.: TUAW is reporting (via TheHill.com) that the Chief Administrative Office of the U.S Congress is testing iPhones due to "people requesting them as an option":

Adoption of the iPhone by the U.S. Congress could be another blow to RIM, which is now behind Apple in terms of sales and revenues. Apple CEO Steve Jobs gleefully reported that "Apple beat RIM" during yesterday's Q4 Earnings Call.

7 Million iPhone sold last quarter alone, and we've already heard rumors of HSBC ditching the Blackberry for the iPhone. Is this the beginning of Something Big, or just a simple case of new technology getting the tires kicked?

What say you, Americans?

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone to Replace Blackberry in Congress?


If the iPhone can survive the rigious security testing the Blackberry went through the maybe... Otherwise RIM will continue to dominate the gov't sector in terms of smartphone selection

Im not sure RIM can stop this iPhone take-up. Blackberries are boring work devices, the iPhone is FUN - and even makes the boring work stuff bearable.

I suppose it would be fitting. Both congress and the iPhone have tons of problems, so I guess they would get along well.

Congress has enough memory leaks already (see what I did there?), I guess it's time for a change.

The iPhone will never take over in Congress because of security issues. Blackberry will not be beat in the business and enterprise sector.