iPhone tops J.D. Power smartphone user satisfaction survey, obviously

Surprise! Everyone loves their iPhones. J.D. Power and Associates have just announced the results of their annual smartphone customer satisfaction survey, and like usual, Apple's iPhone has topped the list. On a 1,000-point scale, spanning criteria of performance, ease of operation, physical design, and features, Apple scored 839. Second place was claimed by HTC with a score of 798, while the industry average was 774.  This is the seventh consecutive win for Apple in this particular survey.

ChangeWave recently published a survey which backs up the sentiment, but I don't think we really need a lot of stats to prove the point that people love their iPhones. The J.D. Power and Associates survey does a good job highlighting what's important to people, though. Battery life is the least satisfying part of a smartphone, according to their research. Software stability is also really high on the list; devices which experienced a crash at least once a week averaged a score of 691.

On that note, what's the very worst thing you could say about your iPhone? The screen size?

Source: J.D. Power and Associates

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iPhone tops J.D. Power smartphone user satisfaction survey, obviously


I knew it !!! Love your iDevice !
Not suprising to see HTC second, always a very good phones (not as good as iPhone ) :D
iVancolen - iVancolen.be

Two of the most annoying things about the iPhone: poorly designed antenna or poorly located within the housing.
On a software note: time zone error / fault. When scheduleing an appointment into the phone in one time zone; the program offsets the scheduled time in the new time zone, thus causing you to be late or early based on time zone you are in at the time of the appointment. Calendar dates and time sets should not change with phone location!!!

The appointment calendar has a time zone field. So, if your appointment is set for 6 pm Chicago time, and you're in New York, the phone would assume that appointment is for 7 pm, because of the time zone difference. Hope that makes sense.

My iPhone 4S is honestly the best cell phone I've ever had. Seriously. Especially for signal reception/coverage. Absolutely the best, and I've had a lot of different phones over the years.

Most annoying thing to me about the iPhone is the home button. I wish I had gesture based controls at the OS level that negated the need for the physical home. A swipe up from the bottom for the task manager interface.. 3-finger pinch (or swipe up a second time to go home).. something like that would be really nice.

I agree with you about the Home button. I don't like having to press it (too much work,if you can believe it).Besides, it seems old fashioned to me. We really need a capacitive button.
If you jailbreak your iPhone, youcan install "Activator" and get all the gesture based actions you can think of. I swipe up from the bottom to similate the home button. I swipe upfrom the bottom left to open the task switcher.

No, NOT screen size. I love love love the fact that my iPhone isn't trying to be a mini-tablet like so many android phones out there, and that it therefore fits in my pocket. I DO NOT WANT A BIGGER IPHONE.

It needn't necessarily be a bigger phone, or mini-tablet (or "tabphone," as I call them) to have a bigger screen; all they'd have to do is keep the current overall dimensions while reducing the bezel around the screen, to bring it up to 4 inches. That'd be enough, I think. But I'm with you on the overall size of the phone; I like it too as it fits in my hand just right (and I have big hands). But a 4" screen in the existing form factor would be much more finger-friendly, and eye-friendly.

Yes, the screen size. I'd like the next iPhone to have a 4-inch screen, preferably while keeping the same overall dimensions. That way it won't be too big to fit into existing docks and cases. I don't think that'd be possible with a screen any bigger than 4". But 4" would be fine.

I would have to say the worst the battery that never lasts and the crashes. Thanks to iOS 5.1 (which took forever to come out) I get less crashes, but the battery is still horrible.

have you tried resetting the network settings ? I couldn't last the day until I reset it. Seems like it was constantly polling because of some dodgy/corrupt setting, has been fine ever since. Could also be a corrupt app setting, try a clean install/install as new and see what the battery is like - you can always restore from the backup later if it makes no difference.

a 4 inch screen device is barely bigger then the current iphone. a nexus s is 4 inches and it's pretty great size and not much bigger then an iphone. over 4 inches i can't do probably.

Pretty impressive showing by HTC, considering the much wider range of phones they make compared to Apple.